lace top socks

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nat and they/them for that story thing?

yellow ribbon tied around a fern leaf; heart shaped lockets buried beside tree roots; love-notes found in sand boxes; suns rising on see-saws; puzzle pieces spread out across the floor; lace topped socks; bows pinned to dresses, wading in lake water.

There is a clearing at the top of the mountain, past all the antique curtains hanging from branches, the lamps set up beside mushrooms, chairs sitting off to the side beside tables topped with freshly baked bread with butter( no one knows where it comes from, but it’s always there every morning, new & untouched, glowing under the hazy sunlight ), table cloths wrapped around tree trunks, door knobs attached to logs, past the doors propped between oaks & the holes filled with comforters.

There are houses in the middle of town with moss growing against the walls & weeds sprouting from the corners, with piles of sticks in the middle of the living room, & blankets of seaweed, where bears bury their noses in cupboards & frogs sleep beneath the kitchen sink & clumps of mud sit where the chairs once were & marigolds grow down the hallway.

There is a fair on the beach; combs washed up on shore, fingerprints against the mouthes of caves; buttercups in a row on the walkway; empty docks at the end of the day; messages in bottles…


I am selling some old BJD clothes I brought but never liked on my doll. As you can see from the top picture, I do have all of the outfit including;

♡ Skirt
♡ Petticoat
♡ Lace Top
♡ 2 Lace Socks
♡ 2 Lace Sleeves
♡ Bunny Ears
♡ Lace bow
♡ Bunny Chain

It is Yo-Sd sized. I ship worldwide however if you live in the UK, shipping is free! I’m charging $80 for the whole outfit, my doll has only worn it once and thats a good $10 off the original price. There are no stains or tears, it is in perfect condition. I do live in a house with cats but I will wash and clean the outfit if this is a problem for you!

Please send me and ask or email me at if you are interested :)

I would like to sell this as soon as possible so I would appreciate any signal boosts!

(Only the first image is mine, credit to the original seller for the last 4 images)