This part hurts my chest every time. Sanji. He tried so hard, and yet that was all he could do. Simply try. He even blamed himself for Zoro and Brook disappearing. Times like these I have to give Sanji credit where it’s due. No matter how much he argues with Zoro, or how much Brook’s lack of table manners anger him. His Nakama really do mean the world to him, and to see him that distraught always hits me right in the feels. 

Sanji-Kun <3333

(via IKEA Hackers: Standing Workplace - Triple Lack side-table - Rolling - Dirt cheap)

This is a GREAT idea and I would love to do it except I think the directions are really unclear.  The writer is from the Netherlands so I’m not criticizing his grasp of the English language, I just find certain sections totally confusing:  “Using the predrilled holes in the underside of the table-top, I screwed each table-top to the legs of the table that is seated on top of the table.”

I want to do this (w/o the wheels on the bottom) and re-write it with clearer, more simple directions.  I don’t have a drill and I’m not terribly handy so I probably won’t do this any time soon, but it would transform my bedside table into a much more groovy storage space.

In case anyone was wondering, here’s a cross section of the Lack table legs (these are from a side table but I imagine they’re pretty similar regardless). Bottom has about 1 ½ inches of solid while the top only has about 5/8 of an inch. Useful if you want to know where the best spot is to drill into them or cut them.


Got cracking on another DIY project, and in the tradition of DIY I’m not finished yet, as it took a bit longer than I expected. Who knows that song??

Anyway I had these trashed old Ikea Lack tables, the structure of them is fine but the white coating on them is pealing and they generally look shit.
So after seeing the briefcase in the picture top left, I hurried down the hill and bought some metal sheeting from the home-center (hardware store, for those of you back home).
Then, as with all good home diy projects I let it age a few months. Long story short… Ummm, yeah…anyway I got at it on the weekend with the help of a wonderful friend; who we shall refer to as “Hands” for purposes of anonymity.

Here’s the result! Not to bad I think. I changed the construction method a bit to better suit the materials and tools I had.
I know I still have to do the legs….. And I have a second table I want to do to match…. But all in good time.

Ps. With all the banging of nails the usually helpful Reaper was no where to be seen. Did I mention these tables are also chew proof… Sorry Reaper!

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Ѡ the best first impression really

Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.

[ text: unknown ]: this is either the weirdest beginning to a friendship known to man, or you have the wrong number
[ text: unknown ]: i guess that makes us even
[ text: unknown ]: could’ve at least tried to live up to my creativity standards but i’ll take it


Fili Durin — Brave, Reckless, Loyal to a Fault

Fili is a Design and Communications major. Generally, he is very easy going, humorous, and sometimes a bit too self confident. He tries to make light of things at sometimes inappropriate times. If he cares for you, he would take a bullet for you in a heartbeat. He is willing to die for those he loves without question. Although his table manners lack significantly, he is gentleman at heart. 

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Fenrir. What do you think of him? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“What do i think of Fenrir? he’s 
strong, and motivated, and more 
intelligent than people give him 
credit for. and he confuse me,
what kind of man, - wolf, claim
to  hate someone only to save
their life? it doesn’t add up. 

 - He also lack table manners.”  

fckyeahitslauren replied to your post “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to non-California college campuses….”

Wtf? My college is a commuter college in Michigan and people were always outside all over the place the second it got above 50.

See, that makes sense to me.  This creepy lack of people does not.  It’s so quiet.  I mean, there’s a park across the street, but no one seems to ever be there either.  Also it lacks tables.  I don’t know why it lacks tables because there’s plenty of space for them and they’d be useful, but it does.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom really lacks in the table service department. You would think with this park being the flagship park, they would focus on table service more. I think for most people dining is a big part of a Disney vacation, and it doesn’t make sense to me. The only major sit down is Be Our Guest and that has only been open for a few years.

I think they should have a sit down restaurant in every land. How cool would a Tomorrowland space themed restaurant be. Or just fix what is on Main Street USA, that would help.