lace pocket


⠀⠀ 🌿 Little Fox Travel Altar Box 🌿


☽ ↟ Willow leaves ↟ Rosemary sea salt ↟ Lavender ↟ Black salt ↟ Desert sage ↟ Lavender incense ↟ Brass button ↟ Matches ↟ Black, white, blue & pink candles ↟ Pentacle candle holder ↟ Pencil ↟ Paper ↟ Jute twine ↟ Acorn ↟ Baby’s breath ↟ Snail shell ↟ Bells ↟ Glitter stim jar ↟ Sea shell ↟ Sun & Moon/Wolf & Fox ↟ Clear Quartz point ↟ Snowflake obsidian ↟ Amethyst ↟ Rose quartz stars ↟ Blue lace agate ↟ ☾


⠀⠀⠀⠀☽ Element representation

Spirit ↟ Sun & Moon/Wolf & Fox figures, Amethyst, Lavender incense, Rose quartz stars, ‘Vulpecula’ constellation, Pentacles ↟
Water ↟ Sea shell, Glitter stim jar with tiny sea shell, Willow leaves (water loving tree), Sea salt ↟
Fire ↟ Matches, Candles, Incense, Brass button, Desert Sage, Strike strip ↟
Earth ↟ Acorn, Snail shell, Baby’s Breath, Willow leaves, Wood pentacle candle holder, Quartz point, Black salt, Rosemary sea salt, Lavender ↟
Air ↟ Bells, Lavender, Incense, Desert sage ↟


I’m still getting the hang of the wood burner but I’m quite happy with how this turned out! ♡

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Not a fuck customer story but a cute one.

So this story is from my previous job at a thrift store. 

There was this old guy who came in and he didn’t speak a lick of English but he was still trying to ask for help finding an item. Asked pretty much every employee and, since none of them could understand him he just kept getting passed to the next person.

Well, finally he got to me and when he asked for the item again I realised that this whole drama could have been avoided if he had come in a day earlier because the one employee who spoke Polish was off that day. 

How did i know he spoke Polish? Because I know exactly one word in Polish, Czajniczek. And what was he asking everyone for? Czajniczek. A teapot. 

Anyway, he finally gets his teapot and I move on to the next customer. Two days later he comes back in and gives me a really cool present: a hand made apron with lace edged pockets. Polish speaking coworker translates the mutual appreciation between us. Never saw him again but he was the sweetest old man.


❀ Spring Time Dress Design! ❀

It’s finally Spring again! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚ I made this little dungarees dress for my Mayor to wear in the new sunny season, I hope you guys like it! It’s quite simple but I just love little tops with collars and think the little pocket and lace edges are adorable :’3 I’ve also made it in four more pastel colours (pink, green, lilac and blue) which are also super cutee,  I can’t decide which one I like best c’: 

To see the other colours for this design, click here ✿ヾ(。・ω・。)

Thankyou for following my blog and sharing my little patterns it means so much, you guys are the coolest o (^‿^❀)

too busy dreaming of jumping on your...

Ethan Nestor x fem!reader


is there another word for the โ€œweโ€™re dating kind of sort of but no one knows so our only choice is to have car dates and car sexโ€ trope??

lyric that inspired all of this: boy youโ€™re so sexy/just like a cadillac/just come and get me/cos i canโ€™t hold it back/people on the street watch us in the back seat, oh

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Hopelessly Devoted

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Their lives have changed since her diagnosis, but the spark hasnโ€™t faded. Part two to Blind Devotion.

Word Count: 3k+

Warnings: vague mentions of smut & sexy times, angst, flUFF, swearing probably


Originally posted by itsagentromanoff

My wife is going blind.

It had been almost two months since her diagnosis and her vision hasnโ€™t gotten worse, which is good, I guess. She can still see, so the eye drops are working, which makes her happy. Since her diagnosis, she quit her job at the hospital and returned to helping me at the gym with the guys. I know she misses the hospital and it hurts seeing her so upset. It was her dream job and it was ripped away from her.

