lace up front

sorceress outfit ideas 🌟

- dark ruler: a long + velvet robe over a black floor-length dress, sharp nails painted a deep maroon, a layered diamond necklace, dramatic eyes

- mystery woman: a satin cape over a lace/sleeveless cocktail dress, long satin gloves, sharp stilettos, ruby lips, a wand disguised as a lipstick tube

- crystal goddess: an elaborate gown covered in rhinestones + beads, fingers adorned with large rings, shimmery eye makeup, long hair in a single braid w/ hair jewels, frosty lips

- dragon rider: a medieval-esque dress with a lace-up front, hand jewelry, gold arm bands, loose hair with scattered tiny braids, a crown with rubies and obsidian stones, thigh high lace-up sandals

Probably the coolest (and most comfy) flares that exist. I love the high waisted lace up front too! Thank you @killstarco for always creating comfy, but killer clothing 🔪💀
*Currently on a holiday/break to celebrate the beginning of school holidays, so I am very distant at the moment *

Outfit is from @killstar
Photo by Alterd Mind Photography

Connor Murphy x Reader - Freak (FLUFF)

WC: ???
Warnings: lots of swearing (it’s Connor, come on now)
Summary: (y/n) and Connor work together on a school project about a romance novel…
Requested?: on Wattpad


First day at a new school and all (y/n) could think of was how huge the place is! From the outside there were three visible floors that stretched across for miles either way.

Lost in thought, you fail to notice your childhood friend walk up behind you.
“‘Sup, (y/n/n)!” The one and only Jared Kleinman says, swinging his arm around your shoulder. You shrug him off, masking a smile. You hadn’t seen Jared in years and, though he’s clearly still an idiot, you’d kinda missed him. “You got the first day jitters yet?” He jokes at you.
“As if. I’ve moved around since I was 6! I’ve got this, man.” You remark, heading towards the doors as the sharp shrill of the bell chimes.

Your first class was English, a subject that always had you caught between love and hate. Stepping into the full room, you scan about to find the one empty seat left. Sat in the chair next to it is a rather tall boy with long brown hair and a huge black jacket on. With a deep breath, you stride towards him, feigning confidence.

I hope he doesn’t mind…

You pull out the chair and sit down with a plonk. Your (f/c) skirt splaying out around you.
“Hey,” you whisper to him. “I hope you don’t mind but there aren’t any other seats left in the class.” Your attempt to strike up a conversation falls flat as the somewhat moody kid scoffs at you and turns away.
“I’m sorry. My name’s (y/n).”
“Good for you.” You hear him mutter under his breath.

Now visibly irritated, you turn away and pull out your notebook. Laying it in the middle of your actual work page to disguise the fact you really didn’t want to take notes, you begin to scribble rapidly, ideas and images flowing out of your pen like magic. From the corner of your eye, you see the boy turn to you slightly. Page after page fills up, black ink tattooing the clean canvas.
“Connor.” A rough voice says from beside you. Turning with surprise, you cock your head. “My name. It’s, uh, Connor.”
Slowly, a smile creeps onto your face.
“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” You exclaim, happy to have drawn some conversation from him.

She’s new, he had thought to himself, she doesn’t know you. She doesn’t know that you’re a freak, yet.

As the class was about to finish, the room filled with idle chatter. Over the top, the teacher was demanding silence and being profusely ignored.
“Stop it now, all of you! I have a project to set and if you don’t listen, I have half a mind to fail you all now!” That shut everyone up.
“Thank you. Now, as I was saying, to help get your creative juices flowing, I will be assigning everyone a classic book for you to review by Monday!” He was met by a collective groan, to which he abhorrently ignored.
“I want all of you to pair up now before I start choosing books.”

Shit… nobody’s gonna want to pair with the new kid…
Shit… nobody’s gonna want to pair with the freak…

Gingerly, you turn to Connor and hope he understands what’s going through your head. He grants you a small nod, barely noticeable, and with that you have a partner.

