lacey flanking

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It's no longer #poorjo it's now #joistheone. LMAO



like i said before——the only way twisted makes sense is if u look at jo as a walking metaphor for white privilege.

it doesnt matter how much jo bullies, how selfish, how vindictive, how manipulative, how hypocritical—-she always wins. EVERYONE is always worried about HER. the mental, physical, and emotional strife of OTHERS (and i DO mean danny and lacey) exist solely to flank her white purity with their ~*darkness*~

OF COURSE jo is the one! on what planet does a white woman EVER come second to a WOC?! and a black one at that?! PLEASE.

when this show gets cancelled AND IT WILL GET CANCELLED i will laugh merrily with a glass of wine in one hand and a blunt in the other while i soothe my skin in a tub filled with white tears.

twisted aint shit.