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EVERY FAN ISN’T WHITE! I mean why is it that when ever you read Y/N you are described as fair-skinned,pale, everything that says my skin lacks melanin? Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find imagines, blurbs, moodboards or anything that gives representation to W.O.C/P.O.C ? When you search for it a few things and blogs pop up! I just think it sucks being unacknowledged in a fandom because im a minority i just wish we were show a little more love you know 😞 so if anyone actually reads this share it with other fan or show it to some writing blogs spread the word that NOT EVERYONE IN THE FANDOM IS WHITE.

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Hi. Just wanted to say I love your blog. I am a huge BTS fan but I don't have anyone IRL to talk about the with. I live in Botswana BTW which is in Africa. No one listens to k-pop here though K-dramas are really popular. I have been trying to get my sister into it but she ignores me T.T Well, keep up the good work !!

Thank you so much! \ (•◡•) / Hope the community BTS has created among their fans has helped with the lack of BTS/Kpop lovers irl~ People are so friendly, hilarious, and fun to converse with. It’s great that we can all bond over this shared love of ours (even if it is only over the internet). ;u; Much love to you! 

Anonymous said: I love y'all!!! Just wanted to drop by and give y'all some love ❤✨💖💛💙🌟💫💜💞☀❤💓💜💛💙🌟💓💜✨❤💛✨💜💓💙💓💖💓❤ I hope y'all are doing well and staying healthy!!

Thank you so much for your sweetness and well wishes. ♡ We hope the same for you! Have a lovely weekend. ~(˘▾˘~)


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I found this blog and it’s so great, I used to be obsessed with Bionicle and created a super complex world with my brother and his collection. I thought you’d like this: I can’t remember exactly how but most of the heads (of earlier models) can be popped directly onto feet, so since we were lacking a lot of torsos we created “foot-matoran”. We had like twenty and you could also attach a lot of weapons to the sides of their foot so they could defend themselves. (They were small and ridiculous.) 

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hey! everything going ok with you? you haven't updated your events page for a while and a few new things popped up in the fandom, so i wanted to make sure you were doing alright

Aw thanks for checking on me, that’s very sweet! Don’t worry, I’m still dedicated to this blog, it’s just my cousin is getting married today and then I’m moving cities on Wednesday so I’ve been fairly busy with rl things. Sorry for the lack of updates, I hope to do one this week. Certainly by next weekend!

Under Attack

Request: Could I request number 5 with Chen from EXO? I really love your blog! :D I check it all the time.

5) It’s you and your bias’ hundred day anniversary. What do you do?

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Exo’s Chen x Y/N

Type: Fluff

My feet were heavy as they climbed the stairs to the Exo dorm. I had worked an entirely too long shift at the office today, holding on to the hope that a sudden schedule wouldn’t pop up and sweep Jongdae away on our anniversary. The lack of cars in the parking lot wasn’t a very promising sight as I continued my trek, grumbling to myself along the way. 

I arrived on the floor where the boys lived and heaved a deep breath. There was a piece of paper taped to the door and I rolled my eyes before I could even read it. I’m sure it was some kind of quickly scribbled plea for me not to kill him, but Jongdae would be gone. 

“Unlocked” it read simply. 

I tilted my head and looked up and down the hall. I felt like this was a trap. 

My hand slowly closed around the doorknob and I gave it a gentle push. The door slid open without any hesitation. I don’t know why, but I was surprised, even though the note had read of the obvious expectation.

I stuck my face into the entryway before I granted my body entrance. Something was weird. There were no sounds emanating from any area of the dorm. On a normal day, screeches, arguments, and singing could be heard from nearly every corner of the apartment. 

I popped off my shoes and tiptoed toward the living area where I stopped cold. A smile quickly spread on my lips as I stared at the very Jongdae setup before me. All of the cushions had been taken from the couches, and with the help of a few blankets, a fort stood in the middle of the room. There was a small trail of daisies trickling from where I was standing to the fort. 

I walked gingerly through the daisies and poked my head into the fort. I had expected to see a grinning Jongdae, but instead saw a small pallet sat on the floor of the fort, along with a pile of some of my favorite snacks. There was also a string of christmas lights hanging vicariously along different cushions. 

