On the bus ride home today at various stops I saw a cute guy that I have briefly contra danced with I think he’s a swing dancer but he’s like awkward n shy and also The other day my acappella group and our brother group had a karaoke night at this sports bar in town we like rented out the downstairs and it was so fun cause both groups have new kids and as we were leaving I met this new kid in their group who’s so cute (kinda looks like a stereotypical straight white boy) but also had his nose pierced it was real nice and I told him that lmao so anyways yay for cute people but tbh where are the cute girls

Lackin energy

So a common complaint I hear when people are losing weight is they lack energy, lack energy to exercise.

I can’t say I have ever experienced this.

Is this a sign they aren’t eating enough, creating too large a deficit? Trying to lose 3-4 pounds a week? And they actually lack the energy.

Or are they just using it as an excuse to not exercise?

Maybe it’s just I don’t exercise as hard as them.

Just one of those complaints I can’t really understand because I haven’t experienced it.