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“I just don’t know how to tell him Bitty… I don’t think I can,” Dex moped into a slice of cherry pie. The kitchen was empty but for the two of them, the radio music fading out only to be replaced by the booming voice of Kiss 93.5’s afternoon show host. Bitty’s apron was spotted with flour and cherry filling.

“I know what Nursey would do,” Bitty said. Dex gave him a suspicious look. “I mean, if he were in your situation.”

“I’m not writing a damn poem,” Dex said, “if that’s what you’re suggesting.”

“No need to get all hot and bothered about it,” Bitty chirped turned towards the oven. “Just might help to speak his language, is all.”

Dex groaned around another mouthful of pie. He was okay with hopelessly pining as long as it didn’t involve writing poetry about his fellow D-man. That was something, Dex thought, he’d never be desperate enough to do.

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Under the Pier

By Alexander Liang

While I’ve been in Vancouver, I’ve been trying to spend as much time near the ocean as possible. Having grown up here on the west coast, I used to take the ocean air and abundance of beaches for granted. After living in New York and now residing in Toronto, I’ve come to realize how much I miss that salty sea breeze.

The other day, Justine and I went down to Crescent Beach, near my family’s home – the lesser developed and more “locals only” beach as opposed to the more widely popular White Rock Beach. It was so nice to walk around during low tide. And since the tide was out, we were able to walk under the pier, where we stopped to take these photos! 

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