23. Each house acted differently at meal times:


  • Before anybody eats they all pass around the food
  • Everybody has a full plate before anybody starts
  • Most likely to try and feed animals under the table
  • Most memorable incident of this was when the teachers found three generations of rabbits hiding under the table (the Niffler was a close second)


  • There are some kids reading while they eat but there’s just as many talking with each other
  • Once a week they make a point of having a meal from a different part of the world (ex Chinese food one week, lobster the next, bison the week after)
  • Ravenclaws pop in and out of the kitchen all week making suggestions to the house elves (who enjoy the challenge and always come up with a feast)
  • A few items have even been added to the regular menu this way (there was almost a riot over the beignets from the other houses trying to snatch them)


  • By far the loudest house in the hall, with everybody shouting over one another and grabbing food
  • Whenever anybody has a birthday in their house they make sure to sing “Happy Birthday” for them (at the top of their lungs, of course)
  • Birthday kid has to walk down the centre of the table (and try to avoid getting tripped)
  • Everybody learns that not all Gryffindors are good at singing, but not for lack of effort


  • Polite table manners, but heaven help you if you take food off somebody’s plate, they see that as a grave insult
  • Slytherin spends all year preparing for one day to change their routine and confuse everybody (they keep changing it every year, to keep people on their toes)
  • Sometimes they all speak a different language for the meal, sometimes they communicate with hand signals without words, sometimes they all levitate everything and eat their meal while slowly floating in the air
  • One year this got so out of hand that an over enthusiastic student set the Great Hall on fire (to this day nobody knows which one it was as Slytherins never snitch on a fellow snake, so the entire house got detention)

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A Secret | SICHENG

so you’ve chosen a secret for your seven minutes in heaven? collab with @versigny and co, choose another path here

Genre: frat/college!au | fluff | mild angst sexual themes

Member: Sicheng / Reader

Word Count: 10,400+

Warnings: language, references and usage of drugs and alcohol, sexual themes

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Forever (Draco x Reader)

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Requested: Yes.

Era: Golden Trio (that’s how I’ll refer to it)

(During the Sixth year)

Summary: Y/n and Draco stay at Hogwarts for Christmas break.

Warnings: It might not line up entirely with the actual HP timeline, but if fit for being in the Sixth year so it is, sorry if that bothers you. Cuddly Draco, needy Draco, angst.

Rating: Angst

A/n: Also, for the anon who asked about my formatting, is this better? It looks okay on my screen but I don’t know if this is what you meant. Okay, so I’ll admit I took this down a more angsty route…oops.

E/c= Eye color, h/c= hair color, y/h= your house, m/n= mom’s name, d/n=dad’s name.

Title:  Forever.


     Y/n sighs softly as her book bag swings slightly as she walks- no, skips through the almost empty dining hall. Her eyes drift across the different tables; Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, and her heart drops slightly at the lack of people. Each table had only about ten people or less, most of them huddled in their separate friend groups. Her lips turn down into a frown when she sees a blonde boy sitting at the Slytherin table, chin resting in his hand as he stares ahead absently, not touching the food in front of him. Her face brightens slightly as she moves over to him. She sits down across from him, setting her bag next to her.

     This startles Draco from his daze, and his gaze flickers over to her quickly, a glimmer of panic in his eyes. “Oh,” he sighs slightly, pulling his arm off the table and wiping his palm on his pants. “It’s just you.” She smiles brightly, leaning forward slightly. Draco moves forward too, out of instinct more than anything else.

     “It’s dreadfully quiet, don’t you think?” Y/n asks, her voice lowered to a whisper. Draco’s eyes dart down to meet hers, his shoulders moving up quickly.

     “It’s better than having people blabbering in your ear all the time.” He murmurs, finding her e/c gaze unbearably intense. He quickly gazes down at the table instead, settling back into his seat as she does the same.

     “Yes, well even if that’s true…” She says, sighing rather loudly as she places her chin in her hands and stares down at the table dreamily. “It’s rather lonely, with no one here.” She’s startled when a cold, brittle laugh slides from Draco’s mouth.

     “You’ve got people here, y/n.” He whispers, his eyes meeting hers. Y/n can’t help but notice how unusually dull they seem as he frowns slightly, as if trying to decide whether to continue. “I’m sure Granger or Weasley- even Potter- would like to have your company.” He picks up a form, stabbing aimlessly at the plate in front of him.

     “Well…obviously I don’t want to spend time with them or I’d be over there with them.” She whispers, wishing for Draco to look up at her.

     After a few moments of him staring at the table, his knuckles growing paler than normal from his tight grip on the fork, she reaches out and places her hand on his wrist. He flinches back, clearly startled by her touch, and she does the same. Draco’s lips part, as if he’s about to say something as his eyes search hers, but he simply bites his lip for a split second before looking away, standing up, gathering his book bags and walking away slowly. He barely makes it a few feet before he turns around and nods politely.

     “Goodbye, y/n.”

The Next Morning.

     By the time Draco reaches his normal spot at the Slytherin table, he notices Y/n already sitting there. It’s obviously too late to turn back, especially when Y/n looks up at him and smiles brightly, pulling her book bag onto her lap and patting the seat next to her. “I saved you a spot,” she murmurs, her e/c eyes dancing as her gaze meets his. Draco pales suddenly, his words getting stuck in his throat. Instead, he just glances around at the empty table. Dozens of other empty spots surround them, but he nods, his face breaking into a small smile as he carefully sits down next to her. She turns to him, immediately leaning in so that her shoulder brushes up against his. “So, tell me; what’re you doing at Hogwarts over Christmas break? Why aren’t you with your family?” Draco bristles slightly, his lips pressing together in a firm line as he meets her gaze. Slowly, he turns his face slightly to study her eyes. Y/n’s eyebrows pull down when she looks at him, her heart stopping.

     He’s gotten so pale- more so than ever before, and his face isn’t as…lively, as it once was. His skin almost has a grey hue to it, and he’s thinned out considerably around his whole body. The dark shadows around his eyes almost look as if he’d gotten in a fight. Almost as if he senses her studying him, he looks away quickly, diverting his gaze to the table as he hides his face from her view. “I don’t think that’s any of your business.” He murmurs, not able to lace his voice with venom as he’d wanted to. Y/n reaches her hand out slowly, placing it on his shoulder.

     “Draco, what’s wrong?” He flinches at her touch, placing his hands in his lap and staring down at them.

     “Nothing,” he says, closing his eyes and once more trying to force coldness and anger into his voice; “N-nothing.” Instead of sounding angry or upset, his voice wavers, breaking at the end of the word as he feels a sob rise in his throat.

     “Dra-” Draco stands up suddenly, cutting y/n off as he moves down the hall quickly. Y/n stands up, grabbing her book bag- and his that he’d left behind- and chases after him.

