lace handbag

Right now the rain is pouring down outside, and in my heart.
It’s been a rough week. 

It’s enough to make you want to pack up your troubles in your old satin handbag, bundle yourself in a big, cozy, deep eggplant velvet bathrobe and go to an awards show.

Prince of Stride - Up the Wind and Drive Your Emotions (Novel Series)
Step 01: Let the Wind Blow

I remember the moment my life began to stir. On a day at the beginning of winter, a few months before the high school entrance exam. 

The blunt title of a video called “best_stride_ever.mp4”. 

On the small screen of my smartphone, high school boys were running.

All of a sudden, my tears fell. Before I could get a hold of my emotions, I began to cry. In the video, the boy’s run was overflowing with the energy to try to reach farther ahead. In a city I do not know, on a street I do not know, the black-haired boy runs. With amazing speed, he leaves camera after camera behind.

The screen shifted.

Wearing the same jersey as him, the next runner, with long hair tied into a single ponytail, flew in from another street at top speed before his eyes.

They’ll clash!

But precisely when I thought so, a pleasant sound reverberates. Only the hands of the two runners meet.

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