Amazing photograph of Queen Victoria’s wedding veil and preserved wreath of orange blossom flowers, worn by Victoria during her wedding ceremony to Prince Albert on the 10th February 1840. This photograph is amazing because Victoria was buried wearing the veil, so it hasn’t been seen for over a century.

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Stunning Wedding Dresses with Breathtaking Patterns
Quality and details are often the keys that determine the beauty of a wedding dress. The patterns used on a gown, either presented through the choice of fabric, lace, or artistic embroidery, evoke romance and refined times, and add that special finishing touch to a wedding day look.

Here come my rambles…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about just why we like the characters and relationships we do in books. Most of the people we ship would, in real life, be obviously horrible for each other and we would never push them to be together. Also, the most terrible, backhanded, rude characters appear to be the most loved.

My first instinct is to say that it is easier to accept and find these things endearing because with books we HAVE the full story. We HAVE the inner thoughts of individuals who would drive us insane in real life.

Think about it. In comedies, the characters most adored make the rude quips and are always laced in sarcasm. In romances, it is often the dark, misunderstood, elusive men who are the dreamboats. In fantasy, cheers ring out for the slueths, the underground criminals, the ones who are bad but have those tiny silver linings of goodness from time to time. Not to mention the actual antagonists who are often the most watched and listened to. I will raise my hand to that because I am one of those people.

Sometimes I just wonder how many of the people we dislike or find annoying and abrasive would we love if we could read them like the characters in a novel. Just a funny thought.


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Hello! What are your current fave fics/ authors and why? :D

okay, I am finally posting a proper list! these are my current faves — there are plenty of other writers I like, but whose stories I still have pending or have not checked out in a while.

@sugajpg: mellifluous and devil’s sonata. she has a beautiful, clean style that just draws you in. her writing is one of those that just makes you feel so satisfied by how smoothly it flows — her plot are also well thought out (a kink of mine ngl) and her characters and dialogues feel very realistic!

@lthyl: everything in her masterlist :D honestly her writing is so unique and I am glad she is getting the recognition she deserves! her approach when it comes to certain genres and AUs is always different to that of everyone else’s, and it makes me happy to see writers like her on this website, because we need more of that originality and freshness around. her style is so, so elegant and you can just tell how careful she is with her words, which is a goal of mine.

@wonderer-ru: again, her entire masterlist. her works are raw with emotion, her style is flawless, and the way her characters grow and interact (with so much intimacy) is probably my favorite out of all writers on this website. :’) I also get that sense of satisfaction with her writing, because of how smooth it is. it is truly enjoyable to read something of hers.

@haniwritesbtsstuff: her fallout series (which I still need to continue aslkjd) and elegy for erotas. honestly this girl is too humble for her amazing writing. like me, she is also a spanish native speaker, but the way she weaves her words always leaves me in awe. you can tell how much thought and research go into her stories and that’s just very admirable.

@cosykims: I just had to include her because even though I have yet to read her infamous merlot murders series (forgive meee I will once I’m done with finals!!), I have always admired her writing and her as a person as well. her style is too good already (way too good, share some talent smh) and I always find myself drawn to her words. also, she clearly puts a lot of thought on the structure of her plots and that makes me super happy to see in fanfiction. BESIDES her hogwarts AUs always leave me screaming, they are my absolute favorite. so pls just go and give her love :33

@yoongihime: stop, rewind. she is a recent favorite of mine!! even though I still need to read more from her masterlist, I just had to include her because her style just made me fall in love. I love her poetic descriptions and the soft fluff and romance laced in her words. her writing just feels very magical for me, and that’s the best sensation I can get after reading something. please check her out! 

@bxebxee: impatient. even though I rarely read stories focused on smut nowadays, she is definitely an exception for me because of how addicting her writing is. besides, the style she uses in her royalty AU left me on the floor — I remember reading it so slowly because of how much I was enjoying it and I didn’t want it to end.

@thules: pas de trois. LISTEN — this author’s writing is so, so immaculate and graceful. I rarely use these words to describe someone’s writing but I think they fit perfectly for her style. it is my goal to write the way she does one day, and I honestly believe she deserves so much more love. so please go praise her beautiful writing!