     She just barely catches him darting into the Slytherin common room and manages to quickly slip in, not slowing down her pace until she reaches him. Draco’s sitting in front of the fireplace, staring into the flames, unblinking as tears roll down his face. “Why’d you have to follow me in here?” He whispers, shivering slightly. Y/n drops the book bags down on the chair, and then sits next to him, grabbing his hand.

     “Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?” She whispers gently, moving her thumb over his hand. She can’t help but notice again how cold he is. He stares at the fire, the flames dancing in his eyes as his lips part.

     “I-I can’t,” he whispers. “I can’t talk to anyone,” more tears spill from his eyes as he blinks, slowly looking over at her. “I don’t have anyone, Y/n. You’re the only one whose ever-” his voice breaks, and he takes a shaky breath, trying to compose himself. “You’re the only one whose ever truly showed concern for me,” he mumbles, tightening his grip on her hand. “I-I don’t know what to do anymore- I can’t go back home, I don’t want to. Everything’s gotten so out of control, I just-” his sentence is cut short as a loud sob finally breaks free, forcing his whole body to shake violently. “I-I don’t want to do this, y/n.” He turns suddenly, practically tackling y/n to the ground as he hugs her tightly, burying his face in her neck. The sudden contact surprises her, but she slowly wraps an arm around him, tracing his spine with her fingers lightly.

     “It’s okay Draco, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to…it’s okay, shhh.” His sobs are muffled slightly and he tangles his hand in her h/c hair, struggling to get as close to her as possible. She tries to accommodate the best she can as he tangles his legs with hers. “Draco, calm down. It’s okay- Draco,” she shifts slightly, trying to get more comfortable. As of right now, she was basically laying on one of his arms (which had to be more uncomfortable for him), and somehow an elbow was poking into her side.

     This, however, makes Draco frantic as his grip on her tightens, and he pulls her closer to him, lifting his face up just enough to gaze up at her and lock eyes. His icy eyes are wide, and his face stained with tears. “N-no, don’t leave me y/n,” he whimpers, his body beginning to shake again. Y/n shakes her head violently.

     “No, I wasn’t going to leave Draco, don’t worry. I’m just trying to get more comfortable. I’m here, it’s okay.” He closes his eyes as she starts speaking, her voice calming him down almost instantly.

     “Okay,” he whispers.

     “I’m going to get up, but I’m not leaving, okay?”

     “Okay,” he repeats, swallowing roughly. His heart drops almost instantly when she stands up, his body losing all the heat it had been stealing from her. After a few seconds, he thinks that she has left him, and he closes his eyes, preparing himself to stand up.

     “Come here, Draco.” She whispers. Draco rolls onto his back and opens his eyes, craning his neck in a rather uncomfortable position to look behind himself. “Come on, I’m not going to drag you over here.” Y/n says, leaning up against the side of the couch and tugging a blanket off it. Draco rolls over onto his stomach and moves over to her the rest of the way. His sits next to y/n and turns his body to face her, wrapping his arms around her and once again burying his face in her neck, sighing softly. She shifts slightly so she can drape the blanket across them both. “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” She asks, stroking his hair lightly.

     “I can’t,” he mumbles, nuzzling her neck as he scoots even closer to her. “I just- I want…” He sighs again, trying to get closer to her, which at this point would require him laying on her. “I want to stay like this…forever.” Y/n smiles softly, still playing with his hair.

     “We can’t lay here forever, silly.” Y/n laughs, attempting to lighten the mood.

     “…no, I mean like this…together.” Draco’s voice is slow as he closes his eyes and smiles softly.

Celebrate Good Times

You woke up to the constant dings and dongs your house was making. You buried yourself in your bed sheet hoping that whoever was at the door would grow tired of not being answered and would whoosh itself away. Sadly, whoever was ringing your door was too diligent at it and you found yourself stomping towards the door in your nighties.

“Stop! I’m coming already. Sheesh.” You mumble as you sleepily tried to find where your door was.

You checked your monitor and saw a delivery guy holding a bouquet of sunflowers. You squeaked and pried the door open. You signed the delivery form and took the flowers from the guy and said thanks. You were about to close your door when he stopped it from shutting.

“Wait. Don’t you want the others?” he asked.

“What others?” you asked him suspiciously.

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Beguiling Bubbles

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: Request where (Y/n) gets dosed with a love potion by someone else, but she accidentally falls for one of the twins instead
A/N: Sorry it’s been ages! It’s very late at night so this hasn’t been edited. Also, where I go into detail about how the first person the drinker sees is who they fall for, that was pulled directly out of my ass souly for the purpose of the story because the wiki didn’t have much on the other potions that weren’t amortentia so I made it up 
Squicks: little bit of swearing

~George’s POV~

He sort of blackmailed me into it. Seamus Finnigan knew about the shipments for the store that we were hiding in the Docks, and threatened to go to McGonagall if we didn’t help him out.

“Which one of you is the least crap at potions?” he had asked me and Fred, smiling while thinking of all the possibilities now that he had us under his thumb.

“Neither of us are shit at potions mate,” Fred stood up for himself, sneering down at the little stain who thought he could boss us around.

“Alright, if one of you can get a love potion to me by tomorrow night I’ll keep your little secret, howzabout it?”

We had no clue what he wanted a love potion for, but we didn’t really care. The less we had to spend dealing with that git the better.

You’re the least shit at potions,” Fred said to me once Seamus had buggered off, “do you wanna make it?” I groaned in response, honestly not wanting to go through the trouble of sneaking into Snape’s little pantry to get out some shit that I don’t even want, then go to the trouble of making this damn thing, again when it isn’t even something I want.

We stayed up that night making the blasted potion, Fred insisting that he was there for encouragement purposes. Not many people knew that I was actually alright at Potions, especially since Snape would never dream of giving me the marks to show it…

At around 3 in the morning, the stupid potion was done. We poured it into one of the empty bottles from the ingredients that we nicked, and snuck back up to Gryffindor tower. On our way back up to our dorm, we made sure to make a stop on the way. “Oi, what the f—“ Seamus started, freaking out at the sudden awakening of Fred shoving him, “There’s your perfume, now get off our backs,” I whispered sharply at Seamus, as he took the bottle and told us to piss off.

— — Morning (Regular POV) — —

Fred and George were at the Gryffindor table, their lack of sleep evident in their flippant attitude and tired looks. They broke out of this mood, however, when Seamus grasped their curiosity. He was whispering to Dean, holding the glass bottle filled with the cherry pink potion that George had made a few hours ago.

“What have you got, Seamus?” Ron called out, nothing his shifty behaviour as well as the unusual bottle. He was immediately shushed and shot an intimidating glare with wild hand movements, “Keep it down, Weasley! It’s a love potion idiot, I’m going to get Y/n to be all over me!” Seamus laughed, while Ron, Hermione and Harry all looked awkwardly and warily each other.

Fred’s eyes widened as he looked over at his twin, who had an angry expression on his face, mixed with fear. George, much like Seamus, had feelings for Y/n, and Fred knew about it because, well, of course he does. The two weren’t particularly close with Y/n, but that didn’t stop George crushing over her constantly.