Standing to leave the room, the teacher turns to the pair of you.
“(Y/n) and Connor! Oh you’re so lucky! You shall be reviewing the wonderful Pride And Prejudice!”
“A love story?” Connor shoots back with disgust. “Yeah. We’re sooooo lucky”. The sarcasm oozes from his words as he storms off. Behind him, the teacher begins to babble. Something about it being 'so much more than love’ or something?

“Hey, um, Connor?” You call after him, jogging to keep up with his strides. The boy ignores you, stomping onwards with force.
“Connor!” You demand, taken somewhat aback by the power in your voice.
“What?!” He snaps back, furiously. You step back nervously before clearing your throat and breathing in.
“Doyouwannamaybehavemynumbersowecantalkabouttheprojectandstuff?” You sputter out, praying he understood. Connor looms over you, standing a good foot taller than yourself and cocks his eyebrow. You couldn’t tell if it was humour, mockery or plain confusion.
“Sorry…” You hang your head. “Do you want my number? So we can talk about the project and stuff?” You try again, retracing your words with caution. You hold your breath, ready for him to shout again but instead, you feel him reach for your arm and roll up the sleeve of your (other f/c) jumper.
“W what are you d doing?” You ask, cursing yourself for the stammer.
“What does it look like? I don’t have any paper so here!” He replies, bluntly. You look down and there, in shimmery numbers, was what could only be his phone number. You turn to smile to him but he’s already gone, leaving you alone in the long hallway.


Sat at home on your bed, you put the shining numbers into your phone and type out a message.

To: Connor
From: (unknown number)
Hey, it’s (y/n). When do you wanna meet up about the project? X

Hoping to god that he actually gave you the right number, you hit send and place your phone behind you.
About 10 minutes later, whilst you were sat reading the assigned book, a chirp came from your phone.

To: (y/n)
From: Connor
Idk. Tomorrow, mine?

To: Connor
From: (y/n)
Sounds good. What’s ur address?


Connor sent his location

We’re all set.

The following day at school went rather dully. Jared had taken it upon himself to give you a… not so PG tour of the school. He seemed to know just about everything about who hooked up with who and where. He also mentioned Connor briefly, calling him 'freak’. Though not sure why, you found yourself defended him against your childhood friend which earned you a day of teasing. Despite you ensuring him it was no more than a project, he now calls you Mrs Freak.

Finally, the last bell rang and you rushed home to get ready. Though not sure why, you felt the need to present nicely today. You slipped on a soft t-shirt with a laced up front in (f/c) and a pair of skinny black jeans. You were just about to leave the door when…


Your phone sang.

To: (y/n)
From: Connor
U don’t have 2 come tonight if u don’t want. Don’t want u getting a bad rep or whatever

You blink at the screen, partially confused. Why on earth would you get a bad reputation for hanging with him?

To: Connor
From: (y/n)
Never been one 4 reputation. See u in 5 x

You shoot back at him, shaking off the confusion and heading through the door.

To you, Connor was an enigma. Something about him seemed so trapped. As though that harsh exterior was masking something. You couldn’t help but think about him as you padded down the hot concrete pavement. The way his long hair fell to his shoulders, his sharp bone structure, his perfectly painted nails polished in black.
He was kind of cute…
Shaking it off with a sigh, you try and divert your mind to the project as you approach the Murphy house.

Whatever you do, (y/n), do NOT get a crush on the guy.


Inside of Connor’s room was a weird and tense atmosphere. The kid had never had a girl in his room before and so he watched and marvelled as you took in your surroundings. On the walls were rows and rows of book ranging from classic literature to modern comic books.
“Wow, Connor!” You gasped, in awe of the arrangements. “This is amazing! I didn’t have you pinned as such a reader!” While you spoke, Connor found himself staring into your sparking (e/c) eyes.
“Y yeah. I read a lot. It helps with… stuff.” He forced out, trailing off at the end before he said too much.

