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Lie to me [Part 1]

Summary: You couldn’t imagine that your short stay in Stockholm would eventually lead to meeting three boys which are definitely keeping some big secrets.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Gang AU

Who: BTS, Jimin x Reader

Word count: ~ 4K

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It was a city you really wanted to visit someday and this year you and your best friend Luna decided to go there for a few days.

It was a rainy day and you were sitting in the bus from the airport to the central station.

“Wake me up when we are there! I’m going to sleep!!”

“No problem. I know you need you’re sleep.” You knew her lack of sleep would instantly turn into bad mood and this is something you didn’t want. So you tried to be as quiet as possible and maybe close your eyes for a short nap, too. To your luck most of the other passengers in the bus were as tired as you, leaving a calm and quiet atmosphere throughout the bus.

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Alright, so I’ve honestly been feeling really awful these past few days, but I will do my absolute best to get all open order out on Monday. I’ve got a page of them to power through, but I’m gonna try to knock them all out tomorrow morning so I can just pass out in the afternoon.

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I know you are not taking requests but maybe you can direct me to past sigils you have made. The past couple of months have been hell for me: Anxiety attacks, lack of sleep, bad health, bad luck, living with someone that's very controlling, no job and no money. To boot today is my birthday and instead of enjoying it I had to cut loose the last of my friends. So not I have no friends or family at all. I feel so lost, helpless, alone, scared and well. Do you have any sigils to help me at all?

I’m sorry to hear that. I do have several sigils that may help with things.

I have lots more sigils on my Sigil Masterlist, some of which you might find useful. Feel free to look through it and use whatever you want. I think these are a good place to start though. Happy Birthday my dear. I hope these sigils work well for you. Good luck.

“It’s not very nice to tell someone how tired they look. Good thing I don’t really care much about my appearance. I’ve been here since midnight last night and only had one thirty minute break. I need to start saying no to covering shifts…” Hermione rambled, now delirious from the lack of sleep she’d gotten. It was so bad that she had even skipped school that day to work for other people who were just a bit too lazy to come in. 

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I'm a 5'2 Hispanic girl, who doesn't really act like a Latina. I speak the language almost fluent, never learned how to write Spanish down. English is first language, anyway, I have brown hair and tan skin. I love reading and I love film, I love video editing, and I love science (is this good? I've never done this), my hair is up to my butt no joke. I have pretty big eyes but since I have lack of sleep and a bad vision, I'm squinting, kinda makes me a little Asian looking. I have a loud laugh.

I kinda see you with Max, tbh. Cause you’re interested in films and video editing just like he is and you’re known as a loud couple when you laugh (nothing wrong with that). ^^

bad memory?

i’m trying to figure out why my memory has gotten so bad. work? stress? lack of sleep? anxiety?

the other day i couldn’t remember the Lord’s prayer. everyone made fun of me because, well, i went to seminary. 

in some sense it’s good because i seldom hold grudges anymore… because i can’t remember

“Is this real life or is this just fantasy?”

Hey everypony! We got another Discord team up! Discord and Luna!
The synopsis is that Discord is getting nightmares (this should be an episode) and lack of sleep Discord spells bad news for the ponies around him, so Luna goes full on Inception into Discord’s chaotic mind.

I’m excited! Who else is excited?!!! And if you notice, into discord’s sunglasses, I think it’s fluttershy…
So is his nightmare about losing Fluttershy?

*shipping goggles permanently on*

So I am 80/100 sure! That its Fluttershy! I mean who else would it be???!!

So this is coming out in September. Ugh so long but that’s okay, everything is better when you wait then it would like a surprise later on ^_^

Thank you @redpilled for sending it in.

Well… I ended up doing something bad yesterday. Very bad. But at the same time, it just felt right. I regret nothing.

On the bipolar front: we’ve switched up meds some more and it’s been terrible. Depakote almost landed me in the hospital. Now I’m back on Lamictal and a brand new antidepressant called Rexulti. Didn’t even have a generic, it’s so new. Idk if I can tell much, because I’ve been in a bit of a hypomanic phase lately, which started before I started taking it. So who knows.

