lace top socks

this outfit brought to you by my obsession with the ensemble’s costumes in Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with light purple hair that’s pulled up into twin buns.  I’m leaning on a metallic pink cane that I’m holding in my left hand.  I’m wearing a bright orange tank top with a winking jack-o’-lantern printed on the front.  Under it, I have on a dress–only the skirt is showing.  The skirt is made of layers of sheer burgundy fabric (both lacy and plain) with a handkerchief hem.  Over the shirt, I’m wearing a black vest with gold buttons down the front.  I have on red, orange, yellow, black, grey, and burgundy socks under black boots with big platform soles and yellow laces down the front.  I’m wearing orange eyeshadow smudged on my face, dark red lipstick, a black choker, and a black watch.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.]


I am selling some old BJD clothes I brought but never liked on my doll. As you can see from the top picture, I do have all of the outfit including;

♡ Skirt
♡ Petticoat
♡ Lace Top
♡ 2 Lace Socks
♡ 2 Lace Sleeves
♡ Bunny Ears
♡ Lace bow
♡ Bunny Chain

It is Yo-Sd sized. I ship worldwide however if you live in the UK, shipping is free! I’m charging $80 for the whole outfit, my doll has only worn it once and thats a good $10 off the original price. There are no stains or tears, it is in perfect condition. I do live in a house with cats but I will wash and clean the outfit if this is a problem for you!

Please send me and ask or email me at if you are interested :)

I would like to sell this as soon as possible so I would appreciate any signal boosts!

(Only the first image is mine, credit to the original seller for the last 4 images)