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Rfa+ V who have MC who wears sexy stuffs bec she's confident w her body then one day while they are walking in their date someone catcalls her then she's like: "aight *removes earings* honey hold my earings" then proceeds in beating up the cat caller

thiS DEADASS HAD ME WEAK OMG. this is a good request and i’m more than happy to do to it! lmao this is my first headcanon so please don’t like, obliterate me if it’s really bad lololol ~amanda


  • both of you had decided that you needed a day out together, so you planned date night to a nice carnival nearby
  • it was a bit too hot outside, so naturally you dressed appropriately for the weather
  • when you two arrived at the carnival, you guys decided to hit up the ferris wheel 
  • as you made your way there, you walked past some dude who gave a look
  • when you walked past him, you heard his whistle at you and say “damn mami, why don’t you come over here so i can be a man to you~”
  • yoosung froze and looked at the guy angrily
  • you whirled around, glared at him and in a low voice said “yoosung, hold my bag”
  • wait what
  • mc what are you doing
  • you stormed over to the guy and socked him right in the face
  • wow yoosung’s never been so sh ook in his life
  • you started screaming, saying how that’s utterly disgusting to hear from a man and that you’ll beat the shit out of him if you he comes near you again
  • the guy was beginning to get frightened as he held his bruised cheek
  • as you walked off into yoosung’s arms, he kept praising you and telling you how badass that was
  • lowkey wishes he was the one who punched him instead but mc was having her moment of confidence and triumph so he let it slide
  • “that was so cool mc! i didn’t know you could punch like that!”
  • there’s a lot of things you don’t know i could do, babe


  • in celebration of getting the new role, you two decided to go out to a nice restaurant
  • which means you! wearing! a! dress!
  • this dress was a short black one with a low neckline but you loved it so you decided to wear it lol
  • zen loved it also so bonus ;)
  • as you two sat down at your table, you immediately noticed that someone was staring you down
  • zen hasn’t noticed since he was too busy being excited over his new role
  • you didn’t tell him, since you didn’t want to ruin this night with some dumb staring
  • however, the man that was staring at you wouldn’t stop
  • homeboychillthehellout
  • zen noticed that you were somewhat distracted so he asked you what was wrong
  • you were honest and told him how some dude was staring you down
  • zen narrowed his eyes and turned around, looking at the dude straight in the eyes and mouthed “fuck off”
  • the dude stopped looking at you for the rest of the night
  • however when you two were leaving the restuarant, he followed you and came up close to you
  • he placed his hands on your hips and mumbled “let me steal you away from this asshole and take you home with me”
  • you glared at zen, who was looking at the man so angrily
  • as zen was about to choke this dude to death, you held up your hand to stop him
  • as soon as zen stopped, you turned around
  • AND FUcKEd thIS DUde UP
  • you slapped him so hard and started screeching at him, telling him to fuck off
  • “i have a boyfriend and you have the audacity to put your hands on me when i belong to him?”
  • as you pushed him away, zen was cheering you on
  • “go mc! show him who you belong to!”
  • when you walked away with your knuckles slightly bruised, you huffed and held onto zen the rest of the night


  • movies, movies, movies!!
  • you two were so excited to see the movie that zen was in
  • which means you were also wearing your zen merch! you were wearing a crop top (with zen’s face on it) and leggings that hugged your curves
  • as you two were walking around outside the theater for a little bit, you noticed that someone was looking at you and whispering to your friend
  • yes look at me bitch and look how hot me and my gf are
  • the man that was whispering decided to walk up to you and pull you close to him, mumbling how attractive you and jaehee were
  • that’s not what i meant
  • jaehee stared at him in shock and was about to say something until you pushed him off you and started telling him that was he did was completely inappropriate
  • “get the hell away from me and my baehee before i chop your balls off”
  • the man kept making advances to you and finally, you finally resorted to physical violence
  • which means
  • as soon as you roundhouse kicked him, that dude was out
  • jaehee was so happy that you kicked him first because if she did, homeboy would’ve been ded
  • as soon as he was on the ground, jaehee pulled you close and asked if you were okay
  • you nodded and kissed her, telling her that you loved her as a reminder
  • jaehee.exe has crashed


  • WITH HEELS!!!!!
  • jumin had decided to take you out to a nice dinner and you wore a lacey red dress with black heels to kind match with jumin, who was wearing a red tie and black suit
  • damn mr. trust fund kid and his girl lookin flyy
  • when you entered the restaurant, you immediately felt a little uncomfortable
  • since everyone seemed to nOTICE YOU THE SECOND YOU OPENED THE DOOR
  • specifically this one guy who literally was drinking in your soul with his eyes
  • jumin sensed that something was up with you and wrapped an arm around your waist
  • “darling are you okay being here? you seem… tense”
  • you assured him that you were fine and insisted on sitting down
  • you had accidentally dropped your purse when you walked in so you bent down to get it
  • wrong move mc
  • the man who had been staring at you had walked by and slapped your ass, saying how “thick” you were
  • you never stood up so fast
  • and guess what
  • jumin watched in surprise as you started flinging anything you could get your hands on, just to hit the guy who just catcalled you
  • jumin never knew how agressive you could be
  • and it was lowkey a turn on
  • he lead you away from the guy to prevent you from killing him
  • was upset that you caused a scene but realized that it was kinda necessary because the manager heard the commotion and kicked the guy out
  • good job mc


  • you two had decided to go grocery shopping since all saeyoung had was honey buddha chips and dr. pepper he wasn’t complaining though lololol
  • it wasn’t really date but then again it kinda was because everything you did together was considered a date
  • it was also really hot outside so say hello to say hello to strapless rompers :)))
  • the whole time you were in the store, saeyoung was complaining about the heat
  • “shut that mouth boi before you catch these hands”
  • “but it’s so hot mc!”
  • you were in the frozen food aisle getting hot pockets
  • and of course saeyoung started asking pointless questions
  • “will these make my pockets look hot?”
  • “saeyoung no”
  • when you opened the fridge door to get them, you heard someone say “damn lady, you sure got some cake”
  • saeyoung turned around to find a man about his age edging closer to you with a smirk on his face
  • as he opened his mouth to bitch at the guy, you turned around also and whacked the man with the box of hot pockets
  • “if *whack* you *whack* ever come *whack whack* near me bitch you will *whackity whack whack* catch these motherfuckin hands pervert *whack whack*”
  • saeyoung was laughing so loud and shoving the guy away from his mc
  • “go back to whatever rat hole you came from and leave me and my girlfriend alone mofo”
  • as soon as he left, saeyoung gently pinned you against the fridge and started kissing you, mumbling how attractive and badass you looked for rebuffing the guy’s action
  • rip all nearby shoppers for seeing you guys ;p


  • picnic!!
  • you and V had been planning this picnic for a while and since you knew it was going to be a little hot, you wore a short sundress which showed off your legs
  • ur nice legs lolol right V
  • you two were unloading your picnic basket and chattering away
  • as you two sat down on the grass under a tree, there was someone who was reading a book nearby
  • you noticed him before but didn’t think much of it. you didn’t think he’d say anything to you since he was reading
  • before you sat down, the guy started whooping near you, calling you a “lil snack”
  • activate V’s jealousy
  • he stood up to say something but you quickly shut him up by handing him your phone and one of your sandals
  • mc where are you going why’d you give me your sandal
  • with the other sandal, you made your way to the guy and
  • you wouldn’t stop hitting him until he started pleading mercy and V pulled you away
  • V was so amazed and proud he didn’t even think twice about kissing you right then and there
Carmilla Movie Theory

You’ve asked me to tell you a story, to weave you a theory. My inbox sings with your requests to try and jumble everything together. You ask. I’ll deliver. 

