lace half cup bra

Exposition Lingerie Française

  • Half-cup bra with a dotted-print cup and a top panel in Calais lace by Lejaby (2011)
  • Half-cup bra in white lambskin (cough) by Lise Charmel
  • Underwired bra in white cotton with black dots Princesse tam.tam (1989)
  • Half-cup bra in white-striped black cotton by Passionata (2010)
  • Panties in ivory striped and dotted silk by Lou (1980s)
  • Black garter belt by Implicite (2011)
Don't Move, Honey

-Luke Hemmings Smut-

“Did you think that was funny Y/N?” Luke spoke with a displeased voice. The door slammed shut behind him and I turned on my heels.

“Did I think it was funny? Luke, it was you dancing with those sluts in the first place.” My voice was as angry as his was. Our dancing at the club tonight had been less than acceptable for a committed couple; grinding on other people and accepting numerous shots from lust driven friends.

“You know that that’s not true.” He shook his head as he walked towards me. In all honesty, I did know that it wasn’t true. I’d started the whole (initially) light-hearted charade, just looking for a bit more attention from Luke. But when he’d retaliated by acting the same way, it’d pissed me off too. So on the night went with us making each other unbearably jealous until he’d called it and dragged me out, the ride home almost completely silent. And now here we were, taking out our frustration on each other; just not the way that I’d expected for us to.

“Whatever.” I dropped my purse to the floor and kicked off my heels, Luke then towering over me. “I’m tired, and horny, and hungry, and my feet hurt. I’m going to bed.” I went to walk away, cringing at having unintentionally admitting how turned on I was.

“Stop.” He ordered from where he was behind me. “What did you just say?”

“Luke,” I whined, turning to face him once more and moving to rest my head against the wall. “I said I’m tired, and I don’t want to fight ab-”

“You know bloody well that that’s not what I meant…nor is it that ‘you’re hungry’ or that ‘your feet hurt’. What else did you say?” His voice grew hushed as he approached me, as if he was trying to pry the so obvious truth about what he did to me from my unwilling lips.

“I-I’m horny.” I didn’t meet his eyes, intimidated by his height and dominance.  But the same rush that had come over me in the club returned, and I pulled my shoulders back a little as I looked up into his blue orbs. “So what if I am though? I can probably take care of it better than you could anyway.” My fleeting surge of confidence soon faded as his eyes narrowed slightly and he moved even closer to me.

“Is that right?” He backed me up further until I was pressed against the wall and my breathing grew fast and unsteady. “Because I’ll bet I can prove otherwise.” I dared not challenge him and simply mumbled out an ‘okay’ before swallowing hard. With that, Luke’s hands hastily ran up the outsides of my thighs, his thumbs hooking under the hem of my dress once he reached it and hauling it up my body and over my head. It was then that I was reminded of my sluttish choice in lingerie for the night, as I’d planned on some intimacy between Luke and myself; however vanilla in comparison to what ensued. I’d paired a black lace half cup bra with a matching g-string, a small bow adorning the middle of the waistband in line with my navel, and another in the centre of the bra over my sternum.

Y/N…” Luke almost growled. He’d not seen the set before, as I’d only bought it last week. But from the visible tightening of his pants and the widening of his eyes, he was obviously a fan. He squatted down to hover just over my heat, my heart rate quickening as he kissed up the fronts of my smooth thighs before using his teeth to remove my panties. I was beyond turned on by his actions at this point, and wanted nothing more than a bit of relief from the throbbing between my legs.

“Luke.” I moaned as an encouragement for him to speed up. I laughed from below me.

“Getting there baby.” He smirked. “Put your leg over my shoulder.” His words hit me hard and I let out a whimper, then biting down on my bottom lip to silence myself.

“What?” He questioned. “Does that turn you on Y/N?” His tone was serious again.

“Yes.” I admitted with a weak voice. He assisted me to lift my leg up, the bend of my knee resting on his shoulder as I relaxed into the position.

“Good.” He smirked. “Don’t move, honey.”

As soon as his mouth was on me, I instantly gave myself over. No more games or dominance rivalries. He was mine and I was his. Boy was I his.

Luke started with long, slow licks over me, gauging how ready I was for him (quite). He moved on to swirling his tongue around my clit, then sucking and kissing and continuing to alternate between the three.

“You’re soaking.” He spoke onto me, the vibrations causing my legs to tremble and my hands grab onto the wall.

“God, Luke. Do that again.” I pleaded as his skilled mouth kept working me.

“Do what again? Oh, talk? Tell you how good you taste?” He purposely dragged out his words and sentences, driving me crazy and him having to hold my hips up. He maintained both the pace and constant alternation of his actions, never once giving me a chance to catch my breath or relax. I then felt two of his fingers at my entrance, playing and teasing before he pushed both in, stretching me slightly. He took the opportunity to pull back for breath for a moment as I adjusted to the girth. He pumped them slowly in and out, my arousal being more than enough lubrication for his long digits.

“Fuck.” I gasped as he curled them towards my front wall, hitting my spot with enough strength to make my body convulse. He then reattached his mouth to me, my resolve quickly crumbling, and my ability to stay on my feet lessening as well. Both his tongue and his fingers worked faster and harder, the knot in my abdomen tightening and my chest heaving.

“Luke, oh my God.” I cried out as I felt myself about to come apart.

“Don’t come until I tell you you can.” He commanded with his lips sucking just around where I needed him before granting me the intense pleasure and sucking on my clit. He continued his work until I was relying solely on the support of his right shoulder and left hand to keep me up, both of my legs shaking uncontrollably, one of my hands on the wall and one tugging on his hair.

“I can’t hold it.” I whimpered when I truly could not hold off any longer, my vision blurring as I held my breath.

“You can come.” He permitted. That was all it took for my orgasm to hit, everything going black as his fingers kept curling inside of me and his mouth pushing me through. The knee of my grounded left leg buckled from the pleasure overload ,but Luke held me up without fault, almost as though he’d been anticipating it happening. A euphoric tingling and numbness surged through me as I struggled for breath, my release seeming to last for longer than it had before.

I couldn’t even say how long I was out of it for, only coming back when I felt Luke remove his fingers from me and lower me to the ground. My eyes fluttered open just in time to see him lick his fingers clean and smile. My haze was foggy and tiring, however in not too long I was able to keep my eyes open and support my head again without the wall behind’s assistance.

“Now,” Luke spoke, breaking the deafening silence that had filled the room. “Could you really have taken care of yourself better than that?” The smug confidence that laced his voice was annoyingly attractive.

“Hmm…” I hummed pensively.

“Oh, shut up. Your legs have never shaken so much. And you’ve never been that loud before.”

I rolled my eyes as a light blush rose to my cheeks and I looked down. I was suddenly strangely insecure about him having seen me at my most vulnerable; which was stupid, as he had done many times before.

“Hey,” He chuckled, using his finger under my chin to tilt my head up. “You are so beautiful. Let’s get you up to bed babe.” His voice was velvety smooth and his facial features so soft and comforting. He moved to my side and picked me up bridal style, his arms bulging as we walked to the stairs with ease. I groaned at the thought of the night ending already.

“I don’t want to go to sleep. I’m not tired anymore.” I pouted as we made it to the bedroom.

He dropped me to the floor at the foot of the bed before turning me so that my back was against his front. Pulling me into him and holding my body close with his strong arm, his erection pressing against my bum, Luke leant down to whisper in my ear.

“…who said anything about sleep?”