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Lights out Rated R Chapter 1

Jungkook x Y/N x V non idol based story. Jungkook and Y/N are forced into an Arranged marriage. They move into a mysterious house in Busan. Y/N has the ability to see the dead and help them move on into the light. When Y/N meets V a spirit roaming the house. She wants to help him move on. Will she be able to? Things aren’t always  what they seem.  WARNING THIS STORY COULD BE TRIGGERING TO SOME READERS IT DEALS WITH SUICIDE,SELF HARM AND DEPRESSION. ALSO HAS EXPLICIT SCENES.

The car came to a stop, You’re eyes were glued to the building. It feels as if You traveled back in time. The house looked like it was from the 1900’s. It was a Beautiful sight, the house was built nicely with a Victorian edge to it. Under the sun, it gleamed a deep blue, with pale ivory running along the edges outlining the house. The house in general, gave a feeling of calmness to all who passed by.It had three floors total, windows popped out of every direction, but didn’t make it looked overdid with windows. Lastly, indentation of small figures were carved into a surrounding line outside the attic window.  The yard looked healthy,  Vivid green grass and trees scattered around. Bright red roses were planted along the front pouch. You didn’t realize the car door shutting. You saw Jungkook walking in front of the car to greet the movers. You got out off the car to follow Jungkook inside. You both walked in and You were completely amazed at the woodcarvings on the walls. “Stop staring and start taking your boxes up stairs” Jungkook hissed. You quickly grabbed a box and went up stairs. There was 3 rooms. You looked at the 3rd door  opening it to see a large sized room. A king sized bed  was in the middle of the room against the wall. The walls had wallpaper with lace style print.The window had a built in seat. You placed the box down and went to the window staring out at the view.  You could see how nice the neighborhood looked.The feeling in the room changed, You sensed something. You shook your head and pushed that thought away.  You turned around only to be scared by Jungkook. “Jungkook!” You yelled. “You nearly scared me to death”                                                                                          He had his usual cold expressionless face. “Glad to see you found your room.”You nod your head and watch as he comes to the window.

“My friends are coming over for dinner tonight to celebrate my position as the new ceo”

You sighed internally because thought of gatherings with Jungkook’s friends were the last thing you wanted to do. Starters they disliked you due to Jungkook and every time they see you they completely ignore you acting like you don’t exist. “Wear something nice” He said and looked over at your outfit. You felt cold under his gaze. You were wearing a plain white top and black skinny jeans. He turned around and began walking towards the door. He stopped in his tracks and turned his head to the side. “Don’t say anything stupid in front of them” He mumbled before disappearing out of the room.  You started unpacking the clothes in the box and  putting them in the wooden drawer. You never wanted to be married to him. It was an arranged marriage to bind your father’s company to his father’s company. So they make twice the amount of money. You fought with your parents about the idea of the marriage. But they didn’t care to listen because everything was already planned from the start. The damage was done. You closed the drawer and went down stairs to get the other boxes to further unpack.  Two hours has passed your room looked complete. There was twinkle lights draped around the room.  The lamp sat on the edge table next to the bed along with some picture frames. A wooden trunk was in front your bed for extra storage space. Your phone was buzzing in your pocket. You pulled out your phone and answered it. “Y/n! I miss you so much” Your best friend cried. “I miss you to S/n” You say taking a seat on the window seat. “I can’t believe you moved 5 hours away, Who am i supposed to hang out with now” She continued to whine.“I promise when it’s the holidays  I will come down to seoul to see you.” You replied. “Alright you better” She chuckled. “Is dickhead still being the same? She asked.“Yes he is, I hardly doubt things will change” You say.  “His friends are coming over for dinner.” “You better not let them push you around like a rag doll y/n.. I mean it” She sternly replies.“I won't” You quietly say. “Look I have to go I need to get ready for when they come.”                                                                                                         “I love you y/n I only want you to be happy” You smiled softly at her words.“Love you too” You reply. “I will talk to you tomorrow okay? Bye” You hung up  checking the time. It’s 5:30pm, Which means you have sometime to get ready before they come around 7:00pm. You get up heading towards the bathroom. You remove your clothes and turn the water on. You took a quick shower so you could spend more time on your hair and makeup. You chose a 2 piece outfit. A lacy white bralet that has  a matching white lace pencil skirt. You pulled your hair up into a high ponytail curling the ends of your hair. You apply some makeup on. A winged liner and mascara. You finish your look off with natural lipstick. You hear muffled voices coming from down stairs.You get up putting on your nude heels. You go down stairs too see all of them chatting and laughing. They’re all seated around the dinner table with wine and beer. The food is laid across the table. You walk into the room and everyone gets quite. Jungkook clears his throat. “Y/n come sit” He says gesturing to the empty seat at the other end of the table. Everyone remanded quiet. “Everyone let’s eat” Jungkook said awkwardly breaking the silence as he grabbed a plate. You didn’t feel like eating. They began to eat and talk again about the company. “It’s so nice to have you back man” Nam-joon said as he ate his food. The others nodded in agreement.  “We all missed you so much” Ji-eun smiled as she ran her hand down Jungkook’s arm. He smiled back at her placing his hand on top of hers.She was beautiful. She had pale skin, round brown eyes and dark hair. Last and not least she was petite and skinny. “You guys look like a couple from a magazine cover” Hoseok said in adoration.  “Too bad you guys aren’t together anymore” Jin added as he served himself more wine. You watched  the water melting down the side of the glass cup.What they were saying didn’t affect you, Because you didn’t love Jungkook. They continued  talking and You got up to leave. “What’s wrong y/n?”Jungkook asked before taking a sip of his beer. “I don’t feel well” You said. “Goodnight” You bowed before exiting the room. You heard their comments aimed at You. Dissing You and saying how You ruined Jungkook’s life. You kept walking upstairs to your room. You remove your clothing  switching into some pajamas. You climb into bed feeling Your eyes closing, soon falling to sleep.