I imagine the hypomania has a lot to do with my lack of sleep, increased creativity and social interaction, and of course, that bad thing I did. I got ~3 hours sleep and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Not in a bad way though. Still regret nothing. Wonder what my therapist will say. Lol

Staying up - Hamilton x reader

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“Y/N, maybe we should get some rest” He yawned, coming up from behind your chair and wrapping his arms around your neck. You two had been up til the crack of dawn almost every night, working, talking, making sleep deprived influenced plans that you would never go through with, and doing anything but sleep.

“Or, we could have some more of my coffee” You gestured to your empty mug. His tired eyes lit up slightly. He absolutely adored your coffee and begged you to make it when he needed to work. You complied only because you loved it too, but in all honestly, you knew all this lack of sleep was bad.

“Can you?” He kissed your temple

“Of course. I’ll be right back” You stood and made your way to the kitchen. After pouring you and Alexander another cup, you made your way back to the office.

Where was he? You looked around, setting the coffee down to check more thoroughly. Nothing. 

As if he had disappeared from the face of the earth, you searched and scanned until you heard a soft snoring coming from  the loveseat in the living room.

“Alexander?” you whispered, and sure enough there he was. Passed out and sprawled across the loveseat. 

“Poor thing” You spoke to yourself. You leaned down to plant a kiss on his forehead when suddenly a strong pair of arms wraps around you. Alexander pulls you on top of him, nuzzling your face with his.


“Shh, sleep now. Talk later." 

"What about the coffee?”

“The coffee can wait” He looked down at you and planted a soft kiss on your lips. He closed his eyes and sighed. Soon, you heard him fall into slumber again. You closed your eyes, being sure he was asleep and started to drift yourself.

“Goodnight, my love”

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Sorry! (This is the trouble-sleeping anon) I forgot to specify suitors. Hm. Byron, Leo, Albert, Giles, please. ^_^

Original request : How about a scenario where the Princess is having trouble sleeping? How would the MidC guys help her get to sleep?

Byron awoke at the movement in his arms and lazily opened his eyes. Feeling cold from the lack of the princess’ warm body against him, he noticed she was facing away from him, sitting on her edge of the bed. Concern filled his mind and woke him up completely as he sat up, arms stretched until they reached her waist. His warm chest pressed against her back as she jumped in surprise, soothing her with a kiss on her temple.

Ah.. Sorry I woke you up.

No, it’s fine. What’s wrong though? Are you feeling unwell?’ She could feel how much he worried about her and felt bad for bothering him with her lack of sleep. She wasn’t even sure why she had trouble sleeping but she suspected it was all the things people said about her relationship with Byron. She couldn’t help it; every time she tried to rest, her mind would be swarmed by things she heard all day long. They didn’t know Byron as well as she did and had the wrong impression about him, they even thought he had forced her to be with him. It was taking a toll on her and there was nothing she could about this; it was keeping her awake all night long and she felt more tired than ever.

Byron frowned at her silence and got up from the bed, gently taking her hand to lead her to the window. Pushing the curtains apart as moonlight entered the room, he sat down on the armchair near the window and pulled her to his lap. He relaxed in the comfortable seat and wrapped his arms around her, turning her so she was sitting across his lap, her whole body snuggled close to him.

In front of her, snow sprinkled the vast night sky as Byron’s steady heartbeat became the only sound in the room and in her head. Chasing every thoughts away from her mind, she felt sleep creeping up her body until her eyelids were too heavy to keep them open and finally, she fell into a peaceful slumber as Byron kissed her forehead, following suit.

It was way past midnight when Leo finished his work and left his study. His eyes stung at the darkness of the bedroom, not used to it after spending hours writing under a lit candle. Careful to not wake the princess up, he took his tie off and undressed sleepily; not even bothering to put new clothes on as he headed for the bed.

He silently climbed up the bed, a slight smile tugging at his lips when he saw the princess’ back. He hadn’t seen her since this morning and even then, it was very brief. A quick kiss before leaving for work and that was it. Lately, that was the only affection they were able to share due to all the work they both had on their plate and it was becoming rather hard to spend the day away from each other.

What Leo didn’t know was that the princess was having a hard time coping up with his absence and that she was currently awake.

He discovered the latter when she turned around, looking at him with bags under her eyes. Taken aback at first, he could only look at her as she slid to his side and hugged him close, her face buried in his chest. Automatically bringing his hands to her, he brushed her hair and her back as she nuzzled impossibly close to him.

