Things I wish I learned in Sex Ed.

1. All labia are fine. There is not such thing as “freaky labia”
2. Your vagina takes care of itself, warm water is fine to clean.
3. The clitoris is a magical thing
4. The best way to understand your genetalia to poke around a bit down there, your vagina wont bite.
5. Whatever you decide to do with your body is OK.

What I learned in Sex Ed.
1. The vagina is shaped like the Chicago Bulls
2. Sperm will find you.


sex+ with laci green (part 1/?)

“OHAI! I’m Laci, 24 yo peer sex educator & YouTuber from San Fran. I make videos to help people learn about sexuality & bodies so they can enjoy them! I like to make people laugh and think, preferably at the same time. You can read more about me & my work here.”

“I don’t mind being friends with gay guys if they never hit on me”

“I’m pretty sure everyone that’s bi is just confused”

“Lesbians have it easiest cause guys think they’re really hot”

I keep seeing this gif of lacigreen

and I just want to punch her in the face so fucking bad. Not because of “internalized misogyny” or because she calls herself a feminist. Let me explain.

My father broke up two separate marriages with his infidelity and I was one of the children in both of those families. I’m willing to bet Laci wasn’t a child of divorce (let alone two divorces) and didn’t experience the emotional pain of home-wrecking from a child’s perspective. I bet she never had to wait up at night when she was sick to see if her father was coming home from work to take care of her, or if he was staying out with some random floozie. I bet she was never physically threatened, as a 14-year old girl, by her father’s side bitch for being concerned about the well-being of her family. “Wrecking homes” actually wrecks families and is hell for everyone involved, except, of course, the home-wrecker.

What really worries me the most is how many young girls look up to these “feminists” who have no respect for the people around them. Laci Green is showing those young girls, through talking so smugly about destroying three families, that it’s empowering to ruin what someone else has for your own selfish sexual desires.

To me, Laci is no better than the whores women who have been sleeping with my dad through his marriages, knowing he’s a married man with children. I have zero fucking respect for this cunt.

I know she won’t respond to this, even if this does manage to make its way to her dash (I’m not getting my hopes up), but I feel like this is something to spread around a bit. Home-wrecking ruins lives, this is absolutely not something she should be glorifying.


Women on YouTube - VidCon 2014

For anyone who wasn’t able to attend VidCon or missed seeing the panel live, here it is online! 

It was so, so brilliant and absolutely worth the watch. 

If only everyone who engages with the YT community would take the time to listen to what these women have to say, it could change so much for the better.


I used to cry after sex. So this is why. Good to know!! 


Fighting Sexism on YouTube - VidCon 2014

Hell yeah! (Thanks to elprofealexaral for linking me to the upload and Adam for filming it)


Signal boost this shit.


Sam Pepper Exposed - lacigreen

Laci Green & Dr. Lindsey Doe together after #Vidcon’s “Fighting Sexism on YouTube” Industry panel. Laci had been part of the panel (which was brilliant), and Lindsey had been sitting behind me. Given their shows (Laci makes a show called Sex+, Lindsey is the face and expert of Sexplanations; both shows are amazing and informative), I couldn’t let the chance to get them in a photo together slip by. #Vidcon #Vidcon2014 #LaciGreen #LindseyDoe #Sexplanations #YouTube #latergram #Nerdfighteria

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I’m briefly on MTV’s Braless where trans men and passing trans masculine folx explain male privlege.