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With Iokath/Umbarra mumbo jumbo, do you think Lana is in on whatever it is that Theron's doing? Part of me says yes because of rishi but another part of me isn't so sure because of how Lana talked during Iokath and the letter she can send (if your dark side) about her being worried about Theron and his lack of sleep, behaviour and increase of his bad working habits??? Idk

Honestly? Yes, I think Lana’s in on it. And there’s a few reasons for that.

You’ve got the whole callback to Rishi bit, where Theron basically said if she had let him know what she had been planning he would have volunteered. 

(Also, it’s worth nothing that both Theron and Lana are indicated to be drinking nightly post-Iokath. Lana being concerned about his work habits I thought only happen if you choose Empire? I took it to be more related to Theron not properly dealing with Jace’s death more than him stressing about his undercover op.)

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fourth of july 01 | jjk

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pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, angst, and slight smut
word count: 9k+
description: you and i were fireworks that went off too soon.

A/N: this is the first part out of two! this is based off the song fourth of july by fall out boy. also, a break symbolizes a new season and italics are a flashback!


It started 5 years ago. Your infatuation was peaked when your eyes came across the boy that is Jeon Jungkook. You were only 14 years old, 2 months younger than him, and your whole world changed ever since you met it.

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With All Due Respect, Captain (Part 1)

summary: After getting passed over for a promotion you’ve been wanting for so long, you turn to your best friend for comfort, but things change for the both of you when you find out the truth behind your rejected application.

characters: Steve Rogers x Reader (F), mentions of Natasha, Bucky, Sam, and Maria
word count: 1174 (3-part miniseries)
warnings: get ready for a bit of fluff, and then a bitchslap of angst. Selfish!Steve, Overprotective!Steve
A/N: I’m sorry. I keep promising a fluffy story, but I think all these Infinity War feels are getting to me so I keep writing angst instead. I’m really sorry. I hope you still enjoy this one.  Yes, I’m taking requests for Steve or Bucky! Tags are open too :)

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“Where on earth were you?”

The agitated voice of you best friend was the first thing you heard as soon as he opened the door for you to his living quarters. He didn’t bother to hide the frustration he was feeling and you felt a slight pang of guilt because of it.

“Just drop it, Steve.” You say, shouldering your way in, “I’m not in the mood.”

“The hell I will. I was worried.” he barked with authority. You sighed as you dropped onto the soft cushions of his couch. “Maria said you were gone for four days and you even missed Game Night with the guys.”

Ah, Game Night. That weekly ritual you, Steve, Sam, and Natasha did every Friday evening. You’d all spend the whole night at Sam’s quarters kicking each other’s ass on whatever video game you’d all choose to play. You missed the last one because you were busy sulking all by your lonesome at home.

“Im sorry about that. I didn’t mean for you to worry.”

“You never know what might happen these days,” Steve continues and you groan because he’s obviously not letting this slide easily, “One day you’re just sitting in your office, and the next thing there’s an alien invasion wreaking havoc outside.”

You can’t help but chuckle at this even though your entire body is exhausted from lack of sleep, “Okay, Mom. I’m here now, arent I? Nothing bad happened to me. No alien invasion took me out.”

“I’m serious, Y/N.” Steve says, taking a seat next to you. You instinctively curl up against him while he holds you close to his body and begins to rub your back in soothing motions. He lowers his voice just enough for you to hear, “I wish you texted me at least. I tried to reach you so many times.”

“I just had a bad week at work, that’s all.” You finally admit, “I needed some time alone so I took a leave and turned my phone off.”

“You wanna talk about it?” Steve began to play with your hair.

“It might not interest you.”

“Try me.” He insists, earning a chuckle from you.

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Soulmates with Park Jihoon

You were about sick of this. Every time you looked down at your arm, there was a new time displayed for the day. “Don’t interact with your soulmate now; you’ll forget all of the amazing memories you make together!” everyone always said. But how the heck were you supposed to know? It’s not like there was just a huge announcement that flew up in the sky when you met your soulmate saying “HEY THIS IS THEM!!!” no they expected you to somehow figure it out yourself. Well, for some people that was the case. If you hadn’t met your soulmate yet, then your time and date didn’t change and you were lucky because you knew and there was no guessing and you could be prepared. But for you, your best friend Jihoon, and several of your other friends, that wasn’t the case. Once you met your soulmate, your clock changed and told you times of day when you shouldn’t interact with them until you two are married, or you’ll lose memories and forget details about the two of you meeting. 

“This is all so ridiculous, Jihoon! Who even cares about soulmates anyway?! Why can’t you just love who you love?! I can’t handle this not knowing, what if I’ve already met them?!”

“Y/N.. some people do know when they’re supposed to meet their soulmate. If your time keeps changing, it means that you’ve already met them and you’re supposed to avoid interacting with them during that time. Like my clock changes everyday to tell me what times I shouldn’t interact.”

“But my clock has been moving ever since I can remember! Does that mean I met them when I was a baby?”

“Well it would have to, wouldn’t it? That’s how mine has been. It’s scary, don’t you think? We might not even know we know who it is…”

You couldn’t stop the thoughts from flooding your mind. You had always considered the thought that Jihoon could be your soulmate. Having known each other since diapers- when your mom somehow almost took Jihoon from the nursery instead of you. You didn’t even look the same! Of course, you didn’t remember that happening, but you didn’t remember a lot of things from when you were a baby, so that didn’t necessarily mean that he was your soulmate. Ever since then, you and Jihoon had practically be inseparable. You cried at the nursery after his mom had taken him out of the room, until you saw him in the hall again. Then again, you had only heard these stories from both of your parents, so there was the possibility they were exaggerating. However, you really did always seem to be with Jihoon. Even when the two of you didn’t remember why you were hanging out, you were always side by side. Sometimes people would talk about parties or events the two of you had gone to, and honestly, you didn’t remember most of them, but again, you chalked it up to just having a bad memory and lack of sleep. 

“I know, Jihoon. I just wish that I had a way to find out who it is..”

Jihoon looked at you sadly. He had always hated these conversations. He just hoped and prayed every day that it was you. He had loved you for years, there was no one else in his life he wanted it to be. There was no one else he could envision himself with; no one else he could trust with all of his secrets and worries and insecurities. What if he never found out who it was? What if- somehow- she didn’t feel the same way? 

“Y/N what if I find her and she doesn’t feel the same? What if she doesn’t think I’m good enough to be her soulmate…?”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You and Jihoon had had this conversation several times, where he feared he wouldn’t shine in the eyes of his soulmate. It made no sense to you. In your eyes, he was the single most amazing human being you had ever encountered. You trusted him with your life, and honestly, you loved him with every ounce of your heart. The mere thought of him with anyone else crushed you emotionally. Who would you get along with better than Jihoon- the boy you had trusted for over 18 years? 

“Jihoon, don’t talk like that, sweetie. You’re so magnificent. Everything about you is wonderful! You’re trustworthy and funny and so so caring. I talk to you about everything and I can’t imagine-” You had to cut yourself off after you almost let it slip that you didn’t want anyone else to be with him. He looked up at you, slightly confused. 

“Can’t imagine what?”

“I just- I can’t imagine anyone not thinking you’re good enough… you’re my best friend, ya know? You’re sweet and caring and funny! You’ll be a great soulmate for someone.” The words tasted so bitter leaving your mouth; you didn’t want him to be your best friend. You wanted him to be your soulmate. 

