Things I wish I learned in Sex Ed.

1. All labia are fine. There is not such thing as “freaky labia”
2. Your vagina takes care of itself, warm water is fine to clean.
3. The clitoris is a magical thing
4. The best way to understand your genetalia to poke around a bit down there, your vagina wont bite.
5. Whatever you decide to do with your body is OK.

What I learned in Sex Ed.
1. The vagina is shaped like the Chicago Bulls
2. Sperm will find you.


I’m briefly on MTV’s Braless where trans men and passing trans masculine folx explain male privlege.

I keep seeing this gif of lacigreen

and I just want to punch her in the face so fucking bad. Not because of “internalized misogyny” or because she calls herself a feminist. Let me explain.

My father broke up two separate marriages with his infidelity and I was one of the children in both of those families. I’m willing to bet Laci wasn’t a child of divorce (let alone two divorces) and didn’t experience the emotional pain of home-wrecking from a child’s perspective. I bet she never had to wait up at night when she was sick to see if her father was coming home from work to take care of her, or if he was staying out with some random floozie. I bet she was never physically threatened, as a 14-year old girl, by her father’s side bitch for being concerned about the well-being of her family. “Wrecking homes” actually wrecks families and is hell for everyone involved, except, of course, the home-wrecker.

What really worries me the most is how many young girls look up to these “feminists” who have no respect for the people around them. Laci Green is showing those young girls, through talking so smugly about destroying three families, that it’s empowering to ruin what someone else has for your own selfish sexual desires.

To me, Laci is no better than the whores women who have been sleeping with my dad through his marriages, knowing he’s a married man with children. I have zero fucking respect for this cunt.

I know she won’t respond to this, even if this does manage to make its way to her dash (I’m not getting my hopes up), but I feel like this is something to spread around a bit. Home-wrecking ruins lives, this is absolutely not something she should be glorifying.

So a friend I have on facebook posted this last night and I have been arguing against it all morning. I explained the implications of calling a woman a slut and not to my surprise mostly women were fighting against my points. It’s just so messed up because women calling other women sluts only makes it ok for men to call women sluts.

So this is the majority of my points:

“I guess I really disagree with this whole concept of slut. I don’t even know what defines a slut. I also disagree that women that "sleep around with men” have no self respect. I know plenty of people who don’t sleep with anyone and have no self respect. How many people a person has sex with does that equate to how much self-respect a woman (or person for that matter) has. I wish people would stop assuming that a someone’s sex life relates to how they perceive themselves. Also she just may like sex. What’s wrong with that? Sex is fun and I don’t see why they can’t choose what to do with their body without people’s ridicule. As long as it it’s safe than why do we put ourselves in it? It’s their personal sex life"

Then someone told me I should quit facebook so I didn’t “have” to see this stuff (like it isn’t everywhere…)

then I put “I like seeing people’s viewpoint and I like fighting back against the sex negative culture and slut shaming. I don’t want to hide. I know this is everywhere and that is sad to me but I’m not about to bury my head in the sand. There are also many who do agree with me and I hope when I have children we will live in a more sex positive world.”

These debates are great even if I’m out numbered. I am finding my voice and what’s important to me.  I feel passionate about something and I want to continue to share my voice and hopefully this will help me realize my place in the world. 

If you don’t respect sluts, you don’t respect women"


Also one of the women made this about how people cheat on each other and the only way to ensure people wouldn’t would be with encouraging slut shaming. Still have no idea where she was coming from.
The Sam Pepper Controversy & Women Vs. Women

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? First, let me just say that yes, I’m a Youtuber. I have a modest following but am within the Youtube community enough to know that I have a voice. I have a platform that can be used for social change, not just sponsorships, collabs, goodies and tons of followers. There’s more to being a Youtuber than epic meet & greets and teaming up with huge companies. There’s a chance to make a change. There’s an opportunity to help others. So, I’m taking that chance. I’m seizing this opportunity. Here we go. 

Sam Pepper’s recent “prank” videos and subsequent “reveal” video demonstrate something about the culture of sexual assault on Youtube today. Think about how many prank videos you’ve seen where people have been physically violated and it has been laughed off as a joke. Their discomfort and obvious disapproval has been ignored and deemed “funny.” So many Youtubers have become so bold with their raunchy methods for the sake of views that now we have this situation in front of us. This Pepper situation…which I’m still salty about, by the way. 

Because we have been so passive about the obvious inappropriate assaults in the past, some Youtubers feel the need to push the button even further. Imagine if we spoke up about his past videos (where he handcuffed himself to women and wouldn’t uncuff them without a kiss, where he randomly kissed girls while interviewing them) with just as much outrage as this video. Imagine if we used our voice after the first red flag. By no means, are we to BLAME for his blatant disregard of others and their bodies. But, what I’m trying to say is…we can’t change this man. We can look within ourselves and figure out how we can prevent this from happening again in the future. 

So…call people out! Call out a Youtuber who is exploiting people for views! Call out anyone who resorts to such heinous tactics in the name of comedy. Not after their second offense, third offense or fourth offense. Call them out after their FIRST offense. Any red flag you see? Just speak up. Be vigilant, be assertive and be civil.