Seamus and Dean laughed, as they nodded to each other, silently setting their plan in motion. Before George had the chance to do anything, Dean had started a conversation with Y/n, causing her to look away from her breakfast, while Seamus poured the contents of the bottle into her orange juice. George looked at Seamus with a panicked expression, only to have it returned with Seamus’ glare, wordlessly sending him a warning of what he’ll do if George blew his cover.

Fred quietly swore to himself, the gears in his brain trying to work out a solution, while George weighed out his options: lose Y/n or lose the shop. In these moments, the answer was obvious to George, but as he looked back at her, she was already bringing the glass to her lips.

“Y/N—!” George tried to warn her. As she drank the liquid she looked across the table at George, her eyes lingering on him. Seamus and Dean laughed and high-fived from behind her, as she put the glass back on the table.

Now would be a good time to take note on the assortments of love potions. There are five known assortments of love potions, each with assumingly different effects. George, having not opened up the shop with his brother yet, had not yet needed to test out these different types. Unlike Amortentia where the giver of the potion is the one the drinker will be infatuated with, it’s the first person that the drinker sees that they will be infatuated with in this case.

— — George’s POV — —

She kept staring at me, as if something was stopping her from looking away. A smile slowly formed on her lips, as she rested her head in her hands, still staring at me.

“Y/n? You alright there?” Fred asked, moving his head next to mine to try and get her to look at him. She kept staring, her smile big as she replied in an airy voice, “never been better”.

Seamus, clearly annoyed, sat directly next to Y/n and moved her head with his hands so that she was facing him, “Helloooo?” he said into her face,

“I’d rather look at George Weasley,” she giggled, looking back at me, her head resting in her hands again, “God, you’re handsome, isn’t he handsome, er, whatever your name is,” she said to Seamus, causing Fred and Dean to laugh and Seamus to look like he would explode with anger.

“Uh, how about we go for a walk?” I suggest quickly, standing up as more people start to pay attention to the small scene.

Y/n gasped with excitement, “yes! Let’s go on a loooong romantic walk together!”

I start to walk toward the door with Y/n walking on the other side of the table at the same pace, watching me still with that smile.

Fred nudged me, “George, mate, don’t get sucked into it, it’s the potion talking—“

“I know,” I say quietly back, “we’re going to the hospital wing”.

Walking all the way up to the hospital wing was nothing short of a nightmare. All I’ve wanted was for Y/n to have feelings for me, but there’s only so many compliments, hand holding, cuddles and heart eyes one man can take in the space of five minutes.

“What’s the problem?” Madam Pomfrey asked,

“Y/n’s been slipped a love potion,” Fred says, as I hold up my arm which Y/n is hugging.

“Ah, I see,” Madam Pomfrey says sceptically, “I hope you realise that love potions are banned from Hogwarts…”

I explained to her that I wasn’t the one to slip Y/n that blasted potion, but how I was the first one she looked at afterwards. She thankfully believed me, and sat the dazed Y/n down on one of the hospital beds and handing her an antidote.

“Isn’t he dreamy…” Y/n giggled, eyes back on me.

“I think it best that the two of you leave, or else the antidote will take much longer to work,” Madam Pomfrey explained, as Y/n flipped her hair and sent me a wink.

Fred and I both agreed, and we said good-bye to Y/n, to which she started crying. “Noooooo George, I don’t want you to leave, pleeeeeeease!” she whaled.

“It would make me really happy if you just stayed here and got some rest, alright?” I asked her, looking down at my hand that she had taken in her own. It stung that she was only acting as if she was in love with me because of a potion, and that she didn’t really have any of these feelings towards me, not really. I wanted to get out of there soon as possible so I wouldn’t have to think about that, but there was also something that felt perfect about my hand being in hers.

After a few hours, a healthy Y/n walked cautiously through the portrait hole of the Gryffindor common room. A few people saw her and giggled amongst themselves, embarrassment clear on Y/n’s face. A few hours ago she couldn’t keep her eyes off me, and now she couldn’t even bring herself to look in my direction, instead looking at the floor as she walked past the Gryffindors, towards the stair case leading to the dormitories.

“Y/n, hold up,” I say, taking hold of her forearm as we were half way up the staircase. She turned around, taking a moment before gaining the confidence to look up at me.

“Y/n, I know you probably feel like shit, and if there’s anything I can do I’ll do it, but I didn’t slip you that love potion, I wouldn’t do that to you,” I try to explain. I wasn’t trying to defend myself, I just wanted to ease some of the embarrassment that she was feeling. I repeat the story of how it all happened, and I could see her face soften. “I wouldn’t do anything to force you to have feelings for me, I know you don’t feel that way about me,” I say, not meaning to sound as deflated as I felt.

Y/n looked at me, not the same way as this morning, but with a curious look, as if briefly studying me.

“I do like you, George,” she said, smiling at the look of astonishment on my face.

“You… What?” is all I manage to say, causing her to laugh,

“Yeah, I like you a fair bit, maybe not crazy in love like this morning,” she smiles, “but there’s definitely something there. I’ve already made a fool of myself in front of you today, so I might as well admit it all now,” she says with a shrug.

I don’t say anything for a few seconds, because what do you say back to that? The girl who went from head-over-heels in love with me to what I thought would be her despising me, and now meeting in the middle to her fancying me, it’s a lot. So, with no words coming to mind to save me, I kissed her. I wrapped my arm around her, my free hand resting on her jaw, as she kissed me back almost immediately.

We parted, and I couldn’t help but smile. Who knew that Seamus being such a dick could’ve turned out this good?


For #kuroweek2k17- Day 3: Reflection/Mirror

Cover Image: source

- wolf 🐺

On Day 4 since Shiro returned, the dining table that had been a staple during meal times, that had delightfully bounced the ceiling lights off the surface to the amusement of the team, mysteriously wound up in one of the many empty room in the castle. It was placed awkwardly inside the room, as if haphazardly pushed in by the ones moving it, before the door was closed and locked.

No one mentioned the lack of the table as Shiro picked at his food from his seat in the common area that they had collectively deemed to be the living room of the castle.

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I Like You A Latte (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Summary: You work at a coffee shop, and Connor visits every day during your shift.

Words: 1564

Warnings: none

(A/N: Thank you for all the positive feedback on Pastels, my first oneshot! Here’s another for you guys!)



The little bell attached to the door rang so many times that Saturday morning, it was enough to make you sick. You took a deep breath, plastering on a fake smile for the abundance of cranky and rude customers waiting for their various coffee orders. You didn’t hate working there. You just hated all the people that worked there, and all the people you served, and…yeah, you hated working there.

Even so, sometimes the world would surprise you a little bit at work. It would bring in a cute customer, or a big tip, or a light day. Today was one of those days.