“Ouch,” I grumbled. I had leaned down on something hard plastic. I looked down to see a pink nerf gun placed by my knees with a small note. 

“This gun with ammo is yours, I have one too and you are under attack as of 5, 4, 3, 2…”

I felt a pop on my butt and I spun around, nearly taking down half of the fort. 

I glared out of the fort and saw Jongdae sprinting past, laughing maniacally. 

“Oh you are dead!” I shouted, grabbing my nerf gun and springing into action. I ran after Jongdae and quickly realized he had disappeared. I began to walk slowly, listening to every creak the dorm made. 

I walked along the edge of the hallway, going into 007 mode. 

“Jongdaaaae,” I cooed, walking slowly, trying to keep my footprints stealthy. 

“You’ll never take me alive!” he yelled, sprinting by me the opposite way, shooting behind him. A few of the nerf pellets hit me in the arm and face. 

“Jongdae!” I screeched, falling down in the hall in mock pain. I winced and grabbed at my arm as I flopped on the floor. I squinted my eyes and watched Jongdae turn around quickly, his eyes growing wide. He slowly tread back toward me and knelt in front of me. 

“Jagi, I’m sorry, I didn’t think they’d actually hurt you, are you-” he said quickly, trying to pull me into his arms. 

“You’re so gullible Chen,” I chuckled, shooting a nerf bullet at his forehead. I sprang up from the floor and ran toward the living room. 

It took him a moment to realize what had happened before Jongdae also sprang up from the floor and followed me. To my chagrin, he was much faster than I was and I quickly felt his arms wrap around my waist as I was lifted from my run and flew through the air. 

“You’ll never be able to get away from me,” he chuckled, peppering kisses on my neck from behind. He placed my feet back on the ground and waddled us towards the fort. “Happy anniversary Y/N.”

“Happy anniversary,” I repeated, climbing into the fort. He slithered in behind me and quickly pulled me onto his lap once we were situated. 

“One hundred days,” he whispered, cuddling me into his arms. 

“One hundred days,” I sighed. “And it’s the first time you got all of the boys out of the dorm.”

“I had to buy them all movie tickets,” Jongdae sighed. “Do you know how much eight movie tickets cost these days?”

“What movie did they see?” I asked, lifting my brows. 

“The longest one I could find…we have approximately two hours and eight minutes,” he chuckled, nuzzling closer into my neck. 

“I love you Jondae,” I giggled, taking his head in my arms. I paused for a moment, realizing what I had just said. Jongdae’s head sprang up and he looked at me blankly, his eyes searching mine. 

“You love me?” he whispered. “But…but…why?”

“Why?” I said breathlessly. “I tell you I love you and you ask why?”

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. “I love you too, that’s obvious, you should know that, but why, why do you love me? I’m such a pain…and I’m gone with schedules all the time…and”

“Hey,” I whispered, taking his face in my hands. “Have you ever made out in a pillow fort?” 

“Well, no…” he muttered, his thoughts still speeding through his head. 

“Well, I would love to kiss you,” I said quietly. “Because I love you so entirely, that that is all I think about constantly. Kissing my beautiful, talented, caring, intelligent boyfriend.” 

Chen looked down, a small smirk on his face. 

“Look at me,” I whispered. His eyes found their way back to mine. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said quietly, emotion filling his voice. 

His lips crashed into mine and sent me backwards. He placed me gently on the pallet we were laying on and angled himself to lay by my side, sliding his hand up to my cheek. He balanced with the other and worked his lips rhythmically over mine. 

I felt his fingers tickle at my hips, causing me to giggle. Chen took advantage of my open mouth and slid his tongue in, halting his tickling only when I accepted the situation and kissed back. 

“I love you,” he whispered against my lips. “God, I love you. It feels so good to say…maybe I’ll just say it non stop until it sinks in that you love me.”

“So, when I call you in the morning,” I said quietly. “And I ask, ‘Hey Chen, do you have any plans for today…your answer will be?’”

A smile blazed across his face as he nodded, “I love you.”