The next day you woke to sun rays hitting your face. You looked over at the clock and saw it was 8am. You went downstairs to get something to eat for breakfast. You started pouring some orange juice and heard foot steps. “Jungkook aren’t you supposed be at work?” You said turning around with the mug in your hand.  You see there’s no one there. A chair quickly slides out from the table  slamming into the wall. Causing you tense up with fear. You look to your right to see a figure. It was a young man. He looked a year older than Jungkook.  He was handsome. His lips where plump and his skin was sun kissed. Before you could take your eyes off of him his brown eyes met yours. “You can see me” He says staring at you. Your mug drops and you quickly get to the floor to pick up the pieces. “Shit” You cursed as you cut your finger on the glass.“What the hell is going on in here!” Jungkook snapped as he came into kitchen  with his suit on.“Nothing I just dropped my drink” You say as you get up holding the broken pieces of glass to throw away. Your eyes look to where the figure was. He had disappeared.“Stop dripping blood everywhere y/n” Jungkook glared. “I can’t even eat breakfast now knowing your blood is all over the damn place.” He stormed off slamming the front door. The blood dripped down your arms painting the floor with blood. You wash your hands in the stink. You wench  as the cuts burn under the water. “Let me see your hands” a deep voice behind you says. You're  heart nearly stopped . You stop the water and turn around to see him holding some band-aids. “You don’t have to..” You say but he ignores  putting the band-aids on you. His hands feel  cold against yours. He finishes putting on the band-aids and stares at you. “How can you see me?” He asks with confusion.

“I can see dead people” You reply.


September 29, 2013 during Paris Fashion Week

Ulyana Sergeenko is wearing

  • Dolce & Gabbana Black Floral Lace Dress ($2,938)
  • Vika Gazinskaya Spring 2012 skirt
  • Christian Louboutin Pigalle satin pumps ($675) 
  • Illesteva Leonard 2 sunglasses ($260)
  • Vintage 1940s micro beaded bag-possibly E Grillot, Josef, or Walborg (prices range from $15-$600 on ebay/etsy/rubylane)

official-deutschtuerke  asked:

Hi! I can't find something cute for my cousins wedding so I thought I'd sew myself a mid-length skirt! Do you have tutorials for that? Thank you v much!

Hey! Found some cute tutorials for mid-length skirts! Let me know if these work for you, if not, feel free to message me again!

DIY Pleated Mini Skirt

DIY Sheer Gathered High-Low Skirt

DIY Lace Pencil Skirt

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