Jihoon couldn’t hide the disappointment in his gaze. He just wanted to admit he was in love with you.

It had been a few weeks since you and Jihoon had spoken about soulmates, and it was eating away at you. You looked down at the time clock on your wrist. For the next two hours, you weren’t supposed to interact with your soulmate. Jihoon had texted you fifteen minutes ago, and you two were planning an adventure to the Star, a local attraction at the top of a small mountain where people went to watch the sunset. You loved it, and you and Jihoon went every chance you got. There were pictures the two of you had that you didn’t remember taking, but you pushed away the thought. The universe didn’t work like that just because you wanted it to. He couldn’t be your soulmate; you weren’t that lucky.You just texted him back to meet up at 7pm, right before the sun would begin to set. Setting your phone down, you went to work on some homework. five o’clock rolled around, then six. You had a feeling you were forgetting something, but what was it? You checked your planner, and all of your homework was completed. Suddenly, your phone rang playing your favorite song- it was Jihoon. 


“Hey, y/n! I-uh- did we make plans for tonight?”

“I don’t think so???” You were immensely confused, you didn’t think you had any plans with Jihoon tonight.

“I was just looking back through our texts, and we apparently agreed to meet at the Star at 7?”

“What? Wait, Jihoon. what time did we send those messages?”

“uhhh.. a little after four? Why?”

It was at that exact moment when it hit you. All those pictures and stories your friends remembered that you didn’t. The missed plans, the random photos with Jihoon of occasions you didn’t remember happening- it couldn’t be. But then.. it had to be.

“Y/N? are you still there?”

You snapped out of your thoughts and took a deep breath. “Yeah, I’m here. So 7 at the Star, right?”

“Sure, if you’re still up for it!”

“Oh I am. Jihoon, we need to talk.”

It was seven thirty and you had been explaining everything to Jihoon for the past half an hour. Sitting at the bench under the star, with the sun setting behind you, you were explaining your theory to Jihoon as he looked on with a shocked expression. Finally, you finished, and held your arm up to Jihoon’s to show the exact same time clock. 

“..Are you saying what I think you’re saying, Y/N?”

You nodded, wary of his answer. “I think I’m right, Jihoon. Think about it. There’s honestly no other explanation.”

“I..I don’t know how many times we talked about this and never compared time clocks.. or how we never noticed our memories fading at the same time.. is it true? Are you my soulmate?”

You couldn’t help but smile. “I think we are”

Without a second thought, Jihoon had jumped up and pulled you into a hug, spinning you around and laughing like a maniac in your ear. “I can’t believe it! We’re soulmates! It’s you! You’re mine! My soulmate! The love of my life, the girl I have had feelings for for years… its you. Its always been you. and now, we know it will always be you” He couldn’t keep the smile off his face, and now, neither could you.

“You mean, all this time I’ve loved you, you loved me back? It wasn’t just me being crazy?”

Jihoon shook his head, pulling you close again. “You’re not crazy, Y/N. You’re the love of my life.”

(Request for @livingthejeojanglife !! I finally finished it! I REALLY hope this is what you were thinking of when you requested it! It was so creative I really enjoyed writing it! Thank you bunches for requesting! 💕💕💕)

{requests are still open! I write for any band, just ask!}

Lie to me | 01

You couldn’t imagine that your short stay in Stockholm would eventually lead to meeting three boys which are definitely keeping some big secrets.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Gang AU
Who: BTS, Jimin x Reader
Word count: ~ 4K

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

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It was a city you really wanted to visit someday and this year you and your best friend Luna decided to go there for a few days.

It was a rainy day and you were sitting in the bus from the airport to the central station.

“Wake me up when we are there! I’m going to sleep!!”

“No problem. I know you need you’re sleep.” You knew her lack of sleep would instantly turn into bad mood and this is something you didn’t want. So you tried to be as quiet as possible and maybe close your eyes for a short nap, too. To your luck most of the other passengers in the bus were as tired as you, leaving a calm and quiet atmosphere throughout the bus.

“In about 10 minutes we are arriving at the central station”

You woke up, slowly opening your eyes, as you immediately looked outside of the window, to get a glimpse of where you were. Wow. It wasn’t a sunny day consequently the city might not look as bright and good as in those typical tourist photos but you fell in love with Stockholm at first sight. This whole rainy and foggy weather, gave the city a special flair. You looked around, watching the other passengers stretching and yawning as they also tried to wake up from their short nap.

“Luna, we’re almost there. You should wake up.” You shook her a little until she mumbled something indefinite for you in response.

The moment she opened her eyes the bus stopped. “We are at our destination. Thank you for choosing our bus shuttle. I wish everyone a save stay in Stockholm. Goodbye!” You hear the bus driver saying.

After getting your luggage, you found your hotel pretty fast. It wasn’t a long walk and the instruction how to get there was easy to follow. The first thing to do you and Luna decided was to get some food. So the two of you went outside of the hotel and entered a nearby supermarket. Both of you split to find something you like. You looked for sandwiches and were disappointed that nothing matched you appetite but then you found one with some chicken breast. It was the last one so you quickly tried to grab it just to be stopped as an other hand tried to steal your meal away. You looked to your right and saw a tall boy. He wore black ripped jeans, a black oversized sweater and a black cap under which blond to silver/gray hair strands peeked through. You couldn’t see his full face as he was still looking at the sandwiches but you knew he was handsome.

“Oh sorry. You can take it if you want.” He turned his head to face you and you had to snap out of your thoughts. His voice was softer than you imagined it to be but still very pleasing four your ears to hear.

“T-thank y-you.” Normally you would reject and look for something different but you were hungry and this was the only thing you wanted to eat. He smiled at you and you smiled shyly back.  

“Y/N, did you find something? I’m heading to the check stand to pay for my wrap! “, you heard Luna shouting from somewhere but you couldn’t see her.

“Yes. I’m coming!” you shouted back.

You looked at the boy who didn’t move an inch and was still looking at you.

“Thank you, again for this.” You waved the sandwich in your hand. “Bye!”

“It’s okay. No need to thank me.” He chuckled.

You came back to your friend smiling widely. Luna looked confused but waited until you both payed for your food. As you headed back to the hotel both of you started to speak.

“Okey, Y/N! Why are yo—“

“OMG Luna. I just saw—“you both started laughing.

“I know what you want to ask me, so I just say it. As I was looking for sandwiches I met a boy and he looked cute and hot at the same time. Is this even possible??? And his smile is so melting. It’s our first day here and I’m already blessed by meeting him.” You shrieked.

Luna chuckled and shook her head.

“And did you speak with him? Do you know his name?”

Realization broke into you. You could at least asked for his name. But at that moment you couldn’t think straight and you knew that you might never see him again. You mood switched from over the moon to sad and disappointed at yourself.

“Man….I’m so dumb. I know nothing about him. I don’t have his number. I don’t know for how long he is staying here or if he is living here. I don’t even know his name. LUNA, what should I do???”

“I don’t know. If he is really that great then don’t let him slip away and head back to the supermarket. RIGHT NOW!”

You nodded and ran back. This is something you never did, running after a boy you knew nothing about. Furthermore you’re more of the shy type of girl who can’t really speak to guys and wait until they start conversation with you. Maybe that is what you wanted from him but you never really gave him a chance because you quickly went back to your friend.

So now you are doing something totally new for you. You entered the supermarket. Going through every corner there was no trace of him. A wave of disappointment shot through your body and you began to forget to look forward, being instantly stopped by bumping into something hard. You looked up and were greeted with a boxy smile. It was as beautiful as the smile of the boy you were looking for.

