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Part ONE// Hate How You Made Me Feel/ Ashton Irwin

Requested : No, You’re the younger sister of Calum Hood, and don’t have a really good past with him only because of your small mutual crush with his older friend Ashton Irwin. After months without Calum or his friends, they return home for good, how will you adjust? 

Word Count : 3k+

A/N : Okay this is my first part of my first story/series/ etc I know that the description has a lot of Calum but i swear this is an Ashton series.. I hope you all enjoy it ! And if you could reblog so more people could possibly enjoy. Thank you for reading loves, and if this first part gets some attention then I will continue with the story.

Parts : one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

I sit in front of my vanity brushing my longish dark brown hair, that matches my dark brown eyes that had hidden golden flecks within them, the two things I always acknowledge when I sit in front of this mirror always being reminded that i’m just a simple plain Jane. Whereas my parents only acknowledge that I’m still breathing and my grades are straight A’s.

I rise up from my seat in front of the mirror and I slowly walk over to my closet, I flip through my choices and settle on a black skirt that settles a little above my knees with a cream colored shirt and a burgundy cashmere scarf. I push my headband a little farther back, and grab my tan Ralph Lauren tote along with my french textbook.

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A/N: Agressive sex, plottwist and me having no idea tf I am doing. You have been warned. This is a smut shot based on the Moon Jongup we see in skydive. This means there will be violent kinks in this smut.
You are adopted daughter and heiress to South Korea’s biggest mobster. He’s married you to Kim Himchan. It is a loveless and fruitless marriage. You have always found his men infinitely more interesting. Especially Moon Jongup.

Only Days prior

“Sleep well, my love, I will be back before you know it.” Himchan leans in to kiss you on the forehead. “Who will you take with you?” You ask sweetly. You silently hope he’ll leave one of the younger men home. “Only Yongguk.” Himchan replies., stuff multiple handguns where ever they will go in his outfit. You humm softly, thinking to yourself about how Yongguk is probably Himchan’s lover. It’s not like you can spite him for it. You aren’t all that faithful either. There is no love lost between you and Himchan.

Himchan leaves swiftly, not stalling for heartfelt goodbye’s. He leaves you behind in your own spacious mansion, probably not suspecting of what happens when he is away.

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Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Pairing: Post-Civil War - Bucky Barnes x OFC

Warnings: Language, some sexual content

Words: 1,052

Summary: Bucky has a hell of a time trying to get his girl out of bed and ready for the day… 

5:15 A.M.

A shuffling of extremities, a sharp inhale through the nose, and Bucky’s arm blindly reached backward across the bed to feel for his phone on the night stand. It buzzed and screamed beneath his fingers, bright white light going unseen as he tapped the screen to snooze their first alarm. Lacey had not moved an inch, her slow in and out breaths keeping pace with deep sleep. Bucky rolled over again, his left arm still trapped beneath her head and the pillow they shared, the other wrapping over her waist exactly as it was before.

He sighed against the back of her neck, kissed the crown of her messy curls, then promptly fell back into exhausted sleep. Two hours was not nearly enough time to recharge after a marathon day running errands, communicating with realtors, packing boxes, more errands, etcetera etcetera, until he was at the brink of snapping off the next person’s head. There is only so much he could deal with when it came to civilian affairs, and standing in line at the bank for two hours just to get a piece of paper signed off on was the very last on his list of things-I-want-to-do. Lacey adamantly disagreed, although she found her patience worn thin by the time they got back to the Avenger’s compound and collapsed on the sofa. Renting an apartment was one thing. Living free of charge at the compound was another, easier option. Buying a house?

That shit sucks.

Of course it wasn’t entirely necessary. Of course they could have stayed there for as long as they wanted without question. However, the profound lack of space was becoming an issue. Sure, Lacey had her own living quarters which was all fine and dandy, but they shared Bucky’s bed every night and - let’s be real – she wasn’t about to give up that luxury. It wasn’t long before her toothbrush made a home in his bathroom, a second towel on the bar, tampons under the sink.

