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thot stan = knee high socks. fight me

knee high satiny socks edged w lace that match the lace-trimmed satin camisole he’s wearing tucked into a tiny miniskirt in his huge ass platform heels!!! fight me bih

The Perks of Having No Roommates

I always catch myself glancing at my wardrobe when I’m at home. If I don’t stop myself, I begin mentally assembling outfits. And then it’s only a matter of time before I walk over, strip off my guy clothes and put something on. Woah! I just got up, put on a breezy skirt and a lace-trim camisole, then sat back down like nothing even happened.

I keep my favorite shoes, a pair of wedges with 4″ heels, on my bedside table so that every time I crawl of out bed, I get to see something I like.

When my wardrobe is full after laundry days, I drape my guy clothes over the chairs to make sure there’s enough room for my girl stuff to be stored neatly.

I’m not a tidy person. Sometimes my lip liner ends up in the cup where I keep my pencils. My mascara might end up on the shelf below the bathroom mirror. But it’s totally cool because it’s not like someone’s going to discover it and start wondering.

No one will ever knock on the door and ask me when I’m free clean up the fridge while I’m zipping up my dress.

Here’s an older pic of me making the most of my little apartment.

Let The Light In

I posted my S3 theories the other day and one of them is that Felicity’s father will return.  I believe her father’s return will bond Felicity even closer to Oliver and it will lead Oliver to tell Felicity what really happened to his father on the Queen’s Gambit (suicide).

After listening to Josh Jenkins “I Still Love You” obsessively, I wrote up what that scene would look like in an ideal world.  Dare I call it fanfiction?

I’m probably not going to make a habit of this, I just couldn’t get this idea out of my head.  I apologize if it sucks…it’s been over 15 years since I wrote fanfiction, so I’m rusty.

Rating: M for Mature-ish?? I don’t know…I kept it pretty clean.


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Ship to Shore - Chapter 2

This cruise was meant to mend their relationship - not tear it apart! Emma Swan is left alone on a ten day cruise after an ill-timed break-up. Is there any way she can salvage this vacation? And just what is it about that first officer, Killian Jones…

Also on AO3 and FF.NET

A/N: So two chapters will have to be three! I couldn’t do what I wanted with this story in the word-count I had promised myself so I hop you enjoy this and I plan to have part 3 up very soon!

When she awoke, there was a flashing light on the in-room phone, indicating she had a message. Once the room stopped spinning, she dialed zero for the operator and was told there was a message awaiting her.

Curious, she washed off her tear-stained make up and pulled on a sundress, covering her puffy eyes with sunglasses as she walked to the front desk and retrieved the mentioned note. Tearing at the anonymous, white envelope, she stumbled back to her room, ready to spend another few hours hiding away under the thick, down-filled comforter. She paused outside her door as she saw the name of the message’s author.

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