lack coffee table

A New Beginning

“I know all that we have been through in the past few day has been tough, Enjolras,” Combeferre was saying, “but I really think this will be the most challenging thing we’ve had to do.”

            Enjolras put is head in his hands. “I’m so tired, Combeferre.  I just … I can’t do this anymore.” He lifted his head and looked Combeferre in the eyes. “I thought that after the fight ended, things would be easier but—“

            “I promise after this, we can rest.  We can finally just put our feet up and relax.  We’ve already lost Courfeyrac, I can’t lose you too.”

            Enjolras looked over at Courfeyrac was lying almost completely motionless on the floor.  His service dog, Aramis was lying faithfully beside him.  “He’s already been through so much …” Enjolras’s eyes rested on the bandage wrapped around Courfeyrac’s hand. “He deserves rest.”

            Combeferre nodded. “And we are going to finish this.”

            Enjolras looked back at his bespectacled friend and nodded resolutely. “Let’s do it.”

            “Okay.” Combeferre took a deep breath and lifted up the large piece of paper in his hands and unfolded it. “IKEA, LACK, coffee table, black brown assembly instructions.  Step one … okay, what I can decipher from this picture is that we need the flat piece and—“

            Enjolras looked around at the parts of the coffee table that surrounded him. “Wait, which flat piece? There are two.”

            “Uh,” Combeferre flipped the instructions sideways. “The largest one because it’s the top and then the other flat piece will go under it at some point.”

            “Okay, got it.”

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