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the hosts aesthetics

i was just thinking about this while looking through weheartit and i wanted to elaborate on their aesthetics. i based most of these on personal headcanons (i have one about kyoya having an obsession with berries, its weird) and things that are canon. i made the instagrams using this template. these are short but sweet, and i hope you like them :))

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tamaki: gardens with a lot of roses, landscapes, castles, dogs, sheet music, and antique pianos.

kyoya: leather bound books, expensive ass cars, city skylines, smoke, berries, and dark violets.

hikaru: neon lights, lillies of the valley, rain, decorative pillows, and wreck this journals.

kaoru: paint mixing videos, lavender, blue skies with a few clouds, record players, and snapbacks.

haruhi: daffodils, freshly cut grass, “old school” books, fjallraven kanken book bags, and fancy sushi.

honey: classy pastries, carnivals, lace, cotton candy, stuffed animals, and pink tulips.

mori: tea, sakura trees, autumn leaves, minimalist poetry, and the american horror story title. 

fandom-hollow  asked:

What if Bitty says "Peachy keen, Jelly Beans" and SMH LITERALLY CANNOT HANDLECTHEU CUTENESS? Love your fics btw

It’s totally Holster’s fault.  Because literally who else would want to watch Grease just because ABC Family was having a “Musical Monday” for the long weekend?  Absolutely no-one but Holster, whose love of musicals is almost completely indiscriminate (Excep Cats.  Fucking fuck Cats.)  Bitty ends up watching about half of it with him out of pity while he waits on a pie.  The conclusion at the end of it remains unchanged.

“Well, that was terrible as always,” Holster sighs pushing himself up off the couch for a pie break before Hairspray started.

“Oh, naturally,” Bitty agrees.  “But Rizzo is kind of goals, right?  Like, she’s so badass.”

“I know, right?”

And see, the thing about musicals is that they don’t have to be good to be catchy.  So by the time the weekend rolls around and Bitty is headed down to Providence, the whole Haus is pretty well done with hearing about Holster’s “chills”or literally anything Bitty has to say about Sandra Dee.  There’s a legitimate concern that the Frogs might mutiny before classes on Monday.

Jack isn’t home from afternoon workout with Tater and Marty, so Bitty settles himself in the kitchen and gets his music going.  The ritual of cutting the butter into the crust, peeling apples, lacing strips of pastry together to form the perfect lattice crust lifts his already good mood, and by the time Jack gets home, Bitty is practically vibrating from the joy.

“Hey Bits,” Jack greets him, smile soft and arms coming to wrap him in a warm hug.

“Hi,baby,” Bitty sighs, leaning into Jack’s chest.  It’s always surprising how soft Jack is.  For all he looks made of marble, every time he’s wrapped up in Jack’s arms, Bitty thinks he’s cozier than any bed.  “How were the boys?”

“Good,” Jack says, ducking to press a smiling kiss into Bitty’s hair.  “How’re you?” Bitty looks up, all big brown eyes and sweet freckles.

“Peachy keen, jellybean.”

Jack similarly believes he may have suffered an episode of cardiac arrest at just how completely fucking adorable his boyfriend was in that instant.  He just kind of stands there in gaping awe while Bitty extricates himself from the embrace to slip the pie in the oven and set his egg timer.  As soon as Bits finishes winding it and turns back to him, Jack breaks.  He steps in again and scoops Bitty up, hauling him off to their bedroom.

“Forty-five on the clock.”

Bitty laughs, but makes himself comfortable in Jack’s grip as he pulled his poor hopeless boyfriend into a kiss.