Sighing, you straightened your posture and smiled. “Hi! Welcome to Affogato, what can I-” you looked up at the customer stopping in your tracks. He was a gorgeous boy, with an aura that screamed mystery. Looking a little closer as he approached the counter, you recognized him as a boy from your homeroom.

Shit, did you just think Connor Murphy was cute?!? Well, I mean, he is, but god, chill!

“Connor Murphy?” You raised an eyebrow, smiling a genuine smile as you eyed him up and down. His long, chestnut brown hair was covered by a beanie, and his button nose was pink from the cold. You could tell he wasn’t in the mood for society today, but from what you’d heard about Connor, that was a constant thing for him. People talked about what a monster Connor Murphy was every single day at school. Of course they did, and it spread like wildfire because it was high school. You heard the stories, but you never really listened. You wanted to discover this kid on your own terms, unbiased. Connor tapped his chipped black painted nails on the counter with a curt nod.

“[Name]?” He made a noise somewhere in between a chuckle and a scoff. “Didn’t expect to see a face like you here.” He shrugged, not thinking anything else of it. “Black, two sugars,” Connor paused for a moment. “…please.” He muttered. Had you been a stranger, he probably wouldn’t have had the courtesy, or maybe he was just in a decent mood, but the gesture was an appreciated one no matter the reason.

You picked up a cup, getting to work. He made small talk as you poured.

“Whatcha up to this weekend?” Connor asked nonchalantly with a sigh. “Partying? Maybe running away to join the circus?” He asked sarcastically as you handed him his coffee. You rolled your eyes with a smile.

“As if I’m capable of doing extraordinary.” You joked. “Nope, just work. Saving up for something cool, like a camera or lava lamp or whatever people spend money on these days.” You straightened your apron. “You?” Connor bounced from one foot to another, finally deciding to take a seat on one of the counter stools.

“Oh, you know, the usual. It’s a toss up between doing nothing and being called a nuisance or doing something and being called a nuisance anyway” He looked into his abyss of a coffee cup. His lips curved into a sad smile. “Sorry, that was….satire.” Connor took out his wallet, fishing out two crisp dollar bills. “Keep the change” He instructed as he stood. Sipping his coffee, he left, and you stood there, lost in thought. No one, in your months of working there, had stopped to have a conversation with the exception of your best friends. You really didn’t know what to think. Who would?



“No, Jared, it was so weird! But like, in a good way…” You trailed off, putting your phone on speaker and placing it on your desk. You were
pacing around your room, talking to your problematic fave- the “insanely cool Jared Kleinman”, as he referred to himself.

“What, [name], it’s weird that he came into the coffee shop and ordered a coffee?” Jared pointed out, and you groaned.

“No, it’s weird that he was…I dunno! Everything about him just seems….like…I don’t even know what to think, dude.” You ran a hand through your hair. “It was like, he’s bitter, but chill, but kind and empathetic, but also sarcastic, but also genuine as hell?!?!? I’m sooo confused” You buried your face in your hands. Jared laughed.

“Has the stone cold heart found wuvvvvvv?” He teased. “I gotta say, dude, I didn’t think you were the angsty murderer type!” His laughter grew into hysterics, and you were quick to defend him. You weren’t sure why, though.

“Would you stop, Kleinman? He isn’t gonna shoot up the school or whatever. I bet you Connor’s really sweet.” You challenged. This got his attention.

“What have you even got to bet? Nothing I’d want” Jared sneered

“Gamestop visit with my credit card..” You smirked, and he audibly gasped into the phone.

“Holy shit, for serious? Don’t play with me like that, man” He said in disbelief.

“I’m 100 percent for serious.” You countered.

“Deal. And…if you win?” He asked, almost frightened. The stakes seemed high.

When I win,” you think for a minute, “you have to become an apprentice park ranger with Evan for the summer.” You grinned.

“No fair, [name]!” he sighs. “You know what? Fine. But only because of the videogames. And you’re gonna lose.” Jared says as-a-matter-of-factly.


Connor came in for the next week, ordering the same thing every single day. Even when you weren’t working mornings, Connor managed to come in during your shift. It was as if he knew your schedule, and he always came in later in your shift, when you were thoroughly tired and annoyed. It kind of cheered you up.

Sometimes, he stayed for a while and talk. He’d sit on his same stool, drinking his same coffee, with his name written on his cup in the same handwriting.    

“Hey, doll,” He’d smile his toothy smile. You found his dorky platonic pet names funny. “I brought you a muffin. Maybe…spend your break with me?” Connor would suggest.

Other times, he’d sit in the corner at a table, long legs crossed as he read for hours. You’d keep the coffee coming, and you’d watch him read, and it was, in a way, blissful.

“You know, the man bun really completes the whole ‘hipster teen reading in a coffee shop aesthetic’. It looks good on you, Murphy.” You’d nudge his shoulder, and he’d be too focused to even bat an eye.

Sunday, Sunday was different though. You kept busy during your shift, serving customers with your usual fake smile. The authentic one was reserved for Connor Murphy.

Hours passed, and your giddiness faded into fatigue.Glancing up at the clock, time seemed to pause. You evaluated your surroundings.The smell of coffee grinds, the bustling people, the soft jazz melodically jingling in the background. It seemed hazy and surreal, and you wanted to stop thinking.

You wanted to start being. Being with him. Connor Murphy liked spending time with you. He made you feel special. He made this melancholy, dreadful job something you looked forward to dragging yourself to.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

The clock loomed over you, the noises echoing through your skull. You just wanted it all to be over,

And suddenly, it was. A hand on your shoulder was your signal to leave.

“[Name]? Your shift is over. You’re free to go!” She was excited on your behalf, but your heart sank at the news.

Connor hadn’t come today.

The question was, why? Was he, like, busy? You couldn’t imagine having Connor Murphy having actual plans. All he did was get high and drink coffee. Maybe he didn’t want coffee today. You were upset, and wished it wasn’t such a big deal to you, but you felt as if it was.

You sat at a table, lacking the energy to walk home. Inhaling slowly, more memories of Connor flooded into your mind.

“Hey, how was the circus?” Connor asked, yawning. He usually made comments like this with a straight face. It was as if his smile was implied.

“Not as glamorous as I thought, so I came back.” You shrug with a small smile.

“Who comes back after running away from home?” Connor met your eyes with his own blue and brown ones, and you practically melted.

“I dunno, Murphy. People who are homesick, I guess.” You sigh, sliding him his usual.

You focused on reality again, looking out the window. You were so amused by the normality of the scene, you almost didn’t notice the coffee place in front of you.

“Excuse me?” You looked at the paper cup curiously. It was black with two sugars, making you all the more distressed. “What kind of weird ass joke-” You looked up to find Connor in an Affogato uniform with a goofy grin.

“Hi there, [name]. You want anything?” He smirked. You stood up, wrapping your arms around his neck and getting on your tippy toes.