“Keep calm. You should look where you go.” He chuckled.

You stepped back and looked at him shyly. He was as good-looking as silver boy but a bit taller. He also wore black ripped jeans but topped it off with a gray sweater.

“I-I’m sorry.” You almost whispered.

“Are you looking for something? Maybe I can help you looking for it.”

“No! I-I…” You didn’t know what to say. You couldn’t tell him the whole truth and if ….you knew he wasn’t here anymore so you kept quiet.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me. But don’t accuse me later for not helping a beautiful girl in need.”
He laughed and you smiled at him easing all your thoughts.

“I was… j-just looking for someone b-but he isn’t here anymore. But thanks for offering your help.”

“I hope it wasn’t important ….and you met me. I believe that’s a really good consolation price.” His smile never left his face. You never met such a bright and outgoing person, it was unbelievable how swiftly he got rid of you disappointed thoughts and made you even laugh with him.

“My name is Taehyung.” he stretched his hand forward.

“I’m Y/N” You shook hands with him. And again you were surprised by his soft and warm hands.

“So, Y/N, what are you doing here in Stockholm?”

“My best friend and I are on holidays and decided to go to Sweden. And you, are you living here?”

“No, two of my friends and I decided to go to Sweden on our holidays, too.” He stopped, as he noticed you were looking around. “If you are looking for them then they are not here. I had to go to the supermarket because Jimin didn’t know what to get me because what I wanted was sold out. To top it off he forgot his phone so he couldn’t call and ask. I don’t know what he was thinking, he could grab something else but no.”

Your head was flooded with thoughts…maybe, yes, maybe it was his friend you were looking for. It made sense. You grabbed the last chicken breast sandwich, but then you remembered that this couldn’t be the only thing which was almost sold out. It was ridiculous that heaven could have worked on your side.

Taehyung looked at you confused that you said nothing in response.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to bother you with that.” You snapped back to reality.

“N-n-No. I just… remembered that my friend is waiting for me in our hotel room.” You lied. Maybe half-lied. In that exact moment you really just remembered Luna.

“Then you should hurry back. If you want we all could meet tomorrow or any another day. I believe it’s more fun to do something in a big group. ”

“Yes. Sounds good.” You were happy that Taehyung suggested it because as you know yourself you couldn’t bring yourself to ask him.

“Nice! Let’s exchange numbers!”

After saying goodbye you walked back to your hotel and as you opened the door Luna almost shouted: “Did you find him?”

A sad look covered your face and your best friend knew that you didn’t find him. “Man, that’s bad. I really hoped he was still there.”

“Yeah… me, too. I can’t help it.” Silence entered the room.  

“BUUUUUT I met another guy. AAAAND I got his name and number.” You never saw her that surprised and you quickly explained how you met Taehyung and how he suggested to meet.

“This is insane, Y/N. I mean how long are we here…about 2 hours and you met two handsome guys and one even gave you his number and wants to meet up. I think luck is on your side. This will definitely be an unforgettable trip.”

You smiled to yourself. She was right, this was insane. You remembered how you complained of never meeting a handsome guy in your little town and that you should give up on love because you never had luck with it.

Both of you decided to forget the boys for a while and do some sightseeing. You went to the Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum and did some shopping.

Back in your hotel room, you fell totally tired in your bed, snuggling under the bed sheets and closing your eyes to sleep.


Your phone vibrated. For a short moment you contemplated if you should just ignore it and sleep but it vibrated again and you grabbed it annoyed. It was 1am. Who was writing you?

TH: Hey Y/N, it’s me Taehyung.

TH: I just wanted to know when you and your friend are free to meet us.

TH: Oh, I just realized how late it is. I hope I’m not waking you up. Sorry.

You: No, it‘s alright. I totally forgot to ask my friend but I guess she won’t object to tomorrow. I mean you suggested it but is it alright?

TH: Yes. We planned to go to a club tomorrow, if you want we could all go there?

You: That would be great. I talk to her in the morning and text back, okay?

TH: Sure. So now go back to sleep. Good Night!

You: You, too! :D Sleep Well.

You were sitting at the table eating your breakfast.

“So what do want to do today? The weather is so much better, let’s go to maybe Skansen?” Your friend asked

“That’s a good idea. Ah and why not go to the club tonight? Taehyung texted me last night and wanted to know if we wanted to meet them today and go to a club together as they already planned to go there.”

“Sure. I’m fine with that. I am curious how he looks and if his friends are as good-looking as him.”

“Coolio. I’m going to text Taehyung that you said yes.”

You excitedly grabbed your phone and typed that your friend agreed. As if he waited for your answer, he instantly texted back, giving you instructions where and when to meet. You really looked forward to tonight!

Standing in line to enter the club you stood there nervously in your short black dress. Your best friend also decided to wear a dress but it was a bit more sexy and eye-catching as it was colored in a shining red.

As, back in the hotel, Luna and you were discussing what to wear, both of you forgot the time and you were late. Taehyung wrote to meet at 11pm in front of the club but you were still in your hotel so you texted him to already go inside because the two of you couldn’t made it in time.

As always the security men wanted to see you ID card to check if you weren’t underage. ‘Seriously?’, you thought. It wasn’t something new that you and your friend looked younger than your age but it really started to get annoying. But you didn’t want to start a discussion with the security men and eventually anger them, consequently leading to be not prohibited to go into the club.

After they checked your ID card you went inside the club and gave your jackets to the cloakroom.

“Y/N, let me just quickly use the restroom before we meet up with the boys.”

You nodded and made you way to the restrooms. Your friend went inside and you waited patiently outside. Minutes later you were wondering where your friend was but as you imagined there must be a waiting line inside. You sighed. Taehyung and his friends might be pissed that you weren’t showing up or he might have met another girl and is making out with her before you even could talk with him. On the other side this wasn’t the impression you got from him. He wouldn’t do that.

“Hey, it’s you” you looked up and saw the boy with silver hair you were looking for the day before. Today he wore a black shirt, black pants and a royal blue suit. He looked absolutely gorgeous.

You stood there with an obvious surprised look not saying anything.

He smirked and turned his head cockily, immediately turning the mood into somewhat flirty. “I know I’m handsome but could you at least say something….Y/N.” That made you even more surprised. How did he know your name? You remembered that Luna was shouting your name through the supermarket halls. The thing that he kept your name in his mind made your heart pound really fast. You opened your mouth but nothing came out. It was as if you forgot how to talk. He realized that you were unable to speak and made a step forward closing the distance between the two of you until you felt his breath on your left ear.

“Am I making you nervous?” Your felt your cheeks heating up and tried to say something again but as your lips parted Luna interrupted you.

“Um…Y/N? What are you doing?” You turned your head to face her and the silver boy stepped back smiling innocently at your friend.

“Hi. I’m Jimin. I met your friend yesterday but I’m not sure if she remembers me as she isn’t saying anything.” He really can switch from being the hot irresistible man one second to a smiley innocent angel the next second.

“I’m Luna. That’s normal. She usually doesn’t talk that much.” She chuckled and grabbed your arm. “I’m sorry Jimin. Unless you just wanted to go, we will surely see you again tonight. We have to go to the friends we were supposed to meet here. If you don’t mind we will go look for them.”

You looked at her dazed, still not making a noise.

“Yes, we will see. I am also looking for someone, don’t want to make him wait any longer. I hope both of you will have a good night!”

