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Okay. What is the name of that world. Where can I get it. How did you get it. If it came from that new thing EA just came out with with the asian stuff, I need a dekrapified version of it. NOW. HELP ME JENNIFER.

Hey, I hope you don’t me publicly answering this since I’ve received multiple questions about the world! I figured it’d be easier to answer it once rather than fifty times. :)

The world is called Plunder Island and you can find it on TS3 forum (click right here)! You need barnacle Bay, WA, AMB, and LN to use this world.

laenora-deactivated20120827  asked:

Where is the pose in your horse love poses where the mother is holding the toddler? I have the toddler pose, but not the mother..

Gonna answer this publically in case anyone else gets confused:

This pose:

And this pose:

Are the same pose. In the pose list, the icon shows her holding the horse, but it is also fits with the toddler. (In fact, the entire reason I made that toddler pose is I kept looking at the original horse/rider one thinking, “I bet I could squeeze a toddler into those arms…!” And I did. Oh yes, I did. Bahaha.



the lovely lacedwithsims made a boyfriend for Boppie BergerDollup! isn’t he adorable? she named him Darian Hidalgo, and he is a neurotic, eco-friendly, eccentric technophobe! :)

thanks so much for making him! (unfortunately his hair and clothing did not come with him, so i changed those.) the only other thing i really changed was the addition of contacts - he was perfect just as you made him! <3

he’s great and has already taken up residency in Hidden Springs. :)