lace up dress shoes

random kook/min hcs:

- jk sometimes bursts into jimins room holding up a magazine or his laptop and points to a couple doing something cute or frankly physically impossible on screen and dead srsly tells him, “hyung, lets try this”

- the first time jk called jimin without honorifics had been an accident, bc he just felt that comfortable with jimin. the blush that rose on jimins cheeks made him want to do it again

- jk often marvels at how much jimin lets him get away with.. how jimin just takes it when jk manhandles him, goes limp and pliant, and he realizes that he rly rly likes it, and makes it his mission to push jimins limit, test his patience with him only to step back when it gets too far. (he never gets too far)

- when jk had growled “where do you think you’re running off to?” to jimin under his breath that day, jimin had laughed it off, but all the same wondered if he could hear it again in another context

- they dont tell each other ‘i love you’ with words, only signals and codes that no one but them would understand. sometimes the others catch jk doing the most bizarre of things, the hidden i love yous manifesting in body gags and inopportune mimicking. they never ask, bc the way jimin laughs and looks on with utmost adoration is answer enough

- one time, when jimin was nagging at jk about something, jk had, in a bout of frustration, snapped “you’re not my mom,” only to falter in his annoyance when hes met with jimins crestfallen expression. “that’s not what i meant- hyung, i… it’s not that. just, i’m not a kid anymore. you don’t have to do that.” jimin had pursed his lips, nodded sullenly before walking off, and, wanting nothing more than for that look to be wiped away, jk had lunged forward, grabbing jimin around the waist to backhug him. jimin had been stiff, but he didn’t pull away. pressing his face in jimin’s hair, he’d muttered, “you don’t have to worry about me all the time. let me take care of you too.”

- somehow, at that moment, jimin’s heart had both broken and mended all at once. 

- jk catches jimin staring at him one day, when hes all dressed and ready to go out, lacing up his shoes in the hallway, and straightens up in confusion. “i’ll be back by two. what’s up?” jimin just stares for a bit longer, brows scrunched up and jk longs to smooth it out with his finger. “when did you grow up without me noticing?” jimin mutters. before jk can utter a word, jimin just pats him fondly on the chest and bids him farewell. the question echoes in jk’s head for the rest of the night, along with the nostalgic tilt of jimin’s pout

- “jiminnie-hyung’s eyes are… really pretty,” jk says, mostly to himself, as he pastes the last sticky-note onto jimin’s eyelid. jimin’s everything is really pretty. that part, he decides to keep to himself

- jk is big spoon. jimin only fights it the first time, but resigns himself to his fate as jk drapes himself over his back that night, back when they’d been nothing but trainees living on other people’s dreams. jk feigns sleep, even throws in a snore for good measure, and jimin elbows him and settles in. it feels safe. these days, the beds are bigger but jimin still has cramped limbs in the morning, crushed beneath a jk who’s definitely gotten a lot heavier than he used to be, and no less demanding. somehow, this feels safer.

- “my baby’s graduating,” jimin coos, wiping a tear from his eye. hes only half-faking it. “hyung,” jk grumbles in exasperation, but when jimin asks for a peck, jk leans down and presses their lips together.

- “graduation present,” he clarifies, cheeks reddening.

- jimin grabs his face in both hands before leaning up and pulling him into a longer, more heated kiss. breathless, they draw apart. “that one was for me,” jimin grins. “for raising you on my back. i’ve worked hard.” jk groans but can’t fight off the smile stretching his lips.

- “yeah… hey, jimin?”

- “hm?”

- “thank you.” i love you. 

2p England Romance Headcannons

·Super cute but clearly psycho

·Likes to bake with s/o

·Disney songs, all the time.

·He’s got a little chub so take care of it. Cuddle it, cherish it.

·Kisses his s/os cheek all the time. And their forehead. And their nose. He likes kisses.

·Ollie loves cuddles when its cold and rainy out, usually they’ll watch cartoons or Disney movies.

·Somehow managed to get Allen and Matt to call his s/o Mom/Dad

· If s/o is sick he goes full mama bear mode, even at the slightest sniffle.

·Did I mention he’s a psycho? He’s totally a yandere.

·Very protective

·Cupcake, dear, and muffin are his nicknames for his s/o

·Don’t go in the basement

·Tickle him, Oliver is super ticklish and he loves it.

·Will totally dress his s/o up like a little doll. Big hair bows, poofy dresses, and lace up shoes. Super uncomfortable but worth it.

·Olive bought his s/o and himself matching aprons. They have hearts all over them and cute little heart shaped pockets.