“Thank you. You, too.” And Luna began to walk still holding your arm and dragging you along with her. You looked at Jimin and waved. He returned with a wink and a big smirk on his face. Man is he hot ,you thought to yourself.

As Jimin was out of sight Luna stopped and turned around to face you.

“Sorry… but you really looked like you had to get out of there.”

“Yeah. I believe that was the best. He was making me so nervous I couldn’t think straight. I didn’t say anything. I’m so dumb, Luna. I mean I was running after him yesterday and now he is standing in front of me and I couldn’t bring myself to speak. “You sighed and brought your hands to your face.

“Yes, that’s bitter but that’s not important, at least for now. Remember why we’re here. Taehyung. Does a bell ring? We. Are. Really. Late.”

Right you had to focus on finding Taehyung. He said that they will sit at a table and wait for you until you’re here. You and your best friend entered the main hall. Music was blasting through the speakers and a crowd was dancing enthusiastically, simply having a good time. Around the dance floor tables were placed and you began scanning the hall. You were worried maybe they really went away, angry that you didn’t came. But you were assured when you saw him. You swiftly began to make your way to him. When your eyes met he greeted you with his signature boxy smile.

“Y/N. I’m happy to see you. For a short moment we were worried that something happened.”

“I’m really sorry that we forgot the time and then we had to wait in line to enter the club.”

“Nah…don’t apologize. You’re here that’s what counts”

“Ah…this is Luna, my best friend.” You turned to her and both of them shook hands as they exchanged their greetings.

Taehyung swung his arms around your shoulders making you freeze by the sudden contact.

“And this handsome bunny is Jungkook”

“Yah…I told you to not call me bunny.” You chuckled and stretched your hand forward.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” He took your hand and smiled at you widely and you knew why Taehyung called him bunny. His two big front teeth made him really look like one.

“Our other friend just went somewhere. I will introduce you when he’s with us. So for starters let’s get something to drink.” You looked at the table concerned. It was filled with bottles and shots. Additionally you were sure that he reeked of alcohol.

“Do really think you should drink? I mean judging from all those bottles you already had enough.” He and Jungkook started to laugh.

“I am happy that you are worried about me, sweetie, but not all of them are ours. So be assured that we can still drink with you. I will go to the bar and bring something. Is this okay?”

“I will come with you. I want to see what they have.” Luna said and soon both of them went to the bar leaving you and Jungkook sitting next to each other at the table. Awkward silence filled the room. You just heard the music, people shouting and talking. You realized he was as shy as you and you began to look around just to see something as a conversation starter.

You stopped as you saw a familiar figure slowly making his way to your table. As realization broke in who it was your eyes opened widely. Jimin. A smirk plastered his face as he saw you sitting at the table.

“Jimin! How did it go?” Jungkook spoke up with a relieved tone in his voice. Jimin sat right next to you.  

“It could’ve been better but I tell you later.” He turned to face you. “More important is what are you doing here? Don’t tell me you were the girls Taehyung spoke about?” He still made you  nervous but this time you could bring yourself to say something.

“S-Seems like it.” You stared at him and then it hit you. Your assumptions were right. He was the one Taehyung was talking about yesterday. Was this fate? You were interrupted with your thoughts as Luna and Taehyung came back with the drinks.

“You!” Luna spoke up. “Are you following us?”

Taehyung looked at her confused.

“No.” He chuckled “It is a really funny coincidence but you were supposed to meet us. I am one of Taehyungs friends.”

You all laughed as you all thought this was really funny and you began nip on your drink Luna brought you.

“Wait…then was Jimin the one you were looking for yesterday?” Taehyung spoke up and everyone turned their heads to face you, especially Jimin who leaned his head on his hands smirking widely. Your turned red as your eyes wandered embarrassed from him to Luna, begging her to say something but she didn’t get the hint and you nervously started to grab the hem of your dress.

“N-N-No!” You stuttered as you lied straight to his face. “I-i-it wasn’t him.” He kept quiet waiting for you to explain further but Luna swiftly changed the subject by asking what they already did here in Stockholm and what their plans for the next days were. The atmosphere turned back to normal as Taehyung excitedly began to tell you all his experiences in Stockholm, even Jungkook warmed up as he also began to speak. Jimin was relatively quiet and just gulped down his beer. Sometimes you caught him glancing at you but as you did his eyes swiftly looked somewhere else. Why is he so quiet? What is he thinking right know? Who was he meeting before? Questions over questions but you didn’t know how to answer them.

“Come on! Let’s dance.” Taehyung stood up and looked at you. You nodded. As you two went to the dance floor the other guys and your best friend followed you soon. You felt the alcohol doing his job as you easily danced without further thoughts of how you looked.

Luna and you danced wild as you both were in a really good mood and the music matched your taste. Suddenly you felt two hands grabbing you by your waist and a presence behind you. You tried to turn around but he stopped you but not without you getting a glimpse who it is. It was Jimin. His face moving closer as he whispered into your ear.

“Did I tell you that you look absolutely stunning?” Your heart raced by that sudden compliment.

“T-thank you” You cheeks turned into a rosy shade and you were glad that he couldn’t see it.

“So, who were you looking for yesterday?” He continued. “You’re sure it wasn’t me?”

His breath tickled you ear. “N-n-no. I was looking for s-s-someone else.”

“That’s not convincing!” He chuckled. “Then tell me..who was it?” 

Jimin was closing the distance between the two of you and you danced along. Feeling a sudden burst of confidence you turned around swinging your arms around his neck and looked into his eyes intensively, trying to come up with some lie. It was the first time you could scan all the features of his face beginning with his dark brown eyes, stopping at his plump lips. Your confidence level instantly sank and you put your hands back, trying to look somewhere else but him. You felt his hands still lingering on your waist. As you tried to respond him, Jimin suddenly grabbed his phone, which was ringing. His facial expression changed as he saw who the caller was.

“I knew you weren’t going to let us have quiet holidays! What do you want?”

A/N: It’s my first time writing a fic. I hope you like it and look forward to the coming chapters. If there are some mistakes you can write me. I am also happy to receive some feedback and ideas for the storyline

anonymous asked:

hii!! i love your scenarios 💕💕 if possible, can i request an imagine with shinsou, todoroki, and amajiki with a serious but caring s/o who suddenly becomes very clingy and affectionate when sleepy (due to not getting enough rest)?

I’m so happy to know that you like them! But I’m afraid that, since you requested three characters, I decided to write headcanons instead. This was a very cute request to write, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Word count: 815.

Shinsō Hitoshi:

  • He honestly doesn’t really pay much mind to their change of demeanor. He knows sleepy people can differ a lot from their usual selves (he never gets sleep so he doesn’t know how his usual self is like), but he must admit he is pleased.
  • “My, my, who would have thought you could be such a koala?” He always thought they had the bamboo stick up their ass but turns out they can become such a barnacle. Interesting, to say the least.
  • Doesn’t reject their ministrations, for he himself quite enjoys cuddling. Will happily comply and let them cling onto his frame like the koala they proved to be (achievement unlocked: new nickname).
  • Is such a tease when they get their needed rest. He loves breaking their composure with his subtle hints and the new nickname. The blush on their stoic face as it turns embarrassed is priceless and something he will never get tired of seeing.
  • Still pretty much appreciates that they get the sleep they need. Their clingy affection is nice and amusing, but if it makes them feel bad because of lack of sleep, he will make sure they sleep as much as they can and need.
  • Sometimes, though, he kinda makes their dates last until deep in the night so they become sleepy and start their cute act again. Like, the best part of this is that they know they mustn’t behave so clingy because of the roasting to come but they can help it and he loves seeing them struggle and freeze before they wrap their arms around his neck.