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Hey guys, I just wanted to apologise for my lack of activity on Yu lately… I’ve been playing him for years now, and it’s become pretty apparent that his muse has gone off to frolic with cats in the meadows or something while Joker’s kicks down the front door and demands I pay attention.

So with that in mind, I’m going to put this blog on semi-hiatus. I might still pop in and do replies if I feel like it, but I won’t be starting new threads, and said replies probably won’t be very quick. If you want to get in touch with me, go find me over on lercvolutionnaire. Thank you!

Also, my Di.scord is giratina#3465, but please let me know who you are over ask or tumblr IM when you send your requests!!

Braids (Bucky Barnes)

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Character: Bucky Barnes

Words: 269

Warnings: None

Request:  Hi could you pretty please write a Bucky Barnes imagine about the reader braiding his hair while he’s asleep and he wakes up and idk something happens (you’re the creative genius) please and thank you!! Xx

A/n: Hey everyone! I havent been able to access this blog for some reason until now! My tumblr has been glitchy and deleted a lot of messages for this blog and my main blog. Sorry for the lack of updates~

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let's be real, we need a shuri.

the indie world is severely lacking a shuri. tbh lacking all the amazing characters of the black panther world. but i need t’challa’s sister in my life to do all the sibling things with. anyone who picks her up has the rights to kick his ass & he’ll buy her weapons or tools to make weapons. psst i’ve also been dying to do a siblings AU where both of them is a black panther tag team. the world isn’t ready for that but i surely am.

Bts reaction to their idol s/o writing a song about them.


How Would BTS react if their s/o (also an Idol) writes a Song about them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would perform this Song live at an award Show?


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“This song goes to my amazing boyfriend Jin” you say into the microphone during one of your comeback stages. Th lights dim and he watches as a spotlight falls onto you and your eyes scan around until they meet with his. A smile falls on your face as the first few beats of the song play through the speakers. He stares up at you with hearts for eyes and you radiate elegance as you stand up straight the dress flowing down your body. The light emphasising all your curves which Jin loves. He has never seen you more beautiful and his heart was dying watching you sing a song for him.


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He picked up the notebook that you left in his studio after sitting with him and writing knew songs for your comebacks. He admired how beautiful you looked while writing and always wondered what you were about as you had told him that most lyrics are private that you don’t intend to release. You had left it open on the page which you were writing on and Yoongi couldn’t help but read through. His heart fluttered when he read the small writing in the corner, ‘for Yoongi’. He was drawn to it and read it over and over again.


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He came in to surprise you when you were recording a new song with your group. As he entered the studio all the girls shushed him and welcomed him simultaneously. Carefully he came into view and you smiled at the lyrics which were crafted in such a way that no one else would know they’re about him except for you and for him. His smiled as each word triggered a new memory and it was at the moment he felt the most love for you than humanly possible.


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All the boys had gone to one of your groups shows which mainly idols go to. All the boys sat as close to the stage as possible all quietly chatting about how excited they are to see you perform. Jimin was never for you if anything he sat anxiously staring at the side he knew you would come from. Yet he was shocked to hear your voice echo through the arena. “This song goes out to a very special person. He knows who is” You add with a small giggle before the music had cut in. Suddenly you had walked onto the stage and directly in the middle right in front of the boys. You sang the first verse and all of the boys eye’s had flickered between the two of you watching Jimin giggle and shy away with blush covering his cheeks.


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You were currently working on the dance for your knew song which you had written specifically for Tae. All the girls deep into practising the dance no one realised that your boyfriend had wandered in with food for everyone. Tae listened closely to the song and smiled his box smile as your verse came on and he knew it was about him from the stupid little hidden jokes in there. He had never been more happy in his life.


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He heard you singing downstairs as you were cleaning your house so he adventured down the stairs with a shirt just getting pulled over his head. He lent against the wall and tried to figure out the song that you were singing and ,as he hadn’t heard it before, realised that this song was one your were working on now. Surprised on how good it sounds he listened into the lyrics and heard something about ‘Hope’ and ‘Angels’ and immediately had a suspicion that the song would be for him but the more he listened in he knew it was for him.