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Missing You (M)

Request- Hi sweet pea! I would like to request a namjoon smut about public sex!!! Love youuuuuu!! 

Sorry this took me so long. I love feedback! I would also like to say, thank tou all so much for the 700 followers. We passed that mark a couple days ago, but I forgot to say something. So, I just want to say thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Truly thank you all so much x 

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes, you have been warned! 


Originally posted by nikatato

It has been three months. Ninety-four days. two thousand, two hundred and fifty-six hours since you left Namjoon. Your four year relationship with Namjoon was a whirl wind of emotion. 

Those four years consisted of some of your most cherished moments. When you left, you not only walked out on your love, your person. You walked out on your best friend. Months before the break up you and Namjoon had started to fight. You lost yourselves. You both were running away from one another, rather then confiding in one another. 

It wasn’t like you both. You had a close relationship, but it started to crumble. And you hated. Namjoon was there through some of your hardest times, as you were for him during his. 

You missed him a lot. You missed his smile, his laugh, the way he talked.. and everything in between. Going from being with someone everyday, to not seeing them at all. Was extremely hard, especially when its someone you love. 

Namjoon was going up and up in the world, you didn’t want to hold him back. The fighting had been draining him physically and emotionally, has it had been to you. That you walked out. Kissing his lips, for what you thought was the last time. 

You locked your feelings for Namjoon away, trying to get on with your life. It was probably the hardest thing you ever had to do. When you were having a bad day all you wanted to do was run into his arms, but you couldn’t. Which always made that day worse, knowing you couldn’t run to him anymore. 

Three months. Ninety-four days. two thousand, two hundred and fifty-six hours and you decided to get back out there. Not romantically looking for anyone, but to have a good time with your locked away feelings. 

The night was going well for a start. You watched your friends try to sexy dance with a group of very horny men, they weren’t hiding there boners. You stood next to the bar giggling at the sight in front of you. You were sipping on your drink slowly, not wanting to be to intoxicated. 

“What’s a pretty girl like you standing here alone?” You cringe at the strangers opening line. Turning with an awkward smile, he was much taller then you and very buff. 

“I’m just taking a break from dancing.” You turn back to the bar, taking another swing of your drink. 

“Let me buy you a drink. I promise I don’t bite, and I’m gay so I’m not trying to get in your pants. I’m just bored.” He sighs, taking a seat on the stole at the bar, you follow suit, sitting beside him. 

You learn his name is Minho and is a really nice guy. He makes your night, he shamelessly commented on anyone that passed by. Commenting on their clothes, looks and dancing. He even showed you have a slut drop is done. 

“Oh my god!” You scream with the laughter as he comes back up from the floor so fast. 

“And that’s how we do that.” He chuckles, taking a big gulp of his drink. “Oh honey, that guy over there is shooting heart eyes at you.” Minho squeals in an excitement. 

“How do you know hes looking at me and not you.” You giggle, eyes trying to find the man hes talking about in the crowd. 

“Honey, trust me, I know. This guy is looking at you how I look at nuggets. Now that’s real love.” You cackle at his statement. “He’s the one in the white shirt, beside the Dj.” Your eyes scan the floor, landing on a white shirt. Your eyes drift up to the man wearing the shirt. His eyes already on yours. It can’t be. 

“Namjoon.” You breathe out, not taking your eyes away from his, till Minho takes you out of your trance. 


“The guy, his name is Namjoon. I dated him, we broke up three months ago.” You say sadly, you glance back to where Namjoon was standing moments ago but hes gone. 

The box of stored away feelings as been opened. Just seeing him made all those feelings rush back to you. Even you were fighting a lot at the end of your relationship, you still loved Namjoon. It took a lot more then a few tubes of ice-cream and time to get over a lover. A lover that was truly amazing. Those sappy movies don’t let you know how hard it is to get over someone, it was a faux ami, (a false friend.) 

