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“Good. Because they’re playing Great Expectations at this little theater I found a little while away and I thought it might be fun.”

“You still remember the book? It sounds amazing, Ali. How did you find this theater?”

I kinda just realized something.
Dave was anxious about meeting Dirk because he knew he would be faced with old, traumatic memories with a new outlook and would be forced to at least look at it.
We don’t know what Dirk was thinking (I think?)
That entire awkward sitting and sort of talking was Dave trying to keep himself together and not lash out or breakdown at a look alike who would just be confused and Dirk trying to talk but lacking every skill in the book and wanting to reach out to the closest thing to family he ever had, a history icon, but also not wanting to corrupt and/or hurt anyone else, especially since Dave’s a guy and the only other guy experiences were Jake and Caliborn (and those went swimmingly). Both just wanted less together and more fighting even though that’s not what they wanted at all. It would have just been the easy way out.

There was a lot more in their silence than anyone could read. When they both took a chance and spoke their minds, unbridled, for once, that’s when problems were talked about. With no actual preconceptions, just alternate could haves. Neither is over anything, but hugs heal. They both are real with each other. When they kick Jack Noir’s ass, and they will or so help me, they will be there for each other on a level neither knew existed.

There are NO books on Louise de Kerouaille. There are basically NO books on Hortense Mancini (or Marie Mancini. I would potentially read a book on all of the Mancini sisters but I only care about Hortense and Marie rly)…this is outrageous. Louise lived for 85 years, I think we have enough scope for a book lmao 

I impulse bought 3 books while waiting for the bus earlier today, all queer YA. I started reading one this evening and was struck at how different it was to the books I read when I was figuring out my sexuality back in middle school (around 2005). When I was a tiny queer just coming to terms with the fact that I wasn’t straight, queer YA books were relatively hard to find, at least in my area. I read things like Annie on My Mind, Dare Truth or Promise, Good Moon Rising, and Rainbow Boys. Mainstream, popular books didn’t have queer characters, and the library only carried a couple “gay books.” (I remember sending a check to Amazon to buy a book that had a lesbian character. Asking my mother to write the check and trying to avoid talking about the subject of the book was super frightening and awkward.) The characters in those books dealt with hostile school administrations (threatens of expulsion, for instance), HIV, not knowing any other queer youth or any other queer people at all, horribly homophobic parents, not having a visible queer community, etc. 

But things have changed. It’s only been 10 years, but a lot has happened and that is reflected in the books that are published. Queer YA books actually sell nowadays, and mainstream authors include queer characters. I looked at my goodreads account and besides Aristotle and Dante, which I read earlier this year, the last queer YA book I read was published in 2009, so I’ve got some catching up to do.

But to go back to the book I got today, it includes the following lines:

“At school, there are one or two guys who are out, and people definitely give them crap. Not like violent crap…And I guess there are a few lesbian and bisexual girls…” 

When I was in middle school, no one was out, and the idea that someone could come out in middle school, which happens more frequently now, was foreign. When I was at the public high school, I knew 3 other people who were out at some point during my time there, all girls. One was a senior though, and graduated. Only one of the four of us was vocal about our identity (not me). None of us had an easy time in terms of the social climate at the school. [side note: by this point I knew I wasn’t cis, but the idea that I could have explored my gender identity in such a setting is laughable; coming out as trans didn’t cross my mind until I was 18. I didn’t even try to find books with trans characters, as I basically ignored the fact that I wasn’t cis for most of high school.]

The book I got today also mentions slash fanfic and tumblr, and it makes me think about how when I was figuring out my sexual orientation the only examples I got of queer people were from the few books I could get my hands on (we didn’t watch TV), and none of those characters were out and happy and successful. I think there was a queer couple that came to my church sometimes, but I didn’t know them personally. They were the only queer people I knew of, however. And when people talked about them, they never used the words gay, lesbian, or queer to describe them. There were neutral things like “partner” and “companion.” I also didn’t have access to online communities like Tumblr, as this was in the days of dial-up, and I wasn’t usually allowed to use the internet other than to find photos to use for school posters.

Books were how I escaped the awful things going on, and the fact that I couldn’t find more than a couple of novels that had people like me made me feel alone. I am so happy that queer kids figuring stuff out now can find communities online, and that there is way more representation in books (not enough, but more than there was).

I didn’t mean for this to get so long. I guess my point is that things have changed a lot in the last decade, and I am so happy that I got through it in one piece and was able to (eventually) find a community, and that I also started seeing people like me represented more often.


So, Ned’s collections are shaping up nicely. He needs another 2 promotions before he’s back to where I had him before - except as a scientist instead of an astronaut, this time (oh and his home got a makeover, too, I’ll show it off once I’m finished tweaking it). Ignore the lack of simlish on the books plz I’m still in the process of recoloring those to my liking.

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malec page time was laughable; especially in the first 3 books. Too much of there relationship & feelings took place off page. I know they're secondary characters, but being a secondary character doesn't mean you don't get nil page time. The bits & pieces she provided did not do the characters or relationship justice. She was somewhat salvage by cohf. She actually showed Alec's personality & discuss there feelings and motivations. Other writers have done a better job w/there 2nd characters.

I think Cassie had no choice with the later 3 books but to give the secondairy characters more page time. Doesn’t mean they had more important roles. Malec had proven to be quite populair and she was getting a lot of largerly unjustified praise. 
As a writer I would have made the same choices to include them more, but I don’t think the last three books or the bane chronicle chapters make up for the serious lack of the first three books and even the less serious lack of the last three books. 

It’s on of the reason I’m excited for the tv-show, it would be nearly impossible to provide Magnus and Alec with less storyline than the books did. So more is the obvious outcome. Whether or not I will happy with the outcome will probably be decide by the end of the season, but I always bare in mind that I am not the target group of this show, so the main goal of these writers isn’t pleasing me. (just like I’m not the target group of Cassie’s book either)

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Could you please write a review for Daughter of Smoke and Bone? I couldn't even make it through the first hundred pages, even though I thought the world and creatures were pretty interesting, everything else was just lacking

yes! the book fell flat for me too even though the premise was so intriguing. i wasn’t able to finish it either. i think the plot and romance killed it for me tbh. spoilers for daughter of smoke and bone under the cut.

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But I'm sure Charming knows about sword fighting as well even though he wasn't brought up into it. Have you and him have a sword fight between the two of you?

I never doubted that he did. Only that he is less experienced in it than I am. I have seen him fight his way into the queen’s dungeons, and whilst he is good, there is room for improvement. 

Once. And needless to say, it didn’t go well but in all fairness, my fighting skills were severely lacking in Issac’s book. 

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To the best person on this planet: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool)

I just got this…omg thank

1: People have told me that I’m funny. Being funny is incredibly important to me. I personally think I’m hilarious.
2: I’ve got a fair amount of street and people smarts. (This makes up for my lack of book smarts)
4: My eyes are a really nice shade of green.
5: I like my singing voice. My speaking voice is eh but I have a gr8 singing voice

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Chris Colfer is highly overrated. ...

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

i think he really just need to grow up. and it’s not gonna happen if everyone coddles him and treat him like royality, when he seriously lacks acting range. and his book really isn’t that great. and i hate his voice, but that’s entirely personal and i am aware of that.

so, yeah. i think he can be good (struck by lightning was actually cute and he was good in it) but i’d say he’s quite average.