Todoroki Shōto:

  • Is a bit surprised to see their change, but won’t comment on it because he doesn’t know if it will offend them or something, so he rather stays quiet. This starts to become hard when his s/o is sitting on his lap and rubbing their cheek on his own.
  • He honestly doesn’t know what to do with so much sudden affection. Probably pats their back a bit awkwardly while they hug him. But don’t worry, he is quick to get the hang of the situation and embraces them back.
  • He isn’t opposed to cuddling, and actually pretty much likes it, but would actually prefer it to be… less smoochey? He appreciates their tender affection, but asks them to slightly tone it down a little. He wants to fall asleep with them in his arms rather than start a make out session, to be honest.
  • Won’t really talk about this change, but if his s/o knows that he knows about their little change, he will probably ask about it. Todoroki doesn’t mean to tease them, he is just curious about the reason.
  • He becomes worried about their sleeping habits, and will tell them that they need to take care of themselves. Whenever they stay over at his house he will go to sleep with them early, and when they’re not with him, he will send them a message asking them to go to bed.
  • This doesn’t really change his view about them, nor will he tease them about it. He simply wants them to sleep more often and, maybe, sometimes he will appreciate their affection, but, in his opinion, it’s nothing to make a big deal of.

Tamaki Amajiki:

  • From 0 to 100 real quick and he doesn’t know what to do with his life. He’s all jumpy when his s/o touches him and kisses him and embraces him as he is, most likely, out because he never expected them to become so clingy all of a sudden.
  • Feels bad later because it seemed like he didn’t want their love. “I love that you love me, b-but please warn me before coming too close,” he mutters, not daring to look at them.
  • He will need some time to get used to this strange habit of theirs, but he is very patient and, even though he gets a small heart attack whenever they become very loving too soon, he can cope with it well and will do it for the sake of his love towards his s/o.
  • Is kinda worried about their lack of sleep, so he encourages them to sleep more often. Partly because he is concerned and wants them to be all healthy because that’s what caring boyfriends should make their priority.
  • Partly too because he actually doesn’t know if he can handle their clingy self for much longer without having his lifespan shortened in consequence. He loves his s/o, but there’s only so much his poor heart can take.
  • Prefers to be the one to commence affection, even if it takes him ages to make up his mind and even put an arm around their shoulders without trembling. He feels bad about it, but he very much prefers taking things into his pace if possible, and if his s/o can control their clingy side for him he will be extremely grateful.
Panic - Finn Balor One shot

Thanks for the request @ashleykaiba sorry it took so long to get finished! - As 5 year old twins Oliver and Olivia sat in the crowd with their mother in the Barclays center they awaited their favorite wwe superstar of all time who also happened to be their father, the twins were a result of a three year relationship that (Y/N) and Finn had shared, they were even engaged to be married but once the twins were born things quickly became bad.. they fought a lot from lack of sleep, finn was constantly on the road leaving (Y/N) to be home caring for the two infants who were also born 3 months prematurely little Oliver was born first and weighed 2 pounds and 3 ounces with his mother’s features, however little Olivia had always been the smaller of the two.. she was born last and weighed a whole 1 pound and 7 ounces, and she had her father’s features.. his bright blue eyes and sharp jaw, she was touch and go for a while but Finn would always tell the story of when ever Olivia was first born he went into the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and place his finger inside the incubator and the little girl wrapped her tiny hand around his pinky and grasped onto it not letting go “You’ve got quite the grip little girl.. I think you’re strong than you’re letting on..” he would say to her which also lead to her becoming the leader between the two, whatever she did her brother was sure to follow… As (Y/N) watched the two children jump up and down upon hearing their father’s entrance music she couldn’t help but smile they had a bond with him that was something she would never take away.. As they were backstage (Y/N) was discussing things with Fergal about the upcoming week, the twins would be staying with him for the week since they were on spring break from school “Mama likes him” Little Olivia said confidently “How do you know?” Oliver asked questioning his younger sister “Cause.. I’m a girl I know!” She said determined “Whatever you say..” Oliver said rolling his little eyes “Trust me.. they’re gonna get back together” “How do you know that?” He questioned once more “Because! If they don’t do it we will” she said “I don’t know.. this sounds like a scary idea” Oliver said timid “Do you want them back together or not?” Olivia raised her eyebrows and folded her arms as she looked at her brother “What’s the plan?” He asked and she leaned in to whisper the plan in his ear It was half way through the week when Olivia decided to put the plan in action, she decided to Stowe away in the backseat of becky Lynch and Carmella telling the two girls her father had agreed to the idea all the while Finn had no idea “Oliver!” Finn said sternly as he walked into the locker room “where’s your sister?” He asked “I dunno” Oliver shrugged and Finn could tell he was lying “Oliver James!” Finn said sternly “I don’t know!” He said back sternly and Finn walked out of the room and pulled his phone from his pocket dialing a familiar number “Hello?” Y/N answered “(Y/N), don’t kill me..” Finn started “Who doesn’t have have a limb? Which one pushed the other? What happened?” (Y/N) asked quickly knowing something was wrong “They have all their limbs.. I think..” Finn said and Oliver walked out grabbing the phone from his father “Mom.. dad lost Liv..” Oliver said and finn snatched the phone back from his son “What? How do you lose a person?!?” (Y/N) yelled “She’s so small.. she easy to misplace” he said quickly “Just.. keep looking.. I’m on my way” (Y/N) said (Y/N) arrived at the venue a few hours later and was met by a distraught looking Finn, she walked up to him with every intent to yell at him but when she saw the panic in his eyes that anger soon faded away and she grabbed his hands in hers “We’ll find her” (Y/N) said looking in his eyes “I’m sorry.. I’m such a bad father, what kind of father doesn’t notice his child isn’t there?” He asked scolding himself “No.. no you’re not, there’s two of them.. you’re only one person.. I’ve misplaced Oliver once or twice..” she said “You have?” Finn asked “Given he was always found 2 minutes later.. but nonetheless” she said “What if she’s not found?” He asked tears threatening to escape his eyes and she grabbed his face bringing it to hers as she gently placed her lips on his and pulled away slowly “Better?” She whispered and he nodded A few hours later Oliver noticed Becky and Carmella walking back into the venue with Olivia following close behind “I believe we have something that belongs to you” Becky said pushing Olivia towards her parents who quickly engulfed her in their tight embrace “Don’t you ever do that again! Do you hear me?” Finn scolded “Okay daddy..” Olivia said sweetly and he put her down and Olivia ran to Oliver hugging him and the two looked at their parents as they shared another kiss “Told ya…” Olivia said to Oliver who high fived her

