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Lightning Bolt - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

Anonymous said:

Can i request a liam imagine about a teen actress (like idk maybe 2 years than dylan s) who’s coming to beacon hills to film a werewolf movie? 😏


You stepped out of your trailer, script in hand. You had a long day ahead of you, the director had told everyone to get ready for a late night shooting. The set today were set in a school, so you had to wait until school was done for the day. 

So here you stood in the country yard of the school in a restricted area, while the students of the school walked past to go home for the day, some pointing at you and whispering with grins on their faces. You looked down on your script instead, figuring you could practice your lines instead of just standing there. 

After a while you felt as if someone were looking at you, not the normal «oh! Look it’s Y/N!»-looking, but the other kind. You looked up from your script, only to lock eyes with a teenage boy with striking blue eyes. He had this adorable face, that one still would think of as handsome. He was in full lacrosse gear, standing by one of the pillars of the school looking at you. He gave him a smile, and he quickly returned it, a blush creeping up on his cheeks. 

 «Y/N! We’re ready to shoot!» The director, Tom, yelled from behind you.


«Now, Jack. Try flaring your crane more, so you would look more like a wolf.» Jack stood baring his teeth, in a ready-to-attack position towards you. You were filming the first scene where Jack’s character Jason showed your character, Clara, that he was a werewolf. 

 All of this happened on the lacrosse field that the schools lacrosse team had been practicing at, but the director had ushered them behind camera. 

The guy from earlier stood there watching together with the rest of his teammates, seeming non impressed by Jack’s werewolf scene. It took 20 more minutes to finish off the scene, so because you guys needed the field for another scene, the director let you all have a little pause so the team could finish off their practice.


It was late when filming got wrapped up for the day. You was on your way back to your trailer to wash off the make-up and change into your own clothes, yawning like a tired panda bear. You rounded the corner of your trailer, only to stop in your tracks. 

 The boy from earlier stood leaning against your trailer, looking up at the moon that shone brightly on the sky. You cleared your throat, catching the guy’s attention. 

 «Can I help you with something?» You asked, looking at him curiously. 

 «Ehm, well, yeah…maybe…I mean..» He stuttered, not really making out the word. His hand scratched on his neck in a nervous manner, and he was blushing furiously. You stepped closer to him, so you only stood a meter apart from him. 

 «I’m Y/N. And you are…?» You asked stretching out your hand for him to shake. 

 «I-I’m Liam, Dunbar.» He said, taking my hand in his, shaking it firmly. 

As you touched it was like a lighting bolt went through your hand, straight into your heart, making it jump a beat. You drew in a sharp breath, in pure shock. It wasn’t that it had hurt, it was actually rather pleasant, because it left a warm feeling all over your arm lingering behind. You looked up at Liam, seeing him as shocked as you, but to see that his eyes had turned a pure glowing yellow. 

You didn’t yell, you didn’t stand there in fear, but you stood there in fascination, and with a feeling all around you that you were save. 

You were where you were supposed to be.