One of our all time favorite plus size fashion bloggers, miss nadiaaboulhosn!!!
She is definitely fierce and loves to show off her New York swag. She has the hottest wardrobe, we know it may be hard to find fashion forward plus size clothing but of course we got you covered…
nadiaaboulhosn is showing us clothing from boohooofficial, @roseandono, swimsuit from @sunraniadesigns & this dope tupac Tee from klaerizmnyc!!!
Definitely LacedLux approved
Stay sexy, stay sweet, stay sassy… ;) :*


POST & GO !!!

Chic, Clean and a whole lot of swag miss @Diaryofxtina knows how to throw it down!! ;)
Not only is she is sister of the beautiful cierarogers, but is so much more.. A singer, songwriter, author and model, young and taking over!! Not only can she sing her butt off but dress just as well, her look is original, clean cut and edgy but always a pop of that Cali swag (don’t let me confuse you, we have a Houston girl on our hands). She often models for babesandfelines and always does their chic clothes justice. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, and someone to keep your eye on she’s making major moves..
Stay sexy, stay sweet, stay sassy… ;)


The lovely Heather Sanders discussing her fashion line SoSorella boutique. And great ways to achieve what it is that your interested in. Especially fashion, great advice from a great designer!!
Stay sexy, stay sweet, stay sassy… :) ;*

Hashtag of the day: #shades

Dear Fashionista,

As the season changes so does our wardrobe. Being that it’s Spring, why not switch things up a bit. Unfortunately on the East coast its not as warm as it should be but that’s no reason not to whip out a sassy pair of sunglasses. Of course you have the Ray Bans, and the John Lennon’s but what about the shades that aren’t as expensive and still a one-of-a-kind statement piece!? Take these John Lennon shaped shades with turquoise rhinestones on the rim. Can you say Trendsetter?! Best thing about Sunglasses is that they can be dressed up and always be dressed down.

Founder and CEO of Sorella Boutique, heathersanders_ Has taken sunglasses to the next level. She is a women who is confident in what she wears, and NEVER lets the clothes wear her.

She simply paired the cheetah and white floral shades with a over sized tee dress, with cut out shoulders and of course the classic Converse.Glasses are currently $40 at, is that a bargain or what?

Fashion is ALL about taking risks. The bigger the risk the more of a trend you set. The lovely miss Amber Rose @muvarosebud, Amber is the risk taker herself, not only when it comes to her eye wear but clothing and style in general. She has taken chances that some fashionistas might not be ready for.

Her John Lennon-esk type of glasses are very unique. With her chrome look lens and black and silver rim, perfectly matched with an “A” abbreviated baseball jacket. These glasses are currently available at F21.

Last but never least we have Reginae Carter @colormenae (daughter of Rapper Lil Wayne). This pint size diva is def a fashion icon in her own rights. She currently has her own Hoodie line, so she is most definitely a entrepreneur in here own right. Her glasses can also be found at

She nicely paired the cheetah and green floral shades with a black crop top, floral joggers with bright yellow yeezy’s. These shades are currently $40 on the website.

Sunglasses are not just eye wear but a statement piece that can either make or break an outfit. Stack up and think about many different things when buying shades: 

1. think proportion- DO NOT get a pair of shades that will make your head look too big or too small. 

2. as we always like to re-state here at laced- COLOR COLOR COLOR you can NEVER go wrong with color and you always need a POP to make that outfit come to life. 

3. Size- get a few different sizes (the right sizes) to make a better statement!

-Stay sexy. Stay sweet. Stay sassy. XOXO 💋💋