She didn’t intend for her womanly influence to tiptoe over into the bedroom but Bucky seemed to like the little succulent plants on the window sill and never mentioned the addition of a few picture frames and mirrors…also that really cute blanket and throw pillow on his desk chair.

5:25 A.M.

There’s that goddamn alarm again, yanking Bucky out of the darkness with a gasp. At his unexpected jolt, Lacey turned fully onto her stomach. The pillow muffled a groan and her head bounced as he removed the arm beneath it.

“Time to get up,” he said, voice thick and deep with grogginess. Met with a quiet whine and the slow stretch of Lacey’s limbs, she spread out on the mattress. Bucky’s space was conquered by her cold feet and an elbow at his rib. A lazy smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Two things were true about his beautiful girl.

1) She could run circles around every nurse at the ward.

2) She absolutely, positively, without any shadow of doubt, HATED mornings.

He laid there on his back a while longer, letting the minutes slip by far too quickly. Waiting. The next snooze alarm showed on the screen of his phone, easily turned off before it made any noise. A light squeeze on Lacey’s ass had her squirming again.

“Come on, pumpkin. Wake up,” Bucky repeated.


“Lace, if you don’t get up you won’t have time to eat.”

“Eat a dick,” she retorted, face down, middle finger held above her head.

Bucky couldn’t help but laugh even though it was admittedly harsh. Rather than argue he chose to sit up and slowly drag the blanket down to expose her bare ass to the sunless morning. No protests came.

“I’ll make your coffee,” he singsonged to her. It was futile. Every attempt to gently rouse this sleeping beast from hibernation was failing miserably. Time to take evasive action. Bucky reached over with his natural hand to rub along the inside of her thigh, massaging the over-worked muscles until he felt her adjusting for easier access.

“M’not in the mood,” she finally complained, pushing his hand away with a shake of her hip. This spurred him, though, to abandon niceties in favour of slipping a very hard, very cold hand straight up to her crotch. His steely fingers swiped a path through the wetness left over from their ‘extracurricular activities’ earlier in the night. Lacey squealed at his touch, jerking her hips upward off the mattress to settle in a prayer pose. Bucky wasted no time in scrambling to take advantage of the opportunity. He got to his knees and hauled her a full foot down the bed until her backside smacked flush against his pelvis. Hands splayed wide over each cheek, his fingertips dug into the supple skin.

“You know… you’re the cause and the best cure for morning wood,” he grumbled, giving a well-timed thrust of his slowly stiffening cock against her heat.

“Baby, stop,” she moaned, drawing out the words in a pained whimper. “I don’t wanna get up.”

“Love it when you call me baby,” he quipped, ignoring her comment. Lacey replied with another throaty noise when he leaned over to put his weight on her back, kisses landing in a flurry over her shoulders and neck. Finally her stomach sank back down to the mattress, pressed flat by the heavy soldier assaulting her body with affection. “Love how sexy you sound in the morning,” he purred just behind her ear but soon rolled off to the side.  “Wake up, Lace, come on. Gonna be late.”

“Thought you wanted sex,” she questioned with a hidden smile, hoping to at least be able to lay there and let him get his rocks off. She could sleep through that, right? Totally.

Bucky let out a rare, genuine laugh as he stood up, his half-erection now standing proudly in the first light of dawn. “I do but that’s not gonna happen, cupcake. We only got a few minutes.”

“Buckyyy,” she fussed, but the sound was cut short when the stinging spank of his metal hand came down on her rump.

“Get your ass out of bed!” he chided and shook his head with a smirk. It was going to be a long, long day.

Dream Job | Part 2  (Luke Imagine)

Summary: You finally get the job you’ve always wanted, but then you get drunk and accidentally sleep with Luke Hemmings, who you’re about to be spending a lot of time with.

Part 1


“Shit, fuck, shit, fuck, shit, fuck.” This had become your mantra for the past two days whenever you thought about going to your brand new job, that just days ago you had been ecstatic over and now there was a sense of dread that filled your stomach at the very thought of stepping into the studio.

