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Empty Houses

An “empty house” is a house where no planets or luminaries are present. It can indicate a part of your life that isn’t as celebrated as other areas of life. Interpreting empty houses is always best done when looking at one’s entire chart. For example, an empty 9th house could indicate someone who may feeling disconnected from their spirituality, but extremely strong Sagittarius or Jupiter influence in their chart could change this interpretation. Everyone has at least a few empty houses, so they won’t manifest in a negative fashion for everyone.

In general, I prefer to interpret empty houses as the following:

  • An empty first house can indicate a lack of personality or confidence. Their identities are not always set in stone and are prone to being confusing. They have more trouble than others finding their place in the world. 
  • An empty second house can indicate a lack of interest in material objects. They don’t allow their possessions to determine their life. They are prone to having difficulties with stability. It’s common that this instability is related to their most prized possessions. 
  • An empty third house can indicate difficulties with learning and communicating. They are often people who enjoy being alone and would rather use modern ways of communicating. They are prone to having nervous feelings in social arrangements. 
  • An empty fourth house can indicate a detached relationship with families or someone with little feelings of being “at home.” They are prone to having issues or detached feelings as a child. They may feel that their parents are more over-protective than other parents. 
  • An empty fifth house can indicate someone who doesn’t focus much on children and procreation. They get bored easily and tend to only have a few major interests. They don’t believe that the ultimate life goal is to procreate. They don’t always hold sex to a high importance and may indulge in casual sex. 
  • An empty sixth house can indicate a person who relies on others perhaps more than they should. They are prone to illness and likely won’t have a career that is service-based.
  • An empty seventh house can indicate a person who has a lack of interest in relationships. They don’t allow their relationships to determine their life, and they are prone to have trouble compromising.
  • An empty eighth house can indicate a person who takes many dangerous risks. Their life may not change much and they are prone to having trouble allowing others into their life.
  • An empty ninth house can indicate issues or detached feelings with spirituality and beliefs in higher beings. They are prone to feeling tied to their childhood and may dislike change.
  • An empty tenth house can indicate someone who has seen many ups and downs with their reputation. They have trouble staying organized and may find that their careers don’t seem to “fit” them.
  • An empty eleventh house can indicate someone who has difficulties with maintaining many friendships. They tend to only have a few very close friends. They are prone to being practical people with few ideas about the future.
  • An empty twelfth house can indicate difficulties addressing stress or deep fears. They are prone to keeping things in the open and have a hard time keeping secrets. They often feel more pressure than others.

For specific interpretations of your empty houses, ask a trusted astrologer :)

‘Ghost in the Shell’ marks latest whitewashed film to be a critical and box office failure

  • Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson, made a disappointing $20 million at the domestic box office in its opening weekend, falling well below market predictions and failing to match even Johansson’s previous science fiction effort — Lucy (2014) — which lacked Ghost’s famous source material and pre-established fan base.
  • The film, released Friday, adapts the celebrated manga series and anime film of the same name. The live-action remake has drawn controversy over its casting, which — like many American adaptations of Japanese source material of late — installed a white lead actor in a role that was originally conceived as Asian.

  • Johansson, for her part, defended her casting during an interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday. Read more. (4/3/2017 12:30 PM)

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Hi, I'm tiara_48 and MonicaOP21 :D. What I'll like, if possible something on the Leader Of The Free World AU!! Stony all the way!! Maybe something with Immigrants? Pretty please?? hugs!! Monica

I haven’t really done much Steve/Tony in LOFW, have I? Here ya go.

They had held the wedding privately – in the White House, as Tony had demanded, while Steve laughed and called him a Bridezilla. Still, they couldn’t escape the public eye entirely, and Tony had agreed to turn the reception speeches into a sort of press-conference-media-event. Rhodey and Sam had given speeches as Best Men, Clint had put in his cameo, and they’d had their first dance; so Steve was surprised when Tony told the cameras “Keep rolling.”

“What are you up to?” Steve asked in an undertone, as Tony waved to Kamala, who brought him a small leather folio.

“When we talked about wedding gifts, I couldn’t figure out what to give the vice-president,” Tony said, holding up the folio. “Assassinating Clint was out of the question, and you’re lacking in material desires.” 

The assembled reporters laughed. Steve narrowed his eyes.

