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memory found || stiles stilinski

word count: 4242

warnings: season 6 spoilers, mentions of sex, light swearing

prompt: part one of this imagine

author’s note: yeah, so i got just a little carried away with this tbh. i really liked the idea of this imagine and i am really happy with how it turned out. also, THAT SEASON 6A FINALE! AM I RIGHT?? anyways, enjoy this imagine and feel free to make requests!


By definition, Stiles and Y/N were friends with benefits.

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my great comet experience (act i + intermission)

okay so I wrote a lot so it’s gonna be split into two posts and I’ll edit this and provide a link to act two!


- So where you stand in line waiting be let in (and where you pick up your tickets) is decorated in Russian propaganda to make it look like a war bunker/safe house! And on one of the doors it says “strobe lights and haze!” (a pre warning for the show I believe?) with a hammer and sickle underneath it

- the theater is so beautiful

- decorating the walls were tons of russian paintings and my god it was absolutely stunning
- okay so the lady who showed us to our seats was hilarious!!! My mom and I spent a good chunk of our time before the show talking to her- her name was Marylin! She was a cranky old lady who took her job so seriously but hey, she’s quick and efficient and I liked her!
- okay so Brad Giovanine came around with dumplings and was like “who wants dumplings!” and honestly, i don’t think I’ve ever shot my hand up so fast

- i was the first one to get a dumpling in my section,,,,i feel blessed
- Brad came back around and started telling us about the strobe lights and all!       But the other cast member who was talking the section in front of me was all:
  “if strobe lights bother you then just close your eyes!” *closes his eyes* still to bright? *covers his eyes with his hand"
- when the show started war sirens aired and it was such aN AMAZING TOUCH MY GOODNESS!!!!
- And then the announcer with a deep Russian accent goes: “ladies and gentlemen, attention please! Cellphones!”
- Cast: NYET!
- announcer: texting!
- Cast: NYET!
- And one guy who was sitting in the section in front of me STILL had his phone out???? Even when the cast in my row pointed to him!!!!!
- Announcer: googling?
- Cast: NYET!

- Announcer: tweeting, photos, videos!

- Announcer: no talking during the show! Violators are moved to security guards and KGB. Repeat offenders are sent to Siberia.

- during the sick accordion provided by Pierre there’s a heart wrenching ‘NO!’ from Natasha as she’s seeing Andrey off to war
- Andrey gives her a golden necklace and places it around her neck before going off through #the door
- “what about Pierre?”

- “I used to be better” he’s so upset with himself and who he his
- he’s so sad and he hates himself and I love Pierre so much
- “I’m married but not in love” the light shines on Hélène who’s looking down at him
- “he is charming! he has no sex!” the ladies dance around him in a circle almost as if they’re making fun of him :-(
- “you empty and stupid, contented fellows, satisfied with you place!” he makes a sharp turn and practically jabs his finger at Anatole
- he just wants to do more and be more and do SOMETHING with his life I love him

- Natasha and Sonya are dressed in pretty white coats and hand warmers I love them
- Grace McLean played such an amazing Marya, she looked to happy to see them
- “then a game of Boston, and you’ll read to me while I knit!” Natasha and Sonya look so,,,,shook and ‘no thanks’

- those in favor of keeping Mary away from Prince Bolkonsky and loving her forever say 'I’
- As Bolkonsky is yelling at Mary she shrinks away in fear and is shaky
- Andrey’s father was hilarious (minus the yelling at Mary part
- “Everyone enjoys me” and he nods to an audience member
- when he pats his powdered wig powder flies in the air ajdbdkdbdk
- Abskdbdk this man is so shaky as he wobbles about the stage
- And his servant,,,,honey I’m cackling he’s shuffling around the stage, bent over in the shape of an L

- Natasha’s 'hello’ to Marya is too abskdbdkd the way Denée delivers this line is so humorous
- “says the mean old man in his underthings!” I cackled
- as Natasha tries to leave, Marya follows her about the stage :-( she just wants a friend

- natasha misses and loves Andrey so much I cry
- the blue is so beautiful Denée is so beautiful I love her and her voice
- the fake snow is such a nice gentle touch
- Standing at the bottom of the steps, Andrey is reading (I’m assuming) Natasha’s letters and looking off in the distance, probably eager to get to her
- Close to the end of the song, Andrey starts to walks off and Natasha chases after him before coming to a stop
- At the end she positions herself next to an audience member and says “maybe he came today and he’s sitting the drawing room, and I simply forgot” :-( she misses him so much
- but that doesn’t last for long :/

- when Sonya and Natasha do the candle in the mirror and Natasha sees a man lying down, she looks away, but the ensemble member that’s holding the mirror, follows her for a moment. Excellent touch
- after Marya finds out how rude Bolkonsky was to Natasha she got SUPER angry and stormed off
- and abskdbdk as Natasha is getting undressed, Hélène walks in and it’s gay time

- Natasha is so shy and blushy when Hélène compliments her it’s so cute
- for a little bit Natasha struts around in Hélène’s green coat and she looks so tiny in that big furry thing my goodness
- When Hélène says “you will be the prettiest there” Pierre nods
- When Hélène takes off the necklace that Andrey gave Natasha, and replaces it with her string of pearls, she dumps Andrey’s necklace on Pierre who fiddled with it and is like “what am I supposed to do with this??” until placing it on his desk
- “She knows that I’m engaged, yet she talks to frankly, so it must me alright :-)” my mom called Natasha a dingbat and I snorted