You couldn’t believe how stupid you had been. How could you not have realized you were sleeping with Luke Hemmings, his face is plastered all over the internet and Los Angeles. He was part of one of the biggest bands in the music industry right now, and you could’ve ruined any sort of credibility in the industry by one stupid drunken night.

It’s hard enough as it is to be a girl trying to break in to the production side of things, but now if someone finds out you slept with Luke Hemmings and then got to help write and produce his bands record you would be known for sleeping your way up the ladder even though that wasn’t what happened at all.

These thoughts had been plaguing your mind all weekend, and you had taken to banging your head against things to try and get them to stop, but nothing was working. Lacey was sufficiently annoyed with the amount of whining you had done over the weekend, and couldn’t wait for you to get out of the house and deal with your issues. She was convinced that once you saw him at work everything would just be okay, but you weren’t so sure. 

How could you get past the awkwardness of your one night stand, and be able to get close enough to each other to write about personal life experiences and make good music. When you had brought up those concerns to Lacey she just laughed and told you that you had already been close enough to each other that personal experiences should be a breeze. That had been very unhelpful to say the least.

Now it was finally Monday morning, and you were getting ready to go to work. You had straightened your hair, and put on what you hoped was natural looking makeup, and you were wearing dark high waisted jeans, and a flowy white shirt topped with a black leather jacket, and to make the outfit look a little more professional you paired it with a pair of black pointed-toe heels.

As you checked yourself over one last time in the mirror, Lacey came up to your room and leaped on to your bed, “Damn girl, Luke’s not going to be able to look away from you in that outfit.” She was using her frat boy voice that the two of you had perfected over the years. 

You threw the nearest object you could find at her, which just happened to be a hairbrush, “Shut up Lace.” Of course she had caught the hairbrush, and giggled at how red you were turning.

“I’m just saying Y/N, I would tap that ass.” Lacey replied, before sprinting out of the room while maniacally laughing.

Well, here goes nothing, you thought to yourself as you grabbed your purse and headed out the door calling out a goodbye to Lacey as you left.

You didn’t own a car as you usually just biked everywhere you needed to go to save money, but since you didn’t think showing up to work on a bike with wind blown hair and sweat dripping down your face would seem all that professional you took the bus to the address you had been given.

You knew John didn’t work in a regular recording studio because he didn’t work with bands from the same record labels, so you really had no idea where you were heading, but the closer you got the more familiar the area seemed to look.

When you got to the bus stop that was the closest to the place you were supposed to be heading you realized why everything had looked so familiar. This was the bus stop you had stood at just a few nights ago while waiting for Lacey to come get you. 

Hoping it was just a coincidence and the studio was just near the band’s house, you pulled up walking directions on your phone. The closer you got to your destination, the faster your heart was beating and the more your hands were sweating. 

When you turned the corner onto the street, you groaned at the sight of the same house Luke had taken you to just the other night and when you looked down at your phone you realized that in fact was your destination. Your heart felt like it was about to beat right out of your chest, and so you took a minute to compose yourself before ringing the doorbell.

The door slid open, and standing there was John Feldmann which was a great relief to you. You didn’t know what you would’ve done had it been Luke. He had a big smile on his face, and ushered you inside, “Y/N! I’m glad you found the place alright, you got my email I’m sure about the artist that we’ll be working with?”

“Of course, Mr. Feldmann.” You answered eagerly, following him down a hallway that you definitely hadn’t gone down the other night when you were here. Looking around you realized that the house was incredibly nice, something you had failed to notice the other night as you were distracted, by other things. It was large, and had a very open feel to it with windows letting in the daylight everywhere.

“Please, just call me Feldy, that’s what everyone calls me.” You had arrived in a large living room that housed a large couch that wrapped around in three-fourths of a square and was aimed at a TV that currently had a game of FIFA up on it. As you looked around the room you realized that the band was sitting on the couch, silently concentrating on their FIFA game.