“So!” You said suddenly, clapping your hands and swivelling on your heels. “With all of these books, have you ever read Pride And Prejudice?”
“I, uh, yeah. I have.” He replied, ramming his clammy hands into his jean pockets.

Why the fuck are you freaking out?! It’s just a dumb project. Not like you’ll see her again after this.


“Aaaaaand… done!” You sigh, contently. Between you, Connor and you had managed to complete the project in about 2 hours. Though little to your knowledge, Connor had spent a lot more time looking at you than at the screen.
In the time it had taken for you to write the review, he had noticed so much about you. The way you’d let your hair fall across your face without noticing from being so distracted. The way you’d bite the inside of your cheek while thinking. Even the way your breathing would pick up as you sped up your typing. He scolded himself for noticing but he found every little detail so… endearing.

It felt like the time had gone so fast and, deny it though he might, he didn’t want you to leave.
“So… you going now or what?” He asked, hating how forceful he sounded.
“Oh! Um… I told my parents I’d be back at 8…” You say, embarrassed a little. Glancing at the clock, it read 4:13pm. You had hours left and no way back into your house.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“You can stay here until then. If you’d like… that is?” Connor felt the heat rise in his face, turning away from you in hopes he could mask it.

Connor Murphy does NOT blush!

Without thinking, you grin wildly and fling your arms around his neck happily. But, like he had burned you, you recoiled quickly, muttering a thousand apologies into your chest.

Ah shit… I think I’ve got a crush!


Moments passed by, feeling like hours, as the pair of you sat in silence. You were certain that the hug had messed things up, unaware of Connor’s racing heart.

It was him that broke the tension with a quiet fact. “You really seem to get the whole lovey dovey shit in the novel.”
“Oh! Thank you. It’s a better book than I thought it was, actually.” You replied, unsure of his point.
“Do you… fuck… do you have a boyfriend then?” This takes you by surprise. You open your mouth to tell him but are rapidly cut off by him rambling again.
“I mean, it’s not like I fucking care! Why should I care? You’re probably very happy with him and that’s just fucking great, isn’t it!!” He erupts, getting louder and harsher with each word. You were baffled by what was happening in front of your eyes. He turns from you, muttering furiously to himself. You catch the odd curse word but nothing more. Slowly, you reach out to touch his arm. Your fingers curl around the black fabric, surprised he hasn’t pulled away yet, as you turn him to face you.
“Connor…” you begin, nervously. “I don’t have a boyfriend. Look, are you oka-” Your words are cut off by his lips pressed to yours. They’re oddly soft and you can taste mint and weed in your throat. But as soon as he’s there’s, he’s gone again.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know what came over me and I just… maybe it’d be best if-” This time, you’re the one to cut him off. You place your lips on his, wrapping your arms around his neck. It takes a moment but soon you feel his arms wrap tightly around your waist. You pull away, putting your forehead against his and smiling.
“Thank you…” he breathed so only you could here it. Not wanting to ask what for, you lean your chin on his shoulder as he holds you.

Connor wouldn’t tell you but he was scared. He clutched onto you like you would just disappear in his arms at any second. He couldn’t let that happen. The first person to see him as something other than a freak. He wasn’t about to lose you now. Not now, not ever…

Bts reaction to you dressing sexy:

Anon requested: Can u do a bts reaction of their s/o always dressing modest, but one date night they decide to wear a tight, lace up front dress or something? Lol this is really specific sorry!

This one has been sitting in my drafts for so long I am so sorry of the person who requested this. Here you go ~


Originally posted by ofzico

At first, when you showed up in that flashy dress, a smile lit up his face, and he pulled you in for a soft kiss. He will be so mesmerise by your beauty that he can’t help but smile all night.


Originally posted by markjin

It wasn’t about the exposed skin or anything, it’s about the fact that he discovers how beautiful you are each day. Yoongi is going to stay quite all day, just hearing you speak and looking at you as if you are a precious pearl.