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BTS Reaction: They find out their S/O has a chronic illness when she/he has a bad episode.
  • I hope you like it @little-miss-sherlock Lots of lub to youu 💕💕
  • Smol Warning: This involves certain health issues that.. Well, I don't know if it would offend anyone that I'm writing about chronic illnesses I don't understand fully. I looked up the symptoms of all these and I'm going with that, if you know you'll get mad or your sensitive to this material please don't read.
  • ———————
  • ~ Kim Seokjin/Prince Jin:
  • Jin always heard you talking to yourself but he felt it was normal for people to do so and he found it cute. Until one day you forgot to take your medication. Your mind was everywhere you kept telling the wall to "Shut up" then-
  • Jin: Y/n? Are you okay? What's wrong? Look at me.
  • You: Who are you? Where am I? Where's mom?
  • Jin: What? Y/n. It's Jin.
  • You: Jin? Like... Gin?
  • Jin: No with a J.
  • He decided to take you to the doctors and surprisingly he found the one you go to for medication. Everyone seemed to know you, know what was going on and he found out you had schizophrenia.
  • Your personality was all over the place, you heard voices, and sometimes short losses of memory. When he found out he was extremely confused and mad. Why would you hide something so serious from him?
  • Jin: Explain.
  • You: I was ashamed.. Embarrassed. Who would want to date someone like me? I didn't want you to leave me..
  • You: I'm sorry..
  • Jin: -Holds you and kisses your forehead- I've told you. I'll love you till the day I die no matter how cheesy that sounds, it's true.
  • Jin: We'll work together, and I'll take care of you. You'll never have to deal with this alone.
  • Jin: I love you.
  • ~ Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • While you and Yoongi were going out to get grocery's you had fainted. Immediately he dropped everything to get you to a hospital.
  • Yoongi: What happened?
  • Doctor: Have they not told you? They've been here a few times.
  • Yoongi: For what?
  • Doctor: Their medication. We have them on two at the moment. They have GAD. Which stands for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. They fainted for lack of sleep. Their anxiety is very bad, she/he has horrid thoughts of her/himself, she/he has told us about her/his troubles sleeping, she/he has had thoughts of death, now that you know please do take care of her/him.
  • He was furious that you didn't tell him. He wanted you to trust him with everything and it definitely seemed like you did but to know you hid something involving your health he questioned how much trust you actually had in him.
  • Yoongi: Why didn't you tell me?
  • You: It's always made people back of from me.
  • You: It has ruined so many past relationships and I just don't want to lose you. I love and care about you so much Min Yoongi, I couldn't risk it.
  • Yoongi: But you could risk your health?
  • Yoongi: You know everything about me and after hearing you didn't leave me. What makes you think that THIS would want to make me leave you?
  • Yoongi: Anything you need just ask. Your health is the most important thing because you are important to to me.
  • ~ J-hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • You both were about to go to bed, at the time Hobi stayed over and when he went to go ask you something he saw you scrambling to find something.
  • Hobi: Y/n?
  • You: -You jump slightly- Yes?
  • Hobi: What are you looking for? Can I help you?
  • You: No. It's nothing, just needed a sleeping pill so I can sleep well.
  • Hobi: If you don't find them there's many ways I could help you sleep.
  • You: Today. I think I just want to cuddle with you Hoseok.
  • Later while he had fallen asleep, you went back to look for your medication. Then you started tantrum-ing, sobbing. getting emotional, you broke glass, and you weren't yourself. Of course Hoseok heard and ran out to see if you were okay or what was going on. He saw you sobbing on the ground, your hands bleeding from shards of glass that were on the floor.
  • Hobi: Oh my god. Y/n? Come with me. I'm taking you to a doctor.
  • You: Leave me alone, Go away! I don't need your help.
  • Hobi: Yes you do. Come here. -slowly approaching you-
  • You: I'm warning you to get away!
  • Once he manages to grab you and semi calm you down he takes you to a doctor and he found out you have a extreme Bipolar disorder, He was frustrated and heart broken that you never told him, and that he had to find out like this. When he saw you, you were going to talk but he didn't want to hear you.
  • Hobi: Don't you talk. Listen.
  • Hobi: Don't ever hide anything like this from me again. Do you understand? I thought that I took care of you well and to know that I wasn't able to help you for this, wasn't able to take care of you better is the worst thing I have ever felt.
  • Hobi: Understand that I love and care for you and I want to take care of you till the end.
  • You: I was just worried you wouldn't be able to handle it. And you would leave, just like everyone else.
  • Hobi: Then I'm offended that I'm just "Everyone else" to you. I am your boyfriend, your lover, and someone who wants to take care of you like you take care of me.
  • Hobi: So let me.
  • ~ Rap Monster/Namjoon:
  • You: Do you what an Inhaler looks like?
  • Nams: I guess I do, why?
  • You: Random thought.
  • You and Namjoon took walks around beautiful areas a lot and walked to your house a lot. You looked through your bag to check if you had your inhaler and for some reason it was gone. You know you had taken it and you were worried because you might need it.
  • Nams: Y/n why do you have this? -He holds up your inhaler which you take from him immediately-
  • You: I'm taking it to someone later.
  • Nams: Don't lie to me.
  • You: I don't lie.
  • Nams: That was a lie. Do you have asthma?
  • You:
  • Nams: Answer me, Y/n.
  • You: Yes, I have asthma!
  • Nams: Why didn't you tell me?
  • You: Because I was embarrassed. It's embarrassing to breathe from a tube in public or in front of you.
  • You: And I figured you wanted to date someone normal. Someone who isn't bothersome and you won't have to worry about so much.
  • Nams: Baby, You don't ever need to feel embarrassed, I still love you, I'm falling in love with your personality. I love you just as you are and I will take care of you, alright?
  • Nams: From now on, tell me everything and anything. Nothing can change how I feel about you.
  • Park Jimin/Chimichanga:
  • You liked asking Jimin to teach you dance whether you were good or not didn't matter, it was just fun to move around to the beat of music, but today you forgot your pain killers so you were limping and falling a lot. .
  • Jimin: Are you okay? You're very off.
  • You: Just dandy.
  • Jimin: What's wrong?
  • You: Nothing.
  • Jimin: What's. Wrong?
  • You: I have Chronic pain, which is basically forever pain in the same place... I have it in my knee.
  • You: anddd oh my gkkdbd it's cramping up. Can you go get my pain killers please??
  • Jimin: Why didn't you tell me??
  • You: Because knowing you, You wouldn't let me out the damn house.
  • You: Even if we don't live together. I know you'd somehow watch me.
  • Jimin: I would let you out..
  • You: 1 step out the door would be too far for you.
  • Jimin: I just care about you.
  • You: I know but what you CAN do is help me with the medicine and take me to my doctors appointments.
  • Jimin: I can't drive...
  • You: You can accompany me to my doctors appointments.
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • When Tae came over to hang out with you, he opened the door with the spare key you gave him.
  • Tae: Honey!!! I'm hommee!
  • You guys had this joke where you acted like a married couple. You usually replied with something funny as well but you couldn't.
  • Taehyung went to the kitchen only to find you crouched, leaning against the wall behind you, and holding your head.
  • Tae: Y/n! Are you alright?
  • You: Medicine. Please. -You point to a cabinet- Get a white and blue bottle.
  • After he gave you the medicine and you were feeling a bit better you guys started talking.
  • You: Why are you here so early?
  • Tae: I wanted to surprise you but you surprised me. Are you okay?
  • You: I'm fine now. I mean, it'll happen tomorrow, the next day, the next, and after that, then so on.
  • Tae: That's impossible.
  • You: Not if you have a Migraine.
  • Tae: How come I didn't know?
  • You: I was embarrassed, I'm pretty sure you didn't want to date someone who was forever sick so it was nice knowing you—
  • Tae: Shhhtsh I'm staying and caring for you, and cuddling you, and being with you until the day I die.
  • Jeon Jungkook/Kookie:
  • You didn't hide it from Jungkook but you also haven't told him.
  • You'll take your medicine in front him and when he asks you say your sick.
  • But you've been sick for the whole year you guys have been dating so of course he is going to get suspicious.
  • You: I read a new book~
  • JK: Yeah you told me about it. You're on page 289, It's interesting, and you would like to find more from that author.
  • You: When did I.. You know I probably have bed memory.
  • JK: You told me about this book four times.
  • You: I have? Oh wow.
  • JK: How'd you forget after four times?
  • You: Ah hmm, I have ADHD, bad memory, bad at paying attention. um um oh wow suddenly I'm bored. Did I bring my pills??
  • JK: I don't think so, let's go home alright?
  • You: Yeah, sorry I didn't tell you. I just, it's not attractive. Yeah.
  • JK: I'd still love you with any sickness, how you talk to me, treat me, take care of me, love me, and your personality is what made me fall in love with you.
  • You: Thanks Bunny boy.
  • JK: Let's eat at Wagwan after alright?
  • You: I heard they give out Snickers now. I don't know why but I'm down.
  • JK: You're adorable.
Moondance (mercymaker, T, 1.5k)

