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Okay but imagine being the missus and waking up one Saturday morning to an empty bed, you clumsily run down stairs in nothing but Harry's massive tshirt, lace undies, and Harry's socks which are far too big for your feet and make you look like you're wearing flippers. When you get to the bottom bumping about lazily with sleepy sleepy eyes, harry is perched in his recliner with a cup of coffee. "Morning baby," he says giving you a soft smile, to which you reply with a sleepy grunt, falling into

(Part 2) his lap. You lay on top of him and he lovingly scratches your back causing his tshirt to rise up on you and give him a solid look of your fine ass covered by those lace panties. He’s about to take it a step further when he hears more pitter pattering and then y'all’s small 3 year old daughter running down the hall to the stairs. “Slow down missy!” Harry yells both so you jerking up ready for action if she were to come full speed down the staircase. But she does slow and holds on
Part 3) carefully to the railing as her body clad in only Harry’s tshirt, which reached to her hands and to her feet, and a sleep diaper made its way down the stairs and into both of y'all’s laps. Harry hands her a cup of juice he had already made before she was awake and flips on the tv to spongebob and cuddles both of his girls wrapped in his shirts to his chest. He’d won countless awards and performed in countless places, but nothing felt better than holding you two as tight as possible.

Wow hey yeah excuse me I’m gonna need you to stop it immediately

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just cute diys?? like decor, clothes, etc

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