You decided to take to the dance floor, let loose. It is what you came to do. You thought Namjoon wouldn’t want to see you. Namjoon was always quite to forget and move on. It was his way of coping. 

You swayed your hips to the beat of the music, Minho krumping making you giggle. A few men took interest in you, but you shook them off. Your eyes kept drifting around the room looking for a certain long legged man. But he was no where to be seen, so you ignored the tightness in your chest, the want to see him. The need to. 

As you were getting into your grove, because the Dj played ‘Wonna be’ by the spice girls, you bumped into someone. You turn to say your condolences, but his hands on your hips keep you in place. His hot breath on your neck. You know exactly who it was.  

“I missed you, I do miss you.” His hands tighten around your waist, keeping you close to him. His lips pressing to your neck in a sweet kiss. It was like Namjoon was trying to show you how much he missed you through the small kiss. 

You moan for the little pleasure you were getting, you had missed Namjoon so much. Not just as a person, but sexually too. Namjoon knew his way around your body like the back of his hand. He spent so long studying your body, he still remember all your sweet spots. 

Songs begin to pass one by one, you still remain in Namjoon’s hold grinding up against him. His mouth kissing your neck and shoulder blades, his hands holding you tight. He grunted in your ear the harder you grind up against him, feeling his hard dick up against your ass. You moan when he sucks hard on your neck, loving how his lips were so soft on your neck. 

“Fuck, I need you.” Namjoon groaned, his hands on your hips, guiding you through the crowd on the dance floor. Leading you to the bathroom in the club. He ushers you into the little room, your happy to see its clean. Namjoon locks the door behind the both of you, hoisting you up on the counter, he spreads your legs standing in between them. 

He gazes into your eyes. looking into yours with a deep lust. His hand comes up to your face, putting his fingers through your hair. He kept his hand on the back of your head, pulling you forward to connect his lips with yours. 

You could feel all Namjoons feelings in this kiss, you loved it. You wrapped your arms around his neck, fingers smoothing over the hair on the back of his neck. You were kissing Namjoon back with just s much passion, as he was kissing you with. Namjoon’s hand leaves your hair, moving to wrap around your waist, as his other hand his griping your thigh. 

“I missed you so so much.” He mumbles against your lips. Swiping his tongue over your lip, you part your lips. Letting his tongue enter your mouth playing with yours. Everything about Namjoon you missed. The way his hands danced over your skin, his kiss, his scent, his deep voice in your ear. Having him back was blissful. 

The hand that was resting on your thigh started to inch closer and closer to your core. Rubbing fast circles into your core, letting moan slip past your lips. You run your hands down along his torso, before you get to his pants. Popping open the button, opening the zip and pushing them down his legs, along with his boxers. Namjoon kisses your neck. 

“I missed you too, Joonie.” You wrap your hand around his hard erection, pumping him slowly. Running your thumb over the tip, making Namjoon groan into your neck. 

“Fuck, I need to be inside you.” Namjoon lifts you off the counter, turning you to face the counter. He hoists up your dress to lay around your waist. He swiftly pulls down your panties, letting them fall to the ground. Namjoon rubs the tip of his dick up and down your slit, teasing you. 

“Namjoon, please.” You moan out. He positioned himself, slowly pushing his dick into your throbbing pussy. He halted any movements when he was balls deep in your pussy, letting you adjust. 

“Y-you can move now,” You pant out, loving how Namjoon fills you up. Namjoon doesn’t waste any time, before his hips are slamming into your ass. Namjoons trusts are fast and hard, you’re sure any one in a 20 foot radius knows whats happening in the bathroom. 

“Mhmm, I love your tight pussy wrapped around me.” Namjoon pulls you up against his chest. One of his hands cup your breast, as the other plays with your clit. 

Namjoon was fucking you like hes trying to make up for lost time, whispering dirty comments in your ear. Your eyes roll back in your head in blissfulness, your head tilting back. 

