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This is a sim for lacedwithsims. she wanted a teen boyfriend for her sim Solaine. i hope he meets your request for rebellious, but soft-hearted. :)

Name:Ezekiel Klein

Traits: Daredevil, Dog Lover, Hopeless Romantic, Rebellious

Favorites: Spaghetti, Soul, and Grey

his clothing comes from base-game, Pets, and generations, however feel free to dress him however you would like. you may change his traits, hair, accessories, etc, and even use him as a base to create your own sim, but please do not re-upload him anywhere else or claim him as your own.

i hope you like him! download link sent via fan-mail.

laenora-deactivated20120827 asked:

Where is the pose in your horse love poses where the mother is holding the toddler? I have the toddler pose, but not the mother..

Gonna answer this publically in case anyone else gets confused:

This pose:

And this pose:

Are the same pose. In the pose list, the icon shows her holding the horse, but it is also fits with the toddler. (In fact, the entire reason I made that toddler pose is I kept looking at the original horse/rider one thinking, “I bet I could squeeze a toddler into those arms…!” And I did. Oh yes, I did. Bahaha.


laenora-deactivated20120827 asked:

Okay. What is the name of that world. Where can I get it. How did you get it. If it came from that new thing EA just came out with with the asian stuff, I need a dekrapified version of it. NOW. HELP ME JENNIFER.

Hey, I hope you don’t me publicly answering this since I’ve received multiple questions about the world! I figured it’d be easier to answer it once rather than fifty times. :)

The world is called Plunder Island and you can find it on TS3 forum (click right here)! You need barnacle Bay, WA, AMB, and LN to use this world.


the lovely lacedwithsims made a boyfriend for Boppie BergerDollup! isn’t he adorable? she named him Darian Hidalgo, and he is a neurotic, eco-friendly, eccentric technophobe! :)

thanks so much for making him! (unfortunately his hair and clothing did not come with him, so i changed those.) the only other thing i really changed was the addition of contacts - he was perfect just as you made him! <3

he’s great and has already taken up residency in Hidden Springs. :)

lacedwithsims replied to your post: If you were wondering why I cried for 20 minutes…

What the hell is wrong with your mom? Its just CLOTHES. She needs to calm her tits. And you can show her this comment. I don’t care what she thinks of me, she needs to cry me a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.

I don’t know, I think she’s a bit stressed though because she came off nights from working 3 nights in a row. But it doesn’t mean she could be like that. I must admit this put a smile on my face:) Thank you!