Take ownership of the fact that you have a voice. What I mean by that is..don’t expect someone else to speak up for you. You have been given a mind of your own and voice of your own. So in the wake of such awful actions, your silence speaks volumes about your indifference. You don’t have to be a victim to speak up. Using your voice and saying “This is not okay and I do not support this” makes a world of a difference for the victims, the community, and allows the person responsible to know that they ARE being held accountable, even by those who are seemingly “unaffected." 

Okay, now to address something that has been heavy on my heart regarding this whole Pepper situation. I have seen some tweets from fellow Youtubers who have tried to defend Sam and it’s honestly made my blood boil. I’ve even seen a post attempting to claim that what he did was not sexual assault. Okay, here’s one definition of sexual assault for you: 

” Sexual assault, a form of sexual violence, is any involuntary sexual act in which a person is threatened, coerced, or forced to engage against their will, or any non-consensual sexual touching of a person

Okay, so I italicized and bold(ed?) the part that needs your attention. Any non-consensual sexual touching of a person. NON-CONSENSUAL. So, by that standard, every single butt-pinch in that video was assault. Those girls were visibly uncomfortable and people have the nerve to say it’s not technically assault? Go to technical school with your "technically” loving technical ass. The nerve of some people. Women! I’ve seen a grown WOMAN write a post stating that pinching a butt is similar to pinching an elbow and that society has sexualized the butt to mean more than what it is. I literally had to pray for strength to get through that post because the desperate attempt to create a unique but baseless dialogue was so painstakingly obvious. 

As for the multiple accounts from young girls claiming that Sam has assaulted them, stop blaming them and shaming them. It breaks my heart to see that so many women are spearheading the hatred in the comments of these confession videos. As women, we are supposed to support one another and encourage one another. Yet, I see girls shaming each another and saying things like “She was asking for it.” “She shouldn’t have texted him back”… So easy to blame while standing on the sidelines. Please stop trying so desperately to be a part of this “hipster anti-mainstream” clique that you forget your morals in order to stand firmly amongst the minority. In this case, the minority view is that this video was not sexual assault. If you are so obsessed with being the anti-majority that you compromise your morality & values, I feel incredibly sorry for you. 

Now, I already know that I’m being too vocal for some people. I should be diplomatic and understand that I’m pointing fingers at fellow Youtubers that I should be trying to kiss ass to. But see, no matter what field I’m in, and in this case it is the Youtube industry, I will never ever compromise my beliefs for the sake of personal gain and career growth. I have enough friends. I do not need to keep my mouth shut to make friends or keep friends. I will not sit around and allow people to think that violating men and women is okay. I will not post selfies all day and tweet about the struggles of getting a Starbucks latte while there is a huge social issue residing within the Youtube community.

Finally, I am grateful to those who have spoken out about this issue. Some big Youtubers, guys. I mean, Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, Laci Green, the list is pretty impressive and long. I’m thrilled to know that there are courageous leaders within the community that are using their platform for the good of others and the community, not just themselves. I’m also thrilled to discover that there are efforts to create regulations for Youtubers to follow in order to keep Youtube a safe and positive environment. Sam’s been dropped from Collective Digital Studios and has been banned from future conferences. This is a step. A step towards accountability and a huge, huge step for the Youtube community.  So while there is so much that need to be done, there are little achievements we can acknowledge and appreciate that have stemmed from this incident. 

It takes one voice to start a conversation but many voices to strengthen it and keep it going. So, use your voice. Speak up and speak out. & for God’s sake, if you’re a woman reading this, support your fellow sister. If you’re a man, support your fellow human. Be kind, be smart and be considerate. Love you for making it this far. Until next time. <3


This is important. 

Still can’t get over the fact that lacigreen did an entire video about racism in America but then completely excluded Native Americans from the discussion. Like they don’t make up like 2% of the country’s population as a direct result of genocide or anything. 

EDIT : She responded to me on Twitter basically saying her video was strictly about anti-black racism but still doesn’t see the problem in discussing racism in America but failing to mention the people who were wiped out to the point of near extermination because of it. Maybe one day I’ll come to terms with the fact that it’s silly to expect white people to give a damn about Natives.
Hey.... hey you....

I am so! so! so! excited to see one of my idols, Laci Green tonight. I am so proud of my friends over at the NDSU Woman’s Activist Organization for all the hard work they did. Can you believe their club is only pushing two years old? Not only did they bring such a sex positive and inspirational person to our dinky little town, but they have have become role models for what it really means to work hard and stand up for issues you believe in. 



“When I say virginity is bullshit and socially constructed do I mean it’s not really a real thing that affects people? Of course not. What I am saying is that to me is that I don’t think it should be. And I think about the way I was taught to think about my "virginity” and to think about other people’s “virginity” as a measure of their value to think of penis and vagina sex as some kind of special magical sex that has the power to change you more than any other sexual act… when I think about how that title has so much power it pisses me off. I would argue that we shouldn’t use virginity as a status symbol…. And instead of saying “losing your virginity” I like to call it “your sexual debut”.“

I can not explain how much I love Laci Green but she is fucking fantastic.