“Baby your are so so beautiful, looking all fucked out. Did you miss having my cock?” Namjoon whispers in your ear, biting your ear lobe. He pounds into your harder, but slows down the pace, hitting your stop just right. 

“Oh, fuck. Joonie right there, keep going.” He trusts a few more times, before your walls are clenching around him, hard. 

“That’s it baby, cum all over my dick.” Namjoon grunts in your ear. Your moans are louder, as your orgasm takes over your body, making you shake. Namjoon thrusts hard into a few more times, pulling out and cumming all over your ass, grunting out your name. 

Namjoon grabs tissues cleaning his cum off you, pulling down your dress. He pulls up his pants butting them, taking off his jacket. 

“Here.” He wraps his jacket around your shoulders. He leans down to the floor picking up your underwear and putting the lace in his pocket, he smirks. You turn around to him, looking into his soft eyes, he pulls you into him, by your hips. You look up at him. 

“What does this make us?” 

I hope you enjoyed! I love feed back, so please don’t be a stranger x I don’t even know if that made sense, but okay. And Minho is gay in this fic~ I love Minho hes my heart <3

-Admin Abe x


Brett x Reader


Part 1ย 

A/N: Hehehehe.ย โ€œinappropriateโ€ gif below the cut. Hehehehe.
Seriously @lazyneonmonsterโ€‹, you smutty-genius.


โ€œIs this really necessary?โ€ you pointed in between you and Brett when Satomi suggested Brett should watch you the next night, since he assumed the responsibility that you sneaked out the nights before.

โ€œI wish I didnโ€™t have to do this Y/N, but this is for both you and the packsโ€™ safety.โ€ Satomi explained. โ€œYou sneaking out puts us all in danger, the Argentโ€™s patience with us are already on the edge.โ€

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anonymous asked:

Answer the phone, I'll keep fucking you. with yoongi! thank you, have a nice day and writing!

Hi, anon! Thanks for the request! :>ย 

rating: M
warnings/au: dom!yoongi, office!sex, lawyer!reader
word count:ย 1.4k

His hands were all over, caressing your sides and planting his kisses all over your body.ย You whimpered from his touch as he sucked a portion of your neck, as if he felt the need to mark you and show off to the rest of the world that you were his and only his to take.

It was as if there wasnโ€™t any risk of the two of you getting caught.

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Rafael Barba / Threats (Part Two)

Summary: Being Barbaโ€™s girlfriend and being threatened by Johnny D.

Part One

Here is the conclusion to Threats! I really had fun writing this story, and I hope everyone enjoyed it! If anyone has any requests, please drop an ask or a message. Iโ€™m way more free since classes are over now. Please enjoy!

Originally posted by seekret-fanfic

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¬หšYandere Taehyung¬หš Part º3º

Originally posted by mvssmedia

(Hi does anyone even read this story anymore?)

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Haruka Hatakeyama

So this is Heaven

Request - Imagine Adam grabbing onto your hand when walking through even moderately populated areas because he’s still getting used to being back on Earth

As requested

Hope you like Anon 

You drove for hours to get there, finding a quiet part of anywhere these days was hard, but it’s what he needed.

Since he was pulled from the cage he’d barley left his room. You couldn’t blame him, you couldn’t even begin to imagine what he went through down there. 

It took you weeks to convince him to let you sit next to him. You started sitting on a chair by his door, just talking to him. Eventually he started talking back, only a few words at first but slowly more. 

You slowly moved further into the room, inch by inch.  Until eventually you were sitting right next to him, Adam on his bed, you still in your chair. One day you rested you hand on the bed,  chatting mindlessly as you watched show random show on your laptop.

You saw him shift on the bed but you thought nothing of it. Then you felt it, the feeling of skin touching skin. It was a simple touch, almost like he was making sure you were real. You didn’t react,  even though you wanted to. You just let him rest the back of his hand against yours, and that’s where it began. 