Originally posted by jjilljj

Shameless love. I bet you he is going to spin you around like show me what you got girl and why don’t you show me that more often and ugh you are going to spend the entire day blushing over his never ending compliments.

Rap monster:

Originally posted by sugutie

It made him fall in love with you more. The way you keep yourself modest and down to earth. But when you try to spice it up, you blow his mind and leave his jaw open. Really it just makes him realise how much you are precious to him.


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

He bit his lip when he saw you coming his way in that dress. Kissing your lips furiously to keep any intruding men away from your sexy figure, he lustfully whispered in your ear, “why do you have to show the world too”. He will stay quite all evening, interrupting your speech to drop one or two sexy comments.


Originally posted by taetaehyungs

You wouldn’t have doubted yourself if he didn’t gasp so dramatically. You’ll shrug cutely like do you like it? And he is going to pull you in, kissing your face like are you kidding me I love it.


Originally posted by apgujeon

Ah this boy. At first he seemed like he didn’t care, casually taking your hands, but when you are not looking, he is staring at you with so much love like he can’t believe how lucky he is. He will wrap an arm around your waist to keep off any hungry eyes off you. Taking tons of selfies and pictures of you so he can keep it as his screensaver.
밤 (night)


SUMMARY: You go clubbing with your friend, not expectant of meeting anyone worth hooking up with. Whoops.

WARNING: Mature content

Originally posted by fadetopale

“Stop it!” you playfully slapped your friend on the arm after she teased you for the third time about hooking up with someone tonight. The last time you went clubbing with her, you had gotten a little too drunk and ditched her to go home with some guy you’d never met before. In all honesty, she didn’t mind. The guy was fine as fuck. She knew it. You knew it. The only problem was that you couldn’t remember his name… It started with… with… uh… yeah you had no idea. But you knew what was important, and that’s that you’d always be mad at yourself for failing to get his number. In response to your friend, you said slyly, “Oh come on, it’s not like you haven’t hooked up with a stranger before.” She just laughed and rolled her eyes, “You’re right though.”

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Lessons to be Learned 2

Oh jeez. I wrote the first two chapters to a new series in one day and I’m so thankful that @alexispoo gave me the idea to this and other future series. So here is Chapter two. Enjoy. Chapter One HERE

Summary: Being in detention isn’t what the reader thought it would be. The situation only gets more intense when Principal AJ interrupts Mr. Ambrose’s lesson.

Tag List:
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TITLE: Daughters of Mischief


AUTHOR: whisperriddle

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the adoptive mother to two powerful  (and mischievous) teenaged witches. One day you answer the door to meet a man (Loki) claiming to be the girls’ father, come to take them home with him…



Jenny and Mary were more than thrilled to be shown around the castle that Loki had described as the center of everything in Asgard. He pointed to rooms on the way through the large building and addressed them as things like “war council room”, “committee meeting room”, and something called the “warrior room”.

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100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 12

Past Posts

Items 1 - 5

Items 6 - 10

Items 11 - 15

Items 16 - 20

Items 21 - 25

Items 26 - 30

Items 31 - 35

Items 36 - 40

Items 41 - 45

Items 45 - 50

Items 51 - 55

56.      Blade of the War Born

Weapon (Greatsword), Legendary, Requires Attunement by a Fighter

A heaving greatsword of ancient lore. It’s said the blade was crafted from a meteor that struck the material realm centuries ago. As such it never loses its edge – as well as glowing whenever it strikes an object. This sword has +1 to all attack and damage rolls as well as gaining the ability to use their reaction to make one attack with this sword. The player attuned to this greatsword can tap into its magical energy once per long rest, as a bonus action the creature can choose to gain one of the following abilities for 1 minute.

 Otherworldly Blessing – This sword becomes +3/+3 magical weapon

Destined Wielder –When you end your turn you gain the ability to use your reaction 3 times in a round instead of one.

