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Signs - Sungwoon Au

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genre: fluff with smol angst but its not even angst
member: ha sungwoon
word count: 1107
requested: no
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hey there >< can i get a scenario where reader is a highschool student and sungwoon happens to be in the same class as her! they’re also best friends where they do literally everything together (cliche but WHATEVER) but one day sungwoon realises he has feelings for the reader and isnt aware that the reader has a crush on him as well ! ending is up to you~ dont feel too pressured about it, feel free to write it in your style hehe ^^ i FREAKIN LOVE YR SCENARIOS BTW THEY MAKE ME GO ASKAKDKADKALD

  • so lets get jazzy with this scenario/request
  • lets say, you were in a world were when you first see someone, you get this feeling of affection towards them
  • even if you don’t know them
  • it’s sort of like a sign from the future
  • you’ll eventually get to know them
  • and you’ll soon see as to why your heart began to beat around that person you rarely talked too
  • this doesn’t mean that this is how you hAVE to fall in love
  • this is sort of like an addition
  • love at first sight kind of thing
  • and there was actually a special sign for this type of thing
  • it sort of looked like the infitity symbol but the circles would be hearts
  • thats a bad description im sorry
  • am trying my best
  • time lapse: you and sungwoon have been best friends forever
  • you met him by kindergarten and your first interaction with each other was you spitting milk into his face because he teased you and said your pig tails look like an actual pigs tails (childish, but like you guys were like 3 so)
  • luckily, he was in your class this year
  • sungwoon was someone you were always chill with
  • you were in fact more closer to your other friends but if you were to be partners with him, you wouldn’t complain
  • he just wouldn’t be your first choice, yaknow?
  • “sUNGWOOON” you shout as you stood up from your seat
  • he left 10 milk cartons onto your desk to tease of about the moment from the past. it was strawberry milk too (and you didnt liek strawberry melk ):< )
  • sungwoon laughed as he passed by your desk
  • “kinky,” he teased
  • you rolled your eyes as you threw a milk carton at him
  • “it may not hurt physically but it hurts mentally,” sungwoon says as he pouts, holding his arm like a little child whinning
  • “sHIT TEACHERS COMING” a student yells as he rushed to his seat
  • sungwoon dashes off
  • “wHATTHEFUCKDO I DO WITH THIS?” you aggersively whisper
  • sungwoon chuckles as you stood there blankly
  • the teacher soon came into the class as her eyes attracted instantly to your desk that was cover in strawberry milk cartons
  • “can you ex-“
  • “ask sungwoon that,” you blurted
  • the teacher sighed and rolled her eyes
  • looking at sungwoon who was holding in his laughter so hard
  • “detention for both of you afterschool,”
  • “wHAT-“
  • “and no but’s”
  • “fuck” you cursed under your breath really quietly
  • time skip woosh
  • entering the detention class, sungwoon was already there building a jenga deck out of pencils
  • “someone’s bored with their life,” you teased
  • “why do you think i spent a good $5 on 10 strawberry milk cartons?”
  • “you know i hate strawberry milk too,”
  • sungwoon chuckled as you sat in the seat in front of him
  • you opened your backpack and reached in, grabbing out a milk carton
  • “take one,” you insisted
  • sungwoon rolled his eyes and accepted
  • “rOLLING YOUR EYES? iM OldER YoUNG MaN,” you said
  • “oKAY GRaNnY” sungwoon defends
  • “gRANNY?”
  • “sILENCE” a sudden voice shouter as you jumped a bit
  • turning around was the teacher
  • you cursed under your breath and turned around to the chalkboard
  • “just stay quiet for 10 mins and i’ll let you guys out,” she murmured bitterly
  • you both sighed as you somehow managed to stay quiet
  • as you were both dismissed out of dentention, sungwoon carelessly opened your bag and got out another carton of strawberry milk
  • well 2, actually
  • “here, drink one,” he insisted
  • “nO”
  • “DRINK IT”
  • “fine then, don’t drink it,” he said bitterly in a childish tone
  • you chuckled as you took the carton and began sipping on it
  • “hey sungwoon,” you spoke
  • “do you ever think that i’ll find love?”
  • “what kind of question is that?” sungwoon replied
  • “idunno, it’s just
  • university is coming soon, and you know that i’m going to a university far away,” you said
  • sungwoon’s expression dropped a bit
  • “wELL OF COURSE YOU’LL FIND LOVE YOU IDIOT” he yelled trying to ease up the conversation
  • sungwoon stood there flustered 
  • “mMMK I GOTTA GO TEACH MY DOG GERMAN BRB” he blurted as he ran off 
  • you stood there, sort of blushing
  • softly chuckling
  • eventually
  • time passed
  • you and sungwoon would walk home with each other everyday
  • and sometimes sungwoon would stutter on his words for some reason
  • but it eventually came the day where you had to move into your new dorm for university
  • “hey, y/n,” sungwoon says as he sits on the park’s bench
  • before you left, you wanted to say your goodbyes to him
  • “hm?”
  • “do you think i’ll ever fall in love?” he asks softly as he stares at the ground blankly
  • “of coURSE I WILL IDIOT,” you blurt loudly
  • sungwoon chuckles softly
  • “i mean, did you get a first love sort of thing?” you asked
  • sungwoon hesitated to answer as he shook his head
  • “well, you should,” 
  • “but what if i dont?”
  • “why won’t you?” 
  • “…”
  • “gimmie your arm,” sungwoon said
  • “waitwhat?”
  • “just gimmie it,” he says
  • you handed him your arm as he (magically) pulls out a pen from his back pocket. he rolls up your sleeve as he takes off the cap from the pen.
  • “close your eyes,” 
  • “kinky,” you teased as you did so
  • you could hear him chuckling as he draws something onto your arm
  • then rolling your sleeve down
  • “you are only allowed to see what i wrote on your arm when you get on the train,” he speaks
  • you open your eyes as you careless try to roll up your sleeve
  • “nO” sungwoon yells as he yANKS your sleeve down
  • you laughed and rolled your eyes
  • “well, i guess i have to go now,” you said as you checked the time
  • sungwoon’s expression instantly dropped as he nodded
  • “oIII someone’s depressed” you teased
  • “shaddup,”
  • you messed up his hair and smiled softly
  • “cya idiot,” you said softly
  • time skip
  • when on the train, you remembered that he drew something onto your arm and told you can look at it only when you’re on the train
  • you rolled up your sleeve
  • it was the sign
  • he liked you from the minute he saw you
2D went to the doctor
  • 2D comes out of the doctor's office
  • Noodle: How did everything go?
  • 2D: Everything went great! But the doc said I lack toast and tolerance.
  • Noodle: ...
  • 2D: I mean, I guess I'm tolerant, but I think we ran out of bread. Maybe, we should go to the supermarket before we head home.
  • Noodle: Toochi...that is not what he meant. He meant lactose intolerant.
  • 2D: Oh...should we still go get the bread then?
  • Noodle: *growls*

