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Davina’s (recent) wardrobe appreciation 

On Jan. 4, 13-year-old Austin Lacey dressed up as Frozen’s Elsa for “Disney Day” at Ethan Chase Middle School in Menifee, California. His classmates loved the costume.

But Austin didn’t even make it to his first class before being told to remove it. The school’s principal apparently didn’t agree with his outfit.

Lacey’s mom Brooke Francev later met with the principal, who said the costume was “dangerous” — and then used the excuse familiar to anyone who has broken a dress code.

undervalued things about speak now era

- 1930s duolian guitar at 2010 vmas
- tsou “next chapter” & “the end”
- live on letterman pin up look!!!!!
- that lacey yellow dress at the acms 2011 u know the masterpiece i mean
- falling backwards off stage during asian leg of tour
- faux bob
- come back come back come back to me eli
- speak now help now
- xiii on the bell during haunted
- back to december mashup
- performing innocent barefoot at 2010 vmas (and that dress!!!!!)
- european tour enchanted gown !!!! she literally ripped it off !!!!!
- that asian guy in the elevator for the ours mv lmao
- collabs with the civil wars and b.o.b!!!!!!
- that time maroon 5 covered mine and taylor was in the audience going wild
- haunted house performance
- meredith!!!!!!!!
- tft taylor played the cello whilst recording haunted
- performing on top of a bus!!!! in a airport!!!!! on a cruise liner in mexico!!!!!!
- baby blue tulle dress and hair for the cmas 2011 with the sharpie thankyous on her arm omg
- squad dressed up as geishas and samurais BY ACTUAL GEISHAS
- that time she played eyes open w/o permission in new zealand
- koi fish guitar brought on tour !!!!!!!
- natural curls in mine mv and pregnant taylor mother of 2
- temporary fake bangs
- bangs !!!!!! were !!!!!!! born !!!!!!!!
- acoustic last kiss
- if!!!!! this!!!!!! was!!!!! a!!!!!! movie!!!!!!
- cowboy take me away/drops of jupiter/nashville/bette davis eyes/lose yourself/sweet escape covers
- lil guitar intro for long live
- wearing a gown shaped like a pastry!!!!
- bring on all the pretenders i’m not afraid !!!!!!!!
- that elie saab gown at the billboards 2011 good lord taylor
- flying across arenas in a mother fuckin BALCONY for love story
- haunted photoshoot don’t fight me on this
- that time she said “i don’t care if you have a dick p- a gap between your teeth” in an interview
- someday i’ll be singing this at the grammys!!!!!! and all you’re ever gunna be is mean!!!!!!!
- the og agency :( my poor heart
- that time a bonus track became a single and meredith was in the damn video !!!!!!!
- makin snowglobes makin makin snowglobes
- so don’t you worry your pretty lil mind people throw rocks at things that shine :) :) :)
- how taylor literally predicted her own future in the mean mv tf taylor
- rainstorm show at gillette stadium

newtonartemiis  asked:

"Argent?" Newt - well, Natalie for now, jumps out of the case, wearing one of the dresses Lacey had given her. "I can't reach something, I need help."

“yeah su-” He paused taking in the sight of his mate in one of the lovely dresses Lacy had provided Natalie. He gave a wolf whistle walking over “aren’t you a gorgeous one”

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How would the matsus react to a s/o or crush that likes to wear Lolita fashion?

Osomatsu found his s/o’s lolita fashion very cute! He did think it was a little flashy, but whatever. He didn’t really mind appearances all that much, but the cutesy fashion and their dedication to it added to his love for them.

Karamatsu strongly embraced his s/o’s choice in fashion. If he could dress in flashy, glittery clothing, what would stop them from expressing themselves using lolita fashion?

Choromatsu found the whole culture to be quite unnecessary. Dressing in poofy or lacey dresses and carrying around umbrellas for what? He did find them unbearably adorable, though.

Ichimatsu didn’t really understand the fad, and in turn, didn’t understand his s/o when they talked about it. He still thought they looked nice, and the cloth and lace of their outfits were fun to play with.

Jyushimatsu, similarly to the fourth brother, didn’t understand what was up with lolita fashion. Still, it’s not like it mattered, and his s/o was non-arguably the best looking lolita in the world!

Todomatsu was very much interested in lolita fashion, and he loved his s/o dressed in it! It was really fun to take pictures of them, and he liked to talk about different colors or outfits that they could experiment with together.