Blade of Heroes – After picking this ability, the next attack you make will automatically be a critical hit, additionally you may make an extra attack every time you take the attack action

57. Eye of the Bandit

Wondrous Item (Eyepatch), Rare, Requires Attunement

This eyepatch seems ordinary to a player who isn’t attuned to it. When being worn by the person attuned to it, all objects worth over 100 gold glow slightly in their sight, this includes bundles of gems or coins worth over 100 gold (such as treasures behind a safe or the coin purse of a noble). If the object is inside another object, such as a pocket or a crate – the attuned creatures sees an aura around the object through the obstacle.

58.      Sling of The Folk Hero

Weapon (Sling), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

A simple sling made of hempen rope and a small leather projectile pocket. When a size large or larger creature is hit with a projectile from this sling it deals an additional 2d8 bludgeoning damage.

59.      Umberlee’s Bite

Weapon (+1/+1 Trident), Very Rare, Requires Attunement

This trident’s shaft is crafted from the spinal column of a great white shark complete with dorsal fin. The vertebras go up to the shark’s skull, mouth agape prepared to bite. This trident has +1 to attack and damage rolls, when a creature is hit, you can forgo damage to grapple the creature in the shark’s maw. Starting next turn you can use your bonus action to clamp the shark’s jaws down dealing 2d6 piercing damage. You have advantage against attack rolls against a creature clamped in the shark’s jaw, but you can’t melee attack another target until the grapple is ended. The target can end the grapple as an action by passing a DC16 Strength check. You can end the grapple yourself as a bonus action.

60.      Boots of the Tornado

Wondrous Item (Boots), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

Scuffed brown boots with the laces done up the front in a whirlwind fashion. The player attuned to these boots can use their action to start spinning rapidly – forming a cyclone of air pressure around them. All creatures within 60 feet of them must succeed a DC15 strength saving throw, on a fail they are pulled 15 feet toward the creature.

Worse than some, Better than others

Paring: Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Fandom: Harry Potter ((Marauders Era))

A/N: Haven’t written a Harry Potter imagine yet, and I adore the Marauders!

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

I grimaced as the marauders began to confidently saunter towards my group and I whom were at the far corner of the court yard. Sirius leant on the cobblestone wall to my left, and James simply stood with a hand on his hip and a snarky expression. Peter Pettigrew, the actual fucking rat winked at me, and I swear I almost vomited. Remus stood towards the back of the group, staring down at his books shyly. "Moony, you coward, do what we came here to do,“ James huffed, a smirk forming onto his lips as Sirius stepped towards the boy and shoved him into me. The next thing I knew I’d hit the ground with a thud, and Remus landed on top of me, books sprawled across the leaf-littered grass. The lanky, awkward boy looked at me for a moment, before scrambling off of me, shooting his hand out towards me. I accepted his offer, and he pulled me off of my back.

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~Statuette of Diana.
Artist/Maker: Unknown
Culture: Roman
Place: Asia Minor (Place created)
Date: 1st century B.C.
Medium: Bronze

Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, stands with her weight on one leg and reaches back over her head with one hand, while extending the other in front of her. The goddess wears a short chiton and boots, an outfit suitable for her active lifestyle, and her hair is pulled back in a tight bun. Although her clothing is relatively simple, it is shown in great detail. For example, the oval pin on her shoulder and the double braid ornament around the neckline of her chiton are carefully delineated. Diana’s boots are especially ornate. The boots are open-toed, lace up the front, and are covered in vines. They are also lined with animal skins, whose head and paws stick out from the top of the boots. Scholars disagree over the original appearance of this statuette, since the attributes that she originally held are missing. Some scholars believe that Diana would have held a bow in her lowered left hand, and her right hand was reaching back for an arrow in her quiver. Another theory is that the goddess held a mirror and was reaching up to adjust her hair.

First Time - Ignis Scientia

GUYS. This is the sweetest thing ever and I’m so happy with this piece. I had a totally different plan in the beginning but this story practically wrote itself. Ignis is so cute and I really hope I got his mannerisms down. Not only am I blushing but this breaks my heart a little.