anonymous asked:

i had chronic nausea for about a year and my way of coping w the constant discomfort was spending hours browsing this tumblr. my personal fave post was the "lack toast in toddler ant" one and i thought about it so often i decided to stop eating dairy just in case.... GUESS WHAT!!!! i've been feeling great ever since. thank you. this blog cured me

this is like my favourite message i’ve ever gotten

anonymous asked:

You're "lack toast and tolerant," eh? I'm sure you mean "lactose intolerant." 😂

you do realize “lack toast and tolerant” was kind of a meme on tumblr for a while right.. like i know how to spell lactose intolerant lol….

vergak  asked:

Ok so onion has a oily ass forehead and adult acne. Almost all adult acne is hormonal. I wonder if he has low testosterone or high estrogen. It can be caused by a bad diet, like diets high in refined carbohydrates (ramen and toast) and lack of exercise.... just thinking

It’s funny because practically everything that can cause adult acne could apply to him. Not washing his face or washing it badly, his terrible diet, his lack of exercise, potentially actually having rosacea and not treating it properly, the hormones…
It could even be all of them, given how his whole body seems to be covered in acne xD

Dear Evan Hansen headcanons -tree bros-

Evan- Packs home lunch
- watches romantic comedies
- cries a bunch
- Snuggles into Connor’s hair
- Believes in ghosts
- hates spiders
- Like he will mercilessly kill them
-afraid of Connor when he yells
- but he pushes through it
- wears large cardigans to bed
-theyre pastel too
- super organized
- takes pills for depression and anxiety
- hates cringe compilations

Connor - Despises Jared
- They have almost 15min fights
- He protecc
- but he also attacc
- will often yell at Evan when not. meaning to
- But he cries afterwards
- he’s emotional
- hates Larry (don’t we all?)
- he loves cuddling
- anorexic
- cuts
- smokes weed
- did suicide by overdose
- He puts his hair in a bun when he works
- He loves Evan’s neck

Jared - Depressed boi
- hates Connor
- crushes on Evan but doesn’t want him hurt by him
- He thinks Connor will hurt Evan
- abusive prostitute mom
- drinks alcohol
- lack toast intolerant
- self conscious
- hates horror
- Believes in aliens but not ghosts
- conspiracy theories dude
- hugs himself when sleeping