·Wears fancy under garments. Some are lacey.

·Bought his s/o some lacey undergarments as well.

·They are pink

·He has random spurts of activity out of no where he’s like “Lets go to the park!” or “Can we go to the beach?”

·Restless sleeper

Bet *Requested* (Jeff Skinner)

@bitch-marner​ requested “ Could you possible write fluffy Jeff Skinner? Whatever you think of works for me, I love your ideas 💜 please and thank you if you do write it!”

I had an absolute blast writing this and definitely got carried away…it has over 2,000 words. It hasn’t been edited!

Requests: Open

Warnings: Nope

Next: ???

“I still get to choose the theme for date night tonight, correct?” You asked Jeff as you both got ready that morning.

He looked suspicious at your excited tone. “Yes. Should I be concerned?”

You widened your eyes and blinked innocently. “Of course not. It will be great. You’ll have a fantastic time. I’ll win. Then you’ll buy me dessert. It’ll be a perfect evening for me…and you I guess.”

“What do you mean you’ll win? If I remember correctly, you’ve only won two of our competitive date nights. Why do you think tonight will be any different than your countless other losses?” He smirked at you and waggled his eyebrows as he stuck his toothbrush into his mouth.

You huffed and crossed your arms. “You will be eating those words…and once I’m declared the victor…you’ll eat my favorite pie, too.” You gave him a kiss on the cheek and exited your shared bathroom. “I’ll see you later. Love you!”

“Love you, too!” He yelled back as you closed the door.

You were a gym teacher at the local elementary school. Which was ironic, considering how much you hated gym class all throughout school. You still hated working out. But playing with the kids didn’t exactly count.

They did some light stretching and then games were played. Some days you had organized games ready, other times they had a bunch of things to choose from. Today there were jump ropes, basketballs, hula hoops, and the square scooters. You monitored and occasionally jumped in to play with them. You couldn’t complain about your job at all, you loved everything about it.

As the school day entered its last hour, your plan period, you began to focus more on your coming date with your fiance. Depending on his schedule, the two of you tried to have at least two date nights a week. One was usually relaxed, just chilling in your shared apartment and watching movies. The other was competitive.

Your first date with Jeff Skinner had been a competitive date. The two of you had bet ice cream on who would have the best score on your game of putt putt. It was the best date you had ever been on, the two of you hitting it off right away. It was made even better with the fact that, on the final hole you were tied and you sank it in one shot. Thus, the beginning of competitive dates.

Each date had a wager attached. Usually dessert, a massage, or movie picking rights. Jeff had proven to, unfortunately, be better at you at basically everything. Anything on ice he didn’t even really try. Just skated around and laughed at you while you struggled to maintain balance. Accuracy games like paintball and laser tag had fallen in his favor, too. Though you still weren’t convinced that he hadn’t cheated in paintball. Nevertheless…tonight was your night. You wanted pie and you were going to dominate the game. Your secret love of the coming activity was going to pay off…because you knew all the tricks.

You shut off the gym lights and headed out to your car. You waved goodbye to the other teachers heading for their cars before putting it in reverse and going home. Jeff should already be home, since he’d only had a short practice.

When you walked in the door he was sitting on the couch, playing his Xbox…yet another thing you had lost at. “Are you ready to lose?!” You taunted as you headed into the bedroom to change.

He laughed. “Maybe if you focused on winning rather than trash talking, you’d have a better record.” You made a face that he couldn’t see, but otherwise didn’t respond. You grabbed your necessary battle armor from your closet. A pair of tight jeans, a tank top, leather jacket, and hair tie. After you were dressed and your tennis shoes laced up, you headed back down the hallway.

“Are you ready?” Jeff slowly ran his eyes up and down your body before they rested again on your face.

“You look nice. And baby, I’m always ready to win.” You walked hand in hand out to the car and you got in the driver’s seat. “So, do I get any hints about what we’re doing tonight?”

“Nope.” You replied, popping the P.


“Always.” You shot him a smile before turning your attention back to the road. The apartment wasn’t too far from your destination, just a 15 minute drive. You pulled into the parking lot and a smile graced your face.

“What’s this place?” Jeff asked, looking at the outside of the plain gray building for clues. He would find none. You had purposefully parked in the side lot so he would remain oblivious as long as possible.

He opened the tinted black door and the two of you stepped inside. The smell of motor oil, gasoline, and burned rubber graced your nose and your smile increased. “Jeff…welcome to Full Throttle.”