Originally posted by loveisweakness-clexa4life

I’ll give it my best shot because there’s nothing I like more than a challenge. We’re sticking to the usual plan of trying to make the most ridiculous but still kinda plausible theory possible. To start us off, here’s what canon information I have to work with.

  1. The Existing Carmilla Mythos - So we naturally have everything from the 3 seasons to work with. You’ve seen the web series. You know.
  2. The Original Trailer - This is the one on the beach that announced the movie. Frankly, I’m curious as to how much of this will actually apply because from my understanding it was put together before they had a script. As a scene, it’s probably cut.  I’m treating the information as canon because I don’t have enough material to be cutting ANY of it.
  3. The New Cast Information - Literally yesterday, we received the names of three new cast members. Seeing as I’m going to make the case that these are all literary references (stay tuned) just their names alone give me info. They are:
    1. Emily Bronte
    2. Charlotte Bronte
    3. The Woman In Black

Now we do our magical conjecture and fun fact building to try and whip it all together into a coherent story. Basically, I’m going to write you a movie because I’m a novelist at heart and a story structure buff. We’re going to try and figure out what we can expect when the movie releases in the fall (?). Buckle up, creampuffs.

 This is going to get 7k words worth of messy from parents to exes to fish gods to old school novellas. 

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Poor Unfortunate Souls (Prince Ben X Reader)

Fandom: Disney’s Descendants
Pairing: Prince Ben Florian X Reader
Word Count: 2, 781
Author’s Note: Reader is Ursula’s daughter (I know she died before she had kids BUT HUSH IT’S A FANFIC), but Ursula has recently died, so she doesn’t have a real family. Jay, Carlos, Evie, and Mal are pretty much her only friends on the Isle of the Lost. Slight, background Mal X Evie!!  <33
Request for the-pastel-galaxies, SORRY IT KINDA SUCKS I SPENT SO LONG ON IT BUT ?????

You frowned when you saw Maleficent ushering her daughter and Mal’s three best friends behind her, leading them to a shiny, black car. You stepped out from the shadows, casting a curious glance at Evie.

“Where are you going?” You asked, your voice low and quiet so you didn’t attract Maleficent’s attention.

“Auradon!” The blue-haired girl responded, and you felt your heart drop into your shoes. What? Why were they going to Auradon?

“Why are you going there? Are you guys in trouble? Do you need me to,” You waggled your fingers, dark violet smoke curling from your pale purple fingertips. “Distract someone?”

Evie shook her head, smiling at you. “No, we’re going to Auradon Prep! Some type of exchange student thing.” She frowned when she seemed to realize what that meant. “Oh no, __y/n__,” She spoke softly, and you hated to see the frown on her pretty face.

You shook your head. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” Would it suck to lose them? Of course. But you wanted them to get off the Isle of the Lost. They would be better off in Auradon. 

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Davina’s (recent) wardrobe appreciation 

◦ tattoo ◦

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pairing: yoongi x reader 

genre: smut (rated m)

word count: 1.9k

❝ a deep red, you’re inside of me… I left a mark on your body❞

side note: this is based off the song “tattoo” by elo. here’s the link if you want to listen to it. enjoy!

“oh shit, y/n” he mumbled as his lips formed a small “o” shape. he placed his hand under your thighs, producing an intense grip. as he clawed into your skin, you cried out, following a soft gasp.

“yoongi, please let me cum”.

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ok lemme tell you about my glow up i just did a wild change from lacey floral dresses and lip gloss to punk crop tops and eyeliner and chokers. what would my boys think of that?

Aw yeah, anon. I love it. Enjoy some quick, cute headcanons! :)


  • The first time he notices that you changed your style he’s in awe
  • Tries to pretend it’s no big deal
  • Fails
  • He keeps trying to compliment your new clothes but he can’t seem to remember how to form proper sentences
  • Be cool, Noct.
  • The opposite of cool
  • He digs it though
  • Totally into chokers don’t fight me on this
  • Tries to help you shop and gets way more into it than he means to
  • “Hey, Y/N, this one’s nice. Don’t you think?”
  • He says one but he has six different shirts on his arm and three chokers hanging from his hands
  • He just wants to help
  • Lowkey misses how innocent you looked in your dresses and lip gloss
  • But he loves your fashion choices now
  • His girlfriend is so badass?? But also?? So soft
  • Likes to trace circles on the exposed skin at the small of your back when you’re wearing one of your crop tops

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Forever LOLing at the idea that Sansa inherited her interest in fashion...

…from Catelyn.

Sansa’s POVs almost always begin with a description her carefully picked-out outfit. She also pays much mind to what others are wearing.

Catelyn details her own clothes maybe two or three times in the entire series. She also rarely go into what others are wearing*.

You know who does mentions what they’re wearing in nearly evey POV chapter? Ned.

You know who’s POV noted what exact shade of green Cersei was wearing when she arrived in Winterfell? Remembered the fine detail of the golden stags Renly liked to embroider in his capes and doublets? Explained to us the modest colours and small mockingbird pin that Littlefinger affects when Renly is teasing Baelish’s plain clothes when really the teasing should have been enough to illustrate that Littlefinger doesn’t like ostentatious clothes, but I guess the details and fabrics of court worth mentioning anyways? Fucking Ned.

Ned kinda thinks dismissively about showy dress, but he that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about fashion. His own personal taste is just more polished and subtle**, which serves the narrative function of highlighting the wasteful pomp of King’s Landing. Someone who doesn’t care about fashion period, probs wouldn’t have noted these differences at all.

Sansa totes inherited her fashinonista ways from Ned, guys.

*[aside: tbh the only time I explicitly remember Cat going into detail about others’ clothes is when meeting Roslin Frey, whom she notes is wearing a fine light blue and delicate lacey dress. You could argue she only even noted this for practical reasons; Roslin is marrying her brother politically and Cat is instantly measuring the Frey’s motives behind this by assesing how well they’ve bothered to present the bride. Cat is actually far more ‘meh’ of the trappings of traditional noblewoman-dom than we give her credit for: she’s not snobby or uncomfortable talking to smallfolk, getting upset at Edmure for not remembering the name of the old village woman who gave them treats as kids. She directly challenges Robb for unconsciously thinking that daughter are less important than sons. In AGOT, she’s all 'fuck modesty’ when walking naked around Maester Luwin (I mean, he delivered all her babies, he’s seen it all so what’s the point of airs???). long aside done]

**(I remember a lotta greys and silvers, but with nifty capes and belts. Smoky chic, ned!)

Almost || Dan Howell

A/N: I don’t know whatever this is, I just felt like writing it… I hope it’s alright

Word Count: 1.2K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by shinyphan

“Is this how you want this to end?” I whispered, my bottom lip quivering.

I looked up into his cold brown eyes in search of any sign of emotion. There was nothing. It didn’t hurt him like it hurt me.

“Maybe this was doomed from the beginning.” I said more to myself than to him.

All my life I had always been the one who loved people way more than they loved me. I was that kind of girl and he was that kind of boy who barely loved people.

I was a hopeless romantic and he was a rationalist.

It didn’t make any sense but somehow, I still fell for him, hard.

He didn’t fall at all.

I saw that now.

A few weeks earlier, I was walking through the busy city centre, carrying a few bags. I was out shopping since my aunt was going to get married next week and I still needed a dress. After having tried on about fifteen different ones I finally found a light blue lacey dress that fit perfectly.

I happily payed for my new piece of clothing before I headed out of the store.

