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Wolfstar modern AU, where they meet at Coachella. Sirius, all punk rock, wearing a leather jacket no matter how many degrees it is and constantly rolling his eyes at the lack of metal (he actually likes pop music, but it’s a secret) and Remus, hipster as fuck, with a lot of different sunglasses and and button downs, going around with a small notebook and singing along to every song. Sirius listens to his singing a lot and finally comes to him with, “Your voice seems to be much better than your music taste.” Yes, he is an idiot. Remus doesn’t mind. Perfect.


1988. Battalions of Fear

is the debut album by band Blind Guardian. The album is a raw and unpolished speed metal effort that touches on thrash metal. It lacks many of the stylistic flourishes that would mark the band’s music in later years, focusing more on speed and aggression.

this album is a must for any speed metal fans who want something a little more melodic, or for someone trying to complete their Blind Guardian collection. If you’re looking for some great power metal from this German band you won’t find much of it here, but the power and intensity that defines this wonderful band are present and accounted for, leaving nothing to be desired.

    Hansi Kursch   Andre Olbrich    Marcus Siepen   Thomas Stauch

“Argh! Why does it have a tertiary methylene group!”

My son’s outrage at the lack of realism in Metal Gear Solid 3 is weirdly specific and technical, and misses some bigger points.


Ulrich Ruosch - Geometric Alchemical Diagrams, “Das Alchemiehandbuch des Appenzeller Wundarztes“, 17th century.

Upper figure on the left shows the hexagon within a circle, with emphasis on separation. Each of the six metals has its own body which must not mingle with any other metal, as the six triangles within the hexagon demonstrate. According to ancient alchemical tradition the base metals, starting with lead, will eventually all purify into gold in the interior of the earth.
Upper figure on the right incorporates two of the previous geometrical forms, hexagon and hexagram, and so represents the four elements, out of which everything consists. This figure is a geometrical construction in which, starting from each of the six angles, the four signs for the four elements can actually be read clockwise.

Middle figure on the left shows a hexagram within a circle. Each of the six points of the star is associated with a metal: mercury, lead, tin, silver, copper, iron. Gold, the sum of all metals, is lacking. The metals are made of the elements water and fire, which is also symbolized by the star as the triangle pointing upwards is the alchemical sign for fire and the triangle pointing downwards is the sign for water.
Middle figure on the right contains a hexagon with the signs for the planets and metals, and symbolizes the alchemical opus which must be performed step by step, without skipping a stage. The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn traditionally rule the metals silver, quicksilver, copper, iron, tin and lead.

Lower figure on the left captures all previous lines within it and incorporates them in a construction emphasizing the figure of the cross. By adding three circle diameters, each of the six metals in the circle is directly connected with the others. Rather than the individuality of each metal, this figure emphasizes the equality and mutual affinity between the metals, perhaps even their mutual interdependence.
Lower figure on the right expands the existing lines with six further radii which cut the circular arc between the six angles of the hexagon in halves. What is omitted is the hexagram which was still clearly present in the fifth figure. The addition of the radii emphasizes the rotational character of this diagram, but its meaning is not clear. It might be an allusion to the quadrature of the circle, or maybe mercury (at the top) and silver (at the bottom) are meant to be highlighted with regard to the other four metals, the four of which together enclose a rectangle.

Me flirting: There’s a lack of good Metal Gear Solid 2 merchandise available because it’s the most under-appreciated game in the series, (if not one of the most under-appreciated triple-A titles of all time,) despite the fact that it’s actually a very deep game that builds upon several concepts in social science and postmodern theory; in fact, Kojima drew heavily on several film and literary sources during development, all of which I will now list for you -

The Quiet and the Soft


Just another day, and another little journey for the somewhat, unusual, girl. Skin, or rather, surface, as black as the night, and with a slight metallic gloss to it, the young looking slime wandered the park, unknowing of whom or what she may meet on her journey. She wore a set of matching top and bottom, made of a tightly woven fabric, clearly designed to take to her unique physique without passing through her. Blue in color, similar to denim, in the style of a long pair of pants, and a loose fitting jacket, with a black tank-top beneath, almost blending in with the color of her body if not for the shirt’s lack of a metallic finish, and on her back, a small pack sat with a book and a little box of snacks inside, the bag itself styled after a small blue character from a certain questing video game. A cheerful expression was worn across her face, accented by a pair of azure eyes, and a smile sweet and innocent. She looked curiously in and behind bushes as she passed, wondering what she could find, perhaps a good place to relax for a bit.


I am a little behind on my follower’s gift, but I have good reason… I changed my gift at the last minute to make it moar awesome™. Of course, I had to fiddle with it much more than normal people would^^ It’s not entirely finished, a few quirks in the mesh that I need to fix, but the texture is done :) I’m not satisfied with the 3d- buckle yet, so far it is just a square metal thingy. Lacks a bit of functionality and it bothers me :/
The boots do clip with most jeans and pants. But it’s either this, or a really bulky/wide mesh, or painted-on. I went with a snug 3d-look :)