Here’s an awesome way to express your love of classic pinball and arcade games without shelling out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the actual machines. Preston, England-based craftsman Andrew Lack hand-builds beautifully detailed Miniature Pinball Tables and Miniature Arcade Machines, which he sells through his Pinball Arcade Etsy shop.

Both the pinball tables and arcade games are 1/12th scale models which stand 6" tall, so you could easily set up a complete miniature arcade featuring your all-time favorite games. Each machine is made of wood and features finely detailed gloss decals. The pinball tables stand in metallic finish legs and feature simulated playfield glass, lockbars and miniature plungers and buttons. The arcade games feature 3D screens, joysticks and buttons.

Lack makes an impressive variety of miniature games as well as game-themed arcade artwork to hang on your walls. Head over to Pinball Arcade to check out more of these geektastic gaming models.

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Cookies&Cream Family Home requested by @spellcasterr for her legacy ^_^ I attempted neutrals as you wanted and left cluttering & bedrooms to you! :) I hope you like it & please let me know if anything’s wrong!

Lot size: 30x20
Bed & Bath: 4 bed & 3 bath + gameroom & basement
I own all expansions/gamepacks/stuffpacks ((except backyard stuff))
>Place with MOO on<

P.S.There’s some new home-welcoming brownies in the kitchen for your simmies ;)

Download  ➜ MediafireDropbox

➜ CC used listed ● under the cut

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(via IKEA Hackers: Standing Workplace - Triple Lack side-table - Rolling - Dirt cheap)

This is a GREAT idea and I would love to do it except I think the directions are really unclear.  The writer is from the Netherlands so I’m not criticizing his grasp of the English language, I just find certain sections totally confusing:  “Using the predrilled holes in the underside of the table-top, I screwed each table-top to the legs of the table that is seated on top of the table.”

I want to do this (w/o the wheels on the bottom) and re-write it with clearer, more simple directions.  I don’t have a drill and I’m not terribly handy so I probably won’t do this any time soon, but it would transform my bedside table into a much more groovy storage space.

Without a Trace - Part 3

Word Count: 1689

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language, Torture, Mentions of violence to a baby, unwilling drug use, gore, canon divergence. 

A/N: Feedback appreciated. This chapter got away from me. I’m totally fucking up this series. I apologize! 

Without a Trace Masterlist 


“Where the fuck is she?” Dean bellowed, throwing a lamp across the room and watching it shatter against the wall.

“Dean - ” Cas stepped in, trying to keep Dean calm, but Dean shoved him away. Sam sat at the other table, lack of sleep evident on his face, but he was pouring through every possible thing he could find trying to find you and your son.

“No!” Dean screamed right in the angel’s face. “Adam has my girlfriend and he has our son! He’s had them for a week and we know nothing! Don’t you fucking dare tell me to calm down!”

“We have all hands on deck.” Sam sighed. “Wherever Adam’s keeping them…he’s doing a hell of a job. None of our connections can find them.”

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Imagine Kili flirting with you during the dinner in Rivendell

Many nights you had dreamed about meeting elves and seeing Rivendell. You could only imagine what it was like from the stories you had heard, well that was until now. You weren’t like most dwarves, you had always been rather fond of elves or at least the thought of them, being as to how this is your first ever encounter with them.

“Where are they leading us? How do we know we can trust them?” Bifur grumbled from beside you as you were lead deeper into Rivendell.

“They’re taking us somewhere to eat” Thorin called from over his shoulder, never breaking his stride to turn around and talk to you properly.

The dining hall ended up being entirely outside with tables that lacked proper chairs. Whether they were there because it was normal or because the elves thought that us dwarves would rather a seat that was close to the ground, but the table was low enough for us to sit around with pillows as a seat.

You sat down on one of the cushions as everybody else found a seat. Bifur sat on your right and suddenly you had two young dwarves racing for the seat on your left. You watched as the older one pushed his younger brother off to the side, allowing him to reach the seat first. He gave a triumphant yell and made a face at the disappointed dwarf.

“That’s not fair, you pushed me” Kili whined

“Kili, there’s a seat open in front of me if you want to sit there” you offered, feeling bad for the young dwarf

With one last glare to his brother, he ran to the seat before anybody else could steal it from him, giving you a quick wink as he sat down.

Now that everyone was seated, you watched as the elves gracefully carried out bowls of lettuce and vegetables. You waited patiently for the meat, not particularly a fan of green food.

“Well, where’s the meat? All I see is green food.” Fili impatiently shouted, causing many others to shout in agreement

“This is Rivendell, they don’t eat meat here.” Gandalf calmly replied

“What?! How can they not eat meat!” the dwarves were beginning to lose their patience, but as much as you hated green food, you were starving none the less. You apprehensively placed some of the green food on your plate, looking up to see Kili smirking at you

“What? I’m hungry” you shrugged, taking a bite of the lettuce

“How is it?” Kili asked

“Well, it’s better than nothing, but it doesn’t have much flavor compared to meat.” you watched as Kili slowly placed some lettuce on his plate

You raised an eyebrow at him, “I’d rather eat this than go hungry for another night. Besides, if you can eat it than so can I” he smugly said

“Oh, so that’s how your looking at it. Not to bring your spirits down but eating lettuce isn’t exactly a difficult task considering it’s just putting food in your mouth and swallowing and we all know that you know how to eat” you shot back

“What are you saying exactly?” he quirked an eyebrow at you

You didn’t respond, just chuckled as you looked down at your plate and went back to eating.

“You know, I could show you all the impressive things that I could do, if only you let me” Kili said after a minute of silence between the two of you. His words surprised you, causing you to look back up at him

“And what would that be?” you smirked

“I don’t think it would be very appropriate if I said them at the dinner table.” you could feel an unwanted heat rise to your cheeks as you looked around to make sure no one else heard him.

“Yes, I’d rather you not embarrass me further” you said after confirming that no one was paying attention, not even his nosy older brother

“You know red looks good on you, it brings out your eyes” Kili smirked

“Shut up, you’re so annoying” you chuckled, trying to hide your face

“Oh come on, you know you love me” you could feel him nudge your foot with his own

“Yeah well, don’t let that go to your head”

“No promises” he winked

TW3 Scribe Set

I have a real weakness for paper clutter, okay!?

This set includes 8 pieces of scrap for your studious or politically-oriented sims!

2 decor books

3 wall arts

3 table decor

The Book and Book (Flipped) are non-recolorable, found under Misc Decor I think.

The Wanted Posters V3 have far more variations, including Ciri’s portraits, and wanted ads for Triss Merigold and Philippa. The Wanted Posters Pt2 instead have wanted posters for Anna and her daughter (forgot her name. :P ).

The Table Posters lack the Anna & Co. posters, but have all the variations included, with extras on top of that. 

Confused yet? Trust me, I understand. This is what happens when you make CC at the buttcrack of stupid, rather than getting any decent sleep. *headdesk*

The Old Papers only have a handful of variations, cuz I got lazy.

And last up are Wall Maps and Table Maps, that share roughly the same variations, give or take.

The Giant variation was me goofing around. :P

So that should be everything!

Download set (sims3packs & packages) : Mediafire / SimFileShare