laced up

Good morning and happy Thursday bombshells. With a beautiful sunny day and mild temperatures to come I am wrapping up in pink, lace, print, and light as air comfort love. My picks are from the VS Dream Angels collection and are the push up bra and cheekini panty. Feeling delightfully feminine, empowered, strong, confident, and beautiful to the core, I am ready to take on all the coming day has to offer. Start your day off on the right foot and wrapped up in a base layer you love. Take these few minutes just for yourself, clear your mind, breathe deeply, focus on the positive, bring yourself into the moment, and truly see the beautiful person that is you inside and out. Love yourself without exception and allow this love to warm your soul then radiate out to lift up and touch the lives of all who surround you. Walk tall through your day being proud of the person you are and continually strive to be. Choose to be the good in the world you want to see and never stop the fight to help others and do what is right. Dare to take the next step in pursuit of your dreams, always with the reminder that life is all about this beautiful journey you are on and not the final destination. Be true to your light and allow your passions to burn at their brightest to light the path in life that is meant for you and you alone. Stand firm in the knowledge that your light makes this world a brighter place and you have so many things to be proud of. Try to allow grace, compassion, and kindness to permeate into your life a little further each day and always help others when you can. Let the people who surround you feel the power of your love through your words and actions, never missing a chance to hug someone when you can. Know in your heart that you are a brilliant light in this world, that the power of love will prevail, and have a wonderful time rocking your day! Love you all to pieces. xoxo MML <3

10 Favorite Characters ☆ 1 Per series/franchise ☆ Tag 10

So @wumpusinthetardis tagged me in this and, like her, I’m pretty sure I’ve done it before but where’s the harm in doing it again? Let’s see if I can stick to one per series/franchise! In no particular order…

1. TMNT - Donatello (obviously…)

2. Hellboy - Abe Sapien (a newcomer to my faves list but he quickly secured his place!)

3. Disney - Belle from Beauty and the Beast (since I was tiny)

4. Grim Fandango - Manny Calavera (one of my many skeleboyfs)

5. Transformers - Bumblebee (so much so that I drive a yellow VW Beetle named Bee)

6. Ghostbusters - Egon Spengler (you may have noticed a theme with the nerdy smart guys here)

7. The Book of Life - La Muerte (she’s so pretty and badass to boot!)

8. DC Comics - Harley Quinn from Batman (ever since I watched BTAS as a kid)

9. Marvel - Spider-Man (affectionately known as ‘Spiddy’ on occasion)

10. Pokemon - Misty (I would also be a water Pokemon trainer tbh)

I tag… @loonilum @laced-up-and-honour-bound @buru-banded-ninja-kitty @zanleyangelspit aaaaaand whoever else wants to do it because I’m pretty sure all the people I’ve tagged have been tagged already!