tbh like the biggest reason I love Maggie Lacivi is bec she’s rlly well written and well done. Like. She goes through a lot of what normal teens do. She reacts to trauma realistically and has abandonment problems which manifest in violent and destructive ways. She’s over her head in almost ever aspect in the situation with Gil but doesn’t back down regardless. she pursues things and gets stuff done, even if it hurts other people. I like her because she is written like a realistic teen who’s gone through trauma, hurt, and heartbreak and reacts realistically. 

Okay I couldn’t resist not doing the Ava’s Demon crew in one of those haunted house memes lol. I will try and finish this in Photoshop buuuuuut life is insane for me these days and I barely get any digital crap done. ENJOY PEOPLE OF TUMBLR!


  • Wow, titan must have spent extra time on you, because you are a Ti-TEN
  • Will you strate-GO out with me
  • The universe won’t be the only thing I hold in my mouth
  • I want you to Maggie La-SEE-DEEZ NUTS
  • Are you florem mortem, because you are SMOKIN
  • I want you to be the scraggly neckbeard to my gross nerd boy
  • I call myself Ava, and you are Titan’s sword, because you pierced my heart
  • Damn, bae, you are nevy ner-FINE