[WARNING: smut ahead ;) ]

I examine myself in the mirror, taking in every angel of my body. I make sure the dress looks nice and that it doesn’t wrinkle by sliding my hands down the side, smoothing it all out. It was a Lacey long sleeved white dress that hugged my body nicely. My hair was curled, and my makeup was done special. I was getting ready for Dan and Phil’s live tour after party. Dan and I have been going out for a few weeks, but it’s not official yet. I wish it was, everything would be less confusing. I slip on my heels and wait for Dan. He said he wanted to pick me up tonight.

I was nervous about tonight. I was never much of a party girl, I tried to be. Tried to drink and dance but I could never get into it. I liked to just sit at home watching TV or reading. My friends always told me that I had that ‘look’, the look of a party girl, but when I got drunk I knew I did things I could only dream of having the courage to do.

I hear my apartment door ring and I go to open it. There stands Dan, looking fine as ever. He had a suit on loosely, no tie and the first two buttons undone. He looked sexy. Dan stared down my body and I felt just a little empowered and sexy.

“You look great” he said holding out his hand, grinning. I took his hand and smiled.

“As do you”

“Are you ready love?” He asked, I nodded and held onto his hand. Even with heels he was still taller than me, made my knees shake.

“Of course” I smiled. We headed down to his car, Dan was driving and the radio was playing. Soft sounds of Radiohead was heard. The drive was quiet and a little awkward.

When we got to the club, where the after party was being held at, music was playing loud. Dan opened the door for me, like a gentlemen. A lot of people were there, a lot well known people were there. You glance around and the place was extraordinary, beautiful lights and very loud music. Dan led me to the bar, he bought me a drink. I guess this signifies this as a date, I hope Dan saw it that way.

Throughout the night he bought more drinks, we danced, then he got to talking to other people and I ventured off to the sidelines watching people. The night seemed endless. I got myself countless drinks and made small talk with tons of people, but I couldn’t find the one person I wanted to talk to. The place was crowed

My head began to slightly spin and everything felt fuzzy, the drinks were staring to get to me. I hold onto the wall a bit for support, the heels made it really hard to walk. A girl came up to me, she had long brown hair and these really pretty blue eyes.

“Hey, are you okay?” She asked, her voice was sincere and she sounded sweet. I nodded and smiled weakly.

“Yeah, yeah just a little tipsy” she puts a hand on my shoulder and helps me straighten myself up.

“Do you want some water?” She asks me. I shake my head no and lean against the wall.

“Thank you though” I say, she nods and sits me down on a chair.

“Drank a lot?” She chuckled, not in a mean way either but a very friendly one.

“Yeah, got lonely I suppose” I laugh.

“I haven’t seen you around, who’d you come with?”

“Uh Dan, he’s my- he’s my date”

“Oh, that’s cool. He’s a really lovely guy, didn’t know he had a girlfriend?”

“Well it’s not really official, it’s complicated” I say, i can tell I must sound like a mess. Just like one of those wild party girls, except I drank way too much. I regret coming tonight.

“What’s your name?” I ask her.

“Zoey, I’m a fellow youtuber. Have a channel named Zoella.” She introduced herself.

“That’s a really pretty name, you’re very pretty” I slurred a bit. She smiled and chuckled at my drunk compliment.

“Thank you, and your name?” She asked.

“Y/n” you said, your eyes traveled from around the room. You searched for Dan.

“Looking for him?” Zoey asked, she seemed to notice my body language.

“Yeah I’m sorry. I just- I don’t know I thought he was my date but I haven’t seen him for the past hour and a half. I apologize for seeming disconnected” she nods, she gives me a reassuring smile and pats my shoulder before taking a sip of her drink.

“Don’t worry, I get it. I would be the same if it was Alfie. He’s my boyfriend, probably talking to friends”

“Lovely” I said. I look around and find Dan, he was on the other side of the room. He was talking to a girl, she had long brown hair and a very curvy body. My body feels heat rise from it, I can feel my face turn red with drunk anger. She was putting her hands all over him, being too touchy, laughing at everything he says.

“Are you okay?” Zoey asked, she placed a hand on my shoulder and looked at me worriedly. I turn back to her, my face softens.

“No, um I’m so sorry but excuse me” I told her, I felt bad because she was so sweet and kind, but I had finally found Dan. I also wanted to stop whatever what was going on. With the alcohol coursing through my body and being enraged by what I was witnessing, I suddenly found the courage to confront them. Something I wouldn’t do sober. I walked up to them and pulled her hand off of his chest.

