Im chilling with my boy last night and he’s texting this girl that he’s tryna fuck. His dumb ass told her that he missed her and she automatically saw through that lie and caught him lackin instead of just being straight up and telling her he wanted to smash. She clowned his ass and he had to eat that cuz he messed up it was hilarious

I was tagged by @cabbagepatrick to post a pic and list 5 things I like about myself (I think??) so thanku very very much for tagging me ❤️

1. I like my eyes?
2. Saying stupid shit cause usually I can make someone laugh
3. I make real fuckin’ good cookies like damn good
4. I’m tall so I can tower over people and make them fear me (jk)
5. I’m good at learning stuff, especially random useless crap I can then spout at will.

***People I am tagging bc y'all are awesome***
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I think I had some sleep to catch up on, cuz yesterday was nap central. I crashed HARD. I had some to drink on Sat night, which probably left me feeling hungover slightly. But being in sleep debt sucks.

But I feel really good today. I have been sipping on coffee and catching up with social media, checking job posts. Started supper (ribs in slow cooker - I’ll add sweet potatoes and asparagus later). Plans to do a bit of house work, dog walks and a boot camp. Then hopefully end the night with a hot tub sesh.

I didn’t weigh myself yesterday…. but I did today….

Note to self booze and a day of naps does not help with weight loss. (duh).

I have a healthy and active few days planned, so I am just gonna let this one slide right off without too much care.

Well I better get crack-a-lackin on my day.