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How do you think we can reconcile the fact that the French Revolution and its ideals also led to economic liberalism? (I ask this to myself a lot and I'm hella conflicted, and I'd like to know your opinion on the topic. Sorry. You don't need to write an essay, it can be just bulletpoints.)

“you don’t need to write an essay, it can be just bulletpoints” omg, i totally read this as “antoine, please chill”. 

the french revolution as a whole process is complex, and conflicting regarding many aspects, specially because of the reading of post thermidor historians and figures, who have actually destroyed the best of it. 

as a matter of fact - my source here is hobsbawm and a book i had to read for law school, what brought economic liberalism, and the idea of private property as the Supreme Being is not the French Revolution seen as the time between 1789-1794. What that revolution wanted to do was to get rid of feudalism. 

Even up to Napoleon, the idea of state interventionism wasn’t odd for anyone. what brought that nasty little monster to power are the 1848 revolutions, not the French Revolution on itself. Was the frev a step? Maybe, depending on what facts you take in account. However, Robespierre’s and Saint-Just’s (they’re my forte, hence) legislations and ideas and bills where anything but “liberal” in the adam smith sense. Saint-Just, after all, in a military campaign demanded resources to be taken from the Rich who weren’t helping the revolution. The 10,000 shoes affair. 

That’s not liberal at all. 

Because I don’t think you want an essay, I’m not stretching this question anymore, nor I think its necessary, it was thermidorians and a shift of paradigm with the 1848 revolutions, if you ask me, the ones who did more for economic liberalism than the french revolution from 1789 to 1794. Nor I think economic liberalism was the point of said French Revolution.

The only way to reconcile with it, is to accept it has been used as a cornerstone of liberalism, and realise that its not true on the grounds of liberté, égalité, fraternité ideal’s aim was never economic liberalism. And if any ‘revolution’ did the liberalism thing, it was the industrial. However, we must critically look at past historical processes and for once learn from them. the french revolution being used as a step towards EL happened, its a rhetoric considered valid (which doesn’t make it true by default). All we can do is critically look at this, and refute, imho.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks…

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Hiya! If you're not terribly busy, do you think you can recommend any Sasuke-centric, bamf!powerful!Sasuke fics? (I understand asking for powerful!Sasuke is essentially redundant, but some fics really like putting him down and I don't want that). I seem to have run out of long, quality fics where my fave guy kicks ass, takes names and basically just awes everyone (especially Naruto, the lovesick puppy hehe). Thanks!

I’m not busy… actually, when I started reading your message I was in the middle of dinner, and while trying to remember what bamf stands for I almost poured ketchup in my glass instead of milk. When I remembered it stands for badass mofo I kinda concluded that it doesn’t really apply to me.

Anyway, I have a feeling you’d find better fics with him like that if you go to the non-pairing side of fics, though I can’t say I’ve really read any non-sasnar ones but I’ve been told there’s lots of cool stuff. Too often Sasuke is only “badass” when it comes to romance, ie all those sasunaru fics where he’s rich and smooth and makes Naruto’s knees weak. It’s more difficult to think of actual badass stuff but I dug up a few at least (it’s been a while since I read some of them so they might not be as badass as I think and they might be Naruto-centric instead, but hey it’s something to check at least). First two are recced courtesy of the lovely que-bae:3

Pay by kuristina

Red riding hood by Hitoko-sama

Lay Us Down by wedonotsow

Cliche by CloudNineKitty (probably abandoned though)

Healing the Broken by KizuKatana (not sure if Sasuke counts as badass in this but oh well, if you haven’t read it already then you’re missing out)

From Which We’ll Rise by UchihanoChidori

We Fit Together Like Dovetails Joints (Or Something) by probably (Sasuke has quit being a ninja but he’s still badass and idk, it’s just a great story really)

The Long Way Home by Dashel (it’s probably a classic by now)

Lost on the Road of Life by shherie (it’s mostly about Naruto but Sasuke is good in it)

Sacrifice by Arigatomina (it’s not completed but idk, Sasuke is very interesting in it)

The End by gweatherwax (If only actual canon was sth like this)

Divergent by Kiya Sama (srsly it’s so good)

Sin by Kiya Sama (I haven’t read this one (yet) but it’s 500K and looks promising)

Star Fighters by CertifyyedGoon (sci-fi, though it’s possible that Naruto is written as more badass bc he’s seme)

Borrowed, Not Stolen by Infinite Vibrance

Shorter ones but still worth checking:

Here I Come To Save The Day by IvvyMoon

Unleashed Fantasies by UchihanoChidori (it’s porn but man, Sasuke is sooo good)

The Flight of the Idiots by MyThoughtBubbles (also porn but they kinda flirt by doing risky stunts with their army planes… yes good)

Piercings by FifiMcFu (also porn)

Please feel free to add to this list, I just did a really quick check through my bookmarks!

imagine seventeen going to a party and soonseok tries to steal everybody’s attention by doing soonseok talk and conversing about really random stuff then seungkwan enters the door with those black shades and he’s like yO tHE LIFE OF THE PARTY IS HERE and everybody just starts taking pics of him bOONON ALWAYS WINS

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Open your eyes, this is a harem, ALL end in love, in one way or another, with the protagonist XD, the background is only to make it look deeper.

I would totally play these games without the love element. The non-romantic aspects of the game are WAY more interesting to me.

Also, the true end of the series has no love at all. Then there are the dead ends and the random ends.

(You need to play Black Wolves Saga lol.)


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