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S and m boys when their so has a nightmare please?


Shu: Shu isn’t pleased to hear you mumbling incoherent words in the middle of the day. He’d plug in his earbuds and listen to classical music to help him fall back asleep, but your thrashing would only prevent him from sleeping again. Sighing, Shu would wake you up and tell you to stop moving around so much. Afterward, he’d give you his earbud and hold you, hoping you’d be quiet now.

Reiji: He’s not happy to hear you whimpering from a nightmare, so he would gently wake you up and tell you that you were dreaming. Urging you to have some hot tea mixed with milk and laced with a sleeping drug, Reiji would make sure you drank every ounce of it. Once you’re sleepy again, Reiji would lead you back to bed and caress your face until you blacked out. He’ll follow soon after.

Ayato: Ayato can’t stand you kicking him unconsciously every other hour anymore, so he roughly grabs your shoulder and shakes you awake. You end up accidentally punching him in the face in the process, and both of you go to the kitchen to get him an ice pack. While there, you two carry on conversations until you’re both too tired to talk anymore, and Ayato drags you back to bed to sleep.

Kanato: Kanato isn’t much of a sleeper to begin with, so it’s rare of him to ever sleep with you for so long. Sensing your nightmare the moment you mumbled words, Kanato would wait for you to wake up on your own. When you’re crying and shaking, Kanato calls you “silly” and reminds you that he is at your side. He wants you to know that he will always keep you safe when you’re asleep.

Laito: Laito needs his rest and while he wants to entertain you with other fun things, he decides to hold you closely and cuddle with you instead. Murmuring how adorable you looked when you’re scared, Laito tells you to not worry. Nothing bad in your dreams will ever harm you if you’re with him. To help you fall asleep faster, Laito would whisper sweet nothings into your ear and kiss you too.

Subaru: With his coffin tight with you sleeping in it, Subaru can hear and feel everything from you, and he’s not a happy camper about it. Deciding that it was best to wake you up from your nightmare, Subaru would ask if you’re alright and what your dream was about. After you tell him about it, he’d sigh and call you an idiot while pulling you into his arms. You’d be safer there than anywhere else.


Ruki: Ruki didn’t like waking up to your screaming in the middle of the night, and he is worried that something hurt you. But when he realizes that you’re dreaming, he wakes you up and tells you that it was all but just a bad dream. Forcing you to lay in his arms, Ruki would read you a book out loud until you get bored with it and fall soundly asleep. It gives him the chance to hold you too.

Kou: Kou is not a stranger to nightmares and knows it’s anything but pleasant. When he hears you murmuring and shaking, Kou just quietly pulls you closer to his body and drapes his arm around you. Maybe if you felt his presence, you wouldn’t be stuck in your nightmare for too long. In the morning before he goes off to work, Kou would make you breakfast and tell you that he loves you dearly.

Yuma: Yuma gets irritated with the fact that you can’t sleep peacefully, and he would just wake you up to get you to stop moving around or crying in your sleep. Promising you that you would always be safe when he’s around, Yuma would peck you on the lips and tell you to go back to sleep. He’d wrap the blanket around you tightly and hug you from behind, spooning you in the process.

Azusa: Azusa doesn’t like to see you in fear of a nightmare, so he would wake you up and ask if you want to go for an evening walk. If you agree to the suggestion, he would lead you from the room the garden outside and walk with you under the moonlight. Azusa may ask you what you dreamed about, but he understands if you decline him. He just wants you to be safe and sound.

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Enouement- 24 (The Beginning)

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 3402

Author’s Note: Thank you to everyone for all your love, comments, reblogs, messages, etc related to this series. This one holds a special place in my heart. Grab your tissues, this is a long, emotional ride.

Master  Part 23

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White noise. Every direction he spun, his ears burning with noise. Voices floating in from every direction, pieces of conversations, ambient laughter from nowhere. Every direction, the swarm of noise like bees in his ear, accompanied by the dull undertone, the rhythmic thud of the music playing from- where?

He was pushing his way through it, gritting his teeth so hard there was a headache forming at his temples. Each step carried him deeper into the cesspool, further into the muffled noise as he wove between bodies in search of somewhere quiet.

As if the sound wasn’t bad enough, the sights had Bucky’s head spinning. Satin and lace dresses in milk white and crimson red, tuxedos to match, bodies pressed tightly together with so little room that each breath he took caused Bucky to bump into them. He couldn’t see where one woman ended and another began, all of them herded on the dancefloor like zebras. Animals at the watering hole.

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pairing: jeon jungkook/park jimin; jikook

rated: G

wc: 1.8k

tags: angst w/ happy ending, post-break up and getting back together, hurt/comfort 

summary: “i’ll always be waiting for you.” 

Jimin lives beneath the geometrical constellations and looming souls that drift gently among the clouds, moves through space and time in both darkness and dimension, smiles like the soft sunsets during springtide dripping into the ocean; heaven colliding with earth, crimson streaks lingering in the sky. Hair a golden chalice; dusty pearls and rose apple red, the same shade as his round cheeks and hibiscus flowers. Voice laced with milk and honey, lips plump against his, hot touches against flushed skin, warmth in the space between opened arms; love.

What once was love, that is.

What Jungkook thought was love.

But now they’re adults, stained cynics and lost causes trying to find a right fit into the world. Jungkook hasn’t seen him since Jimin left for the big city in an attempt to chase his dreams that were bigger than a stargazer’s imagination that stretched across the vast span of the earth. Jungkook was different - he knew that the quixotic skies wouldn’t be able to hold him and would drop him in a freefall back towards the ground; back to the unvarnished grime of real life.

But Jungkook had understood, had let him go even though he didn’t want to, because after all, if you really loved the person, you would set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t, they never were, right?

Jungkook waited. Jimin never came back to him.

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