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You sat him down wanting this to just be between you and him and tried to concentrate when he looked so confused. You played the music through the speakers you had dotted around your front room and begun singing. His heart was beating so hard in his chest that he lost all ability to talk. When he heard the lyrics his cute little bunny smile would appear as he would shy away at you kind words not before sending you a little kiss.

Sorry about my lack of posts for a while as it has been Christmas so I wish you all a lovely Christmas! also I have been working very hard on the other blog i own with now seven other girls! Most of us have been posting a Scenario every day for 5 days now, all of doing a different group. The scenarios are with Astro, BTS, GOT7, VIXX, MONSTA X, BIGBANG. So please do go check it out.

K-To-The-Pop = Side blog! Also if for some reason you want to talk to me talk to me on there, I’m Admin Kira! Just request and say that it is for Admin Kira and I shall reply :3

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I've been watching your blog for a while and must say it's the coolest thing since absolute zero! Speaking of cold, I noticed a Yuri On Ice post pop up and a thought came into my head. Would a drunk Revali try to pole dance A la Yuri Katsuki? If so, is he successful or does the lack of skin to pole contact mean he just plummets to the floor every time he tries to do a more complicated move? Did someone put him up to it or did he volunteer? Just a thought.

Who knows but I’m laughing imagining him being all confident he can do it and end up not being able to stay on cause he’s covered in feathers lmao

And aaaaa thank you ;//u//;

As if R18 situation CD wasn’t enough here’s a nifty little app for those hard to die male yandere fans out there. ヤンデレ彼女+PLUS (Yandere Kanojo +Plus) is Eternal Software crown jewel and they recently develop yet another yandere theme targeted for female audience simply known as ヤンデレ彼氏+PLUS (Yandere Kareshi +Plus). You can download the app for free at Google Play for Android. Oh and for the record, everything is in Japanese…

Bummer anybody?

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I think maybe no one warned my mother that babies almost always grow up and that when that happens, they almost always make mistakes.

She wanted me so bad; she wanted me so bad I can still feel her iron desire holding my bones in place, so bad that I still feel her pulling me towards the ocean by a thread. 

I don’t know how or why or when I stopped making her happy, but suddenly there developed between us a negative exponential relationship: the more I grew, the less she loved me. The more I changed, the less she tried to get to know me. 

The most painful downward sloping line, the one that threw darts at me with every point slapped on its graph, was the line that showed how the more I needed her, the less she wanted me.

She didn’t want me to be this big, this loud, this angry, this broken. I’m not tender and new anymore; I am her damaged goods. I am her baggage. I am a very sad scar on her belly that has taken twenty years to start fading away.

I am glad she taught me how to walk and spell my name and chew solid foods, and I am glad she kept me safe from Atlantic waves. I am grateful for the guidance she gave me when I was tiny, for the wisdom she imparted in me when I lacked the independence to dispute it.

I don’t wonder if she would still shelter me from the waves; I know she would. I only wonder if it would make her happy to do so anymore.

Hello everyone, I am looking for more blogs to follow since my dashboard has been lacking in posts lately. I am going to follow blue blogs and pastel aesthetic blogs similar to mine with:  

  • simple/pastel fashion, minimal architecture, interior design, photography, plants, pastel k-pop edits

You don’t have to follow me but I will really appreciate if you want to do it! ; w ; Thank you in advance to everyone who will help me ^^ 

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Sparrow! Maybe you can help me. Where's all this new Frozen stuff coming from? Like new scenes and dresses? Is there a short out or something?

A new short is coming out ahead of Disney’s Coco! It’s a movie about the Hispanic Holiday Dia de Los Muertos. The Frozen short is called Olaf’s frozen adventures and it’s a short where Anna and Elsa host a party at the castle for Christmas, but they’re surprised when everyone starts to go home early to celebrate their own family traditions. Elsa blames herself for the lack of family traditions in the castle, so Olaf and Sven go to try and find some new traditions for the girls to try out. ;) I shared the trailer at one point on my @askalittlemagic blog but if you YouTube it it’ll pop up.



YAY! I’m so excited that everyone is enjoying the blog, especially with the new AUs still popping up! So, let’s start the day off with a few announcements!