You had done your research to familiarize yourself with the band, and you knew that Calum was the one sitting so that he was facing you with his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he concentrated on winning the game, while Michael and Ashton were sitting next to each other but focused on their phones, and finally your eyes landed on the tuft of blonde hair that was sticking over the edge of the tall couch. 

Your heart began to race again, because as you got closer to the couch more of Luke’s body was revealed and you were having flash backs to the other night. His broad shoulders that you had clung to as you came, his long back that you had run your hands up and down, and his curly messy hair that you had tangled your hands in while he was between your legs. You quickly shook your head trying to rid yourself of those thoughts, and focus on the fact that you were here for work.

Feldy cleared his throat which got Michael and Ashton to look up - Luke and Calum too entraced in their game to tear their eyes away - only then realizing that they had company, “Boys, this is Y/N Y/L/N the girl I told you that I hired to help us write and produce your record.” He motioned towards you.

The two boys, stood up walking over to greet you. Ashton making it there first and holding out his hand, “Hi! I’m Ashton, it’s great to meet you,” he said shaking your hand and smiling at you with a goofy grin that had you smiling back immediately, before motioning at Michael, “and this is Mikey,” he grabbed your hand and greeted you with a smile, “and the two boys over there are Luke and Calum, they’re obsessed with FIFA. Frankly, I don’t understand the fascination.”

Luke had heard what Ashton said, and replied without even looking away from the screen, “That’s just because you suck at it Ash.” Making you giggle, but quickly covering your mouth hoping Ashton didn’t hear, luckily Luke distracted everyone by suddenly throwing his arms up and screaming in victory. “I win again Hood.”

Calum just rolled his eyes, before shutting off the gaming station and walking over to greet you, Luke following behind him. You panicked when you realized that Luke was going to see you and realize who you were, he was just about to turn around and it felt like there was bile rising in your throat. 

You looked down, in an attempt to avoid eye contact, but you had to look up soon enough because they were getting closer and you couldn’t avoid them forever. When you looked up you made eye contact with Luke, and it was like he didn’t even know who you were. His face remained the same, his eyes didn’t even widen in the slightest.

That’s when you realized maybe he didn’t remember you, maybe he had been so drunk that night that he really didn’t remember you. That thought hurt more than you thought it would, you had thought that night had been more than memorable, but you shook it off and took this as a blessing. It would make your job much easier.

After finishing introductions with all the boys, Feldy clapped his hands together, “Alright let’s get down to business then.”

The day had been going by so quickly, and you couldn’t help but love your new job. The boys were so much fun, and you couldn’t get over how talented they were. They had been working on this one song that they’ve been writing on and off again for the past couple of weeks, and had finally gotten a breakthrough today in the chorus. 

You were mostly just sitting and absorbing all of the techniques and the process of how they liked to write their songs, but every once in a while you were able to chime in and you even came up with a main bit of the lyrics for the chorus. You had even been able to forget about all of your worries with what happened between you and Luke, of course that was probably because he didn’t even recognize you, but you would take it.

It was nearing the end of the day, and the six of you were sitting out on the terrace that was next to a pool in the boys’ backyard, they certainly weren’t living the low life in this house, and you were just talking with Michael about what it was like to move from a small town to Los Angeles without anything lined up for you and how it was similar to how he had dropped out of school to succeed in his dreams.

You heard someone suggest that they should grab some beers to celebrate how well the day had gone, “I can go get them!” You offered, standing up from your seat.

You were about to turn around when another voice piped up, “Hold on a second, I’ll go with you.” You turned around to find Luke crawling over his seat to follow you.

As you walked to the kitchen, you admired Luke out of the side of your eye. His beard had grown in a little bit thicker since you last saw him, and he had thrown on a black snapback over his curly hair. His shirt accentuated the curve of his shoulders, and your eyes trailed down to the pair of basketball shorts he had on. 

You quickly snapped your eyes back up to his face when you realized that you had started thinking about what was hidden underneath those shorts, and you were shocked to find that his eyes were locked on to yours, “Like what you see Princess.” Luke said with a wicked grin gracing his face. 