“Just this” You pressed your lips to his, and Connor reciprocated without hesitation. He pulled you closer by your waist, and after a few seconds, he pulled away breathlessly.

“Check the cup again” Connor whispered in your ear. Curious, you picked it up and turned it over. He had scribbled something on the cup in his mediocre handwriting:

I like you a latte. My number is ***-***-****. Use it ;)

Jared was gonna look great in his apprentice park ranger uniform.

anonymous asked:

hey! I love your writing! If you are still writing from the prompt list, is it possible you could do 45 with Ethan?

Even filled to the brim with sleep, you registered the void of a presence next to you. Normally, Ethan was curled up next to you when the first of the early morning sun brightened through the thin film of curtains. Maybe nothing but a hand reached out to touch the high rise of your waist or maybe his entire torso was fitted snugly against your back. Regardless, you were used to waking up to his gentle breaths and his soft eyes and the sleepy grumbles of good morning. 

You tested your hand to his side just for safe measures, finding nothing but the wrinkled softness of his grey sheets. You flipped to face the place where your hand fell against the mattress only to have the shine of the sun confirm the shadowed indention where Ethan once slept. With a confused grunt, you pulled yourself to a sitting position and furiously began to rub at your eyes with curled fists.

With a stretch and a yawn, you ducked to the bedside table to swipe your phone off the charger. Curiously, you opened your text thread with Ethan in an attempt to locate his whereabouts when a clinging of porcelain and two boyish laughs stalled the clacking of your nails against your phone screen. 

“You idiot, you’re gonna wake Y/N up!” Ethan sounded only half serious, the series of laughs that followed his scolding giving him away almost immediately. You rolled your eyes as you continued to listen. 

“Oh?” A pause. “Y/N stayed over?” Grayson sounded genuinely confused as the clicking of dishes and mugs grew slightly quieter. 

You could almost see Ethan’s shrug. “Fell asleep on the couch during the movie. I didn’t have the heart to wake her up.”

“That’s what you said last week too,” Another laugh, “Y/N might as well just move in here. Wouldn’t even need the extra bedroom, she could just sleep in your room.”

There was a prolonged silence. Curiously, you pinched your eyebrows as you strained your ears to hear the remainder of the conversation. When there was a lack of dialogue, you swung your legs over the side of the bed and made your way for the door. Ever so slightly, you edged the door open, praying neither of them heard the creak of the hinges or the swipe of the wood against the carpet flooring. 

You’d shimmied halfway down the hallway, your back pasted against the wall with your neck craned in the direction of the kitchen when they began speaking again. As if an invisible force field had materialized in front of you, you halted your movements with the tuck of your hands behind your back and the draw of a deep inhale through your nose.

“When are you going to tell her?”

A grunt. A confused chuckle. “Tell her what, Gray?”

“That you’re hopelessly in love with her?”

You swore your heart literally skipped a beat. The entirety of your blood flow seemed to freeze, all limbs below your shoulders growing numb. Thousands of pins and needles seemed to dig into the bottoms of your feet, the feeling rendering you immobile. Your cheek knocked against the wall, your eyes following the slightest bob of Ethan’s dark tousled hair as it passed through the kitchen.

“I can’t,” He sounded so small, so unlike himself, “You know I can’t.”

Another chuckle. The cling of a spoon against the side of a bowl. A voice that’s mouth was clearly half full. “Why? Dude, she’s clearly in love with you too.”

“It’d ruin everything. I can’t. No way.”

Grayson must have dropped the spoon into the bowl because the sound made you jump in your hiding spot. “You’re actually an idiot.”


“No, you’re being ridiculously. You’re already dating, essentially. You just don’t call her your girlfriend.”


Ethan! She sleeps here, uh, every night. You’re only together uhm, all day every day. It would basically just be sealing the deal to mom who already has the two of you figured out.” 

You’d shifted so close that you could now clearly see the back of their heads as they sat together as the tiny breakfast table stationed outside the bar in the kitchen. The precise positioning of your feet was ruined by the intense creak of a floorboard in the exact moment neither of them were speaking.

Two pair of bright brown eyes settled on your figure.

“Uh, morning?”

Ethan shoved his cereal bowl so violently on the table, you were sure the milk was going to spill everywhere. His chair made up for what lacked on the table, the white wood clattering to the tile below as he rushed to a standing position. You were still pressed firmly to the wall as you watched his stride the short distance to you.

How much of that did you hear?” He looked like he wanted to touch you, his arms outreaching but quickly snapping back to glue against his sides. His eyes furiously searched yours as his tongue nervously wet each of his lips.

“Enough,” You answered slowly.

“Look, I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship but okay yeah maybe I do love you a lot and I can’t imagine not having you around or not falling asleep with you by my side or waking up in the same position and I really would like to do that forever if you’ll have me but like I said, I don’t want to ruin things so I completely understand if-”

You gently pushed yourself off the wall, a movement that caused his ramblings to trail off. Your hands lightly trailed across the morning stubble still attached to his jawline as you cupped his face, bringing his forehead down to rest against yours. With an amused laugh, you told him softly, “Grayson is right. You’re an idiot.”

Soft caramel swirled in confusion through the brown of Ethan’s eyes. “What-”

A kiss sealed your feelings, bringing the half parted curve of his mouth against yours. It was only a beat before his kissed you back, the arms glued to his sides now wrapping tightly to your waist. 

“I love you, you know,” You murmured. 

Ethan chuckled against your pursed lips, “Well, you already know I love you too, so…”

“If I didn’t think you two were disgusting before-” Grayson groaned from the kitchen, “-you just reached a whole new level.”

Ethan ignored him with nothing more than a light oh, fuck off before he was kissing you again, the pecks only spaced between the pauses to mirror each other’s smiles. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a bawson prompt. Mike and Ginny having an argument and people try to intervene before they both say something they'll regret

Ginny’s sitting at the kitchen table, her knee propped up on the chair, as she moves her food around the plate with her fork.  The peas swirl into a pattern, escaping the prongs of her utensil, as she stares at their movement, refusing to look up into the eyes burning a hole into her at that moment.

Evelyn awkwardly coughs, trying to break the tension casting itself across the table, giving a look towards Blip to say something.

He all but grunts in frustration at her, until her eyes narrow, and he glances at the pair in front of him.

“So, guys,” he starts, but neither of them even look in his direction.  “Last night, that was fun, huh?”

Ginny tenses at the mention of the night before, her fork clattering into the plate set before her, causing a rattling flitter of anger to stream from her.  She visibly swallows, before clenching her jaw, her dimple making its angry appearance.

Mike tries to whisper her name across the table, his lack of subtlety lost on no one, as his audience sits captive.

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask Mike,” she suggests to the table, picking up her fork and violently stabbing a pea, before bringing the food to her mouth and aggressively chewing the green speck.

“Ginny,” he groans in frustration.

That catches her attention, and she looks up at him, malice in her eyes.