The streets were busy but no matter where I went I always looked for his face in the crowd. He never left my mind, whenever I saw a tall, brown haired guy my heart beat faster in the hope of it being Dan. Most of the time the man I spotted would turn around and look nothing like him.

When I walked into a little local coffee shop after my exhausting shopping day, a little bell rang as I opened the door. It smelled heavenly like cake and caramel. It was a rainy spring day and I was really looking forward to a big cup of hot chocolate

“That will be 10.30” the cashier told a tall, brown-haired boy who was wearing a leather jacket.

My heart was jumping by now. Could it be him?

“Have a nice day.” I heard the guy say in a posh accent and by now I couldn’t avert my eyes from his tall frame.

When he turned around to walk to his table, I was suddenly face to face with Dan.

“Oh hey! Nice to see you around.” he exclaimed and hugged me.

I smiled brightly and hugged him back.

It was actually him this time. Dan and I had met a couple of times through our mutual friend Phil. Since then we used to talk on the phone quite often. We had never met up without Phil though and while I was sure that I had feelings for Dan, it was highly possible that I was just a friend in his eyes.  

I still had hope though and when he asked me to sit down at his table my heart was smiling.

We talked for about an hour before Dan had to leave and we kept in contact through texts after.  

Phil did invite us both over a couple of times but Dan never acted like I would have expected him to act. We had been talking to each other on the phone for nearly half a year and still when we met in person I was like a stranger to him.

The thing between us was a constant up and down of him showing interest in me and him ignoring me.

I on the other hand fall hard for people and once I have fallen for them there is no way back. He was driving me crazy and he was all I could think about.

After we had finally met up a few times on our own, without Phil, I was basically sure that he was the right one.  

So, what happened you might now ask, if you read the conversation at the start of this story. I will tell you, I will tell you and it will hurt.

I think it was a Friday and I was fine and an hour later I wasn’t fine anymore.

It was already dark outside when I got onto the bus on my way to Phil’s flat. He had invited me and Dan over once again. The first thing I noticed was a tall, brown haired guy in the back of the bus. My heart jumped up and down again as I walked past a few empty seats before I sat down next to Dan.

“Hi” I chirped happily and gave him a short little hug.

It wasn’t that unlikely to meet him here since we lived pretty close and we both had to be at Phil’s at 8pm.

We made a little bit of small talk before we reached our stop and got off. To get to our friend’s flat we had to walk about five minutes from the bus station and I was enjoying the time I could spend with Dan.  

“This feels like a date.” I joked, but I think we both knew that I wasn’t really joking. I immediately regretted that I said that as I saw Dan’s expression.

“I don’t feel the same way, Y/N.” he suddenly blurted out as my face fell.

“What?” I asked him, wide eyed and completely dumbfounded.

“About us, you like me way more than I like you.”

I couldn’t believe his words, my hopes were crushed and I was shocked because we were suddenly talking about our feelings. I felt like dying on the inside.

“Why did you spent half a year texting and meeting up with me then!?” I wanted to know. I had been pretty hopeful that he could like me back, but apparently, I was wrong.

“I was lonely and I guess I like you, but that feeling is not strong enough. It’s nothing compared to how you feel about me.” Dan explained, throwing his hands up in defence.

“All you did was lead me on! Dan, I’m so damn into you it hurts and you just got my hopes up because you were lonely?” I shouted at him, I felt empty and betrayed.

I kicked a little stone with my foot and it flew across the pavement. We passed a few street lights and Phil’s flat was in sight already.

“So, is this how you want this to end?” I asked Dan silently, from my voice he could tell that I was close to crying.

“I’m sorry.” he told me somewhat truthfully and I understood that he couldn’t choose who he had feelings for.

“Tell Phil that I couldn’t make it.” I snivelled as I turned around to walk back to the bus station. I had the strong desire to just hide in my bed for the next week or two.

“Believe me, I’m so sorry that we ended with an almost.”

My Angel – Grayson Dolan (Requested)

Warnings: Smut, Swearing & Mention of Alcohol. 

Little note lol: I was actually listening to Angel by Kyle while writing this without realizing that the reader is dressing up as an Angel so I added it in somewhere lmao 

Happy reading ;)

“Grayson let’s go!” you yelled from downstairs while rolling your eyes. “I don’t wanna come down! I don’t even wanna go!” he yelled from the top of the stair case. “C’mon gray you probably look so cute!” you giggled to yourself. “I can hear you laugh, I look freaking stupid Y/N!” Suddenly you saw your boyfriend trot down the stairs, revealing his devil costume. You and gray were invited to a Halloween party, so you decided to pick out the outfits. You thought it was cute to go with a devil and angel costume and match like all of those cheesy couples do. You scanned his body as you saw his flowy red pants and his red velvet vest, his muscles prominent paired with a pitchfork. You started bursting out laughing as Grayson just stared off into the distance with an annoyed expression. “I’m playing baby, I think you look kinda hot.” you said while smacking his ass, letting out a chuckle. 

He rolled his eyes and scanned your body. “Speaking of hot, damn baby girl. You looking fineeee.” he said making you giggle. “No seriously, you look beautiful Y/N. You’re literally an Angel.” You blushed and pecked his cheek, leaving him smiling.“Thank you baby, now we should get going. We have a party to attend.” He nodded and followed you out the door, making your way to the car. 

Like the gentlemen Grayson is, he opened the door for you helping you get in. Grayson got into the driver’s side of his car stuffing his pitchfork in the back while mumbling something under his breath. For about 15 minutes you both sat in the car listening to music, you and gray singing along to it while he smiled and glanced over at you occasionally to admire you. You sang along as “Angel” by Kyle started blaring in the car. Grayson had one hand on the wheel and the other on your thigh, looking over at you while mouthing the lyrics “Why would I complain when I have an Angel?” he made a cheesy smile when you giggled and directed his eyes back to the road. 

You eventually got to the Halloween party, getting out while making sure you have your phone and your belongings. Grayson got out as well, grabbing his pitchfork. You laughed when he walked with it, sorta embarrassed. “Remember you made me do this Y/N.” he said while grabbing your hand, intertwining your fingers together. You both got to the door of the house, knocking on it. You were then greeted by Jack Dail in a vampire costume. “Hey guys! Welcome to the party, y’all look cute.” he said while laughing. “Grayson is that a pitchfork?” he said while holding back a laugh. “Yes it’s a freaking pitchfork, Y/N made me bring it.” Jack laughed and then shifted his eyes to you, glancing at you in an up and down motion. “Well hello Y/N, you look beautiful.” he said, earning a dirty look from Grayson. “Yeah well thanks for inviting us, let’s go Y/N.” he said, suddenly grabbing your arm while walking inside. 

Grayson took you inside with him, keeping you close since it was a fairly large party. He walked you over to the dance floor and started to move along to the music. You began to sway your hips, moving them perfectly to hit each beat. Grayson licked his lips before watching you move, admiring you. “You look so sexy Y/N.” said someone from behind you. You looked right at Grayson as his head shot to whoever was there, his jaw clenching. You stopped dancing and turned around, seeing your ex boyfriend standing there. “I like the outfit, nice choice.” he winked. He reeked of Vodka and he was definitely drunk if not very tipsy. “Yeah, too bad she’s not here with you buddy. Back the fuck off.” Grayson growled, the anger prominent in his voice. Your ex put his hands up, backing away. Quickly afterwards, a group of men walked passed you while whistling. You could see the anger boiling inside Grayson, clenching his jaw every three seconds. Grayson pulled you to him by grabbing your waist, his mouth by your ear as you felt his hot breath hit your skin. “I swear to god I will beat all of these guys with my own fucking hands.” he whispered. 