His eyes went wide as he took in the scene of go karts whipping around each other at thirty plus miles and hour on three different tracks. Each kart was brightly painted and the riders had helmets that matched their kart. Plexiglass separated the tracks from the main area, where you were currently at. You approached the front desk and put in your name.

“Y/N Y/L/N and Jeff Skinner. I called earlier to reserve private racing.”

“Yes ma’am. Your race attendant will be right over to get y’all suited up soon. Feel free to race the mini electric karts or play the arcade games while you wait.” You smiled and thanked the lady before returning to Jeff’s side.

“So….what do you think?”

“I think this is going to be great. I do think it’s funny though that you believe you’ll win.” He gave you a challenging smile.

“Honey, I don’t believe I’ll win.” You smirked at his confused face. “I know for a fact I’m going to win.” He snorted but didn’t say anything because a man approached the two of you.

“Y/L/N and Skinner?” At the matching affirmative nods he shook both of your hands. “My names Rick and I’ll be your instructor and race monitor today. Have the two of you raced on karts before?”

“I have. I was actually part of the bachelorette party that was here last Saturday.” You confirmed.

“You didn’t happen to be the lady in the light green kart?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Ummmm….If I say yes?”

He let out a shout of laughter. “Girl, I’m looking forward to watching you race again. You lit the track up.” You smiled excitedly and he turned toward Jeff. “What about you? Raced before?”

“Not really. The last time I raced go karts…I was probably 12.”

“Well,” Rick turned to you. “You can go ahead and suit up. I’ll explain the basics to the rookie over here and once you’re both ready and situated, I’ll go over safety rules. We’ll be on track three first.”

You smiled and after pressing a quick kiss to Jeff’s cheek skipped off. You grabbed your suit and helmet, the same light green you’d had before and headed for the ladies dressing area. Most go kart places didn’t require a full race suit, but since you hit super high speeds in these ones, they figured it is better to be safe than sorry.

With your neck brace situated and helmet fastened you headed for track three. Jeff was there, dressed in a red suit that matched his jersey color. After a few pictures that Rick took for you he explained the safety rules.

“…so final lap the track will light red and that means head for the pits. Any questions?” He finished. You were bouncing in your seat, ready to get the show on the road. Rick faced Jeff, “Boy, I’m gonna let you go first…trust me, you need all the advantage you can get.”

You snickered quietly to yourself and then got serious as Rick pulled the cord to get both engines running. After lining the two of you up he went to his booth that hovered over the finish line. He held up the flag and after a brief paused waved it. And there you went.

Your foot was glued to the gas and less than five seconds after starting you had passed Jeff. You zoomed on the straightaways but didn’t pull out your tricks just yet…you wanted to wait until Jeff was suitable competition. The first match ended with you a half lap ahead. You were smirking as Jeff pulled in beside you.

“Believe that I’ll win yet?”

He narrowed his eyes. “It’s best out of five! And that was my first time since I was a kid…now I know the tricks!”

“I’m sure. Oh, Hun! Next time, get over to the right when we start…I’ll be able to pass you faster. It’ll make my life a lot easier.” You winked and then pulled your helmet back on your head.

He made a face but pulled his helmet back on. Rick got the two of you lined up and started race two without much of a delay. You would never admit it, but you pretended to let Jeff get the best of you. Purposefully taking a turn too wide and hitting the wall so he could pass you. If you beat him too easily…it would ruin the fun for you.

The third race you beat him and he beat you on the forth…after you “accidentally” wrecked him and got sent to the pits for a 15 second penalty. It was his fault he wouldn’t move…plus, seeing his face as he spun around was priceless.

The fifth and final race was set to begin and you couldn’t wait to annihilate him. Rick waved the flag and much like the first race you had the gas pressed to the floor immediately. Unlike the first time, Jeff didn’t let you get around him right away. He had really improved in the other races.

The first lap finished with you right on his tale, your time flashing as less than a second behind him. The upcoming turn was your best opportunity to pass him, so you pulled out the trick you’d been saving. You let off of him and went to the outside. As the turn approached, you pressed stomped your left foot on the brake while keeping your right firmly on the gas. You whipped your wheel to the left and let out a breathless laugh as you not only drifted around that turn but zoomed past Jeff as soon as you let off the brake. You did the same thing on the other turns and as the third lap began you were a quarter track ahead.

Unsurprisingly you crossed the finish line before him. You were waiting for him when he finally pulled into the pits, a pout on his face. Rick came and turned the cars off before leading the two of you back into the main area.