  1. The “buy a coffee” donate button has been updated with my new PayPal per request from a lot of people. I’m sooo grateful for everyone who’s been donating through this link, and I appreciate the kindness you’ve shown me.
  2. I can’t take AUs without art anymore. I have gotten a lot of complaints from people who want to participate in an AU but cannot due to a lack of designs. Existing AUs without designs will remain on the Master List with a * to signify a lack of art. Please keep this in mind when submitting your AU. EDIT: I WILL BE TAKING ARTLESS AUS AND PUTTING THEM IN THEIR OWN SEPARATE CATEGORY FOR ANYONE WHO WISHES TO NOT HAVE TO SEE THEM.
  3. I will be trying to re-organize the Master List further to make it easier, moving AUs around to better places. To do this, I will be creating a second Master List page and moving links around, so do not be alarmed if you notice a rapid change on the Master List page or AUs suddenly disappearing from it. Once finished, I will link the new Master List in place of the old one.

Last, but not least, the submit box is being shut down temporarily. As some of you know, my husband recently had a very extensive surgery that has kept me away from this blog for a bit of time, and the inbox had flooded in that time to a crazy 600 submissions and asks.

As soon as I get this number chopped down, the submit box will be opened up again! The mailbox is still available for anyone who wants to ask a question or chit chat with me, however!

As usual, I hope everyone has a great day!

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okay but if your a lesbian then why do you care about batman characters like two face coming out as bisexual??? bisexuals = confused heterosexuals lol

ummmm bcos i realize the world does not revolve around me as a lesbian??? and i am comfortable with my own sexuality and want to see that reflected in fiction???

because there is such a lack of bi representation in all forms of media and i know it would be a big deal for many people if two-face came out as bi bcos not only is he well liked by many straight and lgbt+ fans but he’s also a pop culture icon???

and it is extremely upsetting when i see this kind of biphobia as someone who has witnessed a friend almost beaten within an inch of his life for being bisexual so if you follow me pls unfollow me immediately bcos i dont want people with those kind of views following my blog

When We Were 18....
It’s 8:15 when I’m awoken from my slumber by voices downstairs. One voice in particular is one that I have been waiting to hear for almost a year now. Today is the day my best friend, Harry Styles, returns home on a break from his constant touring. He’d been home a few times but our schedules were never right, I was always at uni when he came home.

I can hear my mum fussing over him, asking if he wants a cup of tea for what must be the fiftieth time. We grew up next door to each other so my mum treats him like her own, regardless of how famous he gets.
“Is she just upstairs?” I hear his smooth voice ask.
“Yes hun, I think she’s still asleep but go wake her up I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you” My mum has always, not so secretly hoped for me and Harry to get together. Always hinting that he is perfect son in law material.

I feel butterflies spread through my tummy. Harry and I have always been best friends but the last time he has visited we have been more than that. When he came home last Christmas, we stupidly decided to finish all of the alcohol left from Christmas Day which resulted in us having sex. The worst thing about it was that, to me, it didn’t feel wrong. It should have felt so so wrong, I mean he was my best friend, but it didn’t. He left the next day to head back to L.A and we never mentioned it in our texts.
I didn’t know how things were going to turn out today. Should I just act normally? Should I bring it up? Before I can collect my thoughts, Harry’s footsteps sound up the stairs. I quickly rush to straighten my hair and take a swill of mouthwash. I’m just about spitting it out when he bursts through my door.

“Y/L/N??” He shouts, obviously confused by the lack of my presence in my bedroom.

“Styles!” I pop my head out from my en suite and lay my eyes on him for what feels like the first time in forever. Yes, there’s always photos of him in the newspapers and on the hundreds of blogs that I follow but nothing is like the real thing. His hair has grown out, it’s down to his shoulders now. I like it, a lot. Not that I’d share that information with him.

I don’t have long before Harry is closing the distance between us, he presses his body against mine in the tightest of cuddles. The smell of his cologne intoxicates me and I feel dizzy in his presence. All of the feelings I had last Christmas come rushing back, this is exactly what I was worried about. He slowly loosens his grip on me, moving his hands to my face as if to examine me closer.