You cupped gray’s face, making him look into your eyes. “Baby, I’m all yours. Don’t worry.” he sighed as his face started to soften slightly from your words. He was about to speak when suddenly one of the guys from the group came up to you from behind and smacked your ass. “Damn look at that ass!” he yelled. Grayson finally had enough. “That’s fucking it!” he yelled walking over to the guy. “Back the fuck off my girl buddy or I’ll beat your fucking ass right here in front of all your friends!” he yelled, his hand forming into a fist. The guy then ran away from Grayson, his group of friends just staring at him in fear. “What the fuck are you looking at? I’ll beat the fuck out of all the you one by one if you don’t fucking move it!” The group ran then away in a fast motion.

Grayson then grabbed your hand, leading you out of the party and to the car. You got in the car without asking any questions, knowing Grayson was absolutely furious. He got in the drivers seat, pulling out quickly. Once he got on the road, you looked over at him and bit your lip. “Gray…baby..” he glanced at you. “Pull up your dress. Now.” he demanded and you did as he said. After you pulled up your white Lacey body con dress he pulled down your underwear with one hand. He had one hand on the wheel as his other hand then went for your clit. You moaned and lifted your head back as he started to rub your clit in small circular motions. “You like that, don’t you babygirl.” he growled, adding a digit inside you. “Yes daddy… oh fuck.” you let out as he thrusted his finger inside of you while adding another one. You moaned out as he did so, him roughly picking up his pace. You felt the familiar knot form in your stomach as you started to clench around his fingers. “You’re close already? Hold on, we’re almost home.” 

He removed his fingers from the inside of you, putting them in his mouth, licking up the juices and pulling them out with a ‘pop’. You then got back to your house, him quickly pulling up to the drive way. He swiftly got out and went to your side, picking you up bridal style to the house. He raced inside and up the stairs, making it to your bedroom. “Daddy’s gonna show you who you belong to. I’m only allowed to fuck you until your legs shake, until you can’t walk anymore. Understand princess? Or should I say my sexy little angel?” he growled while putting you down on the bed. You nodded your head, showing him that you understood. “Good.” he said while pulling down his pants. “Turn around so I can fuck you senseless.” he whispered into your ear. You did as he said, turning around and getting on your hands and knees in the doggy style position. 

He pushed your dress up and pulled down his boxers while biting down on his lip. He gave your ass a hard slap before running his hard cock up and down your slit, teasing you. “Grayson please..” “Tell me what you want baby, use your words.” “I want you to fuck me really hard.” you whimpered. And with that, he shoved himself inside of you throwing his head back as he did. “You’re so tight and wet around me..fuck.” he let out a raspy groan before picking up his pace, thrusting into you. You grabbed the sheets as he roughly rammed into you. “Holy shit gray…” You looked over at the mirror and saw Grayson in his red velvet vest, seeing sweat start to form on his toned upper half while fucking you. 

“Fuck.” he let out before flipping you over in a new position, you laying on your back. He rammed into you again, then leaned down to kiss you. He began to kiss you roughly, his tongue slipping into your mouth while he fucked you. You moaned against his mouth as he found your g-spot, slamming into it repeatedly. “You’re mine, you hear me? You’re my angel. I can only make you feel this good.”  He put his hand around your neck as he was slamming into you at maximum speed. You felt overwhelmed with pleasure as he fucked you hard, feeling the knot in your stomach arise once again. “Grayson I’m gonna cum..” you moaned out. “Fuck Y/N” he groaned as he felt you clench around him. “Cum Angel… fucking cum all over my cock. Show me who makes you feel this good.” 

Your eyes rolled back as you felt your orgasm hit you hard, you shaking with pleasure as you screamed Grayson’s name. “Mmmmm fuck!” he moaned loud before he felt his orgasm hit too, shooting his load inside of you. 

He then pulled out, laying down on his back next to you. You both sat in silence for thirty seconds, trying to catch your breath. “That was…amazing.” he said before letting out a laugh. You giggled and pushed his hair away from his sweaty forehead, placing a kiss on it. He pulled you close to him, wanting to feel your bare skin against his. 

“I love you my Angel.” he whispered while looking into your eyes. 

“And I love you.” 

Rough J-Hope

Requested by anon, and the original request had Jealous!Hobi but I just made it some rough, teasing smut instead. I really hope that’s alright with you. Plus, there’s sort of a set up before the actual smut, so if you don’t want to read the entire thing, just skip to the middle. Short appearance by Jungkook~

Warnings: Language, Bondage, Teasing


J-hope paces back and forth at the bottom of the staircase, impatiently taking glances up to the second floor everytime another slow minute passed.

“Baby, I don’t mean to rush you but can you please hurry? We’re going to be late!” He calls, stopping and propping his hands on his hips. He flicks his wrist and checks his watch for the time.

When he doesn’t get a response, he quickly skips up the stairs, his fingers sliding along the handrail.

“Babe!” He turns into the bedroom he shared with you and leans against the doorway when he sees you, in the same position he left you over twenty minutes ago. You were sat in front of your mirror, every lipstick, mascara tube, eyeliner stick and powder he could imagine splayed out in front of you. “Baby, you don’t need all that make up. You’re so beautiful without it.”

“J-hope, do you even remember where we’re going?” You ask. You don’t look at him and continue brushing pink blush on your cheeks. “It’s a party with your band mates. Not just your band mates, but your band mates and their girlfriends too. I need to look good!”

“Baby, really?” He laughs to himself as he walks over to you. He gently grabs your wrist and pries the brush from your fingers. He sets it down with the others, grabs your other wrist and pulls you to stand in front of him. “Baby girl you’ll be the most beautiful one there, you don’t need to worry. You’ll also be the hottest, because fuck that dress looks good on you.”

“You think so?” You smile and twist your hips, making the short hem lift up even more. “It took forever to pick out.”

“Well you picked the perfect dress. Can we go now? I promise you, you look gorgeous as fuck okay.”

“Okay fine. We can go,” you say and he smiles, leaning forward to kiss your cheek. He lets your wrists go and kneels down in front of you, holding your heels still so you could step into them. “But we’re honestly not that late. We’re just fashionably late if you think about it, that’s it.”

“We were going to be fashionably late ten minutes ago, now we’re just assholes who seem like we don’t actually want to go. Come on.”


Everyone noticed that the power couple were late. Your cheeks were tinted red as you walked in with all eyes on you guys, your arm linked in J-hope’s as he lead you through the crowd. Attention followed as you approached the snack table, J-hope grabbing a glass filled with sparkling wine. He hands it to you and you thank him quietly, before taking a small sip.

“Hey! Y/n right?” You look over your shoulder and see someone you don’t recognize, but you set the wine down and uncurl your arm from your boyfriends.

“Yeah, hi!” You smile politely at the girl.

“Hi! My god your dress is so cute! It’s Neiman Marcus right? I love the lace down here at the bottom,” she says, grabbing the lacey hem of your dress and rubbing it between her fingers.

“Yeah, j-hope bought it for me. It’s nice right?”

“Of course! You look stunning in it!” She compliments. She looks at your boyfriend. “That must’ve been so expensive.”

“You know,” J-hope shrugs with a cocky smirk. “Whatever the Queen wants she’ll get.”

“You two are so cute.”

Fifteen minutes into the party, you and J-hope were called over to the couch to join Jungkook and his girlfriend. J-hope and Jungkook were deep into a conversation about work, speaking in Korean with each other. The other boy’s girlfriend was sat next to him, his arm around her while he talked, but she was on her phone and paying no attention to you at all. You were bored as hell, perched comfortably on your boyfriend’s lap. His hands were on your hips, his fingers idly playing with the material of your dress.

