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Teen Wolf 6x07: Heartless

Papa Stilinski is TEARING down the wall covering the door to Stiles’ room!!!!!!

Papa Stilinski…

With the wall out of the way, he opens the door and steps into the, previously boarded-up, empty room.

Claudia catches him in Stiles’ room!!!

Claudia urges him to leave it alone, because he’s driving himself crazy, but he can’t. Unlike her, he’s curious and needs real answers. He invites Lydia over and lets her into Stiles’ room!

He tells her, “If you want to discuss the possibility that I had a son, I’m listening.”

Lydia enters Stiles’ room!

Lydia is in Stiles’ room!!!!!

Lydia sees Stiles’ room!!!

She sees Stiles’ bed, shelves, mirror, desk, and corkboard. Lydia sees everything!

She sees Stiles’ lacrosse helmet and jersey sitting on a chair in the corner of his room. She crosses the room, touches the jersey, and actually picks it up, holding it in her hands. She smiles, before lifting the jersey up to her nose breathing in the scent of Stiles!

Meanwhile, Papa Stilinski doesn’t see any of it. Lydia asks him, “You don’t see anything?” and he tells her, “I see a deeply disturbed young woman.”

Perhaps only Lydia can see and feel everything because only she believes in Stiles?!

Lydia tosses Papa Stilinski Stiles’ jersey. And he catches it! A part of him believes in Stiles too!

Papa Stilinski is now on Lydia’s team!

They can remember Stiles, which means they NEED to get him back!

Lydia and Papa Stilinski, daughter and father (in-law), are going to fight together for the boy they love more than life!

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Warrior Venom - worth it for a goalie?
I’m looking at you, laxers.

I currently use a helmet I borrow from my club, but a team mate has offered me his second-hand Warrior Venom for 60 bucks.

Browsing some review pages, I’ve gotten very mixed impressions.

Should I buy it, or should I stick with the club helmet and keep on saving for a new 195-quid Cascade Pro 7?

EDIT: Thank you for all the answers! I tried on the Venom while fully deflated and still managed to get a headache within five minutes. Having a 24" head sure is not advantageous to the finding of a fitting helmet…