When I completely bullshit my way through a lesson but it goes amazingly.

I’m really enjoying the TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments series by @cassandraclare​, Shadowhunters! If you enjoyed the books, I recommend giving it a shot! The casting is so spot on, which was a pleasant surprise. And this picture needs more Magnus Bane you say? I got you, I got you:

[hi-res version]

I’ve been watching too much Agent Carter, so AU I guess??

I like the idea that during the war, Ladybug is a figurehead for China, Chat for France, in the same way Captain America was?
But when the war ends, Marinette moves to France with her parents, and then has to deal with not having the same respect she did as Ladybug. 

She ends up being recruited by K.W.A.M.I, a special organisation that’s working towards defeating Hawkmoth, who wants to revive the war or something (?just go with it??). 
So she takes up the Ladybug persona again - with a modified outfit - and runs into Chat Noir. She doesn’t really trust him (attacks him on sight tbh) but when they’re assigned to be partners, they warm up to each other 
other stuff happens, blah blah blah they fall i n love the end

I decided to go ahead and intro.
I’m Demi Lovato. I sing, I act. I’ve done both on the Disney channel. But what I am the most is a dog mom. I have a small furball named Batman. He’s about the size of Donald Trump’s toupee. But a lot cuter. I’m a big believer in loving yourself and knowing that you’re beautiful with makeup and without it. Come to me on aim since I’m finally signed on.



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if you wonder what happened to DE it’s this :

If you have legitimate detestation towards them And you’re paired with them The distress will affect your body A.k.a causing sickness (to the stomach region or headaches), and collapsing from the negative stress.

Edit : I forgot to source the quote, it’s from @queen-of-destruction-nemesis