The next day when you went back to his room, the chair was gone. 

“Adam, where’s my chair?” You frown looking around the room 

He didn’t answer just patted the space on the bed next to him. You eyebrows shot up in shock but you nodded. You plugged in your laptop, sitting next to him. Shoulder to shoulder, and that’s how you’ve been spending your days.  

Sam and Dean would check in on you both between  hunts. It was hard for you not to go with them but Adam needed you,  and Sam and Dean were happy you could help him where they couldn’t. 

You look over at the passenger seat where he sat head fallen back, eyes closed. You both knew he wasn’t sleeping,  he rarely slept, and when he did he had many nightmares. In fact except for the few minutes here and there with his head on your shoulder in front of the laptop over the last few days, you couldn’t remember when he really slept last. You frown at the thought. 

“Your face will stick that way if you carry on” you cast your eyes over to see him watching you. You smirk at the road

He asked how much longer you’d be, Stretching as much as he could.

“10 minutes or so” you see him tense beside you, you reach out and squeeze his hand. 

“It’ll be ok. I can’t even explain how proud I am that you’re doing this Adam” you say honestly. 

He squeezes your hand back, before bringing it to his lips and kissing the back of it gently. Your breath catches, he’s never done anything like that before. 

You’d finally arrived,  it was a small, quiet country park. It had animals and a lake and you’d chosen a weekday so it would be quieter.

You turned off the engine and sat waiting for him to be ready. His grip tightened on your hand.

“You aren’t going to….I mean you’ll be there right?” He looked so scared, you nodded swallowing the lump in your throat. 

“I’m right here” he release your hand, you get out of the car and walk around to his side of the car. He opens the door in a hurry, like you’d pull off a band aid.

You go to move but he doesn’t follow so you stop. Hands in your pockets, he looked ready to run. 

“Why don’t we start by the lake? There’s seats by there we can just sit for a while” you ask him, pointing in the general direction of the lake

His eyes snap to yours, he takes a deep breath and nods. You nod your head, taking another step.  He shuffles forward but the stops. You walk back to him

“If you want to go we can….” he shakes his head 

“No….but I…I mean can…God I sound like a school boy….” he stammers, you smile at him telling him it’s ok and to take his time. He inhales deeply,  before stepping towards you, pulling your hand from your pocket and lacing your fingers with his own.

“Is this ok? You ground me….” He asks looking down at you

*has he always been this tall?*

You smile brightly nodding as you start walking to the lake.

“Everything good….I have a hard time believing…what they did was…” he tries to explain

“Adam you haven’t got to tell me…”

“If I’m going to tell anyone it’s going to be you… You’ve literally been everything since I got out Y/n.”

You feel your heart swell.  You try to pin point the moment you fell for him. Was it when  you’d sit up all night talking? Was it when he first spoke to you? Or was it when you wrapped a blanket around him when he was dropped in the bunker, straight from hell and he looked you in the eye for the first time? 

You smile as you realise you don’t really care. You wanted nothing more the to launch forward and kiss him, but you don’t. Instead you bring your ring and index fingers to your lips kissing them, before pressing them to his lips. 

He smiled beneath you fingers as he kisses them in return. You smile at the him as he brings him hand up to caress your cheek. He leans forward whispering to himself

“Please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up…” you reach for his face, running your thumb over the skin

“This isn’t a dream Adam…” you hush as you close the distance and press your lips to his lightly. You pull back to see him clenching his eyes shut.

“Open your eyes…” he does as you ask “see, still here.” You gesture around.

He looks around for any sign that this wasn’t real. He cups your face and you lean into his hand. He smiles brightly

“I think I love you….” your jaw falls open before a grin  spreads over your features

“Oh Adam, I know I love you….” you giggle,  he let’s a breath, smile erupting over his face.

As he kisses you again, before looking deep into you eyes

“So this is what heaven feels like….”