“I about fell outta my box when you pulled that trick.” He recalled laughing. “I knew you would do it eventually, but waiting until the last match…you’re a mean one.” He laughed harder as Jeff’s pout increased. “Don’t worry boy, she beat one of our best employee’s last time. Bit more practice and you’ll provide some decent competition.”

You both thanked Rick profusely and headed to change back into street clothes. Jeff grabbed your hand and pulled you to the car, a smile finally gracing his face.

“I guess that was fun…even though you won.”

“Wasn’t it great?? I love racing.”

“I can tell. Also,” He opened your car door and got settled before continuing his sentence. “We are definitely doing that again. I’m going to bring some of the guys and then laugh when you smoke them.”

“Can I lap them? I didn’t lap you tonight…even though I really wanted to.”

“You can definitely lap them. And thank you for sparing my pride. Home now?”

“No. We have pie waiting….I’ve wanted it all day. Let’s go!!!”

He laughed but headed towards the local bakery. “Pie it is.”

Let me know if you see any blazing errors.

Worse than some, Better than others

Paring: Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Fandom: Harry Potter ((Marauders Era))

A/N: Haven’t written a Harry Potter imagine yet, and I adore the Marauders!

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

I grimaced as the marauders began to confidently saunter towards my group and I whom were at the far corner of the court yard. Sirius leant on the cobblestone wall to my left, and James simply stood with a hand on his hip and a snarky expression. Peter Pettigrew, the actual fucking rat winked at me, and I swear I almost vomited. Remus stood towards the back of the group, staring down at his books shyly. "Moony, you coward, do what we came here to do,“ James huffed, a smirk forming onto his lips as Sirius stepped towards the boy and shoved him into me. The next thing I knew I’d hit the ground with a thud, and Remus landed on top of me, books sprawled across the leaf-littered grass. The lanky, awkward boy looked at me for a moment, before scrambling off of me, shooting his hand out towards me. I accepted his offer, and he pulled me off of my back.

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Male Mc Mystic Messenger: ZEN Route Day 5: {Hours 14:42 & 16: 56 +ZEN Call}

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Hour 14:42 Echo girl?? OMG

Zack was determined to get a job… but it seemed determination wasn’t enough to land a job. No. You’re not what we’re looking for. We need someone with more experience I’m sorry. It was just one thing after the other. He felt so… useless. Sure he was in school and just trying to get by but… this was ridiculous. He walked into his favorite coffee shop and noticed a sign on their counter. “Now Hiring” it read. Well, Zack hated customer service as he wasn’t too fond of strangers, but a job was a job. It wasn’t what he was picturing sure but he couldn’t be picky. Rika’s apartment may have been paid for but the groceries and his college necessities weren’t. 

“Excuse me.” Zack looked up at the barista and pointed to the sign. “Are you still hiring?” 

“Sure am!” 

“G-great.” Was she the manager? Zack loved this place but he didn’t pay too much attention to the staff. “U-Um can I send in my application? Or what do I-” 

“You want a job?” She leveled with him. 


“Then you’re hired. I’ve seen you around so I know you’re no creep. You get discounts on the coffee and can take leftover pastries home with you. I had two other employees but one of them bounced so it’s just you and one other. He works nights so you’ll never meet.” 

“A-alright. When do I start?” 

She tossed her long hair to the side and ushered to the back of the counter. “Aprons in the back.”  

A bit dumbfounded and startled Zack replayed the conversation in his head before nodding and heading to the back. He was overdressed for a coffee shop but… Well, he had a job and he wanted to tell ZEN!

Oh, and everyone else as well. 

Apron over his body and hair pinned back, Zack walked out into the shop seeing a bustle of lunch goers walking in. “Ah.” Zack felt overwhelmed as a bustle of order came in. No orientation no nothing? He was just thrown in? He panicked a little inside and felt a cold sweat run down. his back. The manager was telling him orders in a kind and helpful and the customers as well. At least some of them were nice. Feeling exhausted after the first hour, Zack leaned his arms into the counter and stretched his back. 

“Here.” The manager handed him a paper. “Sign this and I can start putting you on our paycheck system.” 

“Yes. Er I mean, yes ma’am.” He read over it when the barrage of people slowed down to just a few customers here and there. Zack leaned on the counter and read over the papers. He logged into the RFA and saw that he had missed a chat with Yoosung. Well, oh well. He was busy. Zack pressed his lips to the palm of his hand as he translated the document and read over the information he needed to put down. He pulled out his phone and wallet and read over the chat as he put down the required information. 

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