lace look


“Ser Jaime?” Even in soiled pink satin and torn lace, Brienne looked more like a man in a gown than a proper woman. “I am grateful, but…you were well away. Why come back?” A dozen quips came to mind, each crueler than the one before, but Jaime only shrugged. “I dreamed of you,” he said.


Rumbelle vs Golden Lace: PARALLELS THAT KILL ME | The Necklace 2x04 vs 2x21
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I had this grand idea that I was going to animate Negan like some sort of Street Fighter character…and then I quickly realized that I have very basic knowledge in animation and that I don’t have the skill to do that LMAO. SO here’s my very simple jaggedy Street Fighter Negan. It is what it is at this point. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Verita Lavellan | Inquisitor, Former First of her Clan

I was lucky enough to commission @cocotingo for a portrait of my Inquisitor Verita Lavellan. I’m more than smitten with the beautiful results, especially the details in this stunning dress. If you have a chance to commission this lovely artist, I highly recommend. :)

Verita hastily got rid of her vallaslin, was dumped by Solas and tries to move on from the heartbreak. She’s inspired me to start a new long-fic, A Trick of the Rain.


Gorgeous Lace set 😍🖤💅🏼