lace front shorts


If I had to pick just ONE Christine wardrobe as the ultimate Christine wardrobe, it would be what Colby Thomas wore in Hamburg.

THE TAILORING. Colby Thomas is a woman with an exceptionally narrow waist. This was further emphasized by the tailoring, where every bodice fit her like a glove, and every skirt had a defined bell shape, both things underlining the hourglass silhouette. The way panels was cut, boning placed and waistbands used was also like seeing actual Victorian pieces. Absolutely outstanding.

STICKING TO THE DESIGN. So Maria Bjørnson exaggerated narrow waists in her designs, and since this was well translated into Colby Thomas’ costumes it was a good starting point to reflect the design. But there’s also all the awesome details. That Aminta stomacher is the closest I’ve ever seen to the design. That velvet “faux vest” on the Wishing bodice is longer than the silk parts, like Maria Bjørnson sketched it. The dressing gown had lace engageants short in front and very long in the back, and an understated skirt.

Seeing Colby Thomas in costume and comparing it to the design is bliss. And also, HER WIG. Super long, light styling, with those big loose curls seen in the design. So yeah, in my opinion one of the best tailored and fitted wardrobes out there, and also one of those overall sticking closest to the design.