Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 12) Frog Year: Ransom

His first practice of the pre-season, and Adam Birkholz has a hangover. Like, the worst hangover of all time.

There are so many mixers at this college, they’ve already started to run into each other. Though last night was… yeah. Memorable.

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“So much of the resistance against meal programs is from the ongoing misconception that parents are just lazy and want handouts. As opposed to the reality that many are working multiple jobs to get by and don’t have time to cook and/or are struggling to put healthy food on the table. Typical lack of empathy towards poor people..”
How about the Trump Administration stop eating free food paid by our taxes.
How about we use that money to feed the kids.
I keep thinking things can’t get worse, but it does, and I’m proven wrong every time.
*Shoutout to the Black Panther Party for pioneering free breakfast for kids.
Also black folks have created many programs, and solutions to combat poverty, hunger and homelessness for decades. Poverty has played a major role in the civil rights movements, and liberation movements. They pioneered a lot of these programs for the poor.

On buying a tablet

Hey guys, I reblogged this tablet a couple of days ago, but apparently it’s not that good.

There are always some people who are gonna give negative reviews about a product even when it’s good, so don’t take any opinion on face value, but do some research of your own before you buy. Every brand has it’s own quirks and problems, so try to find out about them and see if you can live with that (Wacom for instance has a driver crash problem causing you to lose pen pressure, it’s a small quirk, but can be annoying at times because you need to close off your drawing program and restart the driver for it to work again)

I myself owned a Trust tablet before this, which broke down after a year or so, which isn’t that long. But my previous Wacom Intuos Pro lasted for the same amount of time. Luckily I bought it somewhere where I could easily return it and got a brand new one. What I’m trying to say is when buying something as expensive as a tablet it’s a good idea to buy it somewhere trustworthy where you can return it without problems if the product does not live up to your expectations or if it breaks down within the warranty period.

Obviously Wacom is the standard in graphics tablets, but they are also really expensive and not everyone has Wacom tablet money. Before my Trust tablet broke down I was actually really content with it, even though it was only about €80,-.

Here are some things to look for when buying a tablet

  • Pen pressure levels: most tablets have 1024 levels of pen pressure, better tablets have 2048 levels of pen pressure. This means how sensitive the pen is to pressure, the higher the more accurate the tablet can register pen pressure. 1024 is fine, 2048 just works smoother.
  • Available drawing space: Most tablets come in different sizes. Try to determine for yourself how much you need to be comfortable.  Also beware that the size of the tablet is not the same as the active drawing space. For example, this is the active drawing space on the Intuos Pro

    so consider this, especially when buying smaller tablets. Usually the active drawing space is mentioned in the specifications.
  • Buy a tablet where the cable can be easily replaced! The cable is one of the weakest and most easily breakable points of the tablet, and it would be a shame if you have to throw out the tablet because the cable broke. (I think I have had to replace mine twice already due to bunny related incidents).
  • Make sure the pen is ergonomical, because your gonna be holding that thing a lot and I can tell ya, drawing with a bad pen is killing for your hand. Ideally it has a rubber bit that’s a bit thicker so you can hold the pen loosely. This is all personal preference, but overall thicker pens are usually easier to hold.
  • LPI: this means lines per inch and is the resolution of the tablet. the higher this number, the higher the resolution and the smoother the drawing on the tablet will be.
  • Hotkeys and eraser: these two things are an added bonus that make your life easier, but aren’t strictly needed. With hotkeys you can assign certain commands and buttons to your tablet so you don’t need your keyboard all the time (adding ctrl z is very handy, for example). Some tablets also have pressure sensitivity on both sides of the pen, so you can flip it around to use the other end as an eraser. Again these things aren’t needed but handy to have.
  • Buy a tablet that fits your purpose. You don’t need a top of the line tablet if you are just starting out and draw mostly for hobby purposes. You can always buy a better tablet if you are getting more serious. It would be a shame if you bought an expensive tablet just to find out it isn’t for you. Also, there are a lot of artists who draw the most amazing things on a small Wacom Bamboo.

I can’t really speak for other brands than Trust and Wacom, but try to speak to people who own the tablet that you want to buy, watch youtube reviews and customer reviews on other websites. Try to orientate yourself and buy your gear at a good store where you can return it if you are not satisfied. Ultimately you can only say if you like the tablet after you spend some time with it. Also drawing with a tablet can feel awkward in the beginning, so don’t feel discouraged if you’re not instantly drawing like you are on paper. It’s a new technique that you need to learn so it will take time. Find a program that’s easy to use and just try to draw as much as you can. You’ll notice it’ll get easier as you spend more time with your tablet. Personally I use Painttool SAI, but any drawing program that recognizes pen pressure is good.

I hope this helps some of you with buying a tablet that fits you.

