My Ted Baker Predictions


Row One:

Carilyn Knitted Cut –Out Skater Dress in Dark Blue

Dayzey A line Lace Panel Dress in Navy

Dollii Floral Embroidered Mesh Skater Dress in Deep Purple

Row Two:

Shealah Embroidered Collar Dress in Black

Jaycee Cut Out Bow Dress in Grape

Zafron Embroidered Skater Dress

Row Three:

Daycee Guipure Lace Playsuit in Black

Party - Jiyong / Gdragon ( angst ) PART I

Hello!!!! new scenario kekekekek. This is when you see him at a party after breaking up with you.


The Party. The YG family 2015 Party. The late nights, flashing lights, dazzling dresses and handsome men. All in just… two weeks.
The Party. The YG family 2015 Party. The late nights, flashing lights, dazzling dresses and handsome men. All in just… two weeks.

To say you were nervous was an understatement. In any case you’re about to have a heart attack.

You’re YG family’s, or more specifically, BIGBANG’s stylist dongsaeng. You were a kid in university, majoring in Fashion and Design, and working for BIGBANG as a stylist part-time.

Why did this all matter?

Well, to make it simple… you and Jiyong broke up last year.

But of course, you couldn’t just NOT do make-up for BIGBANG because of your relationship; you needed this job. You needed it to pay off university.

So as you can imagine, the last year had been painfully awkward. But fortunately you weren’t their only stylist, of course, so you always got your other stylist friends to do Jiyong in your place.

But the party… you were supposed to go with somebody… but, well, who?!

“I could go with Seunghyun! Choi, of course,” you said.

“That bingu is going with his sister,” Chaelin said, and T.O.P wasn’t far away. He had just walked into the room in the midst of your conversation with Chaelin.

“Sorry, ____. Why don’t you go with Jiyong?” he asked sarcastically.

“Not funny Choi Seunghyun,” You said and threw your jacket at him.

“Kidding! Woah there, hold it woman,” He defended himself.

“I just won’t go then. You can’t stop me. Neither can sajang-nim,”

“Yes he can,” Youngbae suddenly chimed in as he strolled into the room; catching all of you by surprise.

“Why are all of you randomly coming in! For all i know Jiyong is eavsdropping,” you groaned.

“He might be,” Youngbae, Seunghyun and Chaelin said at the same time.

“All of you suck,” you snorted.

“You’re receiving an award, ____. You have to be there.” Youngbae said.

“I can just call in sick!” you defended.

But you knew it was it, you would have to go.

“Just go, ____. Its been a year. Show him, girl!” Chaelin cheered.

“Noooooo,” you buried your face into Seunghyun’s chest.

“Oh! Wait! Youngbae who are you-”

“I’m going with Hyorin,” he interrupted.

“Oh. Yeah I forgot about that,” you said.

“I’m dead guys.”


You adjusted your outfit.

You were wearing a long black playsuit with lace detailing and a gold necklace with gold pumps.

You looked… hot. Pretty damn hot.

You can do this, you breathed. I’m sure you can.

Or not.

You thought again as you walked out of your house to the party.


Arriving at the party, you glanced around to look for people. But it was just a bunch of unfamilliar faces. You were still young and did not know many people and you had just joined.

This was going to be an awkward train-wreck, you thought.

“____!” you saw Seungyoon from WINNER running to you.

You styled WINNER occasionally and had grown quite close to them.

“HI LOSER!” you smiled at him and he smiled back, suddenly pausing to look you up and down.

“Woah… noona…” he fawned at you.

You winked at him.

He placed his hand on his forehead and pretended to stumble and faint, making you giggle.

“Stop it, pabo,” you slapped him lightly on the chest.

Then, something caught your eye.

Stop looking, you’re going to get hurt.

But you couldn’t stop staring, no matter how much it tore you.

Stop looking, ____. It’s not worth the pain.


But it’s been one year.

Shouldn’t I still feel the pain.

You glanced up and saw all that you didn’t want to see. Why did you even choose to look up? You knew you were going to be hurt anyway. But you still did.

Jiyong and two girls grinding up on him was all you needed to see for all your past memories to be brought back and for all the pain and agony too start rushing back to your head.

The two girls were probably backup dancers; you had styled them before. They wore short and tight lace black cocktail dresses and high black strappy stilettos.

Did he not remember? Is he not remorseful?

Just then, Jiyong looked up at you. His face went blank.

You looked down and kept walking.

You shouldn’t care. Not anymore. He’s not your’s anymore.

You should hate him in any case, You shouldn’t care.

But you still did.

You just kept walking, bumping into strangers and mumbling apologizes.

Until you bumped right into somebody’s chest.

“Oh. Ah, hi ____!” The person greeted. He was male, and sounded familiar.

“Hi Youngbae,” you said.

“____ ah… are you… okay?”

You looked up at him and smiled, even though tears were forming at your eyes.

“I’ll… I’ll be just fine,”

And with that you stormed out of the party to the rooftop.

Walking up to the rooftop you gazed at the scenery.

YG always had these parties in this same club, and this was the first time you went for one of them… single.

You looked at the starry night and remembered when Jiyong would bring you here.


“Jagiya,” he cooed as he hugged you from behind.

“It’s so beautiful tonight,” you said.

“Hmm,” he sounded and looked as though he were thinking, “not as beautiful as you,”

“Yah, so cheesy,” you blushed.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it,” he teased and you rolled your eyes.

The two of you enjoyed the silence and the peace of the night.

“Jagiya,” you called, “don’t you ever want to see the stars up close?”

He looked down at you and sighed, “I already have one with me…”


The memories of your happy relationship brought tears to your eyes.

But of course, you two broke up for a reason… a big one.


“Jiyongie! I’m home!” you called out, full of excitement.

You held the box in your hand as you looked around the house for him.

You crept up the stairs.

“Jiyong ah!” you said, but there was no reply.

Suddenly, the sound of giggles echoed throughout the house.

As you continued walking, you started seeing articles of clothing on the floor.

Jiyong’s blazer, a blouse, a pair of high heels and Jiyong’s button-down.

It can’t be… right?

But it was.

You pressed open the door to his room.

It’s over, you thought, as you dropped your box on the floor and walked away.

What did you see?

Jiyong standing straight, naked, with a naked girl on her knees in front of him… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

But it was enough. Enough to tell you that it was over between you and Jiyong.

For good.

He didn’t call you, or even try to chase you.

He just picked up the box you dropped and knew that that would have been the last time he would see you.

“Happy anniversary! xx love you xx ” it read.

Types of BJD Clothing Styles

The ?: is it a boy? Is it a girl? Both? Who knows? All we know, is that it is stinkin’ cute.

The Loli: has their bows and frills in place, loves to twin with their owners and allthough they might wear off brand, they prefer the high end good stuff.

The Begger: somehow this dolls always comes home with clothes / goodies when they have stayed at your friends house. It is not sure how they work their magic, but hey, don’t look a given horse in the mouth.

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anonymous asked:

hey do you think you can put together some clothes i can wear to a party? nothing too pricey im on a budget :)

hey i don’t know what you’re into but ill put a few options together

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Florals Lace Up Romper 

Black Cut-out Dress
White Lace Chiffon Dress
Blue Crisscross Cami Dress

two piece:
Flower Print Crop Top With Shorts
Keyhole Print Crop Top With Elastic Waist Shorts
Tribal Print Halter Crop Top With Shorts

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