“Baby I’m bored,” you whine, burying your face into J-hope’s neck. He says nothing and only kisses your shoulder before going back to laughing with his friend. “Baby.”

You still had no success in gaining the attention of your boyfriend and without even meaning to gain a reaction out of him, you bare your teeth on his neck and gently bite his sweaty skin. He jumps in surprise, his hands tightening on your hips as his words start slurring together shakily. You smirk and do it again, this time running the tip of your tongue over the tender bitten spot.

“Y/n,” J-hope turns his head and hisses in your ear.

“Sorry,” you apologize innocently and J-hope mistakably goes back to his conversation.

You throw your long legs over J-hope’s lap so it wasn’t noticeable when you reached between your thighs and rested your hand right on top of his semi. His whole body stiffens immediately, his hand grabbing your wrist, but that just makes you kneed him through his pants with so much more want. His fingers go slack around your arm, loosely holding onto it as you softly massage him.

“Don’t resist,” you whisper.

“Jungkook, I’ll talk to you later man,” J-hope grits out through a forced smile and his friend smiles back.

“Sure dude. Babe, let’s go get you something to drink.” Kookie and his girlfriend walk away and you and J-hope are left alone. He instantly turns to you.

“Stop. We’re at a party.”

“A boring one,” you point out. “Just let me have some fun.”

“In the middle of everyone? Do you want to get caught?” He asks, his voice strained. His hand tightens around your wrist again but he never once attempts to pull you away from his hardening crotch. You pull away yourself, shifting your body over so you’re straddling your boyfriend’s thighs, your ass sat right on his hard cock. To everyone around you, you looked like a cute, innocent couple, but you knew what you were doing.

“Maybe I do want to get caught,” you say, tilting your head and challenging your boyfriend to fucking do something already. He just stares at you with unamused raised eyebrows so you start moving your hips against him. His hands jerk to grab you and still your body, but you rock through his strength. You smile at him. “What?”

“Baby girl,” J-hope warns in his sexy voice. “You might not wanna start something you can’t finish.”

You rub your hand up J-hope’s chest, up his shoulder and neck and grab his jaw to force his head back. You push your lips to his ear.

“Oh it’s something I’ll definitely make sure to finish,” you murmur and before you know it you’re lifted off of your boyfriends lap. A large, familiar hand is squeezing yours and dragging you through people to get to the back of the dorm before you even realize your feet are on the floor. “Where are we going?”

“My old room,” J-hope answers you shortly, weaving through the crowd. He pulls you down the hall and around the corner, pushing you into the room before him.

You skip happily over to J-hope’s old bed, he used to share with his best friend Taehyung. You sit down on the edge and wait until your boyfriend shuts and locks the door. Once he does that, making sure nobody can walk in on you, he turns around and walks towards you.

“Baby baby baby,” he shakes his head with a smirk, his hand tugging at the tie around his neck. He pulls it off roughly and it snaps in the air, making you jump. “So so naughty, getting me hard in front of all my friends. How do you think that makes me feel, hmm?”

He bends down in front of you so he’s level with your face, one hand resting on the bed and holding him up while the other caresses your cheek.

“Well if you ask me,” you say, reaching forward and grabbing his cock through his pants. He groans, his eyes fluttering closed at your touch. “It makes you feel pretty excited.”

“Don’t get smart,” he says, pushing at your shoulder to get you to lay down on the mattress. He crawls over you and you reach for him, pulling him down for a kiss. He dodges your lips though and goes to place wet kisses all over your chest instead. Your dress was very generous in the cleavage area, and he was liking it a lot. “Because you’ve been so naughty baby, guess what I get to do. Go on, guess.”

“What?” You ask, watching him with hooded eyes. He lifts his head up and brings his mouth so so close to yours, your lips almost touching but just not.

“I’m going to tease the fuck out of you,” he whispers, your mouths brushing together slightly. You want more, leaning in for it but he pulls away completely and stands up. He walks over to the closet, sliding the door open and peeking inside. “Let’s see…”

“J-hope, what are you doing?” You whine, lifting yourself up on your elbows to see him.

“Remember these?” Your boyfriend’s signature smirk is back as he pulls an old favorite of yours from the top shelf, dangling it from his finger. The fuzzy, pink handcuffs swing back and forth, making your stomach flip. J-hope makes his way back over to you. “We used to use these so much baby..”

“J-hope,” you gulp as your boyfriend crawls onto the bed at your feet. You use your arms to push yourself back, the further away from him the closer he got until your head was hitting the bars at the top of the bed. “Can’t we just fuck really quick and get it over with?”

“No no baby girl,” j-hope shakes his head and spreads his deliciously thick thighs over your chest. “You were a naughty kitten. And naughty kittens don’t get what they want, do they?”

You ritually hold your arms up and he clasps the cuffs around your wrists and the bars, binding you in place. He leans down over your face.

“I said, do they?” He repeats himself.


“Good girl,” he sweetly pecks your nose before sliding off of you. As he slides down your body, he pulls your dress with him.

“Please don’t rip the dress. It did nothing wrong,” you plead, watching him with worried eyes.

“I’ll just buy you another one.”

The designer dress is discarded and you watch your boyfriend stand up.

“What are you doing?”

“Well I can’t tease you with clothes on can I?”

J-hope’s long, slender fingers gradually undo each of the buttons on his shirt. He slides the suits jacket off, and then the shirt itself, dropping them both to the carpet. He was left shirtless now and you drink in the tan skin of his chest and abdomen. Every single muscle flexes as he works on his pants next, popping the button and slowly tugging down the zipper. He pulls his pants and boxers down at the same time, stepping out of them and kicking them away. His cock was finally free and you lick your lips hungrily.

“Baby,” you say but he doesn’t falter his act.

“Yes Princess?” He asks, his own hand wrapping around his cock and tugging. He releases the sexiest moan you’ve ever heard and you whine, pulling on your restraints.

“J-hope please,” you beg.

“Please what baby?” He teases further, throwing his head back and biting his lip as his hand gives his cock another jerk. “Oh fuck yes..”

“Hoseok stop,” you cry out, yanking on the handcuffs and making them screech unpleasantly against the bars. J-Hope pulls away from himself.

“We’ve barely even started baby and you’re already begging.”

“Hoseok please.”

“Jesus, you’re even bringing out the real name,” he shakes his head, crawling into the mattress up to you. “Do you know how hot you sound when you beg me to fuck you?”

He lays beside you, propped up on one arm and rubs his hand over your leg, starting from your ankle and ending at the top of your thigh. He slips his hand down, and rubs over the wet spot on your panties.

“You’re soaked baby,” he whispers, lifting his hand up to his lips. He swipes his tongue over the tips of his fingers, moaning. “And you taste so damn sweet. Should I have a better taste?”

“Please please J-hope,” you look up at him with pleading eyes.

“That’s a good girl. Asking so nicely. I’ll reward you then, how’s that sound?”

J-hope shifts his body down the bed and up again, between your legs. He pries them apart, gripping at your thighs and staring hungrily at your stained panties. He scoots himself up further, hooking his arms around your legs and pulling you closer to his face. He takes a deep whiff of the air.

“You smell so fucking delicious baby, can’t wait to taste you.”

You see his face disappear and then feel his tongue push between your folds, but through your panties. You moan loudly nonetheless and forgetting you had your wrists cuffed, try reaching down to yank on J-hope’s hair. You’re met with no give on the cuffs side and you whimper.