“So I decided I’d pull a few strings, and this morning Clint signed a little document into law,” Tony said. “Sara’s Law is named for Sara Rogers, who immigrated to this country at the age of twenty-three. It grants indefinite residency rights to all immigrants under the age of twenty-five, regardless of documentation status, and budgets federal funds for the creation of a new government agency designed to guide anyone over the age of twenty-five to documented resident status or citizenship. As of this moment, no immigrant in this country is an “illegal” immigrant, thanks to Sara’s Law.”

There was an audible intake of breath from the crowd. Steve took the folder, opened it, and frowned.

“How did you….” he began. 

“I’m the Illuminati, dearest,” Tony murmured, then, louder, “If I can’t give you something nice for your wedding, what’s the point of being Secretary of Defense?” 

Steve blinked rapidly. “You gave me twelve million new citizens,” he managed.  

“It was that or a World’s Okayest Vice President mug,” Tony told him. 

yeah, okay. i love kurotsuki smut in any way shape or form but i LIVE for the rare top!Tsukki and bottom!kuroo

It's okay to be a man who...
  • Is emotionally sensitive
  • Is honest about having feelings
  • Is open about having flaws
  • Likes cute and pretty things
  • Likes dressing in cute and pretty things
  • Is delicate
  • Is elegant
  • Is unsure whether it’s okay to be those things
  • Dances and sings with enthusiasm and heart
  • Empathizes with the feelings and experiences of others
  • Admits being wrong
  • Cries

And it’s understandable that you’re afraid to show all of that to a world that seems determined to erase it from you.

No matter what they say, you are who you are.

It’s always a wise choice to clean up newly bought succulents.

1) Throw away the soil! (I always do this because who knows what kind of succulents killer is hiding within?! Plus the soil succulents sellers prepared often lacks certain crucial material. You just got to know the type of soil your supplier use very well.

2) Pluck out any dead/ soon dead/ jellyfied leaves. They are no no!

3) Completely submerge your succulents in water (you can add some pesticide/ anti-fungal drops if you wish to, just make sure that the chemical you use isn’t too strong to harm your cash-turned-succulents) every five to ten minutes, take them out and let them breath for another five, then repeat for as long as you like. After you are done with the whole submerging your cash thing, wait for them to dry up and they will be ready to be potted the next day.

Trust me. TRUST ME. ALWAYS ALWAYS clean up your succulents and do some pest/ fungi prevention right after buying them. It will save up a lot of your time and money trying to save their asses in the future. Well if they are really cheap and you have not much time they can still survive for some time even if you don’t bring them to swimming lessons (but it’s totally not good for them in the long run) plus using pesticides and fungicides is always bad I never said this

Can we take a moment to appreciate how loyal and great the sasusaku fandom is?

All those ss events. Even after years of disappintment from the anime and the lack of new manga material, we are still here together, tied by the immense love we share for this pair.
Sasusaku –> Onelife OTP

Imagine: Dating Peter Parker for a month and finally inviting him into your room

You heard the rhythmic knock at the door and knew it was the dork of your dreams. Honestly, you were a bit nervous because you couldn’t remember what sheets were on your bed or if you had underwear laying about. Opening the door you are greeted with a dorky smile and a sudden kiss, flustering you. “Hey,” Peter said breaking you out of your daze. You motion for him to come in. While you were shutting the door he was making a beeline for what was obviously your room. It had a poster of Spider-Man on the door surrounded by paper heart cutouts. When you found out he was Spider-Man you were nursing his wounds from the rough fight he had the previous night. You weren’t phased…just disappointed he felt the need to hide it from you. You didn’t notice Peter opening the door to your room because you were busy putting popcorn in the microwave and giving yourself a pep talk. “It’s fine [Y/N], this is just an innocent movie night… nothing else.” You whisper to yourself waiting for the final pop of the popcorn. “Hey [Nickname], what are these?” You snapped out of your thoughts and looked up to see Peter holding up a pair of red lacy underwear but it was a stretch to call them underwear due to the lack of material. You threw the popcorn bag at his face but he dodged it like it was nothing. He continued to snoop, well not really snoop because everything was on the floor. You were now less concerned with that due to the peek of your sheets you got under your duvet… they were the dog ones, the most childish one of the sheets you own. In a quick decision you starfish on your bed making sure the duvet covered your sheets fully. This of course didn’t go unnoticed by Peter and he automatically got suspicious. “Hiding something babe?” “N-no just ready to start the movie.” You nervously pat the bed and smile. Peter grabs the popcorn bag and jumps on your bed. He rolled around obnoxiously to get himself comfortable. All of this commotion revealed your sheets. “Hey [Y/N]… you’re adorable.” You avoid eye contact with him. Peter pulls you into a kiss . “That’s one of the many reasons I love you.” You snuggle up to him and turn on the movie, you’re so glad you bagged this dork.