Aw, were you waiting for me?’ A chuckle escaped his mouth at her cute antics as she answered with sleepily mumbled words that only came out a groan to his ears.

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that, love.’ Raising her head from his chest with her eyes closed, she repeated her words before going back to her previous position.

I said I missed you..

His stomach was filled with a warm and tingly feeling at her unexpected and heartfelt words – or perhaps it was the joy of knowing she felt exactly the same as him? Leo decided it didn’t matter and he was too tired to think about it anyway; instead, he settled for pressing her body closer to him as she fell asleep, finally able to rest in the arms of her beloved.

As a knight, Albert was trained to always be alert. Therefore, when the princess moved restlessly in bed, next to him, he woke up in no time. He looked a bit like a lost puppy as he tried to look around but to no avail since the room was too dark and he couldn’t see much without his glasses anyway. Gently reaching to the princess’ side, he caught her arm and she turned to his direction, startled.

..Why are you moving so much?’ He was always quite direct, this time was no occasion.

Oh. Sorry. I just.. I can’t sleep.’ He felt bad when he heard her tired and meek voice, but he was also quite worried. If she couldn’t sleep, she wouldn’t be able to be in good form for the upcoming day and that wasn’t acceptable for someone with her responsibilities.

Why not? Do you need anything?’ He wasn’t the best at guessing what people wanted or needed and was always a bit awkward, especially with the princess; however, he was determined to help her.

Albert didn’t hear her words as he was too caught up  in his own thoughts, his mind racing to find a solution to fix her insomnia. Suddenly looking up, he realized he had spaced out for a bit and with a blush, he asked her to repeat herself.

Can you hug me?’ His blush intensified as he tried to process her words. He was going to protest, not understanding how this would help her problem until she spoke up.

I always sleep better when you hug me..’ Well, how could he say no to that ? Especially when he, too, always slept better when she was close to him, her head on his chest and her breathing soothing his excited heart.

He didn’t say anything as he embraced her, closing his eyes as he felt her relax, as if her worries had just flown away.

Giles woke up with a start when he felt the bed rise a bit. Slightly confused and slightly irritated for being woken up in the middle of the night, he looked around until he saw the princess wasn’t in bed any more. Looking at the rest of the room, he managed to discern her form, pacing around the room.

Calling her name with a hoarse voice, Giles looked at her, concerned as to why she was walking around at that time instead of getting a good night’s sleep.

Feeling a bit guilty for waking him up, she looked away and stopped walking, unsure as to what to do now. With a sigh, Giles got up and gently held her chin up to face him.

Do you have troubles sleeping?’ He had always been good – too good – at reading what was on her mind and she knew it was pointless to lie.

Softly nodding, she squinted her eyes sceptically at his sudden smile but did as he said when he instructed her to sit on the bed. She looked at him as he left the room. She was quite curious and confused but thought it was better to just wait for him to come back.

And when he did, he was carrying a tray. The candle on the tray lit the contents and she could see tea cups, a tea-pot and an assortment of tiny cakes. He placed the tray on the bed and sat next to them, pouring the tea before giving her a cup. As he slid his arm around her, bringing her closer to him, he started making conversation. It was just a pleasant and casual chat, nothing serious and unrelated to work; and as it turned out, it was exactly what the princess needed.

Giles had noticed how stressed out she was lately, but there was hardly anything he could do, especially if she didn’t open up to him. With a teasing bump to her forehead, he caught her attention.

Next time you can’t sleep, just wake me up and next time you’re too stressed, tell me.


OH LOOK YOU GUYS! IT’S HERE! We finally got to this! YEAH!

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Okay, now that we cheered and fangirled, lets’ get to the serious things. 

HOW to actually get him!

First: get the fight against the Red Skull to start. There should be a mission (to me it was Madame Hydra that triggered it, don’t know who it’ll be for whoever doesn’t have her). Anyway, after a cutscene you’ll finally had Red Skull on your Quad ready to be defeated.

Let me tell you this:

if you battled against Ronan during the Guardians event and against Madame Hydra during this event, you’ll get the gist of it just by looking at this and reading the in game guide. 

The only thing really different from Madame Hydra is that you’ll need Resistant prototypes/recruits to defeat his guards too, but you’ll get the chance to upgrade them now, so don’t worry. 

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