“Fuck. J-hope uncuff me,” you breathe out.

“What was that baby?” He mumbles against you, the vibrations of his voice wracking through your sensitive clit and you buck your hips up.

“Fuck!” You cry out. “J-hope uncuff me. I need to touch you.”

“Not happening baby.”


“I think these need to come off now,” j-hope mumbles to himself as he tugs your panties down your legs. He flings them to the side and ducks back down. “There we go. So much better.”

One long stripe is licked up your pulsing pussy and he flicks the tip of his tongue over your sensitive nub. The breath is ripped from your lungs when Hoseok’s full lips close around your clit and he sucks on it, tongue peeking out and making you gasp.

“Oh fuck,” you moan, trying to buck into his face but his hands firmly held your hips down and kept you still.

You pulled and tugged on the handcuffs with no avail on getting loose as J-hope’s tongue worked wonders on you. He licked between your folds and slurped up every drop of your wetness, sucking on your clit like a sweet lollipop. Your eyes shot open and you almost screamed, almost, when two of J-hope’s fingers slowly pushed inside of you without a warning. You had his mouth sucking on your thigh and his fingers pumping in and out of you at the slowest pace.

“J-hope please,” you whine helplessly. “Please.”

J-hope pulls away, but pushes his fingers deep inside of you.

“Baby we have to get you stretched,” he says, kissing your thighs softly. “We don’t want you to rip open on my cock now do we?”

“I don’t care,” you breathe out, lifting your lower half up. J-hope curls his fingers inside of you and you mewl, almost kicking him in the head. He laughs, pulling away.

“Okay okay baby,” he sits himself up. “I’ll stop now. Sorry.”

J-hope grabs your legs and bends them up to your chest, exposing you to him. He pushes his hips forward, teasing your entrance with his tip.

“Is this what you want baby?” He asks, pushing forward some more and adding more pressure.

“Fuck yes,” you moan.

“Was that a no baby girl?” J-hope pulls back.

“No! No! Please fuck me Hoseok please,” you cry, jingling the handcuffs above you.

“Good girl,” your boyfriend leans down over you and rewards you with a kiss, that you instantly moan into. “You ready?”

“Please,” you breathe between his lips and he pecks you one last time before pulling back up.

He moves his hand from your leg so he can grab and guide himself into you, slowly pushing inside. You moan and he looks up at you, watching your face scrunch up so beautifully as he bottoms out. He leans back down over you, moving to rest his weight on his arms next to your head.

“Baby look at me,” J-hope speaks but you keep your eyes tightly shut. “Baby girl, open your eyes and look at me.”

You finally look up at your boyfriend, eyes clouded with lust.

“I love you,” J-hope whispers, trailing kisses from the inside of your elbow down across your shoulder and up your neck. He pushes his lips to yours in a slow kiss, jerking his hips forward to push in deeper and making you whimper. “I love you so much.”

J-hope pulls away from your kiss and rests his forehead against yours as he finally pulls out and pushes back in.

“Hoseok just go,” you beg, bending your arms. “Please.”

J-hope grants you your wish and starts thrusting the way you wanted him to, pushing in at an angle that made you shake.

“Fuck. Fuck,” you gasp. “Faster Hobi.”

J-hope buries his face into your neck before his hips began moving at a dangerously fast pace, forcing your body up the bed with each push. Your head kept hitting the head board.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine fine. Just keep going.”

He groans into your ear, his hands curling into fists by your head as you squeezed around him.

“You feel so good baby.”

You were moaning, whimpering, whining and cursing as your hips slapped together loudly, J-hope’s cock sliding in and out of you with a delicious friction. The banging noise the bed was making against the wall was probably giving everyone at the party an idea of what was happening, but you could care less when the swollen head of your boyfriends cock was grazing against your sweet spot.

“Fuck!” You scream and J-hope doesn’t try to quiet you, just moves faster and pants into your neck. You cry out everytime he thrusts up, your hands endlessly pulling and yanking on the handcuffs around your wrists. Your skin was probably going to be rubbed weirdly but you didn’t care. J-hope kept slamming into your spot over and over again until your stomach started tightening.

“Hobi-” you warn breathlessly.

“Me too baby me too, it’s okay,” he wetly kisses your neck, his teeth gently nibbling on your skin as he moans loudly. “Awh fuck babe. Fuck fuck. Come on, you have to come first.”

J-hope stops thrusting, keeping his dick buried deep inside and grinds into you instead. He moans in your ear again, suddenly pushing himself up straight and grabbing your hips. He repeatedly slams you down onto his cock, driving himself into you deeply until you’re screaming and tightening around him.

“Oh my god J-hope, fuck!”

You moan loudly, pulling on your restraints one last time as you come on your boyfriend’s cock. J-hope keeps pounding into you, your skin slapping together wetly until he comes too, falling forward on his hands. Heavy groans fall from his lips as he lazily rides you both all the way through your highs. He drops his sweaty body down on top of you and you grunt.

“Ugh, j-hope,” you force out. You look down at your breathless boyfriend on your chest and whine. “Hoseok, get off. You’re fat.”

J-hope laughs but pulls out and rolls off of you, cuddling up to your side instead.

“Uncuff me so we can leave,” you say but Hoseok just looks at you. He reaches up and rubs the tip of his finger over the red, tender skin on your wrist.

“Does it hurt a lot baby?” He asks.

“Yes, it actually does. Now uncuff me. My skin is all rubbed raw.”

“I think I like you all tied up and helpless like this Princess,” he says, trailing his finger down your arm. His hand travels all the way down until it’s between your legs again. He pinches your sensitive clit and you gasp, then moan loudly.

“So fucking sexy when you moan, you know that?” J-hope asks, kissing your bicep.

“J-hope stopp,” you drag out. “Quit before I beat your ass.”

“What are you gonna do about that?” He pulls his hands away like you asked, and points at your neck. “You can’t walk out passed everyone with that on your neck.”

“What?” You look at him with wide eyes. “What is it? J-hope did you leave marks?! Do I have a hicky?”

“Yeah babe. This bitch is huge too, takes up like half of your neck-”


Your scream is cut with your boyfriend’s mouth on yours, his tongue pushing in deep and twisting around your own.

“I. Love. You.” He punctuates each of his words with a peck to your lips and you giggle.

“I love you too,” you tell him and he smiles. “But please uncuff me now. It’s you’re turn to be locked up.”


Really weak smut but please love me. I have to pick my baby brother up in twenty minutes, I had to finish really quickly.

~Admin B
the yule ball dress

Word Count: 438
Author: Ashlyn
Request: None
Warnings: None
Notes: it’s been forever since I’ve updated and I cannot say sorry enough. Also I’ve decided to take Marcus out because it is always so hard for me to write a part for him

While on a trip to Hogsmede, you and your friends came across an unusual dress store. The store contained one of a kind dresses. When you saw the lacy green dress, you knew it was meant to be. It reminded you of Harry’s gorgeous eyes, the eyes that make you weak in the knees.

It was a little bit of a coincidence that your dress fairly matched with your lover’s, the one whom you hadn’t met till the night of the ball, hideous dress robes.
Like Ron, your (family member of choice) also sent you your dress, but she actually made a good choice. You were absolutely in love with the flawless dress, and knew you were gonna kill it at the ball (which you did).

Your (family member of choice) actually took you shopping when they heard of the Yule Ball. Black had always been an alluring color for you, which is why you fell head over heels when you first saw your dress.

