laces milk

theres this kid on this game of  town of salem claiming to be 11 years old and claiming she has size 36DD boobs.

Like holy shit, stop drinking that hormone-laced milk before you start altering earth’s orbit. (I know that won’t happen. I’m joking.)

I am not salty either just because I’m on the itty bitty titty committee. I like not having gigantic melons. I don’t like having melons at all. THey need to fuck off.

But hooooooooly shet this kid is either an anomaly, or they are lying about something. am I being trolled? I might have just got owned by a troll.

Don’t drink the milk, people. I don’t drink milk a lot and I still haven’t broken a bone so like the shit they say in school posters to shill their nasty ass milk cartons? Fuck dat. They just wanna sell milk, and they sell milk that is mass produced using cows with hormones and antibiotics injected so they produce more milk and it just so happens to raise your chance of growing enormous hooters.

Don’t drink the milk. lol. I once found a dead fly in that shit.

dONt drinK the mILK.


Things I find aesthetically pleasing

Open windows, blue lighting, dark bedrooms, empty cities, muffled music, pink silk, wrought iron, vintage fur, abandoned hotels, fairy rings,  Parisian decor, fairy tale illustrations, translucent skin, deep eyes, black and white tiled floors, blood stained white marble, high ceilings, avoiding people to read alone, singing in the woods, old vinyl smell, jewellery boxes filled with pearls, china tea sets, pink evening sky’s, delicate movements, deceiving smiles , carousel horses, warm milk, lace nightdresses, drowned corpses, gothic churches, oil portraits, fairy lights, deep red theatres,  owning a tiara when you have no title, sad endings, hat boxes, bubble baths, fireplaces, gilded mirrors, shameless pride, empty note books, long hallways, violent revenge fantasies, cold evenings, haunted mansions, emotionless, wild berries, fawns, poison red lips, snow globes, bumble bees, old medical equipment, flushed cheeks, hair bows, mausoleums


Hank: Dessert Hut, is the worst. One time they gave me ice cream laced in milk. I had stomach issues for days. 

Roosje: But it’s ice-cream.You need to expect some milk in there. 

Hank: Are you laughing?

Roosje; You never get angry so it’s funny to see. 

Hank: I’m glad my upset expression is bringing you amusement. 

Roosje: All your expressions bring me amusement. 

Hank: What did you say? 

Roosje: Uh… umm.. nevermind…

Hank: Heh, okay. Well all of your expressions bring me amusement, too.