i wanted 2 write something extremely soft and extremely gay and Here It Is, Here Is The Soft Domestic Gay Content

read on ao3 here

also just put this on loop in the bg for Maximum Effect

Angela Ziegler was tired.

Perhaps that was too tame a word. The good doctor was frequently tired. Angela now was fucking exhausted, and suffering from a mood drop in the worst sort of way as a result. It was hard to stay chipper with a severe block in her research impeding further progress, and harder still when she’d spent the week with a bad case of insomnia and nightmares besides.

But if there was one skill Dr. Ziegler had picked up from her multiple degrees and diplomas, it was how to overcome a bad mood and severe lack of sleep by way of her trusty coffeepot. She was feeling the effects of the caffeine crash now, though, as she stumbled into her flat too late at night, kicking off her shoes with a world-weary “Fuck.

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Sigma Chi Boy - Part 2 (fratboy!Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Part 2 of Sigma Chi Boy. You wake up the day after and find out that your drink had been spiked the night before. Grayson is more than upset.
Word Count: 2,276
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, but nothing serious.
A/N: You all loved part 1 so much, so I decided to keep going with a part 2! Your feedback means the world to me. Hope you like it :) ♡


Someone was whispering my name gently, the syllables rolling off their tongue smoothly. I felt my head pounding before I even opened my eyes and I furrowed my eyebrows, rolling over in the bed.

I heard a snort coming from whoever was rude enough to wake me and sighed tiredly, deciding that peeking one eye open wasn’t gonna hurt me too bad. But boy was I wrong; the lamp on my nightstand hurt my eyes but I refused to close them before I got a good look at the rude person.

Of course it was Grayson, who else would it be?

“What the hell is wrong with you, Dolan?” I murmured, voice awfully hoarse.

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Diabolik Lovers + Inside Out AU

So I thought of this super silly but fun AU crossover thing, and have mini head-canons and scenarios about it already, but for now I just thought I’d share my thoughts about it. (I can just imagine them fighting over the control panel) 

Btw this goes into more personality traits as well as emotional, and having the boys be sentient and having their own goals and such despite being Yui’s emotions.

The Sakamaki and Mukami brothers as emotions and traits of Yui (mostly her game and manga counterpart):

Originally posted by bestgirloftheday

Shuu: Laziness, indulgence, apathy.

Able to: Let Yui wind down and relax. Needed after a long day and is responsible for her wonderful sleep cycles (so long as she makes sure to set an alarm) when combined with Laito, it will usually lead to her curling up with a book and fantasizing. Totally to blame for that irritating song stuck in her head. If used too much he can make Yui indifferent to the feelings of others, so a healthy dose of Kanato’s worry or Azusa’s empathy is needed.
Used most: After a long day, during bubble baths, sleep or during study time (or lack of thereof)
Bad Combo - Shuu + Reiji (if used right, then Reiji can motivate Yui to study or work, but if not then he will make Yui stress over her procastination so much that she does nothing about it.)

Reiji: Logic, organization skills, duty. 

Able to - Give Yui day to day tasks, remember important events and a sense of duty. He reinforces the importance of thinking about her future, but if used too much he can give Kanato too much power (stress). Emotions like Shuu are needed to regulate his control.
Used most: During studying, working and planning.
Bad Combo - Reiji + Kanato (double stress)

Ayato: Energy, competitiveness, joy, chaos.

Able to: Keep Yui from being too stagnant. He gives her drive to succeed and a sense of joy from accomplishments and fun. Relishes her freedom, and is secretly saddened that he was used more when she was a child. He is therefore very possessive of his time with her when he’s used. If used too much however, he burns out her energy and can make her single minded and selfish. Emotions like Ruki are needed in order to keep him from exhausting Yui.
Used most: During sports, fun activities, and high energy moments.
Bad Combo - Ayato + Kou (leads to impulsiveness. If used right they can make her fearless, but it might land her in hot water.)

Kanato: Fear, aesthetic appreciation (sense of cuteness and charm) stress.

Able to: Alert Yui to worrying things she may not have previously noticed. When combined with Kou they give her a sense of taste for her type of clothes, belongings and pretty things. When not regulated he will send Yui into emotional outrage = crying. Azusa is needed if this happens, as he can make Yui reflect on the actions afterwords and sort out her feelings on the situation. Ruki is needed to calm her down.
Used most: During times of change, unfamilliar enviroments or unexpected situations.
Bad Combo - Kanato + Azusa (if used too much, Azusa will make Yui sad, and combining this with worry will lead to depression.)

Laito: Lust, pleasure, romance, intuition.

Able to: Give Yui a sense of interest and curiosity, not just in sexuality. Gains more strength the older Yui gets and delights in flustering her around boys. Is the reason why she reads trashy romance novels in secret, as it’s about as ‘risque’ as she gets. Enriches Yui’s senses. He also becomes her sense of intuition around the opposite sex. If used too much he can make Yui careless and needy, but this almost never happens as he is under strict regulation. Ruki and Subaru are needed in order to keep Laito in check.
Used most: Alone or around crushes.
Bad Combo - Laito + Ayato, Laito + Azusa

Subaru: Anger, morality, justice, grumpiness.

Able to: Show what Yui will and won’t stand for, in order for her not to be a doormat. He makes her seek justice for slights against others, and becomes frustrated with her when she doesn’t seek it for herself. If given too much power Yui will either be emotionally volatile or go into bouts of moodiness. Reiji is needed when this happens, as his logic eventually brings Yui out of the slump and into doing tasks, improving her mood.
Used most: When Yui or someone else is insulted or something unfair happens to her.
Bad Combo - Subaru + Ayato (the sudden burst of energy will only irritate Yui further)

Ruki: Self control, filter.

Able to - Calm Yui and keep her emotionally balanced. One of her main emotional traits because of her upbringing, so he is almost always in the control room. If given too much power however, he becomes a dominating force, keeping Yui from feeling anything. He believes this to be acceptable, as if she’s not feeling anything, then she’s not stressed or hurting. Emotions like Ayato are needed to break this behavior. Ruki will occasionally let her filter slip so that she says a swear word out loud, as he finds it amusing to see her break her composure.
Used most: While out in public
Bad Combo: Reiji + Ruki (if left in charge, they make her an emotionally numb robot. Nethier really want this result despite how efficient they think it would make her.)

Kou: Social Skills, disgust, self destructive tendencies.

