lacrimode art


So with Okuyasu and Kira done, these are all of the JOJO Part 4 stickers I’ll have in time for Katsucon this weekend (I’m at table A15!)  Hope you guys like :]

Also I”ll have these up in my shop when Katsucon is over, and do some part 3 stickers after the con when I have time. 

I’ve been reading Inazuman by Shotaro Ishinomori, the creator of Kamen Rider/Super Sentai (which I love) and it’s good and cool

He’s a teenage electric butterfly/moth man so I meant to add wings but forgot.. i’ll probably add them later

edit: added the wings and made it less blurry :”)


sketches for my superhero characters, been trying to improve their character designs into something more memorable than the last designs

characters pictured are paolo, sun, maurice, and nadia who are red, blue, pink, and grey heroes respectively

(also thanks to everyone who boosted my commissions or inquired about them, i really appreciate it)

oh right, so i want to join in on inktober, although i drew this koujaku right at the end of september, during AWA… but i figure if i just announce my intent to join, i can pressure myself to draw stuff for inktober lol

(i ended up giving this koujaku to policeghost, who is like the biggest koujaku fan i know haha)