lack of artistic inspiration

the files on Mrs. Watson.

linda_pizzuti: Mo Cowan and I interviewed Hamilton stars Daveed Diggs and Leslie Odom Jr for the guests before the performance at the EMK Institute gala. They are so. cool.  We talked about the impact of the musical, their careers now (both doing big and cool things as artists), and how they have become advocates for encouraging young people to engage, vote, and create - much like the EMK inst does with its educational programs. They were thoughtful, empowering, and so, so talented. I always leave time with engaged artists humbled (by my lack of artistry) and inspired.

The Photographer And The Lonely Artist  By: ALostHeart 

Caroline is a professional photographer lacking inspiration. Desperately, she sets out to find a muse, only to find it unexpectedly in a lonesome artist who spends his time painting in a park. Between love and friendship, silence and sound, fear and comfort, brokenness and perfection, the two embark on a journey that strives to put together the missing pieces of their lives. AU/AH.