Able to: Give Yui a network of friends and social cues. She is therefore very comfortable in social situations and can adapt easily to changes in topics. However, if left unmonitored, Kou randomly switches gears, and can make Yui burst into a sense of self destruction, in order to feel the high of danger. (Such as running a red light)
Used most: Social situations and when picking her outfit for the day.
Bad Combo - Kou + Azusa (very dangerous if left unattended), Kou + Laito + Ayato (leads to Yui being her most careless of danger and reckless. Will either make her the life of the party or commit an embarrassing, dangerous act that will haunt her.)

Yuma: Strength, team work skills, survival instinct. 

Able to: Give Yui both her strength of character and psychical strength. Also gives her very good team work skills when combined with Azusa’s empathy. He also enriches Yui’s enjoyment of work. Very useful in dangerous situations. If used too much, Yui can become overbearing. Kou is needed to temper this and not commit social suicide.
Used most: When working alone, with others, or in high energy and dangerous/new environments.
Bad Combo - Yuma + Kanato (if used correctly they can alert Yui to danger, if used in social situations it will only make her frustrated with others.)

Azusa: Sadness, loneliness, self worth, empathy.

Able to: Give Yui reflection and an ability to relate and care for others, to feel a sense of connection. He is one of her main emotional traits. If this connection is abused and Yui is mistreated however, Azusa will send her into bouts of sadness and she will question her self worth. Subaru, Ayato and Yuma are needed in order to combat this, with their moral justice, high energy and stability.
Used most: When Yui is hurt/betrayed, isolated for too long, or after watching a sad movie.
Bad Combo - Azusa + Shuu (leads to loss of motivation.)

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Real Talk

It’s been a tough week for parenting so far. Lack of sleep, bad behaviors, sick kiddo, etc. etc. Most of the time I really love being a parent, but sometimes it just grinds you down. And I got the kids down tonight, looked around at the mess in the house, and just felt exhausted. It will all get better, but just a note to say that it’s not always easy, and if you’re ever feeling the same, you are not alone. Parenting is all sorts of rewarding, but sometimes it’s just hard. It’s been one of those days.

Our Story

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff!

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

When I first saw her, I didn’t see her specifically, I saw the stack of books she was carrying. I remember watching her from behind a bookshelf carry that stack over to a table where she promptly sat down and opened one. For some reason, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her. There was something about her. I didn’t know what. Maybe it was how the light streamed in from a nearby window, illuminating her fair skin and beautiful hair. Maybe it was the way she pushed a strand of it behind her ear as she leaned over the book. Or maybe it was the way her face would change depending on what she was reading. If it was funny, her mouth would turn upwards and she’d shake, as though she was suppressing her laughter from disturbing the library. I remember how badly I wanted to hear that laugh.
When it was sad, she’d hunch over the book even further, keeping her eyes down just in case anyone noticed the little tears forming. I did.
Soon, however, I had realized why I was so drawn to her.

Her eyes.

She’d come to the library often, and I couldn’t help but line the times I came to the times I knew she was here. Sometimes she’d come in with eyes dark, as if from a lack of sleep, or just a bad start to her day. I remember those days I wished to go to her and just give her a hug.
I loved her eyes especially when she’d be searching the bookshelves, looking for a new book to take her on a roller coaster ride that she hadn’t experienced yet. Her eyes would light up then, sparkling with excitement and giddiness. Her smile would spread wide, showing her teeth. I had found her to be utterly beautiful in that moment. So happy. So excited. So alive.
I used to wonder just what it was about books that made her like that. Sure I’d come every now and then, pick up a new book. But I never felt that way. I never understood just what a book could do. I saw it as just a hunk of paper with some words hastily written onto them, with no real concern of the outcome. Now I understand. Or at least, I understand how it can make you feel that way. Make her feel that way.

Soon I had found myself picking up the books that she’d checked out, and reading them. I found those especially interesting. Maybe it was because of the story. Maybe it was because I knew she had read it.
Curiosity soon got the best of me, and I flipped to the front page of the book, looking at the tag that listed the people who had checked it out. She was always the last one before me. Y/N. I’d never spoken to her, but somehow I felt it fit her perfectly. Beautiful name, for a beautiful book loving girl.

Weeks went by. Months. I still hadn’t worked up enough courage to actually talk to this radiant girl who seemed to live in books. Some days I remember wondering if I should just give up. Leave her alone. After all, as far as I’d known, she hadn’t spared me a single glance. Later on she had told me that she looked at me just as much I had looked at her.

She didn’t come in for awhile. I couldn’t help but get worried. Where was the mysterious girl? Was she sick? Would she come back? Is she not coming to this library anymore? That last thought hurt the most, so I pushed it into the back of my mind.
When she finally did return, I remember all these emotions washing over me. Relief that she was okay, that she was back. Fear that she might disappear again. Hope that she didn’t. Hope that maybe she’d notice me. And I remember that day, exactly when she did.

She had walked in, looking around the library. I had thought that maybe she was looking for a certain section of books. But she wasn’t. She looked around until her sparkling eyes landed on me. I froze. So did she. Our eyes had been seemingly locked, neither one of us unable to break the connection. This small moment meaning so much to me, and I hoped it meant the same to her.
Soon, she gave me her dazzling smile, her eyes telling me that she was there. That she wasn’t leaving. That she knew I was waiting for her to come back. And then it was over. Just as quick as it occurred.
She headed towards a bookshelf and continued her mission of finding that new roller coaster. She sat down in the same spot. But this time I didn’t. I couldn’t help myself. Not after having that small moment with her that I sincerely hope was a moment to her as well. Because this time, instead of heading to my usual table, I headed towards hers.
As I got closer, her eyes drifted up, and filled with surprise at the sight of another person sitting with her. We sat there, staring before I finally spoke to her.

“Hi, uh…I’m N-Namjoon. What’s your name?” I remember feeling stupid at that moment, stumbling over my own name and seeming so simple minded with my introduction. But she made me nervous. And she still does. She didn’t seem to mind the clumsiness of it though, for she smiled,(god I love her smile) and spoke in the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you, Namjoon.” I didn’t tell her I already knew her name. And I especially didn’t tell her that I loved the way my name seemingly rolled off her tongue with ease. Like we were meant to meet. To speak. I realized it was illogical, but I held onto that hope.

We didn’t speak after that. We both just continued reading, glancing at each other every now and then with coy little smiles, and blushes on our cheeks. It felt like we sat there for hours, but it must’ve only been half of one. When she was done reading for the day, she stood up, stowed her book away in her bag, and headed out the door. That day was what put it all into motion.

After, every time we’d see each other, we’d learn something new about the other person. Why she loves books. What her favorite color is. What are her dreams. Her hopes. When we got more comfortable, she had told me that she hoped to speak to me. I didn’t say anything in return, just smiled. Because she didn’t know that she was my dream.

I said that I never understood just how books can affect one person so much. How it can evoke so many emotions in one person. And although it wasn’t necessarily the books, that library brought me to her. And she made me feel so many things. Wonder. Awe. Fear. Hope.


I understand now why people love books so much. Only because her love for books made me understand. Only because her love of books brought me to love her.

Years later, we still visit that library. Sometimes we joke about how shy we were. And how much we’ve grown. Little does she know I owe my happiness to that library. Because of it, i found her.

And little does Y/N know, I’m proposing to her at the very table we first spoke at. Where our very own story began.

Hi lovelies! This idea popped into my head today and I just had to write it! I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for reading!-Sar💖