It was originally an all off white dress you saw in Hogsmede. The gold glitter was the aftermath of a Weasley Twins prank

Well honey, let me tell you, George’s jaw hit the floor when he saw you waltz down the stairs in this Lacey lilac dress. You were glowing, stunning, and definitely the most beautiful girl there (when are you not)

You and Neville actually went shopping together. It was easy for him to find a suit he liked. But for you to find a dress, not so much. You had to have spent at least three hours trying on, and modeling, dresses before you found one that had both you and Neville in complete awe.

You made it very clear to Seamus that he would have to wait until the night of the Yule Ball to see your dress, and a part of him is glad he did. If he had seen you any earlier, he probably would not have been able to contain himself ;)))))

(I know he wasn’t attending Hogwarts but bear with me)
Oliver absolutely loved his house, Gryffindor. When picking out a dress you figured it would be a nice surprise to incorporate one of Gryffindor’s house colors, red. He was overjoyed when he saw the red on your dress.

Like Oliver, Cedric took so much pride in his house, which you kept in mind when picking out your dress. The incorporation of yellow also thrilled Cedric. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you the entire night (although the dress was another story, if ya catch my drift ;) )

(Again, I know he didn’t attend. Use your imagination)
Honey! You had jaws dropping left and right all night. Percy was constantly having to swat away boys from you. It was quite funny. At the end of the night, you made it up to him (if ya catch my drift ;) )

anonymous asked:

RFA + Saeran + V with a MC who has an 'emo-like' fashion ?? Facial piercings and black wardrobe vibes. tHaNkS a bUnCh

A/N: Y'all haven’t seen how I dress but this me a lot of the time ^^;; (Though when I went through this emo-phase back in high school I had blue hair and raccoon eyes but omG I MISS MY BLUE HAIR I WANT TO DYE IT BACK) I kind of went based off of things I would wear during this phase sooo;;; ~Admin 404


           -You were nicely dressed at the party so he really had no idea what your casual sense of style would be, but no matter what it was, he was sure it was gonna be cute!!

           -10/10 did not expect you to be wearing so much black and spikey… things

           -???? Is this the same MC??

           -Has nothing against it at all but? WOW not what he expected

           -You’re still the same MC!! Just…. in darker clothes and makeup than expected!!! Still loves you!!

           -“MC! Share some of your bracelets with mmmeeee!”


           -He also loves the splash of colour it gives your outfit!!!!

           -If you dye your hair he’s 500% for it because now you two can dye each other’s hair!!


           - you steal his leather jacket very often

           -But he loves it!!!

           -It’s very expressive! Completely accepts it!!

           -If you have a tongue or lip piercing he is fuCKING WEAK

           - THE BEAST, MC, THE BEAST!!!!!!

           -Ripped skinny jeans!!! Yes!!! Put them on!!! Y E S

           -Secretly loves the short vests you put on over loose tank tops

           -If he sees any black piece of jewelry, or a piece of clothing with a skull on it, he’s buying it for you


           -He knows you like black, but??? It’s so cute when the only splash of colour you put on is in your hair!




           -She’s really happy you express yourself but!!!

           -This is so not business professional MC that’s…the point, jaehee

           -Respects how well you can do your smokey eye makeup! skills, MC, skills

           -Paints your nails for you if you paint hers!

           - refuses to admit she checks out your butt in your skinny jeans

           -She does like your large sweaters and plaid over-shirts though!!!

           -Takes them to wear around the house and plays dumb when you ask her about them

           -“?? These aren’t yours. I’ve had them for years? Are you sure? I think you’re wrong. See, this plaid shirt is red, you wear all black. It can’t be yours!”


           - Listen here mr. bodyguard, I’m not a threat, I’m not a delinquent, I’m MC and I’m hERE TO SEE JUMIN HAN, JUMIN, LET ME IN!!!!!!

           -C H O K E R S

           -Surprised when you showed up at his penthouse in a corset-like dress???

           -Aren’t corsets meant to be more….lingerie-like???

           - what are you trying to say here mc

           -He actually really likes it, so long as you…. don’t wear so many spikes and chains and… black…. and take out the jewelry in your face when attending fancy parties

           -He tries so hard not to laugh when Elizabeth tries to play with your dangling chains hanging from your belts

           -10/10 Will buy you beanies with cat ears on them

           -Okay lets be real, he’ll buy you anything black that has anything related to a cat on it pls wear this for him MC

           -Likes when you wear high-heels with spikes all over them, they’re just so badass and he can’t help it?? But remember to be proper when needed, otherwise it’s all good MC




           -Can and will do your makeup for you

           -If you wear skinny jeans with rips in them, he’ll make sure his fingers are cold and poke your leg through them


           -Tries to see how many crosses he can put on your outfit until you tell him to stop

           -Loves giving you his hoodie because it’s so big and long and hey, it’s mostly black anyway!!

           -GALAXY CLOTHING!


           -Unnatural hair colours is an A+++++ for him!! Loves it!!!!


           -Oh my is that a nose piercing? How cute!!!

           -He’s okay with it but wow, it’s very expressive of you

           -Black, lacey dresses make him WEAK


           -Every time he sees you in any type of band merch, he asks you about them

           - secretly has a list written down somewhere about the bands you seem to like the most

           -Loves taking pictures of you because each picture shows different pieces of your personality because your outfit is always expressive

           -Unnatural hair colours are soooo pretty in different lights!!!! LET HIM TAKE PICTURES

           -You always seem to carry a backpack that’s 5 times too big for your body every time the two of you go out for photoshoots but you’re literally the cutest thing in the world

           -Seriously does not mind how you dress? It’s just a part of you, please be yourself, that’s all he asks of you


           -This little hoe likes to bite on your lip piercing and it’s like??? DON’T at least not in public okay

           -“MC, that’s my choker. No, it’s mine! I LITERALLY BOUGHT IT LAST WEEK, THAT ISN’T YOURS, YOURS IS ON THE DRESSER”

           -If you wear dark red shades or black lipstick, he dies and goes to heaven

           -He dyes his hair, so he wouldn’t mind if you did as well

           -Just to mess with you, he’ll pull your beanie down over your face

           - listen, asshole;;;;;; you’re ruining my makeup

           -Doesn’t even try to hide the fact he checks out your butt in your skinny jeans

           -You try to take his jacket but he ALWAYS catches you and takes it back

           -“Get your own! I’m wearing it!” “But I like it!” “THEN GET YOUR OWN I JUST SAID THAT”

           -Spike-Squad; no one gets close to you in fear of being poked by them lets be honest people avoid you all together because??? so much black tends to scare others

Ginny’s Happiest Day (a linny story)

(This is an Everyone LIves AU.)

Eleven years ago was the happiest day of Ginny Weasley’s life. 

She and Luna had fallen deeply in love while at Hogwarts and, after they graduated, found a little cottage in the Scottish countryside and moved there, together. Luna was fascinated by the wildlife of the small muggle village; she said the elk were her friends and often dressed them up with fancy antler decorations woven from the flowery meadows which ringed their forest home. They would invite Neville over for tea and herbology advice, which they put to use in their little garden. Ginny had, at the time, thought that the day they came together under that one roof was the happiest day of her life.

Until three years later when the Ministry of Magic’s archaic marriage laws were defenestrated by a powerful and influential young activist who now fought for the rights of more than just house elves. The wedding was beautiful; a glorious union of the Weasleys and Lovegoods. The bride wore a silky white dress (which Great Aunt Muriel found much too revealing) and pretended that it didn’t make her feel like a princess from one of her father’s muggle movies. The bride wore a lacey dress and a silver necklace, with flowers in her hair. Someone had tried to explain to her that you couldn’t be married in a lavender dress, but she was persistent. Ginny thought the day she added Lovegood to the end of her name was the happiest day of her life.

