• Annabeth:All you need is for my family to like you. If they like you, they’ll trust you!
  • Thalia:Fine, how do I get these morons to like me?
  • Annabeth:...
  • Thalia:Don’t call them morons?
  • Annabeth:Good instinct!

My forever changing art style. Anyways, it’s a birthday gift for @xemon because he’s really cool and nice and I really enjoy talking to him. +++ his hair and everything about it confuses me a little but that’s okay (so i sorta guessed since like its been so many colors apparently and i just didnt know what do go with lol but I also didnt ask so thats also my fault). I also hope this uploads because I have to use the scheduling option since I’ll be away from my computer by the time this is posted so. I hope it’s alright

My girlfriend and I just want to be nominated for prom King and Queen.

Is that too much to ask for?

My girlfriend and I heard from some people in student government that we were probably going to get the nomination for prom king and queen since we had a lot of people vote for us. It was a far fetched dream, but we thought it could possible happen. We didn’t realize it would become what it is now. In less than a week, our story has gone viral. National! Why? Because everyone in student government and a ton of students at our school voted for us to be nominated as prom king and queen, but administration struck it down. Only a guy can be king they said. There’s no such thing as a girl being king. 

I disagree. If the students fucking vote for a girl to be king, let her be on the ballot. If the students vote for a guy to be queen, let him be on the ballot. It’s tradition though, they say. Fuck tradition. So much discrimination has happened because of traditional ideals. This is not the first time this has happened. Several times our school has discriminated against people because of religion.

Just let the students choose who they want for prom royalty, or royalty for any dance.

Last year, the winners of prom royalty were a heterosexual couple. Nominated together. Two years ago, my friend was nominated with his girlfriend as a couple for homecoming royalty. Couples are always nominated by the students. Hayley (my girlfriend, @pelicanteven) and I were nominated as a couple alongside two other straight couples by the student body vote. The ballot that we write on to nominate royalty says “king” and “queen”. The way this is set up is insinuated to vote for couples. While they say that the system isn’t based off of couples, it entirely is. Now that a lesbian couple was nominated together, they have decided to say that it isn’t about couples at all, but instead individuals, which is just their way of discriminating against me and Hayley because they refuse to have a lesbian couple as prom royalty due to their homophobia and own religious beliefs.  All my girlfriend and I ask for is for anyone, regardless of gender, to be nominated under king or queen, whichever is chosen by popular vote.

If you’d like to help spread the word, use this hashtag everywhere: #longlivethequeens

Also, my parents are completely against everything I’m doing and have banned me from showing any support (you can see I’m not following that). They forbid me from talking or doing anything about it, saying that bringing up controversy will ruin my future. They’re wrong, everything I’m doing is within my rights. I think colleges are going to want me even more. I need your help to share this because this is all I can do now.

Links to read more about our story. Our story is spreading like wildfire.

((So my birthday -and this blog’s third anniversary- are this Sunday. I do have to work then [because I save my time-off days for actual special occasions] and don’t really know what/if I should do anything for the event.


Critical Role 51

I have degrees in the study of how computers are total dicks, okay?  I work in the computers being total dicks field, educating others on what colossal dicks computers are, and I will tell you that making me listen to Taliesin Jaffe audibly losing his shit off-camera where I couldn’t see his face is the most dickish thing a computer has done to me in, like, weeks.

Also if there are not one hundred and fifty drawings posted of Percy dangling from a broom by morning I will be surprised and disappointed.


I’ve been reading you were under a lot of pressure for your job thing and that it keeps you from roleplaying.( I understand you.) I hope things gets sorted out for you and in the meanwhile, here, have this has a token of encouragement ? I dunno. I just want to make you feel a bit better  i suppose. ;////;. 

                    lowkey puts all my blogs on semi-hiatus,,,,,


Drought flourishes in many forms.
Empty chairs, white washed walls
peppered with dust, aisles quiet
and overflowing with trinkets and
items no one cares about anymore.
Dying fields.

Today it’s in the form of secrets
tied down by chains and aging spines.
Titles coat leather and paperback
hands. Ghosts of creators
stare with
fulfillment bleeding underneath
synopses and bio backings.

Paper wads fill the role of tumbleweeds
lounging around, waiting for the air
to kick and prod them to another section.
Eyes seek, hunt, and peck
each cover, scouting for stories
or information that will curb their appetites,
find none.      

People starving
trickle out outside the walls stacked neat
of paper and binding;
desperate for something other than unknown
quests of same old drama from
people who think they know
what they’re talking about but don’t.

Rumbling minds leave hungry;
drought still in effect.
Picky eaters.