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Lightning Bolt - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

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Can i request a liam imagine about a teen actress (like idk maybe 2 years than dylan s) who’s coming to beacon hills to film a werewolf movie? 😏


You stepped out of your trailer, script in hand. You had a long day ahead of you, the director had told everyone to get ready for a late night shooting. The set today were set in a school, so you had to wait until school was done for the day. 

So here you stood in the country yard of the school in a restricted area, while the students of the school walked past to go home for the day, some pointing at you and whispering with grins on their faces. You looked down on your script instead, figuring you could practice your lines instead of just standing there. 

After a while you felt as if someone were looking at you, not the normal «oh! Look it’s Y/N!»-looking, but the other kind. You looked up from your script, only to lock eyes with a teenage boy with striking blue eyes. He had this adorable face, that one still would think of as handsome. He was in full lacrosse gear, standing by one of the pillars of the school looking at you. He gave him a smile, and he quickly returned it, a blush creeping up on his cheeks. 

 «Y/N! We’re ready to shoot!» The director, Tom, yelled from behind you.


«Now, Jack. Try flaring your crane more, so you would look more like a wolf.» Jack stood baring his teeth, in a ready-to-attack position towards you. You were filming the first scene where Jack’s character Jason showed your character, Clara, that he was a werewolf. 

 All of this happened on the lacrosse field that the schools lacrosse team had been practicing at, but the director had ushered them behind camera. 

The guy from earlier stood there watching together with the rest of his teammates, seeming non impressed by Jack’s werewolf scene. It took 20 more minutes to finish off the scene, so because you guys needed the field for another scene, the director let you all have a little pause so the team could finish off their practice.


It was late when filming got wrapped up for the day. You was on your way back to your trailer to wash off the make-up and change into your own clothes, yawning like a tired panda bear. You rounded the corner of your trailer, only to stop in your tracks. 

 The boy from earlier stood leaning against your trailer, looking up at the moon that shone brightly on the sky. You cleared your throat, catching the guy’s attention. 

 «Can I help you with something?» You asked, looking at him curiously. 

 «Ehm, well, yeah…maybe…I mean..» He stuttered, not really making out the word. His hand scratched on his neck in a nervous manner, and he was blushing furiously. You stepped closer to him, so you only stood a meter apart from him. 

 «I’m Y/N. And you are…?» You asked stretching out your hand for him to shake. 

 «I-I’m Liam, Dunbar.» He said, taking my hand in his, shaking it firmly. 

As you touched it was like a lighting bolt went through your hand, straight into your heart, making it jump a beat. You drew in a sharp breath, in pure shock. It wasn’t that it had hurt, it was actually rather pleasant, because it left a warm feeling all over your arm lingering behind. You looked up at Liam, seeing him as shocked as you, but to see that his eyes had turned a pure glowing yellow. 

You didn’t yell, you didn’t stand there in fear, but you stood there in fascination, and with a feeling all around you that you were save. 

You were where you were supposed to be.

So the first day of BiteCon was today, and it was just 

So we (prettyinsoulpunk, mspennycrumb) went down to registration at around 9AM  to pick up all of our photo op/autograph stuff, and I ended up seeing tifferini again, which is always a pleasure. I also got to meet licoriceplease as well :D

The first panel was “The Good, the Bad and the Mildly Terrifying” with Brian Patrick Wade, Seth Gilliam and Gideon Emery. They were all absolutely wonderful.

  • Seth spoke about the fact that he knows there is obvious history he has with Talia, but Jeff hasn’t exactly told him what it is, so he likes to think that at some point Deaton had a thing for Talia and it didn’t particularly end well for him- so he’s loyal to the Hales still and hasn’t shifted allegiance to Scott’s pack or anything like that.
  • Seth was also asked about his relationship with his sister (Morell) and what his headcanons were. He said that when they filmed their first few scenes together he didn’t know they were related so he was thinking that maybe he could drop some hints and that she would be a love interest for him.. and then he found out they were siblings and was just like ‘nOPE’
  • Brian was asked if he lets his children watch the show and he said that him and his wife have just started letting them very recently since they’re only eleven and thirteen. He also said that sometimes his kids and wife would come to visit him on set and that they had discussed letting them watch it a while back when he was still on the show, but one time his son was doing homework in his trailer and he came back from makeup with the full alpha wolf makeup and his son got so terrified that they decided to hold off. 

We went to go check out the vendors after that, where i saw so much amazing art and was blown away. daunt was lovely enough to give me a print that she asked me to include in the Crystal Reed Appreciation Project a while back and she’s brilliant so you all need to check her out. We also got to talk to Orny for a few minutes because he was selling his merchandise as well. 