Your cheeks turned red, upon the use of the nickname he had said so many times before in the bedroom. You sped up your walk a little, wondering if he used that nickname on purpose or if he used it on every girl.

You got to the fridge and bent down, rummaging through the contents to find a box of the same beer Luke had bought you at the club pressed in a corner in the back. You quickly grabbed the box, and when you stood up you ran right into Luke’s chest letting out a gasp.

He had one hand on the handle of the fridge door and the other one was on the side of the fridge, effectively trapping you between him and the fridge. He had a gleam in his eye that you hadn’t seen all day, “You don’t honestly think I would’ve forgotten you, did you Princess? I knew it was you as soon as I heard you giggle at my comment towards Ashton. You never told me that you worked for Feldy.”

You shrugged, attempting to create some space between you and Luke by backing up into the fridge a little more, “We didn’t really do much talking the other night.”

He let out a deep laugh, taking a step closer to you and lowering his voice, “I guess you’re right.” His face was getting close to yours, and soon you could feel his breath on your face. “I haven’t been able to get my mind off of you all day, and how amazing your ass looks in those jeans and how when you concentrate hard enough your face looks exactly how it does when you’re just about to cum.”

Your body was starting to heat up, despite the fact that you were currently standing in a fridge and you wanted desperately to press your legs together but you knew if you did that Luke would notice, and think that you wanted this to happen. Which of course you did not, this was a strictly professional relationship. “Luke we can’t do this. I’m at my job right now, and even though I haven’t been working long I think that sleeping with your boss is frowned upon.”

“Oh so I’m your boss now! I think I could handle that.” He said, pressing his body even closer to yours. When you tilted your chin down and leaned away from him he sighed the smirk dropping from his lips, “No one will ever have to know Y/N, and I know you want this too or you wouldn’t be blushing from your head to your toes and continuously pressing your thighs together. So why not just give it a chance, because that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had the other night.”

You tilted your head back up at him, “Me too.” That put a smile back on his face, “But it can’t interfere with my work ever, and strictly sex. No relationship.” He eagerly nodded his head, looking kind of like a puppy who had a treat dangling in front of him, you pushed yourself up on your tippy toes, lucky that you had heels on to help, and pressed your lips against his.

He responded immediately, letting go of the fridge door and slipping one arm around your waist to help you balance while you were still holding on to the box of beer, other hand caressing your cheek as he slipped his tongue into your mouth. His tongue was stroking your tongue, and making you moan into his mouth, while the hand that was wrapped around your waist had slipped down to over your ass.

You were just about to break the kiss apart so you could get the beer out of the way of you pressing your body up against Luke’s when you heard someone calling your names. You pulled back quickly, and darted across the kitchen as far away from Luke as possible and tried to calm yourself down. 

Calum walked in to the room just seconds after the two of you had pulled apart, “Oh there you two are! I thought you had gotten lost on the way, or worse something had happened to the beer!” He put on a horrified face, as though the thought of something happening to his beer was a tragedy. Then he walked over to you and grabbed the beer out of your hands, “I’ll take the precious cargo, you seem nice enough Y/N but I don’t think I can trust you with this quite yet.”

Then he walked back out of the kitchen, and you let out a breath you hadn’t known you were holding and looked over to see Luke in the same position you had left him a few minutes before. “Luke you okay?” You called over to him, snapping him out of whatever trance he was in.

“I’m more than okay Princess.” He replied, sauntering over to you and smacking your ass on the way out of the ktichen.

You thought about the proposal you had just agreed to with Luke, and you couldn’t help the bubble of excitement that had settled in your stomach. This was definitely the best job you had ever had, it even came with a hot fuck-buddy. Things were definitely going to get interesting.

A/N: Things are heating up in the kitchen ;) Let me know if you like it, and if you want a part 3 here!!

Part 3

Title: Love is Blind
Words: 4287
A/N: I’ve been working on this for weeks now but it’s a rewrite of an old fic I did a long time go ( no you won’t find it probably ) and it’s a gift for my dear friend @arikafd‘s birthday! And I swear I was working on this before that chapter. 