Until eleven years ago. Their life together had been five years of unadulterated happiness, and their marital bliss was never shattered. But, something was missing. Ginny thought that there could be no better way to bring a child into the world than with Luna as a mother. Luna thought that a baby’s laugh was the gladdest sound in the world and was fascinated by the smallness of their toes. Ginny stayed up crying one night because she couldn’t have a child with Luna, not one of their very own. Luna wrapped her in a blanket and held her until dawn.

When Ginny finally fell asleep, Luna got up and searched through her paintbrushes for a quill to write an owl to her mother:

Dear Momma,

Ginny is very sad that she and I can’t have a child. I think a daughter would be nice, don’t you? I wish her hair could be flamey like Ginny’s. It makes me sad too. I think it’s a bit beautiful to be sad at something that will never happen, just for it not happening.

Loving you,

Your Moon Girl

Pandora was very distraught about her daughter.  A grandchild would be a wonderful thing and she wished every joy upon her darling Luna. She wrote back loving words and was determined to help. At first, Luna didn’t see how anyone could help. But Pandora was a very special witch; although seen as an eccentric by many traditional wizards, her experimental spell research had been revolutionary. Her secret: as the daughter of muggle scientists, she drew on what the muggles called the Scientific Method. She kept close ties with the muggle scientific community and was often able to use muggle research for magical applications. So, when she heard about her daughter’s problem, her natural instinct was to research a solution. She worked for nearly six months with muggle biologists and medical experts. Armed with a wealth of muggle knowledge, she then pulled down a dusty spell book and tried desperately to find a solution. Finally, she discovered some devilishly complex magic that would allow two women to have a baby. Ginny thought the day she excitedly read her mother’s owl was the happiest day of her life.

But now, standing on Platform Nine and Three Quarters, she realized none of those precious memories were truly the happiest day of her life. She reached down with moist eyes to kiss her gorgeous daughter whose hair, from a peculiar quirk of Pandora’s spell, never stayed one color but was constantly shimmering, fluctuating between the blonde and red of her mothers. Hugging Fernanda Loveley, Luna knew that eleven years ago had been the happiest day of her life. The day they had rushed to St. Mungos. The day she had held Luna’s hand as she brought a new life into the world. The day Luna had handed her the most beautiful baby. The day that she had stared into her daughter’s blue blue eyes and fallen deeply in love. The day Luna had suggested that rather than hyphenated names, the baby should have their two names combined into a single last name – Loveley. The day Molly Weasley had arrived too late to stop her granddaughter being named Fernanda Loveley, but was overcome with pride when she held little Fernanda in her arms. The day Ginny and Luna entered the hospital as a couple and came out as a family.

               But as Ginny stood on the platform with her beautiful Luna, with Ron and Hermione, with Fred and Angelina, with Draco and Harry to wave and blow kisses as the Hogwarts Express blew a final sooty burst of steam, she thought that maybe even that day wasn’t the happiest day of her life. Maybe this was the happiest day of her life. And yesterday. And the time Fernanda fell off a broom and scraped her knee. And next year when she would come home from Hogwarts. And Sunday afternoons with Luna. And family Christmases at the Burrow. Maybe no one day made Ginny the happiest, but spending a lifetime with the people she loved.


I got up and let a smile erupt over my face. I rolled over and grabbed my phone waking up to an array of birthday texts from my family and friends.

My smile soon faulted as I saw I hadn’t even had a message from my boyfriend Tyler. I shook my head remembering his busy schedule. I mean I knew I was waking up alone this morning as he’d had a big meeting at WWE he’d told me about previously.

I got up out of the bed and made my way into the bathroom. I peeled off my clothes and jumped into the shower. After my shower I slipped on a pair of Tyler’s shorts and a baggy shirt before making my way into the open plan kitchen.

I started to furrow my eyebrows as I saw Tyler hadn’t even left me a note. I’m not going to lie I was expecting some type of present, but everything was just normal.

The day went by slowly, I had changed into a more presentable outfit and I had received some clothes from my friends who’d came and visited my house and money from relations in the mail. But i still hadn’t heard from Tyler.

It soon hit mid after noon and my friends left to go home to their own families and not long after Tyler strolled through the door. I jumped up from the sofa and smiled at my boyfriend as he walked towards me.

“Hey babe how’d the meeting go?” I said as Tyler sat on the sofa and I ploncked down next to him. “Amazin’ I mean I’m really getting an amazing opportunity and I’m celebrating with the guys tonight, wanna come?”

My eyes widened and I soon hid it my disappointment as I soon realised that my boyfriend of almost 4 years had forgotten my birthday…

“Um yeah of course” I said a fake smile on my face. “Ok we’re going to meet em at the bar down the street at 7” I nodded and watched as Tyler got up and kissed my forehead before making his way into the kitchen.


7 soon rolled around and I was wearing a black Lacey dress and Tyler was wearing some smart trouses and a button up. We made our way into the bar only to be met with the NXT and UK roaster.

We quickly found Pete and Trent at a table and I went up and hugged them.
“Imma get some drinks for us love” Tyler said kissing my cheek. I forced a smile.

As soon as Tyler left trench smiled at me. “‘Appy birthday love” he smiled and Pete did the same. “At least you guys remembered I said crossing my arms. "Wait He forgot? Even I remembered and this is me” Pete said learning forward and smiling at me.

“Oh and before we forget” Trent smiled and handed me a little black box. “It’s from the both of us” Trent said anticipating me opening the box.

As soon as I opened it it revealed a gorgeous bracelet. “We’ve already added two charms to represent each of us” Trent smiled again at me. And he was right on the bracelet was a flower, from Trent as when I’m upset or anything he calls me his little flower. And from Pete was a teddy bear, I think that’s pretty self explanatory.

“Hey guys” Tyler said as he placed down three beers and my own favourite cocktail. Tyler placed an arm round the back of my chair and took a sip from his cup.

The night flew by and soon Tyler and I bid fairwell to his friends and co workers. As soon as we stepped outside Tyler grabbed my hand. He then bought it up to his face and examined the shiny new bracelet on my wrist.

“Who got you this and why?” Tyler asked as he lightly ran his hand over the bracelet. “Trent and Pete, they both bought it me and a charm each, how sweet is that?” I smiled at the bracelet as I looked at the charms.

Tyler furrowed his eyebrows and searched his brain as to why the two will give you such an expensive gift.

I then saw his eyes widen and his face go pale. “Oh my god I’m so sorry babe I completely forgot.” I looked at Tyler and he looked mortified. “How could I forget your birthday I’m such a shit boyfriend” Tyler placed his hands on his head and spun around not facing me.

“Hey babe I get it you’re busy and I’m not going to lie I was slightly disappointed when I woke up and I realised you’d forgotten but I’m sure you can make it up to me.” I smiled at Tyler grabbing his cheek and forcing him to look at me.

“Trust me I will make it up to you, I’m going to- well I’m not sure yet I’ll figure it out I’m so so so sorry babe” Tyler started to ramble so I just leaned up and pecked his lips.

“Ok I’ll be waiting” I smirked against his lips. “Ok I promise I will make it up to you if it’s the last thing I ever do.” Tyler smirked. His moustache twitching slightly.

“Ok well lets go home and you can figure out your amazing plan there” I said wrapping my arms around Tyler’s neck. He nodded in agreement and led me back to our apartment where he started with his first step of making up to me, and let’s say it’s never been as intense or sensual and I couldn’t wait to find out the rest of the surprises he was going to lay our for me.