Next was Orny’s panel and all of it was gold (I managed to record most of it if you would like to watch it)

  • Orny pointed out that the handwriting on the board in his classroom is never the same- and they’ve only actually let him write it once
  • someone asked him what character he thinks has the personality most like his- he started off by saying he actually doesn’t watch the show, but doesn’t think anyone is really like him, and asked for her opinion. He said he loves just being able to tell people to “shut up” and wishes he could do that in every day life without repercussions- the girl then said “so you’re most like Derek?” to which he replied “which one is Derek?”
  • when asked about whether he improvs some of coach’s lines or if they’re all scripted, he replied “well apparently, there’s a script” and says he likes to put as much of himself into it as he can, “which drives Jeff crazy.”
  • he talked about how he was hired (because Jeff liked his comedy- he is the only cast member who didn’t have to audition)
  • when asked about what his favorite part of playing Coach is, he said he loves the fact that he knows absolutely nothing “or he knows everything and just doesn’t care”
  • he said he thinks we should start a petition to get coach a theme song, and it would have to be an original 
  • when asked about what it was like to finally actually shoot with Greenberg, eaddymays crashed the panel - and it was awesome
  • when asked if he thought Coach was going to die when he got shot with the arrow, he said “no because I have a contract”
  • he thinks there should be a DVD of just Coach outtakes and wants us to trend #coachouttakes, and stop spending so much time talking about “how cute Dylan is on twitter” instead.
  • he said growing up his coach was always someone he could confide in and wants Coach to be more of a confidant to the kids on the show (in a dramatic sense)
  • he said he has immense respect for Dylan and Posey because their egos haven’t gone to their heads and it “comes from them down” the fact that it’s a level-headed and cool show. He also emphasized that the cast is literally a family
  • the “cupcake” line was an improv
  • he talked about filming a scene last week with Stiles in which he was “acting stupid again” and Coach replied “you’re not hot enough to be this stupid”
  • he said whatever we decide to pursue in life, the only thing that matters is that we love it and that it makes us happy - regardless of the money situation. He was told to be a doctor or lawyer and his parents spent a lot of money on education, but discovered the arts while studying abroad in Italy. 
  • as far as plot lines he would like to play out as coach - he said he always had a fantasy that coach would be the one behind everything going on. He said he likes that Coach is separate from the chaos- but says Coach may have been around for 600 years, has seen it all and doesn’t care.
  • he talked about how Posey has loosened up a lot and scenes with him have become a lot of fun- they were filming a lacrosse scene last week and that he was like “McCall, whose you’re Daddy!?” and Posey said, “Not you!” and Posey said “You’ve never been my daddy!” and then I died. 
  • When asked if he were a teacher, how he would have handled the condom scene with Stiles, he replied he wouldn’t have handled it like Coach did- he probably would have blown it up. He said he’d be happy he was having safe sex but “Dylan and I change together all the time, there’s no way he’s XL”, and then said he was kidding that they haven’t seen each other’s and that he might be XXL

After Orny’s panel we went to his photo op session and he was like messing with my hair and making faces in the first one, so he physically pulled me in and told me we were taking a nice one. 

Then we went to Eaddy’s photo op, and she told me that she liked my cosplay, which made me super happy. Then we took a few pictures and I told her about the she replied to one of my tumblr posts and she was like “oh yeah I remember that, I just re-read that again recently!” and I was dying on the inside and it was brilliant. She’s so lovely and it was just the greatest experience. 

Then I took part in the cosplay contest as a part of team human and ended up getting 3rd place with my Caitlin cosplay- which I was not expecting at all- especially since I was the fan favorite. Everyone was so kind with all of the compliments they gave me on it. 

The last event we had today was our meet and greet with Orny, and there were only eight of us in the room. It was very laid back and he was just super genuine. It was obvious that he was grateful people were willing to pay money to spend time with him, and he expressed that to us right away. We talked about his comedic influences and he told us some great stories about shows he has done. He asked us about fanfiction and what exactly it entailed and if any of us wrote it. He asked us how we felt about certain character deaths and the ones being brought back. We also had a discussion about how passionate the fanbase is and why it is that way for Teen Wolf versus other shows on the air and the dynamics of that. He showed us a vine he took of Posey a few days ago that they never actually published. We asked him how he felt about having Kira on the lacrosse team and he said he wanted to explore the dynamic of switching back and forth between locker rooms and how to approach that. He also said that he didn’t know if any of it made the cut, but that he constantly mispronounces Kira’s last name, and during one take when she corrected him he said, “Yukimura? what is that, Japanese for Greenberg?”

It was an amazing day and the con has only just begun.