- “Natasha smooth your gown” she looks so offended when they say that, my poor girl!!
- I’m not sure what it symbolizes (or if it’s just part of the outfit), but as Natasha is saying how she’s not a little girl anymore, she puts on some lacey white gloves and they’re so pretty I love Denée so much I’m so gay
- okay let me just take the time to say just how much I love Dolokov???? I’d let him assassinate me
- before offering his hand for an audience member to kiss it- he kisses his own hand ajdbdidbdk, and then kisses her hand
- “-Pierre the cuckold sits at home, the poor man!” from his desk, Pierre does a 'raise the roof’ motion before saying that he’s enjoying himself at home
- Natasha is so enchanted by Hélène before Marya comes over and talks about Pierre before pulling Natasha away and brushing away Hélène
- The satanic hooded figures??? A mood. The strange performers??? A big mood
- Natasha’s response to the opera was hilarious ajsbdkfn first she’s roasting it then she’s praising it saying it’s the best thing ever
- When Anatole enters through the door striking in different poses with the bass I nut right there right in my seat
- Andrey’s guts spilling out is a good representation of me nutting over the intensity of this song


- first off Anatole is a soggy crocodile and needs to stay away from Natasha >:-(

- Natasha is feeling herself when she knows Anatole is enchanted with her
- “when looking into his eyes I am frightened.” Natasha them kinda runs away from Anatole to try and regain herself
- abskdbfkfbfkfbf kkay when Anatole grabs Natasha and kisses her on the neck, it’s so loud wtf it was a real deal kiss like, I bust a nut for that shit
- when Anatole takes Natasha’s flower she looks so offended like girl!!
- Anatole and Natasha’s kiss was,,,,,w ow

- so many strobe lights. so many colors. so amazing!!!!!!!
- the ensemble was amazing oh my goodness
- Grace McLean in the suit and the whip………dare I say…….mommy
- when Pierre refers to Natasha as 'dear andrey’s betrothed’ Anatole shrugs and makes a 'yeah, sure, whatever’ kind of face while doing the so-so motion with his hand
- “ I have known her family for years, and long carried affection for her” he puts his hand over his heart
- when Anatole asks for 50 rubles Pierre coughed up a wad of cash, hands Anatole 50 and just leaves the rest (which is way more that (50 rubles) in his other hand, only to have Anatole take the larger sum of money from his right hand !
- again,,,,I love Dolokov he just saunters on in with a tray of glasses and starts pouring drinks
- some (most?) of the ensemble had those light up bottom sneakers and were dressed like teens at their first rave it was cute!
- pierre was drinking through the first good couple lines of it and he’s a funny + sad drunk
- when Pierre is proclaiming his 'I used to love I used to be better!’ the demeanor in which he shouts it is so heartbreaking and hélène’s response is so twisted and gnarled
- Dolokov is feeling all up on hélène and then they kinda made out and pierre EXPLODES
- After Pierre realizes that he’s actually hit Dolokov he looks absolutely
- during Dolokov’s turn to fire at Pierre, Pierre stand there arms wide open, head hanging low, waiting to be shot, and when Dolokov fires and misses, Pierre just stand completely still for a good couple moments, before realizing he’s alive
- Anatole is so fucking andkdbdkbfkf as he’s saying “we love to love another day” he’s like……prancing around aND HE GIVES PIERRE FINGER GUNS until he goes off stage I’m!!!

- I said it once and I’ll say it again: Scott was an AMAZING PIERRE
- When Pierre goes “and if I die here tonight-” he picks up the gun that he used to duel Dolokov with and fiddled with it for a bit, “-I die in my sleep” and my heart broke
- he’s so upset that he just slams down his book when he talks about not knowing a thing
- “was a happiness within me the whole time?” he’s finally realizing that he can be who he wants to be
- “they say we are asleep until we faALL iIN LOOOOOOoOoVVVVE! aaAND II’M SO REEeAADY, TO WAAaaaAAKE UuuuUUP NooOooOOWW” let me tell you I was fucking close to tears
- when the song ended the crowd went crazy it was truly stunning

- i love scott

- “Oh how I adore little girls, they loose their head at once!” Anatole you little nasty soggy crocodile get away from Natasha!!!!!! >:((((
- when Anatole presses Natasha’s arm and she says that he’s hurting her I wanted to bite Anatole’s hand off :/
- the kiss they have is insane like, it felt like it lasted forever like…… they breathin????
- “I love you. how else could we have kissed? How else could this have happened?”
- “I wiiillll loooove youu, Anatoooole,” Denée’s voice……………me? bust a nut? yes.
- Abskdbfkf Anatole does a 'hell yeah! good job, anatole’ face after she says that and I……


- not much to comment about during intermission, i just stretched my legs some and walked to the merch table

- i wanted to buy a shirt but lmao i spent all my money on the ticket 

- when the three minute warning was called, the war sirens sounded and it was so amazing

okay so that was part one of my great comet experience! get ready for part two (act ii and stagedoor)