“No, Mike, go ahead, tell them about the blonde,” she motions to her friends.  Evelyn’s eyes grow wide at Ginny’s admission, and Blip folds his hands in front of him, resting his head, as if waiting for more than an admission of jealousy to fly out of their mouths.

“Why do you care?” He shoots at her.

“I don’t,” she tries to say with a level of ambivalence, but fooling no one, least of all herself.  “I just think that a better example should be set from our Captain when we go out in public.”

“That’s rich, Gin, considering I saw you practically grinding on Livan on the dance floor,” he aims back at her, his hands coming down on the table with bang loud enough to rattle his plate.

“I’m surprised you could see anything over the mountain of fake boobs pressed against your face,” she says with a sneer.

Blip tries to cut in, as Evelyn’s head moves back and forth like she’s watching a tennis match, but Mike isn’t backing down, his voice booming over his friend’s.

“Thought you had a no ballplayers rule?  Guess that’s shot to hell.  Not that you ever really stuck to that rule before only when it came to me…” and he instantly regrets the words as soon as they’re out of his mouth.

Ginny balks, and the gulf of hurt swimming in her eyes isn’t lost on him.

“Okay, that’s enough dinner theatre for tonight,” Evelyn cuts in.

“Gin,” he tries, but Ginny’s pushing her chair out from under her, storming off into the other room before he can finish.

Evelyn’s moving to leave, twirling around to face Mike with a finger pointed right at him, her tiny frame hovering above his.  “You better be thinking of one hell of an apology for her when she gets back,” she warns, before clacking away to find Ginny.

He pulls his hands over his face, his fingers shaking with regret as they comb over his beard.

Blips leans back in his chair, studying the disaster that is Mike.

“You should tell her,” he offers.

Mike’s hands fall to his lap.  

“Tell her what?”

“Well, for starters that you politely told that blonde to get the fuck away from you last night,” Blips laughs with a shake of his head.

“It doesn’t matter–”

“You’re so damn stupid,” Blip interrupts him, standing from the table and moving to grab two more beers.  Setting one down in front of Mike.  “You better tell her you love her, because I guarantee you if you don’t, Evelyn will,” he says with a raise of his brow, and takes a long pull of his drink.

Mike looks in the direction Ginny had gone.

“Is it that obvious?” He asks, causing Blip to laugh again.

“Nah, man.  Only to everyone except G.”

Mike’s face tints with red, as he stands without a word, his sorrow and regret evident on his face, as she stalks off to find Ginny.

“Is it obvious?” Blip mocks with a snicker into his drink.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five sentences.
the journey itself - stargazershiro (littlelionbabe) - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Keith/Shiro (Voltron)
Characters: Shiro, Keith, Lance, Allura, the other paladins are there in the background
Additional Tags: side Hunk/Lance, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Fake Dating, librarian!shiro, emt!keith, Fluff, Pure Unadulterated Fluff, oh no theres only one bed what do we do, bed sharing, Pining, so much pining, on all accounts, keith is lance’s adopted brother, all the cliches that come with fake dating, Friends to Lovers

“What’s that?” Shiro asked as he placed a plate in front of Keith.

“Invitation,” Keith mumbled, “to Lance and Hunk’s wedding.”

“Should be exciting. It’s in May, right?”

“Yeah, that’s what they’ve been saying.”

Keith was happy for them, he really was. Hunk and Lance were his best friends and they deserved the world, but to Keith their wedding was a reminder of his own sad love life – or lack thereof. Across the table, Shiro watched him, his brow furrowed.

“Want to talk about it?” Shiro asked. Keith remained silent.

The silence stretched on for a few minutes before Keith finally broke it.

“It’s just… I know Lance is going to try and set me up with a date and I really … I don’t want to deal with it. I don’t want to meet whatever guy he thinks is perfect for me and I don’t want to think about the fact that I needed him to set me up with someone, you know? I’m just. Tired.” He kept his gaze firmly planted on his plate.

The room fell quiet again.

“I’ll be your plus one.”

(AKA the fake dating AU that no one asked for)

ITS FINALLY HERE!!! After long last, my Big Bang is DONE! What a way to celebrate my birthday. Please comment if you liked it!! Written for @sheithbigbang!

▶ 1. for: yoongi [ m ]


▶   Genre: Smut.
▶   Description: Teasing Yoongi in a formal dining setting with Bangtan members on either side of you using explicit pictures is only in good fun, right?
▶   Word count: 5,165.

It’s another one of those classy, boring dinners with the boys and staff, celebrating yet another award which would simply be cased up in the lobby of the Bighit offices on display among the many others Bangtan has taken home.

This kind of dinner was one of many that you’ve attended over the years. You being you, had to attend these due to yours and Yoongi’s public relationship, because as fans tend to do, instantly jumping to conclusions after not seeing you two together for a week. There were mixed reactions among fans and staff on yours and Yoongi’s relationship. Hell, the CEO himself told Yoongi to cut it off a couple of years ago, that it would only make fans turn their back to Bangtan and make them lose fans; to which Yoongi replied, but then, are they really fans?

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Next of Kin

Saving people, hunting things, the family business.  It’s what they do best.  But what happens in the wake of impala taillights?  Is it all sunshine, roses, and business as usual for all involved? Or are some just destined to be collateral damage?

Words: 4.5k

Characters:  John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader

A/N:  Happy Angst Appreciation Day! Thank you to today’s hosts @percywinchester27  and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Warnings:  Dark angst, canon style violence, implied child abuse, implied substance abuse.  Flashbacks in italics

Tags at end

*Image made by me

Next of Kin

Lebanon, KS 2013

Sam made his way out to the kitchen, the sound of sizzling and Dean humming leading his way. He’d been rummaging through old boxes in his room in search of a specific book of angel lore when another object caught his eye. The dead cell phone, now clutched in his hand, was stirring a weird need and curiosity inside him.

“Whatcha got there, Sammy?” Dean watched him plug something into a nearby outlet.  

Sam took his usual seat at the table.  “I found this old phone in that box of stuff we salvaged from Bobby’s.”

“It looks like one of mine.”  Dean plopped a plate of burgers on the table before taking his seat.  

“Yeah, I figured I would charge it and see if there are any useful numbers or anything on it.”

“Smart thinking, Sammy boy!” He said around a mouth full.  

“Gross.  Don’t talk with your mouth full, dude.”  Sam shook his head, exasperated at his brother’s lack of table manners.

The phone beeped, halting their juvenile banter.  Sam picked it up and flipped it open.  “Looks like you’ve got voicemail.”

Dean shrugged, popped a fry into his mouth, and raised an eyebrow in response.

“Wow. There’s ten of them. The most recent is dated only two weeks ago.” Sam turned it on speaker and let the message play.

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anonymous asked:

Dating deal breakers for the s/m bros?

This one was interesting~

Shu: Excessive complaining/apologizing
-He honestly doesn’t know how to handle it, and therefore it’s too much trouble for him.

