lacking a creative title someone help!

(*>ω<*) -Some news about S&P [Event] + recruit new artists

o(≧∇≦o) Great news !

“ [EVENT] Help us to title and comment the fights!” 

We’re working on the protoype and added a new thing :

Every time you finish a fight,a kind of youtube page is appearing,it’s the menu and it let you choose if you want to fight again,go back to the main menu or change characters.

At the same time, random titles and comments appears. Well, be excited ‘cause that could be your own comments and titles appearing in the game!

You can propose anythin’ ,be creative, there is no number restriction !

Join the event there : ( Google spreadsheet )

Exemple : 

Jokesfilms “ ME ME BIG BEAR” -( found by @blackmesa_ita on twitter-)

ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ - New recruitment :

We’re searching for a new 2D animator +  maybe a line artist/colorist (someone is actually passing the test rn so maybe it’s already taken ) 

The task as 2D animator is quite important and due to the lack of time of Bubbles and Kino,we need to  find an external help. Someone who could help on cleaning a bit our rough animations like this one. it needs to be a bit smoother (but still with the less keyframes as’s a video game, not a animation doesn’t require too much skills)

They don’t need to be all smooth and clean as heck but some of them are quite important and really need to be reworked a bit . If you feel that you can do it, feel free to contact meh there and join our journey ! :