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Halo 3 Trick/Glitch - The Cage

The “Cage” is a room at the very end of Sierra 117. The room itself has bars around it preventing you from simply walking inside.

Over the course of nearly 10 years, people from the tricking community have tried many various ideas to get inside this room, including Phantom Flip Launching, Phantom Turret Clipping, Phasing, and more. All to no avail. Thet had to find a way to go past solid geometry, but with the lack of materials, it made the idea of getting into this room daunting.

Missing Scenes, Chapter 2


You free, preppy? It’s Joaquin.

Kevin was pretty convinced his heart had skipped a beat. It had been a week since their epic make out session at the Drive-In. What with just hook ups in his sexual history and a lack of boyfriend material in this town, he wasn’t sure what the proper wait time was. A week felt like forever, though, and he was just starting to worry it had been a one-sided interest.

I can be. Meet me at my house in an hour?

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Welcome to the masterlist of works written under the blog Maytae. I hope you find and enjoy some of my stories, and while this version is relatively stable, I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me if the links are playing up or a gif isn’t working. Thank you~

☼  LOCK & KEY:

M - Sexual themes/ mentions of sex.

♥ - Fluff or lack of serious material.

☀︎ - Humour/ crack

ϟ - Angst

✖︎ - Violence or gore.

(note: I’ve moved some of my things off of the masterlist because I wrote them awhile ago and think I’ve improved since then; they’re all tagged under archive  or around by searching if you want to find them)


Jikook collab with @lushguk

The story of how three souls come together and break apart in the repetitive cycle that never seem to end. The lines of good and bad, affection and hate, love and lust have never been clear, and when the ties of fate are so very tight tying three people together; how could what was once so beautiful and pure, wilt as fast as it could grow? 

→ ♥ ϟ M ✖︎ | Collection | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9


A study into the characters and relationships of 7 different times and circumstances that are wildly different. Death, Angst, Fluff and mentions of sex in most parts; please read the warnings carefully.

→ ♥ ϟ M ✖︎ | Collection | JJK | KTH | PJM | KNJ | JHS | MYG | KSJ

 Taehyung | Royalty au

As a maid working for the royal family, it is your job to serve those who are above you. You know the rules and are supposed to keep them, however said rules become harder and harder to follow when put into actual practice. (Kim Taehyung)

→  ♥ ϟ M   | Part 1 |  Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | + 

 OT7 | Fantasy au

Myths and legends surround us and our history for all time, and yet it has become so easy to forget what is real and what has been forgotten in the past. Yet now here is an opportunity to travel to the darkest and lightest places up for offer, and explore the shaded edges of imagination. Fantasy au, different scenario for each member. 

→ ♥ ϟ  ✖︎ | Collection | JJK | KTH | PJM | KNJ | JHS | MYG | KSJ

Taekook | Mentions of Jikook 

He wanted everything from you; your venerability, your tears, your broken broken heart was all beautiful in his clouded vision. But, as much as you wanted to escape the cage you had built with your own two hands, how could you possibly tell if you had the right to leave? And who would you being leaving at the expense of? The one you loved or the one that loved you?

→ ♥ ϟ  ✖︎ | Part 1 | Part 2 | ?


Dark eyes, darker intentions | Namjoon

Namjoon had always been fond of drawing out your pleasure, dragging you through your bliss again and again until all you knew was his name. With that being said, it wasn’t as if you ever complained.

→ M | Read

Heart lattes | Jungkook | Cafe au

You had never liked coffee and, really, you were too busy to take on another job. However when you spot local heart throb, Jungkook, working at a cafe, you may or may not be convinced to take that extra leap.

→  ♥ | Read


Based on this post, which I’m slowly but surely making my way through. These are open for requests if you want me to do a certain one.

Puzzle fingers | Taehyung | ♥

If affection was a cake | Namjoon | ♥ ☀︎

A voice’s comfort | Yoongi | ♥

The dynamic of sleep | Taehyung | ♥

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Random headcanon

Harley always patches up any of Joker’s injuries no matter her lack of materials which can sometimes lead to Batman wondering why Joker is covered in Hello Kitty bandaids…