Reiji: Acting overly seductive, messy eaters
-The provocation just makes him uncomfortable, and we all know he can’t stand bad table manners.

Ayato: Lack of common interests
-Let’s be honest this man talks about himself so much if his s/o expressed any disinterest or hatred for his hobbies how well do you think it’d really go?

Laito: Being an easy/willing target right away
-It’s not as fun for him if they don’t put at least a little bit of a fight. He’d get bored fast.

Kanato: Being too clingy
-Although he’d want his s/o to be dependent on him, he’d get annoyed real quick if she was over the top about it.

Subaru: Being ditzy/air headed, acting desperate
-He doesn’t really care about intelligence, as he doesn’t see himself as the smartest guy either, but someone acting purposely stupid or flirting ditzily just to get guys annoys him to no end.

Ruki: Lack of intelligence, being rude to his brothers
-If he can’t carry on intelligent conversation with someone there’s no way it’d work out, also I feel like any hostile words towards his family would be an instant, borderline violent, shut down.

Kou: Obvious golddigging
-There’s been plenty of women who try to get at him because of his wealth, and he can instantly see a woman’s true intentions, no matter how well hidden they may think they are

Yuma: Outright rudeness, combativeness
-Although he finds a strong independent woman to be a turn on, there’s a fine line between outspoken and rude. The latter he just can’t tolerate.

Azusa: Not being honest, being deceitful 
-Lies really hurt him, especially because he can sometimes find it hard to tell if a person is being loyal to him. He wants to feel safe and secure in a relationship.

Zach Werenski #7

Again, another imagine that wasn’t requested.. But I do have some Zach requests so hopefully this ties you all over till I get to those :) I got this inspiration while listening to Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy so give that a listen if you wanna! 

Word Count: 2,278

It couldn’t be him. What in the world were the odds that he would be at the farmers market so early on a Sunday morning. But you swore you saw him, as you picked up a fresh soft peach from the wooden bucket, you saw him. That dark brown hair, his wide hazel eyes, and you couldn’t miss though stupidly perfect eyebrows either. Truthfully, you thought your eyes were just playing tricks on you, till you looked up again and he was closer this time. 

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From The Dining Table

A series of generally canon-compliant vignettes set at the Tomlinson/Styles household dining table (or lack thereof). 

Inspired by Louis’ recent Guardian article photo where he is sitting at a table with an egg on toast in front of him.

guys, i wrote a fic(let)! i’ve been having shan @buckylouie and steph @mommotommo read it as I went to make sure it wasn’t total trash. please give it a read if you’d like and reblog for others. thanks :)

softjimon  asked:

table jace AU yes or yes?

okay so i fucking hate myself but here we go!! disclaimer: this is purely crack and entirely because i accidentally told @softjimon about this au as a joke and then couldn’t stop talking about it and now IT FUCKING EXISTS SO:

  • so jace is like….a table
  • to clarify, it’s not that he has similar qualities to a table. it’s that he literally shapeshifts into a table
  • he’s a…were-table, for lack of a better word. 
  • okay, okay, if we wanna get more elegant about it, you can say that jace has a superpower or something where he can manifest his energy into whatever he desires, but because of some mental struggles he has he’s stalled at table. 
  • so whenever he gets frustrated or scared or angry, he turns into a table.
  • god, i can’t believe i’m still writing this
  • anyway one day jace goes to the local thrift store to see if he can find any novelty mugs, because they always have a strange collection there. 
  • he’s rocking back and forth on his feet, trying to talk himself out of buying the mug with a cat crawling along it’s handle - does he need it, even though it’s absolutely the cutest fucking thing he’s ever seen? - when the hot dude from his formal composition class walks into the store. 
  • jace just fucking panics because he may or may not have kissed the dude - simon - while he was drunk at a party last week and the thing is he likes simon, and likes the way he speaks, all animated and kind and enthusiastic, and he wants to take him on a date or something, not be the random dude who kissed him like an obnoxious frat boy. 
  • so jace does the only logical thing he ever does when he panics, which is, you know, turning into a fucking table
  • i hope you can guess what happens next
  • simon thinks “what a neat table!” and buys himself a coffee table for the room he rents from magnus!! since there’s no price tag on the “table”, the store owner, who’s completely mystified, agrees to give it to him for nearly free!! what a fucking steal!!
  • now jace-the-table is in simon’s room!!! jace is a table, so he can’t express emotion that well, but if he were in human form he would be screaming right about now. 
  • but he’s a table so he sits quietly as simon putters around his room and rearranges stuff to make room for his new table, and then halfway through he gets a call from clary and throws himself on the bed to chat with his best friend. 
  • there’s just a lot of “hmm” and “uh-huh” and “i know, clary” until simon suddenly groans. 
  • “no, he didn’t - i haven’t talked to him yet…i thought i saw him today at the store but i think i was hallucinating…yes i know he kissed me but what if it was an accident? i like jace, i don’t want him to think i’m desperate - shut up, fray, it doesn’t matter if i am desperate - “
  • jace-the-table feels like he’s in the middle of a fucking dream. 
  • simon likes him!! simon!! likes him!!
  • in the middle of all of this magnus walks into the room and freezes when he catches sight of the table. 
  • “what is that?” he asks simon flatly. 
  • simon hangs up on clary and stares at magnus in confusion. “a table?” he says slowly, like magnus has lost his mind. 
  • because magnus still has magic in this universe, so he shakes his head very slowly and says “no, it is not” and waves his hand, and jace turns back into a human. 
  • (a very naked human, which is new because usually he can do this with his clothes on)
  • simon almost goes into shock right there
  • “i don’t want to know.” magnus says as he backs out of the room. “i literally never want to know.” 
  • it turns out that magnus eventually has to know, because jace and simon have a long talk and then go on that first date they both wanted so badly, and then they go on a lot more dates, and then they just never stop going on dates, because they’re in love
  • the end, thank god

daylightspeaks  asked:

Bughead prompt: A little sweet he can't resist, often leads to being kissed! - Veronica Lodge

I had to go and look up where this quote was from! Fudge to give him the final nudge, ay Ronnie? I was gonna make this cute and fluffy but then oops angst happened! Enjoy my loves.

(I wrote this on the notes section of my phone, and am currently sitting on a wall to get wifi, the things I do for you lot, huh? ❤)


“Hey, B!” Veronica beamed, strutting down the hallway towards her friend. Betty looked upwards in acknowledgement, the small smile she offered grim at best, not even close to reaching her eyes. “What’s wrong?” Veronica asked, tone switching to concern instantly. Betty began to shake her head, unusually askew ponytail swaying as she looked down dejectedly, fingers playing with the frayed edge of her sweater sleeve.

“It… it’s nothing,” Betty murmured, refusing to meet Veronica’s steady gaze.

“Come on, B, I know you. And I definitely know when something is up? Tell me, maybe I can help,” Veronica coaxed, resting a reassuring hand on her arm. Betty bit her bottom lip as it began to quiver, blinking quickly in an attempt to dissipate the tears gathering along her waterline.

