lacey pants

That’s Right. Good Boy.

Summary: You are Hongbin’s mistress, so you decide to go into his cell and have some fun with him. Based off VIXX’s “Chained Up”.

Genre: smut/bondage

Length: 1812

Requested by Anonymous

I sat at the edge of my bed and listened to the heels clacking against the floor. The sound was getting louder, so I knew the mistress was coming for me tonight. Sighing, I rolled my shoulders back, trying to get the tension out of my body, but I knew it’d be no use; as soon as my eyes landed on her, I’d completely freeze.

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Sorryyy it's late. Patrick Stump Smut Request.

The boys were on tour and I was feeling terrible, it’s been months since I’ve seen Patrick, we video chat when we can, I send the odd text but it doesn’t stop those ‘needs’. We’ve had fun over the phone but it isn’t like the real thing.
“Hey baby, how are you doing?”
It was so nice to hear his voice again
“I’m okay, I miss you so so so much though… and yeah pretty frustrated sexually”
“That’s it, I’m booking a hotel round the corner and after my signing your coming over! You won’t be able to walk afterwards Miss y/l/n”
My insides started to tingle
“Ok Mr Stump”

Yes, I was so fucking excited.
I went to our bedroom and found his and my favourite underwear. A cute black pair of lacey pants with a bra to match. It constrasted against my skin which is covered with bright, intricate tattoos and my dark hair fell perfectly down my back.
I put on some light make-up and perfume. And just a rain coat and heels with nothing but my underwear underneath.
I grab my car keys and started driving. It was a good 3 hour drive over but I didn’t care if it meant it could touch him again.
I pulled up at the hotel and let the vallet take the car.

After checking my hair and applying lipstick I walked to check-in, it’s actually quite fun wearing nothing but underwear and a coat.

“Hello, um, reservation under Mr P Stump?” I ask tapping on the desk eagerly
“Mr Stump has gone up to the room “This is his girlfriend am I okay to go up?”
“Yeah, he said you were coming ‘y/n’ right? here’s your card”

I ran so fast up those stairs I nearly broke my heels.
I found the room. Ran in and took my coat straight off.
But I couldn’t see Patrick…
There was a knock at the door…
“Hang on, I’m not decent”
I shouted in reply
“Good!” And the door swung open and there he was, his short mousey scruffy hair, covered with a hat and a bottle of champagne in his hands.

I ran up to him so fast, wrapping my arms around his neck and covering him in kisses.
“Hey baby, nice welcome” he grinned at me and put the champagne on the side “I’ve missed you so so much, I love you Mr Stump.”
“I love you too baby, nice outfit by the way, I saw you come into the hotel, very very sexy” he winked and pushed me onto the rose petal covered bed.

He climbed on top of me and kissed me deeply, I allowed his tongue entrance and let out a moan as he bit my lip.
“Oh y/n I have missed this so much”
I couldn’t speak so let out another moan.
He started kissing my neck and biting down, leaving marks and he kissed lower and lower down my body.
He unhooked my bra and started kissing my breasts and sucking my nipple gently biting them.
I was moaning louder and getting wetter and wetter.
And from the tightness of his jeans he was enjoying it too.

“Patrick!” I screamed out
“Yes baby keep screaming my name. I want the rest of the rooms to know who I am! And what I can do to you”

He moved lower down my body and started biting my thighs.
“Please baby, please”
“Not quite yet” as he started rubbing my clit in circles with his tongue, whilst gently pushing two fingers inside of me. Get faster and faster, my stomach felt like it was knotting up, I knew what was coming next.
“Fuck Patrick I’m so close”
“Don’t, not yet. You come when I say you can”
He tooks his fingers out and made me suck them clean.
“Well baby if you’re so good at sucking them lets see what else you can suck”
He undid his jeans and pulled down his underwear.
“And this is what I’ve miss” I said as I sat up and looked him up and down.
“Shh, that mouth is for something else”
I climbed on top of him, kissed down his body and made my way down to his member, I slowly started to rub him up and down, then began licking his hard cock before taking him completely down my throat hollowing my cheeks talking him all in.
All I could hear were profanities followed by my name and then I could taste him as he came down my throat making me swallow all of him.
“Good girl” as he kissed, stood up and lifted me against the way
He slammed himself back inside me speeding up rapidly.
“That’s it y/n, come for me”
My walls tightened around me and I came all over him this sent him off again. We both finished and collapsed on the bed.
“Wow, that was amazing, guess we never needed the champagne”.

ripperblackstaff  asked:

How about Rumbelle smut with cane smut, dagger handle smut, honey and yogurt, sperm licking, and tequila shot off each other's body ?

that’s a lot of stuff to get into one fic but I’ll do my best 0.o   …complete with magical semi-plot enjoy!


They had both decided the only way to properly combat the odd waves of magic that kept rippling through town was with alcohol, after books, cuddling, and movies had all failed to distract. Belle’s head wasn’t hurting anymore, though she wasn’t sure which parts of her brain belonged to her and which to Lacey. Rumpelstiltskin was in a similar state, stretched out on the couch and blinking lazily at her.

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