Headcanons/thoughts on Disney’s Z-O-M-B-I-E-S


  1. After Zombies and Human start getting along better in the end, not only are the Zombies allowed to go back to Seabrook High, they are fully integrated and Zed is back on the football team.
  2. After the Cheer competition, Bucky, Stacey, Lacey and Tracey turned themselves in and confessed that they were behind Eliza, Bonzo and Zed loosing control. They are working off their punishment (suspension, detention, or community service.) And they are also trying to make it up to the Zombies for it.
  3. Addison gave her parents a well needed talking to, and now they are trying to be more accepting of Zombies.
  4. Bucky teaches Zoey all he knows about Cheer, because he sees a bit of himself in her, and he thinks she would make an excellent Cheer captain one day.
  5. Bit by bit, the rest of Seabrook and follows the High School and allows Zombies into town and businesses they weren’t allowed in before.
  6. Bucky started to feel guilty about what he was doing to the Zombies after he and his assist captains made them loose control, but he didn’t/wasn’t quite ready to change because of the traditions and rules he once followed so strongly. It wasn’t until he met Zoey at the Cheer champioinship, and saw how his squad and the Zombies got along on stage, he decided it was time for him to change.
  7. Bree and Bonzo are probably dating.


  1. Zed and Addison have a very healthy relationship.
  2. Eliza is a Queen
  3. Bonzo and Zoey are precious.
  4. The songs and choreography are amazing. They all did an amazing job.
  5. The sets were unique and gorgeous.
  6. The Cheer segments were fantastic.
  7. The scenes, dialogue and character development was smooth.
  8. Good use of the story line.
  9. All in all, a good fun filled movie.

10/10 would watch again.

Spero di capirlo un giorno, di trovare la conclusione giusta, la giusta morale di questa storia. Sono forse il genere di persona che si rende la vita più difficile del necessario? Sono stata io a invitare attivamente tutto questo casino nella mia vita o stavo solo facendo del mio meglio? Ma è terribile e altrettanto vero: ciascuno si porta dentro qualcosa che ancora non riesce a vedere.
—  Catherine Lacey, Le risposte (SUR, traduzione di Teresa Ciuffoletti)