“Jughead and I had a fight,” she got out with a shaky inhale. “Our first fight.” Veronica’s eyes hardened at the pain she saw settling on Betty’s face.

“What did Edgar Allen Poe do?” she all but demanded, shoulders moving back as she prepared for some classic Lodge confrontation. The colour drained from Betty’s face.

“No, it was my fault,” she whispered, Veronica having to lean forward slightly in order to catch the words. She blinked in surprise. The idea of Riverdale’s very own Perfect Polly (and yes, she was aware of the irony) doing anything to anger someone - let alone the boy that fawned over her like she hung the stars - was unimaginable.

“Oh… what happened?” she asked, too curious to be sorry about prying. Betty sighed, shoulders curling forward in defeat.

“It’s stupid, I don’t even know why…” she cried, hands gesturing futilely. “He just caught me at a really bad moment, Mom is still a wreck about Polly, and I had an awful headache and he wouldn’t stop talking about how we weren’t getting anywhere with the investigation anymore and I snapped!” Her breathing hitched as she closed her eyes against the memory of her outburst. “I said that maybe…” she paused, shaking her head, unable to repeat her words. “I implied there were more important things than our investigating and his novel, in more unkind words,” she whispered, voice cracking as the tears finally started to spill over. Veronica grimaced, unable to stop herself from picturing the way Jughead’s face would have fallen at his girlfriend’s outburst. Betty swiped furiously at her face. “You should have seen him, V, he looked so sad but he just nodded and left. I-I didn’t mean it, I wanted to take it all back straight away but he…” she had to pause to catch her stuttering breath.

Veronica’s heart ached for the crestfallen girl before her. Sure, she’d been surprised when she’d first learned of their secret tryst, but she couldn’t deny the good they had done for each other. Betty had a glow that radiated from her very core, lighting her up even on her darkest days. And she’d never seen Jughead so… comfortable, like he finally felt at home in his skin, like he wasn’t waiting for the other shoe to drop. And Betty had gone and knocked over the whole damn display rack just because of the wrong thing said at the wrong time. Veronica ran her eyes over Betty one last time, mouth dropping open slightly as the pieces fell into place.

“You love him.” It wasn’t a question. Betty’s eyes snapped up to meet her own, shining with fresh tears, but their depth of verdant green crystal clear. Betty sniffed, running her sleeve under her nose.

“Yeah,” she said, voice cracking, as if it were the simplest statement in the world. “And now he won’t even look at me.” They stood, face to face in the hall a while longer before Veronica straightened up, chin lifting into the air slightly.

“Well, if my girl is in trouble then it is my duty as designated best friend to help her out,” Veronica announced, hoping to pull a giggle from Betty’s downturned lips. The reluctant smirk she offered was good enough. “Every woman knows that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and given that I suspect Jughead is secretly harbouring at least three stomachs this should be an easy feat,” she quipped, eyes sparkling mischievously. Betty couldn’t hold back her laugh, breath stuttering still on her inhale. Veronica’s eyes softened. “I know it’s hard, but I can say without a doubt that the frustrating enigma that is Jughead Jones the Third is head over heels in love with you too,” she said, tipping Betty’s downturned face up with a delicate finger under her chin.

“You think?” The hope in Betty’s voice was enough to melt the iciest of hearts. Veronica nodded firmly.

“I know.” The creases in Betty’s forehead smoothed out slightly as Veronica linked her arm through hers. “Come on, Julia Child, we’ve got work to do.”


When she tried to leave her spot next to Betty on the worn out couch in the Blue and Gold office she’d yelped in surprise as tight finders dug into her forearm, keeping her firmly in place. She raised a sharply arched questioning eyebrow.

“I need you here, in case…” Betty trailed off, unable to bring herself to think of the alternative. Veronica nodded in understanding, resting a reassuring hand over the one still tightly clinging to her arm.

Jughead was cautious as he stepped over the threshold, into the office he considered a second home. Betty’s heart stopped before picking up again in double time. She stood up on shaky legs, nervousness coursing through her veins. Veronica took a moment to look closely at Jughead’s face, the faintest traces of red rimmed his suspicious eyes as they flicked around the room, determined not to meet Betty’s head on.

“Hi, Juggie,” her barely audible voice still rung out loud and clear across the stiflingly still air in the room.

“Hey, Betts.” His voice was thick and gravelly with unshed emotion. His eyes finally landed on the box on his desk, gaudy and bright, tied with an elaborate bow that Veronica insisted had to be the look they went for. “What’s that?” he asked cautiously. Betty’s had came up to run through her ponytail, an action of comfort.

“They’re… I made you brownies,” she shrugged, the gesture seeming silly now that he was standing in front of her. How could sugar and chocolate possible make up for the hurt she caused? Her heart stuttered at the disbelieving chuckle he let out, eyes beginning to glow with classic Jughead mirth once more. Betty felt her confidence grow. “I’m so sorry, Juggie, I didn’t mean any of the things I-” she stopped, feeling her words start to pour forth wildly. She pointed to the delicately folded paper tucked under the ribbon. “I wrote everything down just in case,” she mumbled bashfully. His heart swelled at her gesture.

Veronica watched with apprehension as Jughead gingerly picked up the note and began to read. Betty hadn’t let her read what she had written, placing her hand over the page as her cheeks dusted with pink. Veronica smiled sheepishly at her nosiness, lifting her hands in apology as she left Betty to her declarations. Jughead’s breath hitched audibly as his eyes fervorously scanned the words written in Betty’s sloping hand. He looked up at her suddenly, eyes wide and gleaming.

“Really?” he asked, tone wistful. Betty nodded, smiling through quivering lips.

“Yes, I love you,” her words were just a breath as he reached for her, cupping her cheeks with shaking hands and pressing his lips to hers with an undeniable fire. Her hands fisted in the soft fabric of his sweater. He pulled back to rest his forehead against hers, heart pounding under her palms.

“I love you, Betty.” Veronica smiled in satisfaction as she slipped out behind them unnoticed as they remained wrapped around each other.


“Betts, these are the best brownies I’ve ever tasted. Seriously,” Jughead mumbled around a mouth full of cake from across the booth at Pop’s, crumbs falling from his lips. Veronica scrunched her nose up in disgust at his lack of table manners, turning to look at her best friend, expecting to see Betty’s face mirroring her own. But instead she was greeted with that glow, the one she’d been missing for those few dreary hours they were apart. Betty giggled shyly, reaching up to wipe away some of the mess on his face before pressing a tender peck against the corner of his mouth while he smiled at her with that expression he saved for her eyes only.

Betty glanced over at her best friend over the tabletop, mouthing a ‘thank you’ when she caught her eyes. Veronica nodded in acknowledgment. She hadn’t experienced much love in her lifetime yet, but she knew that the story unfolding across from here would be one for the ages.