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Hi, I really love your writing and I'm new to the genre. I'd like to read others like yours, do you know any?

Hi there! Thanks for the compliment :D I’m really bad at updating, but seeing comments like yours motivates me to get moving…

I follow a lot of fics on ffn that have age regression with just general fluff. Then I have others that I follow that primarily focus on spanking scenarios. This list below is just age regression and fluff. If you’d like some of the other type, ask and I can link you to few of those as well. Also, idk if you’re into age play (sexual or non-sexual), but if you want, ask and I’ll link you to some of those, too.

Here are some awesome stories/authors for fluffy age regression: 

Safe Haven by Lacorra

Cora’s Adventures in Parenting by Rosesdancinginmyming (This one is beyond adorable!)

Operation Ladybug by Dani-Ellie03 (It’s a completed fic)

A Little Accident by Rose Lupus