Enjoy this sinful magic.


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Snow white LE dolls

finally allowed  to give everyone some details on the snow white dolls

General release dolls: snow, evil queen, prince and platinum

inspired by her wishing well look snow white is in a blue skirt with a white apron and peter pan collar top. Around her waste is a brown embroidered corset. She has a red shawl and perched on her hand is a bird. In the background you can see the wishing well scene.

ed size: 6500

the evil queen is in her classic purple gown which features a deep cut V neck as well as embroidery and rhinestones throughout. She has a large white accordion collar, black choker necklace and gold crown. She is holding the box featured in the movie meant for snows heart.

ed size: 4000

The prince is in his classic look from the wishing well scene in a blue vest, white long sleeve top and cape. His details include a sword and leather boots

ed size: 3000

The platinum set is a completely original outfit creation with snow in a deep ruby dress with sleeves similar to her classic look with a longer belle sleeves extended beyond the shoulder sleeves. The skirt has a cream panel in the middle with lots of embroidery. The bodice is laced up in the front with gold embroidery on the sides. Her hair is styled up with flowers. She has a lace collar. The prince is by her side in a complimentary look that has gold detailing as well as a cape.

ed side: 650

All That Matters

Fandom: OUaT; Rumbelle

Word Count: ~2,800

Rating: PG

Beta: @mariequitecontrarie Thank you!

AO3 link

Belle’s knees hit the ground with a painful, teeth-grinding thump. She barely registered the assault to her joints before Gideon’s cry split the air.

“Oh, sweetheart…. are you alright?” She cuddled him close, making comforting shushing sounds, before holding him far enough away to unwrap his blankets and inspect him for injury. She was vaguely aware of the others standing up around her, and called for her husband without looking up, too preoccupied with simultaneously looking over and reassuring her six-month-old. There were no visible marks on him, and the angry way his limbs thrashed around indicated that everything was still working.

He let out another ear-piercing scream and Belle winced. Nothing wrong with his lungs.

Relieved, she rewrapped him against the chill of the early-morning air, and stood up, nearly catching her foot in her layers of petticoats and long skirts. She hadn’t worn a dress like this since Camelot; it was going to take a bit of getting used to again. Looking down to inspect the rest of her outfit, she realized that her bodice laced tightly up the front, and groaned. That was going to be hell to unlace and re-lace every time Gideon needed to nurse. She’d have to ask Rumple if he could transform it into something easier.

“Rumple?” she called again, looking for him in the crowd around her. She fought the beginning of panic when she didn’t see him immediately.

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Stand, Climb, and Fall (RPG AU)

Day 1:  4209 words

Summary: Prompto is a bit of a shut in with no use for the outside world so his surprise when he woke up, outside, in a dingy foul smelling alley in a dress his shock was perfectly understandable. 

Warnings: Attempted non-con, violence, near/mild panic attacks, blood, shock. 

Prompto didn’t really get outside much. Which was to say he didn’t really get outside at all these days. Just about everything he wanted could be delivered to his door, from take-out to groceries (though his cooking ability was near non-existent he did know how to nuke cup noodles and fry eggs) to toiletries and comics. Everything he wanted was in his small apartment already in the form of his computer and various video game systems. The only IRL people he wanted to deal with were his parents and even then he tried not to do a lot of that.

Not that they were bad people because they weren’t. They were wonderful people who’d loved and supported him unconditionally his entire life. They’d never asked anything from him except that he do his best and be happy with whatever it was, had stood behind him in every activity and hobby, and that was why he hated visiting with them. They deserved better than son with no motivation, no prospects, and no desire to do any better than how he was currently doing.

One traumatic incident and he was functionally a shut-in, wasting all the effort his parents had spent on him, and they were too nice to even be upset. Worried. Sad. Ready to help the moment he asked for it, always lovingly reminding him that they were there for him, but never ever upset. They didn’t push and try to force him to rejoin the world, to get over it.

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