Feel free to add points or correct mistakes!

anonymous asked:

am i allowed to think eating things with your hands is gross if i also think the same thing about eating american food with your hands? i'm autistic and i have a Thing about most food touching my hands. tbh for me it's not even about whether or not your hands are clean when you start, i just don't want to get foodstuff on my hands, not vice versa? like, it's almost a sensory thing more than anything else. anyway, any thoughts about that? (and yes, im aware thats not why most ppl tag it that way)

Calling Americans eating burgers with their hands “unsanitary” is not the same as calling brown people eating with our hands “unsanitary”. For one thing, I have already explained how Asian cultures take measures to ensure neatness and cleanliness when eating. This is not equivalent to stuffing a greasy burger in your mouth with both unwashed hands. I mean, plenty of brown people also eat with the same lack of care for table manners or hygiene as white people but you cannot compare that to eating rice at the table properly with your hand, anymore than you can compare eating fast food to eating a plated meal with your knife and fork.

For another thing, you have to know that part of the ongoing white imperialism and the historical subjugation of people of colour involved positioning us as uncivilized, barbaric, lesser and savage. When you call our ways of life “unsanitary” you are contributing to an ongoing and prevalent rhetoric of dehumanization and colonial violence towards brown societies. Neurodivergence does not exempt you from taking responsibility for disengaging from that rhetoric.

There are lots of NDT and autistic brown people who prefer to use cutlery because of dexterity, sensory and germaphobic issues. No one is forcing you to eat with your hands. We simply wish you would acknowledge that it is simply another way of eating that is as hygienic as using cutlery. And that it is NOT at all the same thing as the Western way of eating with their fingers.

Also, neurodivergent issues and phobias deserve understanding and accommodation, but they aren’t based in reality. You prefer to avoid touching food because of sensory issues and some form of germaphobia? That is fine. This does not however mean that the actual practice is unsanitary. Germaphobia has nothing to do with hygiene and everything to do with compulsion.

I would totally understand if people tagged this for germaphobia or sensory issues. But unsanitary or unhygienic? No. That is racist and violent to our cultures.

Without a Trace - Part 3

Word Count: 1689

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language, Torture, Mentions of violence to a baby, unwilling drug use, gore, canon divergence. 

A/N: Feedback appreciated. This chapter got away from me. I’m totally fucking up this series. I apologize! 

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“Where the fuck is she?” Dean bellowed, throwing a lamp across the room and watching it shatter against the wall.

“Dean - ” Cas stepped in, trying to keep Dean calm, but Dean shoved him away. Sam sat at the other table, lack of sleep evident on his face, but he was pouring through every possible thing he could find trying to find you and your son.

“No!” Dean screamed right in the angel’s face. “Adam has my girlfriend and he has our son! He’s had them for a week and we know nothing! Don’t you fucking dare tell me to calm down!”

“We have all hands on deck.” Sam sighed. “Wherever Adam’s keeping them…he’s doing a hell of a job. None of our connections can find them.”

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Above you see not the “before” picture but the “during” picture, because I forgot to take a “before” picture. Below you see the “after” picture.

So much stuff that has been sitting on my dining table for lack of knowing where to put it is AWAY! Not away in an organized manner, for the most part. But the nonperishables are in the pantry (which I believe was originally intended to be a linen closet, but I have more food to store than I have sheets and towels!). And the non-food items are at least closer to where they will ultimately belong. And all the plastic bags are bagged up and in my bedroom for later crafting use. And it actually looks like my dining nook can be dined in!

Patient Negative Zero

The windows were grimed with dust and soot, rivulets of sunlight desperately trying to make their way inside. A rancid stench was coming from the kitchen, and I briefly considered getting more food, then dismissed the thought. It was November 7, almost three days since the kitchen tasted fresh food. My husband was overseas. I hadn’t talked to him in ages.

I lay on the bed, a layer of dirt caking the floor around it. My whole house looked haunted, but it was fine. There was a time when I was terrified of ghosts, but no longer. The silver pistol beside my bedside table lacked one round.

It’ll soon be lacking another.

I put the gun to my temple, imagining my blood from the gunshot wound washing away the dirt on my face, the way it did to the makeup on my daughter’s face almost a week ago as she leapt into my room and pretended to be a zombie for Halloween’s.


On the other side of the table, Finley, lacking the confidence of his brother just sat in silence, hoping that maybe she’d speak first.

The word hello sat in his mouth, refusing to leave it. 

Even if he did gather the courage to speak, there wasn’t much point. He had no interest in dating anyone, he was dedicating his life to science. But a good scientist is curious about the world, so maybe just talking to her for a bit wouldn’t hurt? 

He was going to count down from ten and talk when he reached zero.