lacey shadow


Avenged Sevenfold release ‘As Tears Go By’, a Rolling Stones cover. Vocals by our one and only Synyster Gates! 

Not to be missed, Brian gets a little revenge at the end of this video! Finally!

his love
his valor


a narcissus with a golden trumpet
folded as if for a kiss

somewhere in a parallel universe it will be that I will miss
a sweet narcissus,
a porcelain flower,
a lacey trace of shadow,
a pandemonium of beasts
running amiss,
a chaos, a roar, a borealis, a fleur-de-lis
in a silver banner across
vertiginous abyss
absorbing so many voids
and coy voices

I’ll miss him
with a short laugh, with a dismissive wave of a wrist
the very same with which I’ll greet a miss
of the heart of target,
a red eye of the bull—
a feathery hiss,
an arrow is stuck and trembles;
omission; ha!
I am content with this.