Dreary Sunday


I decided to walk to Lolita’s for a taco for breakfast. Step one: wait until the forecast didn’t expect rain. Step two: pack a drink in my purse. Step three: bundle up. This time I forsook the polar bear hat in favor of the somewhat-less-ridiculous owl hat. Step four: step outside.

It was damp outside, very damp, and chilly enough that I contemplated going back for more bundling. After a moment I determined that I was, for the most part, sufficiently warm. The only problem was my lack of gloves and lack of trust in my camera’s neck strap. My hands took turns being warm in my coat pocket and gripping my camera. There was a worrying moment when the fingers of my left hand began to sting as they warmed in my pocket. But then I remembered that I’m in the middle of building up new guitar calluses. 

There’s a little shortcut I found out of my apartment complex: a gate, barely noticeable as anything but a gap. The sidewalk doesn’t even go up to it.

As a ventured out toward the access road, I spotted a ragged fence.

I speculated that it must have looked festive at one point. After all, someone went through the effort of lacing things through the chainlinks.

Once I reached the sidewalk by the access road, a tree caught my attention.

Every limb that dared grow any direction but up had not been permitted by the pruners. This tree was by itself; it didn’t have to grow tall to get all the sun it could want. Left to its own devices it would grow out, spreading its branches over everything.

Once I turned onto Aquarena the sidewalk mostly disappeared, but a consistent foot path was etched into the grass. There were even ramps onto the grass, as if they once intended to make a sidewalk, but never quite bothered to get it done.

I found the somewhat recent tracks of a vehicle apparently swerving all the way up on the curb.

Unlike my walk to the HEB I didn’t run into any other walkers on my way, probably due to the weather. By the time I got close to Lolita’s my core body was almost too warm, but my legs still felt very cold, which was odd and kind of irritating.

The lines to the drive thru lanes at Lolita’s were four cars deep. I’m not saying that it would have been a slower process to drive, but it would definitely have taken a while. As it was, I was able to waltz right up to the window and order my taco.

Taco acquired, I walked down the side road looking for some place to eat. After a bit I found a (vaguely) dry slab on concrete that fit my purposes. My green tea was shaken into bubbles in my purse.

After I ate I took another side road lined with run down houses back to Aquarena. From that direction I noticed a tiny building with what looked like a tiny steeple affixed to the top. I didn’t see a sign that indicated a church, so I was puzzled. In the window was a sun-faded notice promising “Sakura Sushi and Steak” in “Early 2015” with an illustration of what the restaurant would look like. Nothing that looked anything like that illustration was anywhere to be seen. 

By then I was ready to get home. On the way back I noticed plants. For the most part grasses and weeds grew wild everywhere. In front of an apartment complex there was a tidy patch of fancy little flowers and plants with ruffled green and purple leaves. Once I got past the apartments, everything was pretty much green and brown. Then a flare of color caught my eye at one of the rundown motels.

It was beautiful and seemed so rare and unlikely in that circumstance.

Only one other thing caught my attention before I made it home. An oil slick in my apartment complex’s parking lot, through some happy accident of physics, had taken on the appearance of a fleeting multi-colored mosaic on the asphalt.

It snowed today. The snow was fluffy. Really fluffy. It tasted dry and felt fluffy. When I got home, I decided to sit in it. For fun.

I ended up quickly sculpting a small bunny. I forgot to take a picture, but, it’s a rabbit. I then went back inside after contemplating the possibility of making more rabbits. When I went inside, I noticed that my hands hurt. Lack of gloves plus snow equals pain, apparently. I’ll take a picture later. Maybe.