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Flirt // Jared Kleinman x Reader

A/N: Listen i suck ass at writing so good luck reading this shit without cringing.I just love my Meme Boi Jared, he deserves more love tbh.

Summary:  Reader and Jared have a relationship that most would call complicated, but truly, not even they know what the fuck they’re doing.

Warnings: Shitty writing and curses bc Jared.

Also I’m just gonna @problematicc-favs aka the reason I made this blog bc i need validation and to see if she likes it IDK man

“You look good today. Do something new to your hair?” Jared flirted.

“Fuck off, Kleinman”

“Hey Jared, Nice shirt. Is it made of boyfriend material?”

“Shut it, (Y/N)”

These were just a few examples of how everyday was thanks to Jared Kleinman and (Y/N) (L/N) and how they couldn’t admit that they liked each other. So they settled for what many viewed as a love-hate relationship. This only caused a lot of frustration between the two teens. It also sparked a lot of interest for the relationship between the two. Some accused them of secretly dating. Others said they were fuck buddies. But truth was, the two couldn’t convey their emotions to each other. And it annoyed both of them. As well as most those around them

Now (Y/N) and a group of her friends walked into the school when the topic of a certain boy was brought up, “look, yes Jared is kind of attractive, but he’s an asshole with glasses. We’ll never be a thing, plus it’s just fun to be a pain in his ass. He’s kind of adorable when he’s angry and zealous.”

“You think I’m adorable, (Y/N)?“ Well if it wasn’t the devil himself.

“Morning, Kleinman, did you sleep alright?”

“I slept fine but would’ve slept better if you were next to me,”he smirked

“As if” (Y/N) stated with a slight roll of her eyes and a smile tugging at her lips.

The two had an encounter again when literally crashing into each during APUSH class. (Y/N) was making her way across the room to get to her assigned seat when a student’s stack of books ‘accidentally’ (she suspected Connor and Zoe placed them in her way when they saw her enter the class) tripped her. As she came toppling down, and waited for an impact that never came. Instead, Jared caught her.

“Wow, (L/N), you’re literally falling for me.” Jared was quick to say. She quickly stood up and pushed the brunette boy away.

“Whatever, Jared” She simply stated, her cheeks tinted to a slight shade of pink, that Jared noticed and smiled. (Y/N) pushed her way past him and went to sit with her friends who giggled at the event that took place before them.

“Come on, (Y/N), just hook up with him already,” Her best friend, Zoe advised. “With Kleinman? No thanks, I have standards.”

Now, it was about to be lunch time. (Y/N) walked down the halls alone for once. She told her friends to go and get them seats already. As she walked, she somewhat analyzed the people who walked near her. A group of kids she vaguely recognized huddled near lockers, and she waved hello to kids from her math class, and then- Jared, with Evan on one side and someone he couldn’t put a name to on the other. But assumed it to be Connor Murphy.

“Yo, (L/N)” He called, but (Y/N) kept walking, just to tease him. Except she stopped right in her tracks when she clearly heard Jared cat call her. Oh, this would be fun!

“I know I have a nice ass, but you don’t need to stare” She quipped. Jared’s entire face immediately flushed red; Almost as red as an apple. Evan and Connor both looked shocked but then hurried off to the cafeteria as if (Y/N) and Jared were about to have a stern talking to. (Y/N) smirked in victory at the speechless boy,” I win, Jared.” She called.

Then she began to walk away, a smile evident on her features when his fingers laced around her wrists, “Jar-” In one swift movement, Jared had twirled her around and planted his soft lips against hers, lightly kissing her. And if she said she didn’t enjoy it, she would be the biggest liar on the face of the earth.

“I win,” Jared mumbled against her lips then walked off like nothing happened. But now, the game was on between the two of them.

anonymous asked:

could i have some hc's for what hanzo's, soldier 76's, and mccree's weddings would be like? tysm!!

Ahhhh I love wedding hc’s thank you so much! Sorry this request took so long to type up, but I put a lot into it so I hope you enjoy it!


  • Probably wants a private wedding, nothing too big or flashy, maybe with some of his s/o’s convincing he might let some of the other overwatch members come to the ceremony
  • A traditional Japanese wedding would probably be his choice
    -Although I don’t see him wanting to go to Hanamura and risk having assassins come after him or his s/o on their wedding day
  • Imagine having the wedding ceremony at a Shinto temple and the venue being beautifully decorated in red and white with lining gold
  • Maybe an open temple that leads out to a gorgeous water pavilion and plenty of trees and flowers and nature of the sort
  • Has stone dogs guarding the entrance and a tall red gate that looks over the water
  • Hanzo in a damn traditional white kimono and looking super freaking handsome and probably even bashful because dude he probably looks so pure in that omfg
  • The  sake sharing ceremony where there will be three stacked cups of sake and both Hanzo and his s/o have to drink taking three sips
    - Some believe the three sips each time represent love, wisdom and happiness
    -Hanzo believes they represent the biggest human flaws, which are passion, hatred, and ignorance that him and his s/o will overcome in their life together
  • The wedding speeches are the best part because the team getting up and saying things about how Hanzo and his s/o were meant for one another and mushy corny, yet very funny stuff that really has everyone smiling
  • Then Genji getting up and despite the jokes and laughs in his speech, it gets emotional and its amazing when he says that no matter what his brothers happiness makes him happy and Hanzo lowkey getting emotional but not showing it, just smiling very softly to Genji and mouthing a thank you to him
  • All the soft kissing between Hanzo and his s/o through out the entire day bc Hanzo really cannot believe this day has even come and he’s never really smiled so much in one day up until this point
    -Bonus is his s/o can feel Hanzo constantly smiling into these kisses omfg
  • Hanzo not letting go of his s/o’s hand the entire day and always finding a reason to hold them very close to him
  • The crane is a symbol of longevity and prosperity and so 1,001 gold origami cranes are folded to bring luck, good fortune, longevity, fidelity, and peace to the marriage and they are decorated all over the place
    -Bonus is the overwatch members spent a week folding all these cranes themselves to surprise Hanzo
    -Another bonus is that it was Genji’s idea cx
  • Probably lots of sake drinking and goofy dancing to traditional Japanese music that very few understand but many are actually enjoying
  • The night ending with Hanzo holding his s/o close to his chest as they take a walk in the night, probably talking about how they got there and how everything that happens from here on out doesn’t matter as long as they have one another

