lace ruffles

Now the the year is winding down, I wanted reflect a little.  Here’s a painting that kicked off my 2016 art year, “Cirque du Miel.” She was part of my first solo show with Corey Helford gallery. The girl’s mind is a colorful swirling of creativity, which is so fitting how I lived this year. It’s been a wild year and looking back I think this painting was a premonition of what was to come. Now that the year is ending I’m reminiscing about all the work I created and smiling at the new possibilities for the new year!

💫🎀 girly witch aesthetic 🎀💫

• performs spells in silk, lace, or ruffles
• drinks their tea or coffee in flowery teacups
• plays classical music for their plants
• always buying pink candles and rose quartz
• forever stopping to smell the roses