The first day of school, a very important day for new students. It determined your popularity, your cliques, all about the rest of your time at that school. It was determined by your personality and how you dressed really. Lucy had let her mom pick out her clothes, again. Her nurse had been trying to teach her how to decide her own clothes by the different textures. But she wasn’t taking any risks.

It would be hard enough to fit in as it was.

Now she walked, her hand gripping tightly against her mom’s hand, sunglasses glistening from the sun. She heard laughter all around her, people buzzing about…general movement. Much more chaos than her last school had, had.

Layla, Lucy’s mother, whispered gently about watching her step on the door. But feeling her cane tap against the door frame signaled her to take a step up.  This was it, the big moment she had been excited about and dreading. Grip would tighten on her mother’s hand, who of course gave a reassuring squeeze back.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You -- Part I

Open prompt ‘verse! I am going to try to wrap this up on or around Christmas Eve, so you’ve got two full weeks to send in ideas and prompts. I’m going to aim for shorter updates more frequently, culminating in a massive upload to AO3 and FFN on the 24th.

This whole thing was demanded prompted by @betweenpaperpages​ who wanted a Rumbelle version of that Craigslist ad for a bad Thanksgiving date that goes around every year. Cheers, darling!

“You ready?” Neal asked as he put the car into park in the driveway.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Belle replied, pulling her skirt down on instinct, even though she’d expressly chosen it for being the shortest one she owned. “Remember to use the right name this week, okay?”

“Right, Lacey. I won’t forget.”

“You owe me so much for this, Cassidy.”

“Yeah I know. Let’s just get to June and I promise you that your dad will never ask when you’re getting married ever again.”

It was a deal, beautiful in its simplicity and absolutely foolproof as long as they could keep their stories straight. They both had problems with their parents interfering in their love lives – Neal’s dad hated every single girl he’d ever brought home and Belle’s father had been nagging her about when she was going to get married since she was a junior in high school (the man was absolutely grandchild crazy) – and they had hatched a plan to both get their revenge and hopefully make future visits more enjoyable. Belle would attend Christmas as Neal’s new girlfriend ‘Lacey’ who would be every stereotype of Australian bogans that she could possibly pull off, and he would attend her cousin Gail’s wedding as her boorish, unemployed boyfriend and openly hit on the bride – if he could actually have sex with one of her other cousins or a bridesmaid, so much the better.

The only problem now was that Belle was going to have to spend a week at her friend’s father’s house acting as blithely inappropriate as she could manage with absolutely no evident shame in her misbehavior. Hopefully, next time Neal brought a girl home his father would be so pleased she was better than ‘Lacey’ that he’d overlook whatever other defects she had. That was the plan, anyway, but an abstract plan was so much easier than the reality of getting out of a car in snowy, suburban Maine wearing a skirt that barely covered her ass, tights, and knee-high boots. She looked like a prostitute. Not even a classy prostitute, she looked like Julia Roberts at the start of Pretty Woman. She just really hoped that they wouldn’t be leaving the house a lot, because from the looks of the town as they’d driven through it she was pretty sure that she was going to be arrested if she walked through it looking like this.

“Stop fidgeting with your skirt,” Neal said under his breath as he carried their bags to the house. “You look self-conscious.”

“I am self-conscious,” she whispered back. “This skirt was a lot longer in high school!”

“Just remember it’s not you,” he replied. “It’s Lacey. Whatever happens this week, it’s just Lacey, it’s not you.”

She nodded and tried to channel his advice on the quick walk to the front porch. Lacey wasn’t Belle, so none of it really mattered. Lacey was sexy and comfortable with it, she could be loud and brash and demanding, she didn’t care if Mr. Gold – or anybody else – liked her. She could totally do this. It was going to be a lot easier once she had a glass of wine in her hand, though.

Once they were up the stairs onto the porch (which had been a real dicey prospect for her in places what with the heeled boots), Neal stopped for a moment with his hand on the knob.

“You really ready?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “I think I got this.”

“Alright then,” he said. “Let’s go get you drunk and belligerent.”