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I Confess - Drabble 11

Summary: The reader thought they knew what they wanted, only for them to realize they were wrong.

Prompt: #13 “I told you how I felt already and you made it quite clear you didn’t feel the same.” from @witterprompts

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (it’s kind of complicated, just trust me)

Word Count: 2644

Warnings: Angst, just angst. 

A/N: To whomever requested this, I hope you don’t mind that I sort of twisted the request just a tiny bit. But, this is the last drabble for my follower celebration! Thanks to all who participated, you’re the best. I bolded the prompt like usual, italics are what happened earlier in the day, and I hope you enjoy!

Follower Celebration Drabble Masterlist

Slowly you leaned your back against the wooden door, the muted click of its latch signaled your safety. With wide eyes you remained frozen in place. You urged your racing heart to calm, but it felt nearly impossible to take the gulp of air your lungs so desperately needed.

“This can’t be happening,” you muttered. The quiet whisper rung between the four walls of your room. You let gravity guide you down towards the cold hard tile and curled your knees tightly into your chest. The loose strands of (Y/H/C) hair fell to frame your face as you lethargically placed your chin onto your kneecap.

No. This was happening and there was no way that you could prevent the disastrous events that would ensue. You had given away something that you simply did not have to give, and there was a price to pay.  

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