Soldier 76: 

  • Probably doesn’t want to make a huge deal out of the wedding
  • Likely wants something small and intimate, very detailed rather than big picture kind of stuff
  • It’ll probably be an outdoors wedding because being in the fresh air is more ideal to him then in a stuffy reception room full of more people all breathing the same hot air
  • The wedding ceremony is in one of those beautiful white gazebos that sit overlooking a lake that stretches for miles
  • There are tall trees of green everywhere because it’s definitely a summer wedding
  • Trails of vines covering the gazebo in green, with soft colored pallets of flowers surrounding the gazebo and the arch entrance into it
  • The wedding ceremony will take place at sunset while the reception is at night time, thus having the entire place decorated with little twinkling lights or paper bag lanterns that light up the entire place like stars
  • The wedding ceremony would be pretty traditional, doing the whole “I do,” thing, except Soldier 76 would get so emotional 
    -Totally has little tears peaking out of his eyes as he cannot stop smiling to his s/o at the alter 
    -Getting really worked up over hearing his s/o say “I do, Jack” and him just practically crumbling when it comes to the big kiss
  • The kiss would be so soft and he’d cup his s/o’s cheeks and hold them there until they are unable to breathe because he never wants it to end
  • The first dance with his s/o would be a slow dance with super sappy lyrics, I picture it being Bryan Adam’s- Heaven but an acoustic version such as this one and he definitely knows every word and is whispering the lyrics into his s/o’s ear as they dance close together
  • Can we imagine the other overwatch members getting super emotional at the wedding, Winston and McCree tearing up together while Reaper is doing the full blown sobbing and blowing his nose extraordinarily loud into a tissue
  • Soldier 76 and his s/o feeding each other the cake and laughing when they get it on each others cheeks and kissing with their faces all messy
  • Everybody marveling about how Soldier 76  has legit never smiled as much as he has today and in every image taken of him and his s/o, not one is of him grouchy or frowning
  •  The night ending with Soldier 76 carrying his s/o back to their car (the car with the ‘Just Married’ sign on the back of it and tin cans taped to it yes that one) and everyone cheering and clapping and crying for the very happy couple that have been waiting for this day for so long
  • Soldier 76 intertwining his hand with his s/o that now has both their bands of marriage to one another on the others married finger and him rubbing his thumb over their knuckles sweetly as he smiles and they lean on one another the entire way home


  • McCree is SOOOOO cliche! He totally wants a big romantic wedding where he can show off his s/o to all their friends and family
  • Not too traditional though, like he wants it to mean something special, he doesn’t want to just rip off every stereotypical wedding in the history of man he wants it to be special for both him and his s/o
  • Everyone is invited to the wedding, even friends of friends are invited because he wants everyone to be apart of this union between his s/o and him
  • The wedding is held in late summer where it’s not as hot, but is still really warm and is heading into fall temperature
  • The wedding is during the day so that it’s super bright and everyone can see the two of them and how happy they are clearly
  • A really cute rustic style wedding, the wedding ceremony is outside in front of a large willow tree that the two of them get wedded under while the reception is held in a giant barn venue not too far away
  • McCree and his s/o definitely writing their own vows and McCree’s smile nearly overlapping his entire face because that’s how happy he is and cannot help a little bit of tearing up when the I Do’s come
  • The big kiss is definitely not slow and his s/o can feel him smiling into it and he doesn’t stop kissing them for at least a good couple of minutes and all their friends and family are cheering for them the entire time
    -Not to mention breaking apart from the kiss to see him laughing about how ridiculously happy he is to be finally married to his s/o
  • OKAY (this is so cheesy I am so sorry) but like after the ‘I do’s and the big kiss, McCree scooping his s/o up into his arms and hopping on a horse that was being held so that they could ride it to the reception!! (even better if McCree puts his s/o in the front and he sits behind them with his arms wrapped tightly around them as he holds the reins)
  • McCree taking a super long route to the reception so that he gets to cuddle close to his s/o and gush about how they are married now and there is lots of kissing and just admiring the beautiful day in general
  • The reception is full of life, love, and laughing as everyone is dancing and having way too much fun (there is probably some drinking too lets not lie)
  • The place is decorated in dark wood and white lace, mason jars filled with fairy lights on every table, rusted watering cans filled to the brim with flowers (tea roses, peonies, and baby’s breath), and don’t forget the loads of barrels and hay holding drinks (for both children and adults)
  • The eating of the wedding cake totally involves McCree shoving cake in his s/o’s face and then letting them do the same back to him, getting lots of wedding photos of them both kissing with cake all on their face
  • The wedding speeches come and McCree gets a tad bit emotional but is mostly spending this time to admire his s/o’s face and recall a list of everything he loves about them in his head
  • The night ending with lots of slow dancing and kissing with his s/o and just an unspoken happiness running through him because now he gets to be this happy with his s/o the rest of his life