“You look different Y/N” He says with a slightly concerned look on his face
“That’s what happens when you don’t see a person in the flesh for nearly a year, Styles. My face isn’t plastered all over every magazine for you to look at when you miss me.” I say pointing to the Heat magazine next to my bed “Plus, I changed my hair” 
A wide grin spreads across his face making him look even more beautiful “Hmm… So you’re admitting you stalk me then? Have you got a scrapbook of cut-outs of my pictures?” He moves across the room, casually lounging on my bed
“No, but I do have one of Niall” I tease back, Harry has always warned me to stay away from the other boys stating that they were not good enough for me. 
He pulls me down to the bed so that I’m sitting right next to him and lays his arm over my thighs. 
“I’ll have to let him know, he will be thrilled” He states and breaks into a laugh.
Although I’m happy to see him laugh, it stings slightly that he didn’t react to the Niall comment. Even before last Christmas, he would have responded with some protective comment whereas now he seemed to give it his blessing.

I tried to shake these thoughts, he was my best friend, that was last year and I wasn’t going to waste my time with him. I refused to let my favourite memory with Harry this year be seeing him in concert alongside thousands of screaming fans. This was our time together.
We spent the next few hours watching Netflix and catching up on each other’s year. It felt as if no time had passed since we were last together.

As the credits rolled from the final film, Harry lifted his head from my lap and reached out for his phone.
“Shit, is that the time?” It was 2:30 am, time passed way too fast when I was with Harry. “I better get going, I promised I’d go out for breakfast with Gem in the morning” He ran his hands through his curly hair and stood up, putting on his long green coat. 
I reluctantly got up from my bed and walked him down to the front door, trying to be as quiet as possible and not wake my parents. 

Harry reached the door first and turned to see me creeping down the last few steps. His face spread into a smile and a laugh erupted from his mouth.
“Shhhh!” I hissed “You’re going to wake up my mum and believe me she won’t think you’re the golden boy then!”
“You’re so cute Y/L/N” An embarrassed expression spread across his face, as if he hadn’t thought before the words slipped out.
“You’re not so bad yourself Mr. Styles” I winked. Why did I wink? What was wrong with me? My cheeks started to burn.
Harry looked down at his shoes. I had made it awkward, I knew it. Why did I have to try to flirt? I moved closer to him to apologise, reaching my hand out to touch his arm.
He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his body, closing the gap between us. Suddenly his hands were on my face, and his lips were crushing into mine. I felt myself melt into him and I began to kiss him back, tasting him once again. My hands ran through his hair, pulling slightly.
I had missed this. I didn’t know how much I needed this. 
His hands ran down my lower back, edging along the rim of my jogger bottoms giving me goose bumps all over.

Suddenly we were interrupted by a noise upstairs from my parents room, with that we broke the kiss. Harry’s hands found my face and he placed two gentle kisses on my forehead.
“Y/N, We need to talk” He said breathlessly. “I have to go but you’ll come to Louis’ party tomorrow?” He asked with a sense of urgency.
“Yes, of course I’ll come but what….”
“I’ll pick you up at 7, so until then goodnight love” He grinned and walked into the cold night. 
I lingered slightly at the door until the cold air forced me to close it. We definitely needed to talk….

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I am very soon finishing off the thing that adolf hitler was destined to be punished with in his next life cycle on earth, but sorta became every newborn’s expected future, School.

Yadda yadda yadda I am physically sick, unhealthy and barely nonfunctional all the time due for the fact I am yet still walking to school in a never ending loop, and I dont get to have any rest of it or a morning without waking up my alarm clocks as clears it’s throat in dutch.

My apologizes for the lack of my activity on my blog, I know my blog is the only reason you go on tumblr, and stressfuly refresh your dashboard in hope a post from me will pop up on your feed, and of course it is also your only reason to wake up to in the morning, but soon enough, I’ll be back with new surprises! which I probably didnt even plan on and have no idea what they would be even… WELLL ANYWAY

I am actually finishing school next week, and…



just go read a book or something

Peace bruhs!!!