lace mask


Last week on SnapChat you will have seen a filter just like this makeup look I created.
I loved the filter so much I just had to recreate it as a tutorial so you guys can wear it for real if you ever frequent a masquerade ball, a fancy dress party, or you just want to wear it this Halloween to go with a more simple outfit.

I free-handed this using Black liquid eyeliner. All the products used will be shown & listed in the video.

I always remember being told in Art at school ‘Shonagh, you need to adopt quantity over quality’ and my response to that comment was always a swift two-finger ‘V’ sign behind the teachers back. In my eyes quality was always the way forward!
BUT…. In this instance, quantity is definitely the way forward over quality. When creating something so intricate it takes time.
A lot of time.
This is a look whereby you don’t need to be particularly neat, you just need to get as much done as possible and the end result will still be awesome.

The tutorial will be up on my channel this week!



The tutorial for my lace mask is now live on my channel

This look is a replica of the filter that featured on SnapChat last week. It’s ideal for those of you that are going to a masquerade ball, a fancy dress party, or just out on Halloween and don’t want to wear a physical mask that can be uncomfortable or annoying. 

Enjoy the video!