“See your having fun?” I said with a lot of attitude. Dan looks like he was just caught murdering somebody. The girl eyes me and scoffs.

“And who are you?” She asks, giving a judgmental look towards me.

“I’m his fucking girlfriend, so you better back the fuck up bitch” I got directly in her face. She seemed to shrink down and get defensive.

“Look, I didn’t know” she threw her hands up. Dan pulled me back and dragged me towards the exit. A few eyes looked our way, but Dan didn’t even blink an eye. We got outside and he pulled me into the car. He didn’t seem too intoxicated, in fact it looked like he didn’t even drink. The car ride was completely silent, but the tension was loud. The car was dark and only traffic lights lit up the car. When the car stopped I didn’t recognize the building, I assume it was Dans apartment. My fist were clenched and they became white, Dan grabbed my hand and loosened it.

“I wasn’t flir-” he began but I quickly interrupted.

“It looked like it” I said, my eyes had a flame ignited in them. I unbuckle my seatbelt and got on top of Dan. I straddled his waist. His face became flustered and nervous. His hands were confused and didn’t know where to go, they hung in the air. I gently grab them and I place then on my hips.

“You flirted with her, she flirted with you.” I pull at his tie and loosen it. I lean in and whisper in his ear.

“But I want you to know, that you’re mine” I whisper, I felt him harden under me. I smirked and kissed him hard. I run my hands down his chest, undoing his tie. My lips travel down to his jaw and neck. His breath was hitched and he grunted slightly.

“Oh my, fuck me” he whispered, I pulled away. My hand fell down to his groin, I lightly rub it and he moans.

“Fine by me” I whisper. He throws his head back. I get off of him and make my way to the back seat. He follows right behind me. I get back on top of him and we proceed to make out again. We grind against each other and slowly peel off our clothes until both left in only our underwear.

“Baby, ugh” he grunts, I pull down his boxers and take him into my hands.

“Do you like that? Aren’t think of that girl are you now?” I tease him, I take my hands off his penis and wrap it around his neck. His hands run over my butt and pull off my underwear, leaving us both completely nude. Before either of us go any further he holds me close and looks me in the eye. Suddenly everything gets serious, and no longer rough or jealously. Just lust and love. I take his hand and position myself on him. I groan and throw my head back as I bounce up and down on him. I hold his hand and we hold each other as close as possible.

After countless moans and encouraged groans we begin to warn each other on how close we are. I bounce faster and he starts the thrust up.

“Oh god, ugh Y/n I’m-im cumming” he shouts and his thrust gets sloppier and I cum unexpectedly. We both slow down and I get off of him. Dan throws his boxers on and hands me his t-shirt. I quickly put it on and he cuddled me next to him.

“So girlfriend, huh?” He asks, his eyebrow raises and chuckles. I feel embarrassed and my face reddens.


“It’s okay, I like it. Can I use the term boyfriend then?” He asked and I smiled.

“Yeah, I’d like that” he kisses my forehead and proceed as official boyfriend and girlfriend.

{okay the sex might be written a little awkward, but bare with me here. This is my first time ever writing smut and I know it probably sucks, but I think with practice comes perfect so yeahhhhhhhh. Also I’m working on a cool multi-part imagine that I’m very excited to post soon. Request are still open and I hope you enjoyed and continue enjoying ~Odd}

Cut it Out

Sweet and sexy cutout dresses for day and night

In innovative art and fashion, there’s value in negative space.

Sometimes what makes a dress is what’s not actually there. When you want to step it up a notch in the dress department, instead of going for a shorter hem or lower neckline, look for a frock with clever cutouts. Subtly sexy and tastefully chic, a cutout dress will add an alluring air to your look without the annoyance of adjusting it every five minutes. See a handful of our favorite cutout styles for day and night below, from an a-line denim dress to a black lacy slip.

Daytime Dresses

Denim Cutout A-line Dress

Cutout-Back Fit & Flare Dress

Motel Saraya Dress

Painted Leaves Jacquard Dress

Ecote Strappy Back Safari Maxi Dress

Cotton Knit Dress

Evening Dresses

Nasty Gal Laney Lace Cutout Dress

Cutout Body-Con Dress (Regular & Petite)

Cutout crepe dress

Cutout-back stretch-crepe mini dress

Taped Lacey Slip

ASOS Metallic Cross Front Cutout Skater Dress

But wait, there’s more! Search for more cutout dresses here.